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Kate & Will's conversation on the steps, according to lip readers! Too freaking cute.

The Duchess emerged from the hospital and stood on the steps with Prince William as they introduced their daughter to the world.

Despite being used to the public glare, the Duchess still expressed shock and amazement at the crowds gathered to meet her daughter.

“This is nice,” she said to William.

“Lots of people out there. Look up there on the top.”

She then waved upwards to everyone desperate to get a glimpse of her daughter.

Waving, she said to the crowd: “Hello”

Prince William turned to her at the top of the steps and said: “Do you want to step down…be careful.”

He encouraged her to wave to the crowds and to keep showing their daughter to the people on either side so everyone could get a glimpse.

The new mother then looked down adoringly at her daughter, and said to William: “She’s fast asleep.”

The doting mother expressed fears the little princess might be “cold” but Prince William reassuringly said: “No, she’s fine, she’s good.”

But she lovingly replied: “Let’s take her inside.”

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i hope things are going well for you! sorry if this is a silly question, but what would the aobajousai players do if they woke up and found out they switched bodies with their s.o. who's a girl?

“When he woke up he felt this weird sensation on his chest. It was a bit more heavy than usual? He got up from the bed and went to the bathroom and a shocked expression was seen in the mirror. Though it wasn’t his face, it was his s/o’s face. He looked down at the now oversized shirt and looked down. This was clearly NOT HIS BODY”

Oikawa he freaked out and inspected his, or hers, face in the bathroom mirror thinking that maybe this was a dream. He opened his mouth and spoke. “Hello?” Absolutely NOT his voice either. He quickly called his s/o and told them about the “situation

Matsukawa would be weirdly chill about it somehow. Accept it even though it was completely impossible and ridicilous. Just looking at his new face, and spinning around a bit and combing through the soft hair. He called his s/o and told them about what happened 

Hanamaki would narrow his eyes as he inspected his face, well his s/o’s face, as he wondered how the hell this could happen. He would grin a bit and look down at his new body and be like nice. Though he would stop at that because he respected his s/o and so went to call them about the matter

Iwaizumi, Kyotani would stare at the refection in the mirror and put a hand over their mouth as the realization sank in. They started to blush as the shirt slid off their shoulder a bit too much and quickly fixed it before calling their s/o about the “current matter that needed to be fixed”

Yahaba, Watari, Kindaichi the panic and freak out squad as soon as they saw their “face” in the mirror they almost screamed out in surprise but quickly covered their mouth with their hand so that their parents wouldn’t notice. They were at loss of what to do and just tried to let everything sink in and then called their s/o to explain what happened. They all almost started to cry because they were so confused about the current situation

Kunimi is slow like a sloth in the morning so he just “????” what the, what is this. And just inspected his current body but ended up blushing furiously and on his way to get his cellphone to call his s/o he tripped 

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Hello! Why did you decide it was sarcastic? It's clearly a shock expression)

I wasn’t sure if you were kidding or not (and I can never tell when people are being sarcastic or not on this site anymore), but now I realize you are serious! It’s a picture of George Harrison! :)

You’ve got to pick your battles, but sometimes every battle needs that simple one liner to make your enemy stop and think.
And seeing the shocked and speechless expression that contort their faces are the best gift they could ever give you.
Knowing that you’ve beaten them at their own verbal battle and as you give them that teeny tiny smug smirk as you turn and flounce out, your head held that little bit higher and your heart pumping that little bit faster on the adrenaline and pride that is coursing through your veins fuels you for the rest of the day.
And is that such a bad thing?

“Derek stop!” you stated, grabbing his arm, “you’re done questioning him.”

im not.” Peter said, taking a step forward.

“yes you are! what is with you Hale’s and questioning? just stop. he’s tired.” you said, looking to the Nogitsune who was watching you with a shocked expression.

Derek made a face, “im not leaving you in here with him.”

you rolled your eyes, “what is he going to do? cute me to death?”

“cute?!” the Nogitsune said with disbelief, then he started thrashing in the chair, “just wait till i rip his head off, then you can see how cute i am!”


Nogitsune requested

(wittle angry nogitsune is so cute) 

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“What do you think you are doing?!” (I have a feeling he would do this to her to tease her.)

(He would do that to tease her… I bet there will be more anons after this one.)

He still hated Grim, well, at least when he was sober. However, the young dragon had begun teasing her, he found her shocked facial expressions hilarious.

Drago snuck up behind Grim and clipped a collar around her neck, his latest idea for scaring her. He didn’t say anything as he did so, adding to the scare factor.

Bellamy: If you need forgiveness, I’ll give that to you.


Me: bUT thE WaY hiS VOiCe B R E A K S? I cANN—*bursts into tears*

Well, the exorcists had finally succeeded in making that Gehenna gate, an artificial piece of machinery that tore open the rifts between the worlds. The new Exwires filtered in with their respected teacher, Yukio walking in alone. If someone was with him, he would get slowed down. Now, just as he was about to turn to them and explain what was going to happen, there was a shocked expression upon those features.

A… Kitchen like area was where the Gate opened to, shedding light onto several demons. That wasn’t right… This was all too confusing, even for the other students! Without hesitating, everyone was ushered back into the other side if the gate, but just before he could get through those doors, they had closed. Damnit! Now they wouldn’t open for another day! benevolent-evil

Cheeper. Too precious for this world, too pure.

My first piece of markiplier art and it’s of this video. I’m a horrible person.

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