shocked face gif

Okay so can we just talk about Yuuri’s face at the start of this clip:

No blush. No hesitation… Hell, he’s not even looking at Victor

(not to mention Victor’s shocked face)
… our baby boy’s all grown up :’)

Sans: Oooooo man… I might need Papyrus’s spaghetti AND Grillby’s brugs and fries to tame THIS level of hunger cuz you’re definitely ‘HunGRRRRRRy’.  

He chuckles at his pun, but immediately stopped when his belly let loose a strong roar that startled other monster passerbys in Snowdin, They all stared at him in shock as his face blushed a deep blue, gripping his fussy tummy with his arms. He quickly walked past the crowd as fast as possible.

Heh…hehehehehe…I better make this quick before the whole Underground hears my tummy like this…


If anyone is confused, this is an undertum version of Sans, a closeup of his starving,hungry belly