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Camille Coduri and Noel Clarke getting a bit frisky with David Tennant at the Voyage of the Damned premiere event.

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while we’re on the subject of the VMA’s and taking down white women who get praised uncritically 

can we talk about rebel wilson 

i think its interesting that i woke up this morning and saw folks on my social media timelines expressing shock at rebel wilson’s offensive jab at black lives matter and police brutality at the VMA’s last night 

“but usually she’s so funny i don’t know what happened”

uummmm….are we watching the same person here?!

the majority of her roles hinge on her being super offensive to as many marginalized groups as possible in one sitting 

her character in pitch perfect was racist, anti-semitic, so many things to the point where i lost count halfway through the movie

her comedic career, far as the eye can see, has always hinged on her being extremely offensive

she’s been allowed to get away with it because her being a fat white woman in mainstream media is seen as “breaking down barriers” for fat visibility and feminism, and thus more important than the actual means by which its accomplished 

hinging the progress of movements like feminism and fat positivity by continuing to uplift and defend celebrities who are unapologetically antiblack only shows how vested in white supremacy some of y’all really are 

That time that Gillian picked a clip from an  episode that David directed so that she could see it again (and because she knew that he wouldn’t pick it himself) and then  David thanked her for being so great while he was directing and then she looked like she was going to burst into tears.  


I love DA, but it’s depressing how sexist Thedas is. Despite women

having the same roles as men, f!Warden gets plenty of NPCs expressing shock or mockery at her being a Warden/fighter. She can even say “I swear I’m the bravest one here and I’m a woman!” at her Joining. Then there’s the dwarven system, Isabela being called a whore for her promiscuity, and the sheer amout of rape (against women) plots in the DA world - including darkspawn breeding.


Satoshi’s priceless reaction when Hirose Suzu says that she thought he was around 40 years old… XD  - VS Arashi 2015.06.11

[soompi] jonghyun clarifies former comments about shinee’s “business” relationship on “happy together”

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on october 20’s episode of  happy together , shinee has the chance to talk a bit about the true nature of their relationship as a group.

host yoo jae suk asks jonghyun to clarify what he previously meant when he said that shinee had been formed for business reasons. jun hyun moo expresses his shock at the comment, but the guys ask why that’s surprising.

“we came together for work,” explains jonghyun. “we didn’t know each other before we joined the agency.” yoo jae suk responds that after nine years together, some groups might not describe their relationship as business-like.

jonghyun then asks him when he and park myung soo met, and yoo jae suk admits that they met because of work twenty years ago. “so you got closer while you worked together,” points out jonghyun. “your relationship was formed on the basis of your work.

”the same way,” he goes on to say. “we’re extremely close.”

minho admits, “when i first heard that jonghyun said that, i thought, ‘why did he have to say it like that?’ i was a bit upset. but if you try to understand the meaning behind what he said, it’s that we were like that in the beginning, but now we are both loyal and close to each other. it’s because of work that we have this relationship.”

in response, jonghyun smiles, seemingly pleased that minho understood, and key bumps him with his elbow playfully while onew nods.


I love this moment, because it wasn’t about recognition. Bucky didn’t recognize Steve when he saw him. There’s no awareness or even understanding in his eyes when Bucky hears his name. He’s not remembering anything. He’s still very much the Winter Soldier.

But when Steve said “Bucky?”, I think the Winter Soldier felt something for the first time. His heart jolted after decades of feeling nothing, and he doesn’t know what’s happening to him. There’s a vulnerability as he looks at Steve, wondering what Steve did to him without even touching him, and he feels threatened.

He stares into space with a shocked, blank expression – not like he’s trying to catch a memory, but more like he’s trying to decipher an intense feeling – and when he turns back to Steve, he hesitates. Not because he recognizes him, but because the Winter Soldier felt human emotions for the first time … because of Steve. Steve gave that to him, but he doesn’t know why it happened, or if it’s good or bad.

His memories can be wiped, but feelings are instinctual.

Fuck it (Roommate!Luke smut)

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word count: 4.8k 

summary: Your roommate, Luke, finally speaks out about his feelings for you, and on thing leads to another

rated: nsfw (its basically just a lot of smut)

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“Are you going out tonight?” You heard the voice of your roommate call out from the other side of the bathroom door. “Yep,” You answered, swinging the door open as you were done with your makeup. He had been right at the door, so you took a little jump back when you took a step forward.

“Sorry,” Luke, your roommate, smiled when he saw your shocked expression. “It’s fine,” You laughed, walking past him out of the washroom. “My friend set me up with this guy she met, I dunno.” You shrugged, grabbing your purse and making sure you had what you needed inside of it. “Honestly, she does this a lot and I don’t really want to go, but,” You shrugged again.

“Oh,” The soft muttered emitting from your roommates lips was barely heard. After making sure you had everything you needed, you turned around. “I’m going now,” You smiled, swinging your purse over your shoulder. “I’ll see you later.”

There was no other sound heard from Luke, until you were almost out the door. “Y/N, wait.” He spoke. Turning around, thinking that you had forgotten something, you watched him waiting for him to speak up again. “You shouldn’t have to go, if you don’t want to.”

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