shocking I know

hey… can i have a favor done,

can you guys tag violence on black people somehow?? just.. the graphic stuff… im really.. sick of seeing black people being pepper sprayed and shot and abused and i just cant see the images right now i wish there was a better way to censor it but

i dont know

its not a huge deal because i can at least..bear it..? but if you reblog smth w/ violent images or displays of it can it be tagged ‘‘taylor dont look’’ or smth.. idk..sorry

Thank you

It has been almost a week, and I am just now feeling up to venturing into any extended amount of tumblr-ing.  Having a baby is exhausting, y’all.  For your body yes, but also for your mind. 

But I would be greatly amiss if I didn’t say how much I was so very overwhelmed by the amount of support and love bestowed on me and my family.  Please know, I never take it for granted.  I plan to answer each individual message here in a moment, so heads-up.   

Oh, and here is the latest pic of my kid.  She is 6 days old and sleeps most of the time.  Shocking, I know.  I’ve actually found quite a few C&R theme outfits and things, so I am sure they will pop up here every now and then as she grows into them.  Oddly enough, anchors are the easiest to find with anything Ty being the hardest.  Today, though, she is wearing cute owls.


Keeping the door closed to the bedroom, he heard the front door open as he saw Pascal walk in. Jumping in front of the male he grabbed his hands and directed them into a sweet kiss. “Hey there handsome. I got something for you and before you say, no it’s not my ass this time. I know shocking” He joked. Stepping closer to the closed bedroom door. 

I’m not sure I would classify Robin and Regina’s talk in the bar as “juicy.” Nor was I too thrilled with how they worded some of Robin’s dialogue. No doubt some of the anti-Robin and anti-OQ will seize on it as Robin just going back to Regina as Marian was no longer an option. And I can see that point. I’d rather have seen him trying to fight for her and to convince her to fight for them. But then again, he was still in shock.

I don’t know. I just would’ve written it differently, I guess.

As for the scene with the Sheriff and the Evil Queen in the garden…I thought it was a bit clever. Nottingham told the Queen she could be weak in front of him. Compare that to Robin, who has never called Regina weak or even said that. He just lets her be herself–her scared, vulnerable self–with him. Nice parallel–especially later when Regina snapped at Cora that she knew that’s not how a soul mate should feel.

I do like what they did with Regina’s happy ending. It’s her finding her inner peace. Realizing she belonged in Storybrooke, had Henry, had friends and had Robin. Just one aspect wasn’t her happy ending alone. They were all parts of her happy ending.

Outlaw Queen has a lot of holes to repair and I hope the writers don’t just sweep past it. I want to see Robin and Regina giving it a try and powering through their issues. That’s going to make them stronger as a couple.

Can’t wait to see topsy turvy next week.

About me:  Trans and Christian! 

Very shocking, I know!

Its okay to have religion and be Trans!  Seriously, it is! :)  Its also okay to have no religion and be trans!  True story! :) 

But its not okay to attack a person for being either of those two sets of things. 

Just a friendly reminder!  

(I kinda just hate being told that I hate myself all the time and that I am stupid for being both.)

If you have any questions feel free to hit up my inbox! ^_^


grey’s anatomy meme » (1/8) relationships - alex karev and izzie stevens

today’s the day my life begins. all my life i’ve been just me. just a smart mouth kid. today i become a man. today i become a husband. today i become accountable to someone other than myself. today i become accountable to you. to our future. to all the possibilities that a marriage has to offer. together, no matter what happens, i’ll be ready. for anything. for everything. to take on life, to take on love. to take on possibility and responsibility. today izzie stevens, our life together begins. and i for one can’t wait.

people realise clara can love multiple people right
like she can love both danny AND the doctor
its not one or the other
people dont have like
a limited supply of love