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Lo shock passerà, e tu comincerai a sentirti in colpa. Sarà un senso di colpa atroce. Alla fine, riuscirai ad accettare quello che hai fatto, e a quel punto smetterai di odiare sia me sia te stessa. Almeno spero. L'unica cosa che proverai sarà una tristezza mortale, e quella tristezza non ti abbandonerà più per il resto dei tuoi giorni.
—  P. McGrath

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How would the RFA ( v and saeren) react to MC telling them she has to go back to America and they think the worst but MC sees them freaking out and she is like I'm going back to bring my dog !!


  • wha wha whAT
  • when MC tells him that they’ll head to America next week he just
  • WHAT
  • MC is so casual??? 
  • so calm??
  • he stutters and splutters and just can’t speak all around
  • MC sees his freakout and starts laughing
  • no joke he was so sad when MC said that
  • he genuinely thought MC would leave forever??
  • and MC’s like
    • “No, not like that! I need too bring my dog back, you know, the one I told you about?”
  • MC has to repeat themselves a couple of times for him and then he calms down a bunch
  • still though his poor little heart was about to die 
  • like he depends on MC a bit too much sometimes so the thought of MC definitely leaving was like a shotgun wound to his heart smh


  • she’s drinking coffee and MC is next to her, it’s been a long evening and she’s so glad she gets to relax
    • “I forgot to tell you, but I’ll be returning to America next week.”
  • almost spits out her drink
  • chokes on it and starts coughing violently
  • did she hear right? did, did MC really say that??
  • did her relationship with MC mean so little to them that leaving overseas was so easy to do??
    • “Wh-what?!”
  • MC shakes their head and pats her in the back
  • oops maybe you should have been clearer huh MC
    • “Not like that! We had discussed bringing my dog here, remember? It’s that! I’m going for my dog!”
  • Jaehee understands quickly but she’s still coughing from all the coffee that went down her throat in shock
  • *pat pat pat* u ok jaehee?


  • number one drama queen
  • no seriously MC mentions it super casually, not a big deal
    • “So next week I’m heading back to my place in America, and-”
  • Zen’s phone almost falls out of his hand
  • he grabs MC’s shoulders and his eyes are wide
  • he starts talking super fast
  • MC knows that kinda talk is the way he talks when he’s stressed
  • he’s talking about how if MC needs to return, he understands that it’s inevitable, but he wants to try and maybe long distance-
    • Zen, could you let me finish talking?”
  • freezes
  • holding MC’s shoulders but his mouth is open and not talking
  • um
    • “I’m going for my dog, Zen. We literally talked about my dog yesterday.”
  • drops his arms and laughs at himself a bit
  • sighs too
  • you scared him, babe, please don’t scare him like that again


  • but why
  • he stands up the second MC says that
  • he can’t grasp why MC would need to return without telling him
  • money problem? it couldn’t be, because they have him
  • legal problem? he can fix that
  • did MC have a problem they never told him about?
  • MC can see how he’s literally breaking down into himself and intercepts quickly
    • “I’m going for my dog! The dog I showed you! You made me promise that the dog would not bother Elizabeth 3rd! Do you remember?”
  • and then he sits back down and clears his throat
  • oh
  • he clears his throat and plays it off
  • throws the conversation away from his reaction  and starts talking about how he’ll send guards with MC and safety and yada yada yada


  • MC never told him because they thought he knew??
  • they just, thought he knew?
  • so one day they’re just there, eating breakfast with him 
    • “So next week when I’m going back home to America….”
  • almost falls off his chair
  • ????
  • when you what???
  • he almost cries internally because the thought is so soul-crushing
  • he can’t follow MC to America, he’d put them in danger
  • can MC go to America without being in danger due to him???
    • “Seven, chill! It’s just the dog! My dog!! The soon-to-be our dog!”
  • deep breaths as he comes back to life
  • laughing at himself while he puts his hand on the table to support himself
  • he almost died MC don’t do this to ya boy
Top Moments in the TBFP Dark Souls 1 LP
  • Pat telling Woolie to go kill himself and then acting shocked when Woolie died
  • Pat trying to show Woolie a hidden bonfire and Woolie not seeing it for 10 minutes
  • Woolie blowing out his mic when Tarkus solo’d the Iron Golem
  • Woolie taking 15 minutes to kill the Ash Lake Hydra because his toothpick has bad hitboxes
  • Pat and Woolie thinking no enemies followed them in the Royal Woods and then 2 seconds later they get smacked from behind
  • Woolie kiting a Bloathead over to him and having it launch the corpse of it’s dead companion at him
  • The sheer joy in Woolie’s heart when he gets to see Sif in the DLC and fight with her

Honorable mention: Plague of Gripes coming in and saving the LP by telling them just cheat in the Covenant of Artorias so you can get both the Sif cutscene AND the Darklord Ending.

For Your Love || Jeff Atkins x Asexual!Reader

I’m glad you asked, because I’ve seen a few imagines with asexual readers and I noticed a repeat of something that really bothered me. Always by the end, they were magically cured by ‘the one’. Like, no. If that’s someone’s sexual orientation, or lack thereof, they’re not going to change it for one person. If people truly desire our asexual cupcakes, they’re not going to constantly be trying to convert them.

Word Count: 1,174

Warnings: Mild Bullying, Sexual Dialogues


    You had thought your relationship was going well. Marcus Cole, straight-A student and President of the Honor Board, was what most would consider a perfect gentleman. He would hold open doors for you, carry around your bags; basically, treat you like you always thought guys should treat their girlfriends. But it was on the night of the back-to-school Winter Formal that you saw him for who he truly was.

    The two of you had just taken a break from dancing to go grab some punch. Upon hearing from Montgomery that it’d been spiked, you stuck to grabbing a soda, watching Marcus pick through the large platters of snacks with a frown.

    “Hey, do you want to get out of here?” he asked, nodding towards the door. “We could go back to my place and hang.”

    “Are you not having a good time?“ you responded.

    He shot you that that sly smirk, never failing to melt your heart. "I just thought maybe we could have a little bit more if we were alone.”

    The smile that had begun to itch across your face faded quickly, replaced by a concern that furrowed your brows and forced you to cast your eyes downward. “Can’t we stay longer? I wanted to ask Tony if he could get some slow songs playing.”

    You felt Marcus’s hands slide around your hips, drawing you against his chest—what might have been comforting under normal circumstances, but now it just served to make your stomach twist with nerves. “Come on, Y/N. You know you can trust me.” He leaned down, teeth nipping at your ear. “I’ll be gentle.”

    You shoved your hands against his chest, scrambling backwards a few feet. “Wait! I really need to tell you something.”

    “What?” he asked, sounding, and looking, pretty offended.

    “I’m asexual,” you said quickly. “It’s not like I don’t like you, I really do. It’s just… I don’t enjoy sex like that.”

    He seemed taken aback for a moment, before finally clearing his throat to speak. “So you don’t think we’d be having sex any time in the nearby future?”

    “I’d rather if we didn’t,” you replied, feeling as if your chest was rattling with broken glass. “We could still have a good relationship together.”

    “Look, Y/N,” he began. “You’re a gorgeous girl. I mean, every guy in this school wants you, and plenty hate me for being the one you chose. I just don’t think you’re ever going to find someone who’ll keep you if you keep holding out like this.”

    You stared at him in shock. “Wh-what?”

    He patted your shoulder, shaking his head sadly. “This just isn’t going to work out between us. When you get over this phase, or whatever this is, call me, okay?”

    “What the hell, Marcus?” you asked, voice raising. “Did you only start dating me to get in my pants?”

    Heads had turned from the crowd, people poking other people in the sides to draw their attention over. Marcus had turned a light red, glaring down at you for calling him out in front of everyone.

    “Like you didn’t start dating me just to get brownie points towards your school record,” he snapped.

    “I started dating you because I thought you were the one person who would understand that there are more important things than sex!” you cried.

    “You’re just a prude freak,” he replied, his voice breaking with anger.

    A few of his friends, who had grouped together near the front of the crowd, snickered quietly. One punched Marcus on the shoulder, telling him to let it go. Another claiming that he had something that could open up those legs.

    You felt tears stinging at the corners of your eyes, their words squeezing around your neck like a tightly knotted rope. You tore through them, racing out of the gym and down the hall. You didn’t stop until you had pushed open the door to the girls’ bathroom and collapsed against the wall, knees drawn to your chest and wetness streaming down your cheeks.

    To think you had once told yourself you loved him.

    Barely a few minutes had dragged by when you heard the door creak open. You looked up, surprised to see the tall, broad figure of Jeff Atkins slipping inside. His hair was moused into a swoopy, black wave, white tuxedo crisp and perfectly tailored.

    “Can I come in?” he asked.

    You shrugged. “I guess. If you want to hang out with a prude freak.”

    “Fuck Marcus,” he said. “You’re not prude, and you’re definitely not a freak. Last time I checked, you were just Y/N, and that’s fine with me.”

    He moved to sit down next to you. At closer glance, you could see he had replaced his normal white studs with a pair of snowflakes. You laughed, making him turn his head to smile at you.

    “What’s up with the earrings?” you asked.

    “I’m being festive,” he replied, motioning at the matching pattern on the hem of your dress. “And twinning with you, apparently.”

    “Looks like fate wanted us to meet each other in this bathroom,” you said with a soft sigh. “You don’t have to waste your night with me, you know.”

    “Assuming that any of my time spent with you is wasted.” He placed his hand over yours, bringing it into his lap. “My night is already ten times better.”

    You brushed away a stray tear, trying to pull away. “We won’t work out. It never does.”

    “Why?” he asked, tightening his grip. “You’re an asexual. So what? That’s not something that matters to me.”

    “You say that now, but imagine if we somehow managed to make it out of high school. Years from now. I’m not opposed to the idea of sex some time in a long term relationship, but I’m not going to be able to be sexually attracted to you. Are you willing to live your life like that?” you responded.

    You could tell by the expression on his face that he was seriously considering this. You were just bracing yourself for him to stand up and walk out when he gave a nod.


    “Jeff, are you sure?” You turned to face him, sitting back on your heels. “This isn’t a joke.”

    He nodded again. “Yes. I am one hundred percent positive. I’m not sure if this is a little too early or not, but I think I’m in love with you.”

    You laughed. “What?”

    “No, I’m serious,” he replied, lunging forwards to scoop you into his arms. He pulled you in for a hug, resting his head on your shoulder in a maternal kind of way. “I was pissed when you started dating Marcus. Ask Clay. He’s the one who watched me purposely tear book pages every time I had to turn them.”

    You felt yourself relaxing against him. “Wow, okay.  That’s certainly something.”

    He gave a low chuckle. “Do you want to go back to the dance?”

    “Yeah,” you whispered.

    For once, you had a feeling your relationship actually was going to work out.

Ah, I like thinking about Murdoc getting older...

-Murdoc finally reckons with the fact that he can’t read the newspaper unless he’s holding it two feet away from his face. So he sucks it up, goes to the eye doctor, and finally comes back home with a pair of reading glasses. When the band sees him with them on for the first time Russel says Murdoc looks just like Grandpa Hobbs, 2D can’t even look at him without laughing, and Noodle takes a picture of him and makes it her phone background. 

-Murdoc buys men’s hair dye from the pharmacy and has Noodle touch up his roots every once in a while because he’s starting to grey around his temples and there is no way in hell he’s doing band promos with grey hair. 

-Russel is a little shit and starts slipping pamphlets for retirement homes into Murdoc’s mail every morning. Murdoc flips his shit when he sees them and always rips them up and throws the pieces out the window, and Russel can’t even bother trying to keep a straight face about it. 

-Murdoc has a tiny crisis at a bar one night when he tries to flirt with a woman and gets completely written off because he’s way too old for her. Murdoc’s just standing there in shock, and 2D pats him on the shoulder and takes him out of the bar and tells him that maybe he should just consider being a sugar daddy or something. He’s old enough for it. 

-Murdoc is constantly looking up advice and gimmicks online to keep his penis in tip top shape because, no, he is not going to be one of those old farts that can’t get it up in their 60s, and he is sure as hell not going to reduce himself to Viagra. He’s a fucking sex God, dammit. He doesn’t need those pills. 

-Murdoc comes into Noodle’s room drunk one night, complaining that he’s gonna be one of those old men with beer bellies and man boobs, so the next morning Noodle tries to ease him into her healthy diet, because she’s the only one in the house that eats properly. Murdoc keeps complaining about it because he doesn’t like all the green shit she’s putting on his plate, but she posts pictures of beer guts and moobs all over the house to motivate him into staying with it.

-Russel realizes how loud Murdoc’s headphones are when he wears them in the studio, and he has the rest of the house convinced that Murdoc’s actually going deaf. 2D starts screaming everything he has to say to Murdoc so he can hear him, and Murdoc doesn’t know why the fuck he keeps doing that, I can hear you just fine you fucking idiot, stop your bleedin’ screaming!

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Hi😘omg i loveyour blog so so much and i am so grateful that i found your bolg and your fics you can't even imagine. I was just reading every story in your mastelist and if you don't mind or when you have time can u make a fic where eleana is realy pregnant? Not where she lost another baby or where kaden bought clothes for orphan chids❤️❤️❤️pls and thank you

Since so many people have asked and I keep avoiding it, I guess I can give you a lil something. 

Or a 2k word something. All in the name of fun.

Psst. For some more you can look at my masterlist here if you want.


Eleana watched as Drakon, the almighty and powerful, fluffed the cushions at her feet so she was more comfortable. She was laying on a couch, her long hair tangled around a myriad of pillows and her arms happily twisted in a white velvet blanket.

“Now how is that?” The bronze male asked. His eyebrows had knitted together and his hands were now steadily stationed on his hips. He ran an eye over her, evaluating whether he thought she had sufficient comfort or not.

“Perfect. Thank you.” Eleana offered him a sweet but tired smile.

He grinned at her, and pulled up a chair to sit at her head. Drakon was keeping her company while Kaden was off gallivanting with Miryam, and Eleana was thankful for it. Otherwise, she would be a nervous wreck. Her mate certainly was, no matter how hard he tried to disguise it, and Drakon and Miryam were not only very good distractions, but also wonderful hosts and people.

Eleana ran a hand down her bulging stomach. Only two weeks to go and she would finally be a mother. The pregnancy had been a hard one, she was sick every day and was often too weak to leave the house. Kaden was in ruins over her state, and constantly tried to siphon her pain to him through the bond. She kept reminding him that it’s not how the bond worked – you’d think he’d have it down after so long – but he insisted on trying anyway. She loved him for it, but also worried about how he might fare if… how he might fare if this pregnancy ended the way all their others had.

“There is something I need to tell you.” Drakon placed one hand on her forehead, and the other on her hands now settled on her belly.

“Yes?” Eleana rapidly became nervous, her mind thinking of the worst-case scenarios. It wasn’t Kaden, he was still sending messages of love through the bond every five bloody minutes, and it wasn’t Prythian. She had spies set up so she would know if anything major happened at her homeland while she was gone. So what made Drakon speak with such severity in his voice?

“Rhys and Feyre are coming.” Drakon said, and it was much worse than anything Eleana could’ve predicted.

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this is just me getting out some anahardt feelings bc there’s not enough out there and reinhardt is a huge teddy bear who’s been in love more than half his life

Reinhardt stood outside of the door, swallowing around the lump in his throat as he burned the door’s number into the back of his eyes. 

It was her old room, preserved perfectly after all this time, if not for a fine layer of dust (he used to keep it up a bit better before Overwatch split up and he wasn’t able to visit Gibraltar anymore.) He remembered many a night when he would sit with her in that room, hiding away from all of the drama and tension between Gabe and Jack, drinking her strong Arak or his ale and laughing the night away.

He often tried to remember the last time they had done that. If he had known it would be the last, perhaps he would’ve made it more of a ceremony.

But now she was back, both her funeral and years of mourning rendered moot.

And Reinhardt had really, honestly thought she was dead, so he’d never let himself consider what he’d do if Ana were to ever return, so he was both surprised and unsurprised by his own reaction.

He could’ve been angry, like McCree, or furious, like Fareeha. He could’ve been astonished, fighting back tears, like Mercy, or give great, heaving sobs like Torbjörn. He could’ve even had bright stars in his eyes, zipping around asking questions like Lena, or looks of confusion like the newcomers, Hana and Lúcio.

But when Ana had appeared on their doorstep, with an eyepatch and long, raven hair grayed with age but still as beautiful as the day he’d met her, he was silent, stoic, observing. The others had definitely noticed it because Reinhardt was never silent, not even when he was asleep (Mercy had tried hundreds of tests and treatments to relieve his thunderous snoring, to no avail,) but they were either giving him his space or were too wrapped up in everything to worry about him.

Either way, even if they had approached him, it wouldn’t have changed that he had gone back to his room once all the excitement had died down, locked the door behind him, and wept.

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5. Heart // Klance

« {Part 5 of my Valentine’s collection.} »

a/n: gratuitous high-on-medicaions!lance with a side of lance being really into keith’s hair. enjoy!

The heart monitor beeped a steady rhythm into Lance’s hospital room. Hunk knew it should be a reassuring sound, but it still set him on edge. It seemed like a constant reminder of how close they’d come to losing Lance for good.

The galra attack had come out of nowhere. It was still hard to believe that it had even happened in the first place. None of them had expected that some of Zarkon’s former soldiers could have organized an attack so quickly. Clearly they hadn’t given them enough credit.

Voltron had managed to defeat them but only just, and not without some heavy consequences. Lance was injured, taking a shot to the gut that knocked him unconscious almost instantly. The ship had taken some serious damage; it barely had enough power to crash-land them on the nearest trading outpost planet, let alone run a healing pod. They were lucky that they’d managed to get Lance to one of the nearby hospitals in time, though the healing facility was not nearly as high-tech as the one in the Castle of Lions.

Hence the heart monitor, the hospital bed, and the estimated week of recovery time. They were on day three, and Lance still hadn’t been able to stay awake for longer than a few minutes. The alien doctors assured them that this was normal and to be expected, but Hunk wasn’t sure how much he trusted their word. After all, how familiar could they really be with human anatomy and physiology?

Today was the day, though—Hunk could feel it. Lance had been stirring periodically over the course of the last half hour or so, and it was only a matter of time before he woke up.

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Otayuri week, Day 3


Word Count: 1,521

Summary: Yuri finds something in Otabek’s apartment that apparently, he gave to Otabek when they were kids at Yakov’s summer camp.


It was a warm afternoon when Otabek and Yuri were cuddling on the couch in Otabek’s apartment, Yuri was lying on top of Otabek with his head resting of his large chest, Otabek was running one of his hands through Yuri’s soft golden hair as Yuri sighed happily shutting his bright green eyes as he enjoyed the feeling of Otabek’s fingers brushing through his hair softly, Otabek ran his other hand down Yuri’s back and slipped it under his leopard print shirt, Otabek’s cold hand touched the warm smooth skin of Yuri’s back making Yuri scrunch up his small button nose

“Your hands are cold asshole”

Otabek laughed causing Yuri to bounce slightly on his chest “Sorry Yura you’re just so warm” he said as he pushed his hand further up Yuri’s shirt lightly tracing his spine which made Yuri shiver unconscientiously

“Stop it” Yuri complained but made no sign that he was going to move so Otabek continued to trace random patterns on Yuri’s back with the tips of his fingers

They lay in a comfortable silence with the sun shining through the living rooms window keeping them warm and content to stay in each other’s arms all afternoon

“What the hell is that?” Yuri asked breaking the silence

“What?” Otabek looked down at Yuri’s confused face

“That” Yuri said as he started to get up off Otabek, but Otabek grabbed a hold of his small hips with quick hands and pulled him back down on top of him “Where do you think you’re going Yura?”

Yuri looked up at Otabek “Let me go and see that weird thing!” he huffed out putting his hands on Otabek’s chest as he tried to push himself up

Tightening his grip Otabek shook his head “No you can’t leave the cuddling position”

“Beka” Yuri began to say and pulled himself up towards Otabek’s face, he started to place small butterfly kisses on Otabek’s jaw, as soon as he heard the breathy moan leave Otabek’s lips he took action and pushed himself up and off Otabek and the couch they had been comfortably cuddling on

“Traitor!” Otabek yelled from the couch

Yuri ignored him and walked up to the object he had just noticed, it was brightly coloured and sitting on top of Otabek’s TV “When did you get this?” he asked picking up the small object bringing it close to his face, it was a Matryoshka doll or more commonly known as a Russian nesting doll, Yuri had seen so many of these and he knew that the one in has hand was the doll from the very end of the set “Where’s the rest of them? You can’t just buy one Matryoshka doll, you have to buy the whole set”

Otabek sat up on the couch that he was currently laying on, he looked Yuri in the eyes seeing pure confusion in them “You don’t remember?”

Yuri frowned “Remember what?”

“You have that to me”

Yuri gaze shifted from Otabek’s dark eyes to the brightly coloured Matryoshka doll “No I didn’t, I think I would remember giving you a Matryoshka doll, I haven’t owned one of these in years”

“Well that would make sense since you have it to me when we were kids” Explained Otabek

Yuri’s green eyes widened in shock “What?! When?”

Otabek patted the empty spot next him on the couch, Yuri walked over and sat closely to Otabek the small Matryoshka doll still in his small pale hands

“It was at the end of Yakov’s summer camp when we were kids” Otabek started



“Have fun today Yurachka, I’ll pick you up at the end of the day” Otabek watched from the corner of the room he was standing in as the older man bend down in front of the small blond boy

“Ok grandpa” He heard the little blond say and watched the two embrace tightly “Bye”

He had been watching this blond boy throughout the whole time he was at this camp, Otabek couldn’t keep his eyes off of him and he’s little 13-year-old mind couldn’t figure out why

Otabek looked away as the blond boy turned around and hoped over to where everyone had placed their bags in the far corner of the room right next to where Otabek was standing alone as he always did before class started, Yuri threw his small bag into the pile and looked over at Otabek, he gave Otabek the smallest of smiles and walked off to start stretching

Sighing to himself Otabek shook his head, he didn’t even want to be here, he was terrible at ballet and was older than everyone in this class, he just knew he was going to embarrass himself in front of everyone like he had for the past few days he’d been here

“Ok class let’s get started, everyone in a line now!” the teacher had yelled causing all the students to hurry into a straight line next to the barres

“Let’s start off with some simple positions”

As the day went on Otabek stumbled and fell twice even with the help of a barre, the blond boy kept looking at him strangely and he kept watching the blond make the positions with elegance and grace but had this fierceness in his big green eyes

“Ok class have a break and eat some lunch and we will reconvene in an hour”

Otabek sighed in relief, he was exhausted and all he wanted to do was have a cold shower and lay down somewhere cool, he grabbed his bag and walked to the small park area that was located behind the ballet studio, he found a large tree and sat down under it whilst he tugged his lunch out of his bag, he wasn’t particularly hungry but he knew if he didn’t eat his lunch he’d never hear the end of it from his mother

“Can I sit?” Otabek heard a small voice ask, glancing up from his lunch he saw the green eyed blond boy standing before of him

“Um yeah if you want”

The small boy sat down directly in front of Otabek and brought out his own lunch “What’s your name?”

“Otabek” he said after swallowing his lunch “And you?”

“Yuri” the boy replied and bluntly added “You’re not great at Ballet”

The statement had Otabek blushing whilst looking away “I know”

“Why don’t you do something else then”

Otabek shook his head “I can’t this is supposed to help me”

Yuri looked at him with a small confused face “I could help you if you’d like, it might take a few years but I’m sure you could be a ballerina with some help”

Otabek’s small cheeks turned pink “I’m not hear for long, I go back to Kazakhstan after these classes are finished”

Yuri lowered his gaze but before he did Otabek was sure he was sadness in those green eyes of his, he didn’t know why Yuri would be sad about his departure but it gave him a warm fuzzy feeling inside, he was about to say something to Yuri when he saw the small boy grab his bag and start to dig around in it, turquoise green eyes lit up when he found what he was looking for, his little hand came into view and he opened it revealing a small Matryoshka doll, it was very detailed with a floral like pattern all over it, Yuri brought the small doll to his lips and gave it a small kiss then thrust it towards Otabek

“Here! Take this it’ll give you good luck in your journey towards becoming a ballerina”

Otabek took the small doll from Yuri and looked at it smiling “Thank you Yuri” And before he could explain to Yuri that he wasn’t practicing to become a ballerina he wanted to be a figure skater, the teacher yelled for them to come back inside to resume their training

*End of flashback*


Yuri stared at Otabek in astonishment “You kept it since then?”

Otabek nodded taking Yuri’s hand in his and bringing it to his lips to kiss the pale hand “Of course, it gave me the luck I needed to become decent enough at ballet”

He leaned down pressing his lips against Yuri’s soft ones “Also I’m pretty sure I loved you even back then”

Yuri looked at Otabek’s chocolate brown eyes “You love me?”

“Of course, you’re surprised? You don’t have to say it back until you mean it”

“No one’s ever said they love me before, no one except for my grandpa” Yuri didn’t know why he felt the stinking sensation of tears welling up in his eyes but before he knew it one slipped from his eye and dripped down his porcelain skin

Otabek wiped the tear from his cheek “Well it won’t be the last time I tell you that I love you” he whispered leaning in to kiss Yuri’s damp cheek and bringing him to his chest for a tight hug

Yuri chocked back more tears and he wrapped his arms around Otabek’s waist “I love you too” he said shakily


A/N: Ok so this one still isn’t up to standard but I’m glad I could write a bit more than just 500 words lol 

White Rabbit - Sixteen

It was Charlie that ran after her and found Alice bent over and dry heaving by the gate. He went to put his hand on her back but she pushed him off, angrily.

“You knew?”

He nodded.

“How many? How many of our friends, our family, how many have been killed because they were ill?”

“Ally, I don’t know. I honestly don’t know. I’m only a few years older than you, remember that. I didn’t know this was happening when I bought you here.”

“Yeah right,” Alice scoffed. “You’re his son, of course you knew.”

Charlie shook his head again.“I don’t get any special privileges because I’m a direct descendent. Far from it. It’s you he had the special interest in remember, you and Abby.”

“So anyone that’s been ill, anyone that we’ve been told has left of their own accord?”

“No one leaves of their own accord. I know this now.”

Charlie did look ashamed of himself and Alice wondered if he really had been kept in the dark until he’d reached nineteen. Even after Alice had been matched to Lewis, she and Charlie had remained good friends. He looked out for her and Abby, he’d comforted her the two times she’d been in the infirmary with her miscarriages and he’d always come with her to hold her hand whenever she was called to give blood, because he knew how much she despised it. It was Charlie that bought her books from his trips into town that she still wasn’t allowed to go on, and it was Charlie who had spent days slapping at her hands when she’d started to itch at the rabbit tattoo all residents of the camp were branded with when they turned sixteen.

Alice couldn’t wrap her head around this. Lewis had told her time and time again that when the world fell, they’d need everyone. All of the resources they could get. Due to the ages, some of the residents naturally wouldn’t have been around for it anyway. But for the time being, when they were still building and expanding, working to save for the future, surely it was all hands on deck?

Yet here he was, advocating the murder of innocent people. Their friends, their family.

“The measles outbreak, last year. Amy and Sara?” she named two young girls she remembered being taken to the infirmary and not coming out. She’d been told they’d been taken back into town and would recover with their grandparents on the outside.

Charlie nodded.

“Alex? Meg? Jenny?”

He nodded at each name and Alice retched again.

“Ally, comeback to the house. Lets get you some water.”

Alice didn’t want to go anywhere with him. She didn’t want to go anywhere with any of these people any more. This wasn’t right.

But she had no choice.

Lewis came to her later that night. She’d shut herself away in her room, not even saying goodnight to Abby or Marnie. Charlie had tried to talk to her some more but she wasn’t having any of it. Marnie had told him to leave her be, that she’d soon understand.

Alice didn’t think she’d ever understand.

When Lewis came in he didn’t look annoyed or disappointment. He just sat on the edge of the bed, the bed they shared a few nights a week, and looked at her.

“Alice, this will be your job soon. To make the hard decisions like I’ve had to.”

“I don’t want that job,” she told him.

“You don’t have a choice. It’s going to happen. You’re going to lead them all. You’re going to save them all, you’re special.”

Suddenly Alice found herself no longer believing this. In fact, she started to wonder how she’d ever let herself believe it. But… She sensed something. That if she argued too much, that things would change. So she listened to him, nodding in the right places as he told her that it was all for the greater good.

But now, she was questioning everything internally.

“You will do the next one, Ally. It’s your duty.”

She nodded at him, apologising for running out and panicking. She understood now, she told him. It was just a shock. He patted her leg and moved closer towards her on the bed, stroking her arm softly.

“Lewis, who did it, in the end? Who shot Thomas?”

“Rebecca did it. She’s turning out to be stronger than I initially thought. She wasn’t there before, when I left to come to this time. I don’t know if she ever was meant to be, not like you. You were always meant to be here.”

Lewis pressed his lips to hers and she forced herself to respond.

She didn’t want to be here though. Not anymore.

Spencer watched as Alice spoke. During the morning, she’d been animated and responsive. As she was talking about the killings though, her voice went flat and her eyes seem fixed on a spot on the wall. She’d emotionally detached herself from it, the way he’d seen hundreds of people do before.

He couldn’t blame her. She’d spent nearly four and half years in a place, being told she was important to a non existent future. She’d clearly craved family and love and adoration, and was lavished with that for the first few years, being singled out especially. What Spencer couldn’t work out, is why she’d been singled out by Lewis. Reid was sure that someone who had the charismatic capabilities to convince people to live in a retreat in the woods, could have had his pick of girls to choose to take as a partner. Yet for some reason, he chose Alice. Chose to tell her she was going take over from him.

Perhaps it really was what she’d said earlier. That to Lewis, this really wasn’t a scam. That he truly believed it.

“Alice, you’re doing so well. And you’ve given us so much information….” Dave began as the door to the interview room opened and Agent Hotchner strode in. She shook herself out of her reverie.

“Alice, we’re going to take another break. It’s approaching early evening and you’ve answered so many questions for us already. There’s not much more we can do here tonight. I’m going to have Dr Reid escort you home again and spend the night. We’ll need you to come back tomorrow and help us some more, okay?”

She nodded and the three stood up and exited the room, Aaron putting his arm out to stop the two Agents, but allowing her past them. She hovered out in the hallway, close enough to hear the hushed tones.

“What do you think, Hotch?” she heard David Rossi ask.

“She’s telling the truth, as far as I can tell. She’s been through a lot and I think it’s taken an awful amount of courage for her to come forward with this. It’s just a shame she didn’t sooner.”

“What now?” Spencer enquired.

“We bring her back tomorrow. There’s still a list of questions we need answering. And we need to find this place somehow, and shut it down. Shut HIM down.”

“Aaron, that may not be that easy. From the way she talks, it sounds like he thinks he’s doing the right thing here. And they clearly have weapons and have all been taught to defend themselves. It’s been five years since Alice was there. We don’t know what’s changed since.” The older profiler commented and Aarob sighed, knowing he was right.

“We’ll think of something. Reid, take her home and stay with her. She seems more at ease with you than any of us. We’ll stay here for a while longer, see if we can dig up any more information, maybe find this place by looking at satellite photos. Once we find it, then we’ll worry about how we infiltrate. An Agent has been staying with the Manchesters and he’s been reporting back. Ellen apparently seems hysterical at what she’s found out about her sister, and she only heard half of it.”

“Is it a good idea to insert Ally into that atmosphere then?” Reid asked, noting Aaron’s face change slightly at his use of her nickname.

“It could be good. She may reveal more if her sister starts asking questions. If she gets bothered by it, we can put you both in temporary accommodation for a few nights. But I don’t want you leaving her side. She still could run.”

Alice shook her head and moved the few feet back to the door opening.

“Hi…. I can hear you out there. I won’t run, promise. But, until you shut them down, I’m not going anywhere without an Agent. An armed one. Dr Reid will do. Can we go now? I can handle my sister’s hysteria or whatever. I have done for the past five years.”

Looks were exchanged between all three men.

“We can go. We need to stop by my apartment though, I need a change of clothes,” Spencer told her, nodding farewell to his colleagues and leading Alice out.

Both Rossi and Hotch watched them go before turning to each other.

“This is turning out to be much bigger than we thought, isn’t it?”

Hotch nodded. Much bigger.

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so i read on hwansang's official headcanons that LP was the most gentle add path, so lets have the elgang come to him for comfort, albert much to his confusion.

“Reeeeeena,” Add whines, and Rena sighs, putting down the leaf she was looking at.

“What is it, Add?”

“Everyone’s starting to talk to me with their problems.  I asked Els, and he said you told them to come to me.”  Add stalked over and stood above Rena on his Dynamos, glaring down at her.  “Is there something I should know?”

“Stop acting like you don’t care,” Rena said, and she saw Add’s Dynamos stutter.  He dropped to the ground.

“What are you talking about?  Of course I don’t-”

“I’ve seen the way you fight to protect us all when we’re in danger,” Rena interrupted.  “You’re less creepy than you used to be.  Even Eve is starting to trust you.  Besides, I saw you with those kittens.  You’re gentler than you let on, and I’m sort of tired of being the only person that the Elgang vents to.”

Add was silent.  Rena looked up to see him in shock. She grinned and patted his leg.

“It’s okay,” she said comfortingly.  “You’ll get  used to people coming to you for comfort.  Now, move.  You’re blocking this plant’s sunlight.”

Dance with me

Carl Grimes x reader
The walking dead
Request:  Carl imagine (in Alexandria. Up to date when he only has one eye) lots of kisses and fluff (but not like overboard fluff). lol I got finals next week I need something cute.
Warnings: this turned into a little smut, but there’s more fluff. 

“get dressed, in the nicest thing you have, meet me on the porch at 7, we’re going on a date″ Carl runs in my room as I was retrieving a thin jacket to help Carol plant some vegetables. I nod startled. He goes to leave my room but I whistle him back. His head pops around the door and I walk over to him pecking his lips. I go to pull away and he grabs my cheek holding me close. I start laughing and he smiles pulling away. 
“see you later” I salute making him laugh and rush back down the stairs and outside. I race to my window to see him run up to Rick, Daryl and Aaron, he says something to them and they nod, he then rushes over to Maggie and Carol who are planting flowers and vegetables he says something to them and they also nod. what is going on? I brush it off and head outside going straight for Carol and Maggie. 

“what’s up with Carl?” I ask them. I see them look at each other panicked out of the corner of my eye. 
“oh nothing, just wanted to see what we’re planting s’all” Maggie shrugs. I squint my eyes but decide to ignore and get on with work. It gets to about 6 and I decide to go get changed but head to Maggie, my sisters, house. I knock on her door and wait. 

“hey y/n, come in you okay?” She asks me confused. I nod and bite my lip. She sees how nervous I am and sits me down on the couch holding my hand. 
“what’s wrong?” she asks again. 
“Carl’s taking me on a date tonight and I don’t know what to wear, I know that’s stupid I’ll just go, wear whatever” I sigh standing up, she grins and pulls me back down. 
“No you’re going to stay right her while I do you’re hair and makeup.” She grins like a little school girl. 
“makeup?” I ask with wide eyes. 
“yeah, I was saving it for a special day” She smiles. “but I’ve had it for a while now, and nothing has come up” she shrugs. I smile at her. 
“don’t waste it on me!” I exclaim. She shakes her head. 
“shh,  go sit in the kitchen chair while I get it” she grins. She runs upstairs to get it while I silently sit at the chair, I’d been here so many times but with the way I was feeling it felt like a foreign country. She comes back with a small bag. She applies a little bit of eyeshadow, eyeliner and lipstick then pulls my long hair into a beautiful braid. She hands me a small hand held mirror when she’s done and I look at her shocked. 
“beautiful” she confirms patting my shoulders for me to stand up. I do so and she pushes the chair under and grabs my hand pulling me out of the door and into my own house I live in with Daryl, Rosita and Carol. We head up the stairs and sort through my small collection of clothes, we decide on some green shorts and a crop top. 

I obviously wear my signature boots. She looks at me covering her mouth. 
“mum would have loved to see you like this” She whispers. I look down and hug her trying not to squash her stomach. 
“Love you mags” I whisper. 
“love you to peanut” she giggles. “no crying you’ll ruin your makeup! When Carl sees you he’s going to freak out” She winks. I blush. I look down again then look at her nervously wringing my hands out. 
“we’ve never technically been on a date, we’re just together, what if I mess it or something I don’t know.” I stutter. She rubs my arms. 
“I kind of lied. I know what you guys are doing, you’re going to love it and he’ll love you. Speaking of love, are you in love with him?” She smirks moving down to my eye level. With tears in my eyes I nod. 
“I think so Mags, I really really love him” She grins so hard and I blush. 
“come on it’s time to go” she pats my butt pushing me out the door. I slowly walk over to the Grimes household and when I look up I see Carl standing there looking as handsome as ever, even with one eye. I frown when I see he’s not wearing his hat and has an even more nervous expression on his face than I do. I silently walk up his steps and look up at him. He has his mouth open in shock. 
“You look really beautiful” he smiles shyly. I blush and reach up to his neck pulling him down into a kiss, he grips my waist and I sigh at the familiar feeling in my stomach- explosions. We pull away and he takes my hand leading me down the stairs. 

“where are we going? we can’t do much” I question. He leads me into the middle of the street and stops. I furrow my eyebrows but he ignores me and looks back at his house nodding. Music starts playing and he grips my arms pulling one onto his back and the other in his hand. 

We start swaying to the music and I rest my head on his chest listening to his heart beat. 
“not that I’m not enjoying it, cause I am, a lot but why are we doing this?” I whisper glancing up at him.

He pulls away with a little smirk and dips me down. I giggle when he pulls me back up. 
“well, we never got a chance to go to prom so I made my own” He grins looking up to his house where everyone is sitting around in chairs, beer bottles littering the place and everyone in their best clothing. They are mostly all glancing up at us. I look at Carl and pull his cheeks down to mine. 
“I love you so much” I whisper nudging his nose. 
“I love you too” he grins, making his dimples pop. I poke on of them and he rolls his eyes pecking my lips again. I whine and pull him back to me. Without thinking about the group of adults sitting and watching only yards away we start making out. When we run out of air we pull away resting out foreheads on each others. 

“come on, I have an idea” he smirks. I’d trust him with my life so I follow him. We end up at the little lake, it had been thoroughly cleaned out after the whole walker invasion thing. It had filled with clean again and I often saw people swimming in it on a hot day. Carl drops my hand and I look at him him confused.He winks at me and strips himself of his shirt. I blush when I realise what he’s doing. 
“what are you doing, they’ll see us” he shrugs unbuttoning his pants and pulling them down leaving him in his underwear. When he sees me with crossed arms he sighs playfully and comes towards me. He pushes my arms away from my chest and holds the bottom of my shirt, he whistles signalling me to lift my arms up. I huff and he do so, so he can lift my shirt off. He then proceeds to pull my shorts down and I’m left in my underwear glaring at him but no doubt checking him out. He catches me and winks, prancing into the water.

“come on, its so nice” he yells. I stomp my foot and run into the water but immediately squeal and turn around making my way out. I feel arms lift me up by my stomach and I scream a little. 

I wriggle against him and yell out. 
“Carl no” I shout with a giggle. Rick and the others come running but stop and grin when they see us. “Carl no! its cold please if you love me you’d let me go” I scream. He starts laughing. 
“ok” he says letting me go, but I drop into the cold water. He swims closer to me and I wrap my legs around his waist to try and lift myself away from the water a little bit

“I hate you” I pout. He shakes his head.
“no you loooooove me” he teases pecking my nose. We hear multiple splashes around us and turn around. Everyone else was joining us in the water, most of them still dressed. Rick swims past and flicks water at us. We grin and shove some his way, this causes a huge water fight. We have so much fun messing around with everyone, the people who hadn’t decided to come in watch us from the little shore.  After a while everyone starts leaving. 
“you love birds coming?” Rosita winks. I look at Carl and he stares at me with a smile, I turn back around a shake my head at her. 
“think we’re going to stay here a while longer.” I reply. She smirks and winks. Rick, Michonne, Maggie and Daryl walk past and all have huge smirks on their face. 
“protection” Michonne whispers. I pale and blush at the same time. Carl laughs loudly tipping his head back, I peck his throat and he immediately stops. 

“do you think they’d be able to see us over here from the houses?” He asks. 
“uhm no, the bushes are in the way a little and its too dark, they’d only see out silhouette.” I grin. He smirks and pushes his lips to mine. I reach behind me and unclasp my bra. His hands immediately fly to my chest and he starts feeling and playing around. I moan into his mouth. 

“I can’t believe my first time is going to be in the middle of a lake” I giggle. He smiles back. 
“we can go somewhere else, or we can stop” he mutters. I shake my head no. 
“this is perfect baby” I say as I push his wet hair off his forehead. He reaches down and pulls his underwear off, then mine. He flings them across the lake and I gasp. He smirks and brings me closer to him, my legs wind around his waist. He enters me and I gasp at the feeling. He buries his face in my neck. 

“Carl” I moan. 
“I know baby, cum with me” he sighs peppering kisses on my chest. We cum together and muffle our screams in each other’s shoulders. He pulls out and we swim around for a little while longer. 

Ricks POV*
“did they just?” Michonne asks me. I laugh and nod. Everyone gathers around. 
“did they just have sex?” Maggie fumes. We all laugh at her. 
“yeah, they think we can’t see” I confirm. She balls her fists. 
“I swear if my sister gets pregnant with your sons kid I’ll kill him myself” She spits. I laugh and bring her in for a hug. 
“deal” I smile. Just then we see them emerge from the water looking around for their clothes. Rosita holds them up with a wicked grin and we all laugh loudly. 
“Hey Carl, need some help buddy?” I yell. He holds his hand up and shakes his head. 
“We’re ok dad” he yells back. They sit in the water for a while before they can’t stand the cold any longer. They start snapping branches off the tree and make a run for it. We all cheer them as they run into y/n’s house. They try to open the door but Daryl dangles the keys. We all laugh even harder. They are blushing bright red. I point to the door behind me and they sigh. They sprint over to our house and up the steps and through the door straight up to Carls bedroom. 

normal POV*
“that was so embarrassing!” I gasp. Carl laughs and chucks me one of his shirts. I pull it over my body quickly. He dresses himself  and comes behind me pulling me onto his bed. I lay my head against his chest. 
“thank you for ‘prom’ I had a really good time” I poke his nose. 
“I love you” he whispers. 
“I love you to dork” I grin pecking his lips then lying back down. We fall asleep right there, holding each other. 

Father Figure

 The swordmaster flinched once he felt something draped on his back. Quickly he whipped his head to the side, only to see a cheeky, radiant smile.

 “Tough day, Inigo?” Casually plopping a seat by his side, Henry lightly shook his shoulders and stretched his legs forward. “Good job today on slaughtering all those bandits today, Son!” Slim hands casually drumming his lap, the sorcerer winked at the future version of his unborn son.

 Inigo didn’t reply instantly; he blinked in stupor at his father. “W-Well…” Arms still tucked around his knees, he sat up straight and flashed a cheeky smile – one that was so similar to Henry’s it would be blasphemous if people couldn’t tell that they were related.

 However, before he could even laugh along or probably gloat a little about how easy the battle was, Inigo instead froze to feel one hand pressing the left side of his head. “Dad, what’re you-?”

 Words were left as silent gasps when he felt Henry gently pulling his head to the sorcerer’s left shoulder.

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The One Where the Stripper Cries

Pairing:  Dean x Reader (Female)

Summary:  When the reader and the boys have a case that finally involves strippers, it’s time for the reader to do some kind of undercover work and she enlists help from Dean.

Word Count: 6.8k (Oh my Chuck. I cannot believe it’s this long. sorry.)

Warnings: Fluff, slightest of smut, strippers, language? (probably, it’s me.)

A/N: This is for Ash&Jill’s Birthday challenge! So go check these ladies out: @sis-tafics and  @eyes-of-a-disney-princess they’re absolute Queens, so go give them love! However, this piece of work is trash, so I apologize in advance.

(Gifs are not mine.)

“Strippers?” You asked skeptically.

“Strippers.” Dean confirmed with a wide grin. “We finally found a case that involves strippers.”

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A Twist of Pleasure

Character: SHINee’s Taemin || EXO’s Kai || You

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 4,141

Summary: Your boyfriend brought his hot best friend home one nightGuess what’s on your boyfriend’s kinky mind

A/N: This is one of the requests submitted to me..I’m so sorry that I took too much time on this and the slow update.. There’s s much going on in my life right now, I’m having too little time for myself now..So I hope this could quench your thirst for a while..Kekeke~

Sipping in the hot ginger tea, you let out a content sigh as the hot liquid warmed up your body. You’re home a bit earlier than usual but your boyfriend was nowhere in sight. Taemin texted you that he was at his friend’s house and you knew so well that by friend he meant Jongin. You have been dating Taemin for quite a while now that you had started living together a couple months ago. You wrapped yourself tighter with the robe that covered the black laced baby doll you wore underneath. The one that Taemin brought to you. You smiled a bit but it faltered when the loud thunder made you startled. The room was filled with a flash of lightning before another loud thunder boomed. It’s storming. Trying to calm your racing heart a bit, you proceeded upstairs but were shocked to death with the sudden sound of the doorbell. “Babe, it’s me.” The image of a drenched Taemin appears on the intercom making you rush to the door and open it. Instead of one drenched man, you got two rushing in your apartment. Frozen to your spot, your eyes glued to the other man standing there, wet from head to toe, at you front door. It’s Jongin. Your eyes fell to his drenched white shirt that stuck to his finely sculptured abs and his hair that stuck on his forehead with droplets of water running down his face. Swallowing, you suddenly felt conscience of your state right now. You pulled your robe tighter against your body and tied them.

You have met Kai for a few times before and you can’t deny that he is such a fine man. Perfect in every way. You like the way his tanned skin made him look different and exotic. And his plump lips… “Sweetheart, if you could… get us some towels?” You snapped back to reality, your eyes found Taemin who was grinning a little. “Oh my god, I’m sorry. You just… stay there. Don’t even think of going anywhere. I don’t want my apartment to be drenched.” You stuttered and retreated to the bathroom with a flushed face, regretting your action a few moments ago. For god sake you have a boyfriend. You tried to remind yourself but you couldn’t help the naughty thoughts from resurfacing in your mind. You would love to rip that white shirt and send the button flying… Groaning, you grabbed a few towels before rushing back towards the two-soaked man. You noticed that both of them had kicked off their shoes and socks, standing in the hallway instead of at the entrance door. “Gosh, you’re going to catch a cold.” You murmured before handing two towels to Kai. He quietly thanked you and started to dry his hair. You smiled at him before throwing the rest of the towel towards Taemin. “You should have just called me instead of running all the way here.” He just grinned which was replied by a glare from you. “Didn’t wanna bother you.” His hands slowly creep around your waist, trying to undo your robe. You slapped his hands away as heat started to spread on your cheek. “What are you doing?” You glanced at Kai who had placed one towel on his head and another one hanging on his neck. Taemin just grinned at you that made you shiver.

His grin always means something bad. There’s something going on in his mind. Slowly, you retreated away from him, trying not to be the subject of his trick that you knew so well he was planning in his little mind. “Just put your wet clothes in the machine. And give Kai dry clothes for him to wear.” You babbled before turning around to run to the bedroom but were stopped short at what Taemin said. “Don’t you wanna help him undress?” You felt as if your heart had stopped beating. What did he just say? You swallowed the lump that had stuck in your throat before turning around. “What…” The word came out as a whisper. Something that you didn’t expected, at all. Jongin pauses in shock patting his face with the towel on his head, covering half of his face. But you still could see the subtle red spreading on his cheek. His Adam apple bobbed. Taemin’s next step made your heartbeat race faster. He sneaked behind Jongin and circled his hand around the latter’s torso, fumbling with the buttons and hooking his chin on the taller man’s shoulder. His eyes mischievously teasing you. “Come on, help him undress.” Taemin’s voice had dropped an octave, sending a shiver down your spine. Frozen in his spot, Jongin’s face had turned red. But he didn’t do anything to stop his Taemin from doing what you have been fantasizing before. “Hyung, what are you doing.” Taemin successfully release one button before Jongin pushed away Taemin’s hand. “We promised not to do this again. She’s your girlfriend, we’re not sharing her.” He hushed towards Taemin but you still could hear them making you frown. What does he meant by that? Taemin just smirked as Jongin keep glancing at you, flustered.

“Why not? You’ve been lusting over her since the first day you met her didn’t you?” Your heart skipped a beat at what Taemin said. Jongin swallowed. He avoided your eyes as Taemin approached you. He pulled you towards him, hugging you from behind. His calloused fingers spread on your stomach, caressing it. The feel of his cold skin on your warm one made you realize that your robe was undone; revealing the baby doll you wore underneath. He aligned his lips to your ear before kissing it. “You know, sweetheart. We used to always share our woman back then. But we made a promise if one of us falls in love, we would stop. But I can’t help and notice the way both of you look at each other. It was unnoticed at first, but I managed to pick it up when Jongin stayed over last month. And it was obvious too when both of you were virtually undressing each other before.” Your throat went dry as Taemin husked into your ear. You always knew that they always share everything with each other, but you never thought they would even share women. Taemin suddenly pushed you forward with his body, slowly leading you towards a dumfounded Jongin who was still standing there. He kept on walking until it was only a few inches left between you and Jongin. You could see Jongin’s chest was heaving up and down, his breathe fanned over the top of your head. Taemin grabbed your hands and put them on the younger’s chest. “Unbutton his shirt… He’s cold.” Taemin’s voice was calm but was dripping with authority, which made your stomach flutter with excitement. Your fingers trembled as you reached for his second button, releasing it to expose his smooth chest underneath it. Your heartbeat was increasing once you reached the last button, you could feel Taemin’s bulge pressing against your back, his breathing tickling your ears as he whispered encouraging words to you. Jongin gritted his teeth his heart was pounding in his chest as his grip on the towel tightened with every button you freed. You were fumbling with the last button when suddenly Jongin cupped your cheeks to press a deep kiss on your lips. Your breath had been stolen away by his kiss. It was so passionate you could literally feel his longing through the kiss.

Taemin took off your robe to reveal your body to the cold air of the room. Goosebumps started to spread on your skin as a shiver ran down your spine. Jongin nudged your chin with his thumb to slip his tongue in, caressing the roof of your mouth and massaging your tongue with his. A moan escaped your lips when Taemin placed his lips on the blade of your shoulder, nipping and sucking to leave small marks everywhere. His wet shirt stuck to your back as his hands crawled under your baby doll to knead on your breast, teasing your sensitive nipple. Jongin shrugged of his wet shirt as your delicate fingers traced the lines of his body, savoring the feel of his firm chest underneath your touch. Jongin suddenly broke the kiss before pulling you out of Taemin’s grasp, turning you around to face your back towards him. His arms wrapped around your waist, pulling you flushed against his body. “Now let’s return the favor shall we?” He breathed into your ear as your half-lidded eyes landed on Taemin who was still in his wet shirt. A smirk plastered on his perfect face that made your stomach flutter. His black thin sweater stuck to his lean figure.

You let out a soft sigh through your plump lips as your soft curls fell over your eyes making you look so hot that Taemin could feel his member twitching inside his tight jeans. If it’s not because of Jongin, he would ravish you right against the door. As well as the fact that you were wearing the baby doll that he bought for you doesn’t help either. Taemin just smirked and watched you take a careful step towards him as if you were walking into a lion den. Two lions to be exact. Your lips slightly parted, your eyes were darken with lust as they bored into his mischievous pair. You reached for the hem of his wet sweater, pulling it off. Taemin cooperate with you before proceeding to take off the annoying sticky fabrics off his body. He reached for your waist, pulling you towards him before crashing his lips against yours. You moaned before wrapping your arm around his neck, burying your fingers into his damp hair. Before you could fall any deeper into Taemin’s sweet lips, you felt fingers ghosting on your hip and a pair of plump lips on your shoulder, the exact same spot as Taemin nibbled on earlier. “Let’s move this to the bedroom shall we?” Jongin’s voice invade your mind, stealing you away from the kiss that you shared with Taemin. Taemin broke the kiss but before you could protest, you felt your body became light and the wooden floor underneath your feet disappeared. Instead, you were thrown over Taemin’s shoulder, his hands gripped on your bare tights. A small yell escaped your lips. You gripped on his back before frowning. “Taemin, I can walk on my own you know.” You protested. When you look forward, you saw Jongin who was drying his hair while quietly following the both of you. “Not so long, sweetheart. We would make sure you would have to stay in bed all day tomorrow.” Your heart leaped and your cheek burnt at his reply. When you looked at Jongin, he was smirking at you, which made you blush more. He leant forward before planting a soft kiss on your lips.

Taemin made a turn to the right breaking you away from Jongin making the younger one chuckle. You shrieked when Taemin suddenly threw you on the bed. He climb on the bed with you before planting his lips onto yours into a passionate kiss. You laced your fingers into his soft platinum hair feeling the silky locks between your fingers. You really like his hair. They were so rich and soft amid of all the bleaching and dying that would make any woman cry of jealousy. Taemin’s tongue caressed the roof of your mouth making you moan. You felt the bed dip before a pair of warm hands caressed your bare tight. Jongin started nibbling on your ears. Taemin broke the kiss with a smirk but another pair of lips grazed you cheek, scattering kisses on your face. You turned towards Jongin, your eye lids heavy with lust. He smiled softly at you before pressing his lips onto your luscious pair, replacing Taemin. His kiss was different from Taemin. He was gentler making your stomach flutter. You wrapped your arm around his neck, burying your fingers into his dark locks before tugging them. He groaned before reaching down to caress your thigh. The sound of a heavy object being pushed on the carpeted floor pulled you away from the kiss. Taemin was sitting on an arm chair beside your bed, smirking. “Go ahead. I just want to enjoy the view from here.” He winked at you, a mischievous look still plastered on his face. Jongin chuckled before proceeding to leave his mark on the column of your neck. Your once milky skin was now stained with angry red marks. He nibbled on your collarbone making you sighed and throw your head back, exposing more skin to his plump lips.

Jongin grabbed your hands, pulling them off his hair before pinning them down next to your head. He pulled away from you just to stare at you, drinking in your figure. Your sexily disheveled hair and hooded eyes that were staring at him making his body burn with lust. His eyes moved downward towards your baby doll, a grin broke on his lips. “This really looks like what hyung would like to buy.” He looked at Taemin who has the same grin on his face before turning back at you. “But I like it. Cute and yet so sexy” Heat started to spread on your cheek. His grin widened at the sight of your blush before kissing you again. Your eyes fluttered closed as you melted into his kiss. He nudged your lips apart with his tongue before dominating your tongue. His fingers danced across the soft skin of your thigh, inching towards your ass savoring the feel of your warm skin in his palm. He let out a soft sigh before breaking the kiss only to pull off your baby doll. The action ruffled your hair even more. You stared up at Jongin, your parted lips swollen from his assault earlier. You suddenly felt exposed when you saw his eyes scanning your body. You tried to cover your body with your arms when he suddenly grabbed both of your wrists before pinning them down on the mattress.

You gasped, eyes widen at his action. “Don’t. I like this view better. I want to remember you like this.” You flushed at his words. He positioned himself between your legs, stopping you from squirming away from him. Quickly, he latched his plump lips on your collarbone, leaving butterfly kisses down to your chest. You tilt back your head; moan and sighs leaving your lips. The sighs turned into a lewd mewl when he suddenly clammed his plump lips around your exposed nipples sucking on them hard. You yelp his name as your head bow back into the pillow. Jongin dipped his fingers into your panties, pressing them into you making you whine and arch your back at his assault. “So wet already, hmm?” He nibbled on your earlobe as his thumb caressed your sensitive nub, sending jolts of lust through your body. You clawed on the bed sheet as your hip bucked into his palm. He arched his finger inside of you to hit on your soft spot making you arch your back, grinding your hip into his palm to achieve more friction. His name came out as a whimper making Jongin smirk. When you felt you’re nearing the edge, he suddenly stopped and pulled out quickly leaving you groaning in protest. Frowning, you opened your eyes to curse on him but the sight of him licking his fingers clean stopped you. You felt the burning in your lower stomach become hotter if it was even possible. If he keep doing this to you, you felt like you could melt in his arm. He kissed you, making you taste your own juice. You moaned out at the sensation as Jongin slowly pulled your panty down. He pulled it off your legs, one by one before throwing it towards Taemin. Breaking the kiss, you attention had advert to Taemin who had discarded his pants, leaving him only in his brief with a huge tent. Taemin caught your panty only to smell it. Your cheeks started to heat up at the sight making him smirk.

While you were distracted Jongin had pull of his pants and boxer, his member were now rigid, standing proudly against his lower stomach. He was as huge as Taemin that would stretch you good. Jongin teared open a condom with his teeth before rolling it on his length. You licked on your lips as Jongin started to crawl back on you with a smirk carved on his full lips. He grabbed on your thigh, making some space for him. You could feel his erection poking at your opening before he placed a soft kiss on your lips. Slowly, he pushed into you. Inch by inch he stretched your opening making you arch your body into his. Once he was fully inside of you, he stopped for a while, letting you adjust to his size. He was panting in your ear his fingers were gripping on the bed sheet beside your head that his knuckles had turned white. “So tight…” He groaned into your ear. You were also panting, your lips parted letting out hot breathe and your eyes were closed tight. “Open your eyes angel.” Jongin huffed into your ears. You obeyed. He was staring at you, his eyes burnt with lust. His finger grazed your cheek, before gently pushing your face towards Taemin. “Let’s not forget him and give him a nice show, shall we?” Taemin eyes were dark with desire, staring intently at you. His hand were gripping the couch armrest while the other one was holding his chin, covering his lips so you can’t see his expression fully.

Suddenly, Jongin started to pull his hip back, pulling himself out of you only leaving the head inside. His fingers still gripping your face towards Taemin, his lips on your earlobe tickling you with every breath he heaved. He jerked his hip forward, filling you with his length once again before pulling back once again. You cried out at his rough action and your hand gripped on Jongin’s hand that was holding your jaw, your eyes never leaving Taemin. “Mewl his name, angel.” He roughly jerked back inside of you making you yelp Taemin’s name. His jaw clenched as Jongin started to chuckled darkly. You heard Taemin curse. Jongin’s hip started to create a constant pace, the sound of skin slapping against skin echoes through the room. “Now, you’re gonna scream my name when you come.” His thrust started to quicken making you moan. You felt the tension build inside of you. After a few more thrust, you come undone with Jongin’s name flowing off your lips. Jongin jerked his hip inside of you, reaching his high as well. He throw his head back, cursing at the sensation before collapsing beside you. Your heart was racing as you tried to regulate your breathing but Taemin didn’t let you. You felt the bed dip. Your flutter your eyes open only to be greeted with a grinning Taemin hovering above you. “I enjoyed the show babe. So it’s my turn now.” He husked at you, his eyes were burning with lust making a shiver ran down your spine. You noticed that Taemin had rid of his brief, exposing his length.

Taemin’s lips collided with yours, stealing your breath before you could even gain it. His blazing fingers caressed your thigh, tickling your hot skin that was already sensitive from Jongin’s assault earlier. Jongin took over Taemin’s spot earlier, his lips were on full grin and his eyes glued on both you and Taemin. “Let’s show him how we do it.” Taemin whispered into your ears, spreading shivers down your spine. Contrasting to what Jongin did to you, Taemin was more of a… teaser. He would always drove you towards the edge but would stop right when you were about to climax. Unless you begged and you’re pretty sure he’s gonna do exactly that by the mischievous glint in his eyes. You whined when you felt his fingers teasing the soft skin of your thigh. “Taemin please no more of that I can’t take it anymore.” You’re too sensitive from Jongin’s assault earlier that you would jolt every time Taemin’s skin touched yours. He chuckled. “Aww, come on babe. Just a bit more won’t hurt.” You bucked your hip when you felt his fingertips grazing your clit, sending electric jolts through your veins. A whimper trapped in your throat when he started to press harder on your swollen clit. You gripped the bed sheets hard that your knuckles had turned white. Taemin’s lips were attached to your collarbone, licking and sucking on them leaving his brand where everyone can see it. Your breathing had become ragged. His fingers were slowly massaging your clit as you pushed your hip to follow his rhythm when he suddenly dipped two fingers inside. Your back arched as your lips parted, letting out a silent scream. Once Taemin had pushed his fingers fully inside, he stopped moving. You could feel your heart pounding in your chest as you struggled for breath.

You pushed your hip into Taemin’s hand but he held you still making you groan in frustration. Taemin chuckled before starting to move his fingers, painfully slow. You could feel his calloused fingers scraping your inner wall, hitting every nerves sending heat all over your body. If he doesn’t let you come yet, you’re sure you would explode anytime soon. To your frustration, Taemin pulled out his fingers, making you whine his name. He smirked before licking his digits clean. Pushing your thigh apart for a bit, Taemin positioned himself between your legs. You could feel his bulbous head at your entrance even though your head was hazy with lust. Painfully slow, he pushed himself deep inside of you. You let out a loud moan as your back bow away from the bed. His length was stretching you, filling every part of you deep inside. Taemin grabbed both of your hands before intertwining his fingers with yours, pushing them up above your head and holding them still. You opened your eyes to be greeted with his strained face. Clearly he was holding himself back. “Gosh babe how can you still be this tight.” You whimpered, rolling your hip motioning for him to start moving. But he just chuckled. Taemin looked down at you; your lewd appearance turned him on even more. Even though you’re not aware of what you’ve done to him, but he can’t help being turned on by your expression right now. “You know the drill sweetheart.” You swallowed a groan when Taemin said that. You gonna have to beg or you would be in this position for the next few hours. Being horny for the rest of the night without any release. The memory of being in that state was still fresh in your mind. A shiver ran down your spine.

Swallowing, you bucked your hip but Taemin wouldn’t budge. You groaned his name. “What’s the magic word?” You gripped on his hand tighter, feeling your persistence falling into pieces. “Taemin please. I need to come, I can’t take this anymore.” You spit out the word, hoping that it was enough for him to comply. Taemin groaned before nibbling on your earlobe. He pulled his hip back before thrusting forward with full force making you gasp. He repeated the action as you could feel yourself nearing the edge. After a few more thrust, you throw your head back before letting out a loud cry, feeling everything break loose. Your fingers were still gripping Taemin’s. He was still thrusting inside of you before cursing and thrusting deep inside of you, releasing his hot seed inside of you. You could feel his warmness being spilled inside if you. Hearing another panting voice, you turned towards Jongin who was still sitting on the chair. One of his hand was on his length, white liquid were dribbling down on his thigh that shows he had a great show. You looked up and caught his hooded eyes. He licked his lips before smirking at you. Taemin placed a kiss on your jaw before pulling himself out. He collapse next to you and Jongin got up from the chair, grabbing one of the abandoned towels on floor to clean himself up. He then collapse next to you too before planting a kiss on your forehead. Both of the man sandwiched you between their sticky bodies but you’re too tired to even complain. Feeling your eyes drooped; you heard Jongin said, “We’re keeping her right?” A smile crept on your face upon hearing Taemin’s answer, his arm wrapped tighter around your waist. “Of course.”


Prompt: When Yoshino and Temari first meet.

This prompt was given to me by letsbananalol36. Thank you! I hope you guys enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Yoshino hummed cheerfully as she was able to scrounge for some free time after having finished the daily chores she set out for herself. She decided to go for a walk to have a change of scenery and perhaps to catch up with people she might meet on the way. There was a spring to her step as some inner voice teased her that this was going to be a rather interesting day.

As she waved at the familiar faces going about their own tasks, she happened to pass by the popular ramen restaurant, Ichiraku’s. It was a testament to its success that it still had a handful of customers in the mid afternoon like this, too late for lunch and too early for dinner. When she was merely passing her gaze disinterestedly over the interior of the restaurant and started to walk forward once more, her head snapped back and she almost cracked her neck.

She almost missed them because they were seated near the back corner of the restaurant.

But no, her eyes did not deceive her.

That was certainly her son, Shikamaru, right there conversing with a blonde woman. She could not see the face of the woman as she was seated across Shikamaru. But she was sure it was not Ino. The shade of her locks was notably different. All she could make out of this mysterious lady was that she had the strangest hairstyle she had ever seen on a woman. What sort of self-respecting woman wore her hair in four childish pigtails?

Her eyes returned to her son and narrowed. Curious. Really curious. Her lazy son was not slouching in his usual manner. There was a half-smirk on his face which was actually quite an indication that he was enjoying himself, or rather that he was intrigued by the conversation he was holding with this woman. And there was a warmth in his eyes that implied a certain intimacy with this blonde.

She clutched hard on the side wall as she crouched and continued to spy on them. There was a burning need to know more about this situation and about that woman. Was her son on a date? Or was it a business meeting? Who was this woman? She was almost certain that she was not of this village.

Yoshino straightened a bit when she observed her son rising and heading towards the restroom. As he entered the restroom, she paused just one second before making her way towards their booth.

As Yoshino made quite a show of taking Shikamaru’s seat, she noted that the blonde only blinked and raised an eyebrow at her presence. Yoshino hid her impressed reaction at the blonde’s seeming inability to be ruffled by a complete stranger. It was like she had sensed Yoshino coming. Points for her, she thought grudgingly. If she is going to date my son, she better have the attitude for it.

The blonde was also quite attractive. Shikamaru has taste, she thought approvingly. She was not too thin like Ino. Lord knows that girl needed more meat on her bones. And this woman carried herself well, back straight, confidence set in her posture, even while sitting.

“Who are you?” was Yoshino’s opening salvo. It came out curt but not quite so aggressive. Even if the blonde already impressed her, it did not mean she was going to make this easy. If she could not handle this, then she did not have any right dating her son.

The other eyebrow rose to join the other. “I believe I should be asking you that,” the blonde said calmly, teal eyes assessing the dark-haired woman in front of her.

Yoshino took note of the intellect in those eyes and carefully mapped out her next moves. “I happen to be someone rather special to Shikamaru. To be blunt, I want to make sure that you are not trouble for him.”

The blonde stiffened for the smallest of moments. Then relaxed as if unfazed by her declaration. “Has Shikamaru been involved in any trouble lately? I rather think that it should be Shikamaru that you should be questioning, not me. And no matter how well your intentions may be, to ambush me like this, don’t you think it’s rather bold and impolite of you?” It was said casually but Yoshino did not mistake her meaning.

Yoshino grinned to herself. This woman had steel in her. Yoshino knew that while many people were fond of her, those people were also intimidated by her to some extent. But this woman had not given in so easily. And she knew intuitively that this woman had feelings for her son, given that slight stiffening and the subtle warning undercurrents in her tone.

Ignoring her first question, Yoshino replied, “As you said yourself, I have the best of intentions. Besides if you have nothing to be ashamed of, then you’d have no problem answering my questions, wouldn’t you?”

The blonde regarded her intently. Then sighed impatiently. “You won’t be going away, will you?”

“Nope,” Yoshino quipped with a smirk, sensing her victory.

“Fine, let’s get this over with. What do you want to know?”

“What’s your occupation?”

The blonde, remembering that she had stashed away her hitai-ate while partaking her ramen, answered patiently, “Shinobi. Jounin.”

Surprised and quite impressed by now, Yoshino nodded slightly in approval. That explained the backbone. Not really, she thought, Ino, Sakura, and especially Hinata, did not give out the same tough aura as this woman.

“Which village do you come from?”

The blonde hesitated before answering, “Sunagakure.”

Yoshino paused. She heard from her husband and Shikamaru about how the ninjas from Suna had betrayed Konoha. But Shikamaru also explained to her that they had redeemed themselves when those same ninjas saved him and his other comrades from dying in the Sasuke rescue mission.

She had nothing against them now, however… “You betrayed our people.”

The teal eyes flashed in fury but then almost immediately deflated. In a somewhat subdued but stiff tone, she said, “Yes, we are sorry for it but we have already made our amends and can only hope for forgiveness.”

Yoshino was both amused and humbled by the woman. Clearly, she was quite a spitfire but she knew what was honorable and what was not. In her book, that merited a bulk of points.

“What are your intentions with Shikamaru?”

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He’s Not as Bad - Part 2

Originally posted by jayfatuasian

‘Stop hitting me.’ Jay shouted at you as you continued on pummelling the cushion in your hand.

‘Only.’ Hit

‘When.’ Hit

‘You.’ Hit

‘Stop.’ Hit

‘Being.’ Hit

‘An.’ Hit

‘Idiot.’ Hit

You stopped breathing heavily and glaring at your CEO who still had his hands up in defence. He peeked through his eyes to check whether you were still going to continue on to hit on him, literally or whether he was save. ‘You’re done?’ He asked sincerely asking whether all your pent up anger was already released because he knew that the only way you could handle stress is through releasing it and one way to release it is to hit things. He was the one who suggested boxing to you explaining how you should ‘channel’ your anger towards a more productive activity rather than pummelling him or anyone with a pillow or anything close to your reach. You hit him one more time just for that extra satisfactory and threw the cushion out of your reach scared that you would continue hitting him again if it was beyond reach.

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The Boy With The Midnight Hair - Young!Sirius x Reader



Hi!! I first wanted to say that I absolutely adore your writing! It’s fantastic and I was wondering, if it’s not too much trouble, if you could write something for me? It’s okay if you can’t. I was hoping for a Sirius x reader where you are Lily’s best friend. You are a muggle and you happen to be at Lily’s house when the marauders come over. I don’t mind when this takes place, just as long as it is cute and REALLY FLUFFY! Thank you so much, love!! Take all the time you need to complete this!

Thanks for the request! This is pretty long, so it took me a while to write… heh. But I’m pretty proud of it, so I hope you guys like it too!

ALSO, before I start, just wanted to tell you guys that my requests are open. I MIGHT start writing AUs as well, so feel free to send those requests too. :-)

Let me know what you thought of this in my ask!

Y/N = Your name

Originally posted by imaginesofthings

It was nice to have Lily back again. A lot of things seemed to happen in just a year - especially in the Wizarding World.

It didn’t surprise you when she had first told you that she was a witch, all those years ago. Apparently, you were what they called a ‘muggle’.

Nevertheless, the two of you managed to stay best friends. You caught up with each other through letters and you visited her when she came back home during the summer.

“So, Lily, who’s this boyfriend of yours?” You smirked, earning yourself a hard punch in the arm.

Lily rolled her emerald eyes, dropping onto the bed next to you. “His name is James.”


“He’s the captain of the Quidditch team.”

You narrowed your eyes. “Captain of the what?”

“Quidditch, Y/N. I told you about it, remember?”

You scratched your head, face scrunched up in thought.

“The one where you fly around on brooms?” You finally asked.

She grinned. “That’s the one.”

You frowned. It sounded a bit silly, to be honest.

A sweet, melodic chime rang in the distance, interrupting your thoughts. The doorbell.

“I’ll be right back,” Lily said, jumping up from the bed.

You watched as she jogged out of the room, her bright red hair tumbling behind her.

You found yourself frequently glancing up at the clock, nervously fidgeting with your hands as time ticked by.

Two minutes went by. Lily hadn’t come back.

Three minutes. Four, and eventually, five.

“My god, Lily.” You muttered, pushing yourself off from the bed.

You quietly padded your way through the family home, careful not to make a sound. Framed photographs of the Evans family lined the wooden staircase, ranging from family photos to photos of the children. You paused as a particular picture caught your eye. It was Lily, in her new robes at Diagon Alley. Her red hair, unlike now, was cropped to her cheeks. You couldn’t help but smile at the childlike innocence of the excitement in her face.

Suddenly, you felt yourself lose your own grip on the railing. Flailing your arms helplessly, you lost your footing - and with no time to regain balance, you found yourself on the floor, body sprawled across the steps.

You let out a quiet groan.

“You alright?”  

You forced yourself to open your eyes, despite the fact that you were already embarrassed. You prayed that the voice wasn’t Petunia’s - you knew she’d nag you about it for days.

You were pleasantly surprised to find that it was not Petunia, but in fact, a boy. The tall figure had disheveled black hair sticking out in every possible direction and a lopsided grin on his lips. HIs chocolate brown eyes were hidden behind wired glasses.

“James, what-”

Lily paused, her gaze flicking between you and the boy. She gave you a warm smile as she placed a hand on James’ arm.

“James, this is Y/N. Y/N, this is James.”

You let out a loud laugh. “So you’re the famous James Potter.”

He grinned, expertly snaking an arm around his girlfriend’s waist. “Heard a lot about me, have you?”

You sneered, rising up from the wooden floor. “She won’t stop talking about you.”

Lily shot you a glare just as two other boys entered the room.

One of them, taller than the others, wore a shy smile as he stepped next to James. Lines of scars marred his face, and you almost wanted to ask what had caused them - but thought better as he shoved his hands into his pockets and hunched his back as if to appear smaller than he actually was.

“This is Remus - or Moony, as we like to call him.”

He gave you a small wave.

The next boy stood right behind Remus. As he stepped out of the shadows, you couldn’t help but realise how good looking he was.

His hair, shoulder-length, was the colour of the midnight sky. His stormy grey eyes seemed to dance with a hint of amusement as his gaze drifted across his friends, and then, to you.

“Y/N, this is Sirius. Or Pads.”  

James’ voice was barely a murmur against your buzzing thoughts. You were mesmerised by him - Sirius.

And as he gave you the smallest of smiles and turned back towards James, you felt your heart skip a beat.

The boys, or the Marauders, came over every single day. You had found out that Lily hadn’t expected their initial visit, but that James had dragged his friends with him to see her.

The five of you gradually grew much closer as the summer went by. They constantly teased you for being a muggle. James would explain the rules of Quidditch to you - even brought his broom along one day to show you the ropes. Remus, who was quite shy at first, eventually warmed up to you. He would teach you about all of the subjects at Hogwarts and you would recommend some ‘muggle’ books to him, which he quite enjoyed.

And yet, Sirius was the one who stood out the most. You and Sirius talked about anything and everything together. That once mysterious boy was now your trusted confidant, and you, his trusted confidante. You still tried to steady your thundering heartbeat whenever you looked at him. You couldn’t help but notice how he wore the most genuine grin when he was around his best friends, and how he would tap his fingers against his table when anxious. How his gaze sometimes seemed to trail after… you.

But something about his demeanour told you that he was like that with most girls.

By the time it was August 31st, all of you had lost track of time. Lily and the Marauders had rushed to get packed, and you were now sipping on ‘Butterbeer’ in the living room.

You sat back as the rest of your friends played a game of Truth or Dare. You had never really enjoyed playing it, so you had decided to sit this round out.

You took a large sip as you felt somebody take a seat next to you. Risking a quick glance, you saw that it was Sirius.

“Kicked out of the game,” he sighed, his cup of Butterbeer held loosely in one hand.

“Hm? Why’s that?”  

He frowned. “I refused to answer a question. They kicked me out, saying it was against the rules.”  

You chuckled. “And what was the question?”

He answered without hesitation,

“If I fancied you.”

You almost choked on your drink. “If you - and what did you say?”  

He turned towards you, his grey eyes locking into yours. “I told you already. I didn’t answer.”


“Oi, Pads! We better get going now - we have school tomorrow.” James interrupted, waving his hands from the doorway.

You watched as Sirius gave you a sad smile before standing up and strolling towards the door.

You hadn’t realised it was so late until the five of you had stepped out onto the front porch. The stars were merely tiny speckles of light against the darkness of the neighbourhood.

“It was nice meeting you, Y/N.” James said, engulfing you in an unexpected hug.

You stiffened from shock, but patted your hands on his back. “You too, James.”

When the two of you broke apart, Remus came over.

“It was nice getting to know you. Keep in touch, okay?” He, unlike James, went for a handshake and an awkward pat on the back.

“Will do, Remus.”

Your eyes scanned the area. No Sirius. Sighing, you leaned back against the house as the rest of them bid their farewells.


You turned towards the familiar voice. Sirius’ eyes sparkled as he abruptly took your hand and pulled you towards the secluded area behind the house.


He crashed his lips onto yours, wrapping his arms around your waist.

Your eyes widened, but you quickly kissed him back, gripping tightly onto his shoulders. You knew he was leaving. You knew it would never work.

But your brain shut all those thoughts out as you drowned in the sweetness of the kiss. Your head spun, and your heart was beating out of your chest. You didn’t want it to ever end.

You only broke apart when you were both gasping for air, breathing ragged. Your foreheads pressed together as you wrapped each other in an tight embrace.

“That was my answer, Y/N.”

You looked up at him. His cheeks were flushed bright red, and his hair was covering half of his face. You gently reached out your hand to push it behind his ear.

“Sirius, we’ve only known each other for two months.”

“I know.”

“You literally live in a different world.”


You frowned. “This isn’t going to work.”

He shook his head, his dark hair bobbing back into place. “I’m willing to try, Y/N. Please.”

You traced the curve of his lips in your mind. “There are so many more girls you can choose from, Sirius-”

“Y/N, if you don’t want this, then you can walk away.” He replied sternly, eyes darkened.

“But if you’re willing to try, I am too.”

You bit down on your lip, clearing your muddled thoughts. You could feel his beating heart from this distance, and it was the only thing keeping you anchored to reality.

“Okay.” You finally breathed.

He grinned as he softly pressed his lips to your forehead, then to your lips. And you felt your head spin again for the second time.

You didn’t know if this would last. But either way, you would never forget the boy with the midnight hair.

And perhaps, you were also hopelessly in love with him.