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im like 149 cm and jotaro is 195 cm i would have to climb him to smooch him

He’d just stand there, watching you struggle for a bit before he sighs and says his signature yare yare, scooping you up to place a firm kiss on your lips before setting you back down just as quickly as he picked you up with the slightest smirk at your shocked expression

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FIRST of all I love your art and your blog you're so talented! Secondly, if you're still doing the expression thing, can you please draw some marichat with Chat as 1A and Mari as 2C? If you don't want to draw both that's okay too! Thank you for your kindness and continuing to create such wonderful art! Oh! And Happy Holidays 😘

One sided reveal! :P

I’m not taking more requests, just finishing the one’s left C:

You are a Hell Writer, you design hells for people after they die based on studying their life history. Today Satan summons you to his sanctum and you are troubled to see that he has a shocked expression on his face.

Meanwhile at hogwarts

Everyone wakes up to find that Gryffindor has somehow gained 200 house points overnight, everyone is really confused because they don’t know what the Gryffindors have done to get that many points but the question on everyone’s mind is soon answered when dumbledore makes a speech at breakfast
“Last night Harry Potter and Ron Weasley snuck out of their beds under a very secret invisibly cloak to go on a giant goose chase in the forbidden forest, Mr Potter and Mr Weasley were very brave that night, when they realised there were indeed no geese in the forbidden forest they ran and ran as fast as they could, Harry tripped and cut his knee but do not fear Harry showed signs of a true Gryffindor, he was brave, courageous and he was daring and only cried for a minimum of five minutes, I therefore rewarded Mr Potter and Mr Weasley for their brave acts”
Everyone turns to the gryffindor table to see Harry and Ron smirking at each other, Hermione looking between them and dumbledore with a shocked expression on her face and on the other side of the hall is Draco Malfoy literally fuming

So I just wanna say that I’m pretty sure Yuuri was speaking Japanese up until he said, “Be my coach!”

There was this post once upon a time that pointed out the use of English in the anime, and the way Victor looks at Yuuri before he says that is more of a wondering/shocked kind of expression. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if drunk!Yuuri was just babbling on in Japanese before finally switching to English.

It’d also make Victor’s cute “love at first sight” expression even more adorable because he fell in love with this drunk Japanese skater that he couldn’t understand a word of just because of how he danced and how fun and cute he was.

Galra Keith
  • Keith comes out as half Galra to everyone like Pidge did but this time only Lance knew
  • Keith: Guys...I'm half Galra
  • Everyone but Lance and Keith: *wide eyes and shocked expressions*
  • Lance: Wait was I supposed to think you were fully human
  • Everyone: How do you know Lance?!
  • Lance: He purrs in his sleep so he was either a cat or Galra

Camille Coduri and Noel Clarke getting a bit frisky with David Tennant at the Voyage of the Damned premiere event.

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let’s agree to disagree: the fixed signs


leo: I want to rule the world. I want to stand out and shine.

aquarius: I want the people to rule themselves. I want to belong.


taurus: I will have a warm, beautiful home, a loving family, and a secure future.

scorpio: I will have your mind, body, and soul, for eternity.


leo: I want to be remembered long after I die. I want to live forever.

scorpio: I want to know what happens after death. My soul will live forever.


taurus: If you try to force your will on me, I will not budge an inch.

aquarius: If you try to make me conform, I will ruthlessly shatter your narrow worldview and idiotic expectations.


scorpio: I need to know the truth. I need people to tell me the truth, no matter what.

aquarius: I need to live by my truth. I will shock people by expressing my truth unapologetically.


taurus: I am beautiful, intelligent, well-loved, and a good person. I don’t need to prove my worth to anyone else.

leo: I want people to see me as beautiful, brilliant, and brave. I need others to acknowledge and reinforce what I believe about myself.

So anyway Magnus asks Alec to move in with him and after he agrees and they have their cute little celebration  Magnus gives Alec the key and Alec stares at it in his palm with a shocked and awestruck expression on his face and then he just closes his fist around it and looks at Magnus determinedly and says, “I’m going to try it out right now.” and runs excitedly to the door but stops and runs back and grabs Magnus by the shirt and crashes their lips clumsily and hurriedly, but still full of love and affection, together before pulling away and pecking Magnus on the cheek for good measure and sprinting towards the door, throwing it open, and running outside and closing the door behind him.  Magnus stares at the closed door, a hand on his cheek, a giddy smile on his face.

“Lock the door!” Magnus hears Alec yell, his voice slightly muffled and he chuckles, but Magnus complies and snaps his fingers and hears the lock click shut. He then hears the fumbling of the key and almost swoons when the door swings open and Alec strides confidently inside, grinning from ear to ear as he takes in Magnus as if this is the first time he’s seen him in ages. He takes off his jacket and throws it on the chair familiarly.

“Honey, I’m home!” He calls in a sing-song, very un-Alec voice and Magnus bursts out laughing and Alec scoops him up in his arms and kisses him properly mid-laugh. They stand there for a few minutes, their lips moving against each others’ passionately, wrapped in each others arms and in pure bliss, the only sounds interrupting the silence of the loft being giggles, heavy breathing, and moans from the two, happy, smitten men.  

 “Welcome home, sweetheart.” Magnus whispers adoringly when he pulls away, his hands framing Alec’s face, his feet a few inches off the ground as Alec held him by the waist. He Eskimo kisses Alec lovingly and touches his forehead to the younger man’s.

“Our home.” Alec hums contently and him and Magnus start giggling again and they just throw their arms around each other in a hug, Magnus’ face buried in Alec’s shoulder and Alec holding onto Magnus as if his life depended on it.

And, to be frank, it did.




I suppose we have exhausted absolutely everything Piffle has to offer at this point BUT STILL. IF THERE WAS ONE WORLD I WISH WE COULD STAY IN FOREVER, IT WOULD BE THIS ONE. 

But I suppose the heartbreak awaits. 

Either way, it’s precious that Syaoran is struck with INSTANT PANIC over the thought that he has to pick out a gift for Yuuko. 


He’s also the only one to consider the finer implications of abandoning a MOVEABLE HOUSE and just never returning it. WITH GOOD REASON. IT’S KIND OF RUDE TO SAY THE LEAST.


This might just be the most graceful exit they’ve ever been able to pull off. 


Cashier: You guys are so cute together. Are you two dating?

Saitama: *Gives her a weird look and points to Genos* He’s not my boyfriend.

Genos: *Has a shocked and sad expression on his face*


Genos: *Runs into the room* Sensei! I had the weirdest dream where we were at the store and you said I wasn’t your boyfriend!

Saitama: *Looks up from his manga* Genos, that wasn’t a dream, that happened not even 2 hours ago.

Genos: So we’re not dating? *Sad*

Saitama: Genos, we’ve literally been married for 5 years already. We’re not boyfriends anymore.


It’s so freaking poignant and significant that Min Hyuk’s reaction to Bong Soon’s demure act  is exactly the same shocked, aghast and judgy expression people usually have when they see her super power. GD wants a girl gentle like a cosmos flower, MH freaks out when BS acts like one.

Putting the three of them together is brilliant because it shows everything that is wrong with BS’s relationship with GD. During the whole scene GD looks like a complete outsider and intruder in a couple’s home; he is completely oblivious to everything that is transpiring between BS and MH - from their silent communication to innuendos only they understand. When GD leaves it’s the atmosphere changes completely - is like one of those time you have a visitor you want to impress and you act all polite and then he leaves and you return to normalcy - AND FOR BONG SOON, NORMALCY MEANS BEING WITH MIN HYUK. Normalcy means comfort and security and it’s clear from BS’s body language and behaviour who is the man she is the most comfortable with; in front of whom she drops her sweet-girl act and reverts back to her real self. When she is waving to GD she is holding the back of MH’s chair, she good-naturally hits his arm and then she even sits next to him and eats breakfast with him while they bicker.

I love that while MH might tease BS about her act in front of GD  but when it comes to revealing her powers and feelings to GD, he has BS’s back and respects her choice to keep it a secret; a secret MH knows is not his to tell. He respects it the same way as he respects the fact that she now wants to fight the villlain. It would be so easy for MH to reveal that it was BS who thrusted that spike in there, but instead he has her back, as always. By the way, HOW AWESOME IS IT THAT HE PUT ON IT THE NATIONAL FLAG AS IF BS WERE A NATIONAL HERO?! I think for MH she means even more than that.

On final note, my heart broke a little for MH because of that sad, wistful look he had while he was watching BS feeding GD chocolate and smiling at him.