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i think one of the most realistic scenes in season 3 is the one in ep 3 where Isak and Emma are talking about their favourite music on the couch, and Isak is showing off a bit. he’s been listening to a lot of nas. when you want to feel close to someone, you listen to their favourite music. it’s only been a week since Even introduced Isak to nas, but here he’s acting shocked that Emma hasn’t heard of him, illmatic is only like the best album ever made, come on, everybody knows that, ill as in ill and matic. this is just so relatable to me, because i feel he’s not really just talking about music or nas, he’s also talking about Even and Even’s music. he has this huge crush that he can’t say out loud, to anyone. he can’t talk about the way his eyes shine when he laughs, or the way he smells, or how funny his jokes are. the stuff that is on your mind all the time when you’re 17 and falling for someone, he can’t talk about any of it. he is alone. but he can talk about Even’s music. he can brag about Even through nas. oftentimes people try to appear knowledgeable about music when they want to make an impression on someone, but Isak’s not trying to impress Emma because Emma is already too impressed. he’s trying to distance himself from her. he’s sitting on the couch with Emma, yet all his thoughts are on Even. so he tells Emma about nas because he can’t tell her about Even. these seemingly mundane yet emotionally revealing scenes are one of the reasons i love this show.

A No Foam Romance

Title: A No Foam Romance
Fandom: Once Upon A Time (TV Series)
Pairing: Emma Swan/Regina Mills | Evil Queen
Rating: T/PG-13
Warnings: Mild language, Dork!Emma like whoa
Summary: Emma works at a local coffee shop. Regina is a regular who orders one of the most annoying drinks to make. Funny though how Emma doesn’t seem to mind.
Notes: I used to work as a barista and my one of my best friends @fuzzycheesequinn​ works at Starbucks. So if you happen to be one of the people that orders Regina’s drink of choice featured in this fict, please understand it’s not to be taken personally, just making No Foam anything sucks.
If I Continue this Fic Notes: I have a few ideas of how this can go. Namely that this is a coffee shop in a small college town, and everyone knows everyone. Which will be fun when Emma and for that matter Lily finds out that there was so past DragonQueen that went on back in the day. 
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters, or whatever the hell else. They belong to Disney, ABC etc, etc, I claim no rights to copyrighted material, and this story is purely for entertainment purposes.

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Lily grumbled as she got the order. “Urgh, I fucking hate this lady. Fucking no foam soy chai latte having ass bitch.”

Emma shook her head. “Don’t you think that’s a little extreme?”

“Emma, you just went on a fifteen minute long tirade about this exact thing, not even an hour ago. I was standing right next to you. Hear the whole.”

With a frown she defended herself. “Yeah, but I wasn’t over the top about it.”

Lily gave her a look. “You said if another goddamn person orders a goddamn no foam soy latte that you would destroy their happiness.”

Feigning ignorance Emma retorted. “That doesn’t sound like me, Lily.”

“Oh my fucking god. You fucking like this fucking lady.”

She scoffed at Lily’s assertion. “What? No, I don’t. Look if you don’t want to make it, I’ll make.”

“You are un-fucking-believable, Emma.”

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An Egg Nog Shot Straight to the Heart

A Christmas one-shot born out of two posts I saw, one prompt off a list reblogged by @shady-swan-jones and another short post floating around Tumblr a while back (if you’re the author let me know and I’ll put your name here)- “Killian and Emma are the kind of best friends who say “this is gross- come try” but one of them is allergic to the vanilla (changed here to cinnamon) in the food and they spend Christmas Eve in the ER. “ Read on FF here.

Emma thumped through the front door to her tiny, unbearably hot apartment. Not that she could really complain as she chucked the container in her hand down on the laminate countertop, the thermos sliding across the slippery pink top. Emma did live alone in Boston, not exactly the cheapest place to live. So she really couldn’t complain that she lived in a shoebox under a tenant who really liked sex and had a squeaky bed. Or that her bathroom tap constantly leaked so she’d taken to leaving a bucket in the sink so she could use the leakage to water her kind of dead plants. And she really couldn’t complain because she lived next door to her best friend.

Killian Jones.

Killian Jones was one of a kind. They’d met four years prior, Emma fresh out of the local community college with a diploma for a security guard- not pleased at that but relieved she’d gotten something after a short stint in Phoenix Prison for a crime she didn’t commit but her ex most definitely did. Killian himself had been running from an accident that took his hand and the woman he’d planned to marry. Running from a brother who expected too much and a country filled with bad memories. And then had run, quite literally, into Emma, nearly knocking her down the walk-up’s stairs. Both had been sullen and guarded, angry and hurt. Killian had apologized gruffly before running off to an interview. But gentleman that was, he’d come back that night with a pie, standing at her apartment door until he managed to convince Emma to let him in to share.

And the rest, as they say, was history.

Killian had been there for Emma as she’d left her hated job at mall security, turning into a rather successful bail bondsperson. Emma spent hours on Killian’s couch, listening to him pour out his heart as he processed his grief and when he first called his brother again after their big fight back in London. Killian had held Emma’s hair after she spent a night getting trashed when her ex showed up back in town before secretly calling the police on the man and vindicating Emma, even if she was so surprised that her emotions manifested as anger and she didn’t talk to Killian until Neal went to jail and she was pardoned. Emma had accompanied Killian back to London for the first time since the accident two years previously after Killian finally landed a job as an editor that was stable enough that he could afford to finally apologize to his brother in person.

They’d been together for everything.

They knew everything about each other.

Well- except for the feelings Emma was keeping locked in a secret chest inside, never to be revealed. Especially since they had both verbally vowed to the universe when they first met never to get involved in matters of the heart again.

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Emma was reginas stable girl, and cora pushed her through a portal when she found out about their relationship. But she told regina that she killed her. Regina still cast the curse and everything but when henry brings his birth mother home and its emma, regina freaks out and is super happy. And emma remembers everything. Sorry i suck at prompts but if you give it a go thanks fam

Thanks for the prompt :) 

“I found my real Mom!” Henry spits out angrily as he runs past Regina and into the mansion. Regina shuts her eyes for a moment, her hand wrapping around her stomach as she fights the tears from his words. She only gives herself that moment for she needs to face the threat of Henry’s birth mother. 

Regina sighs before lifting her head. Once she does she gasps and steps back stunned. “Y-you’re Henry’s birth mother?” 

Emma nods with a smile, her heart catching in her chest as she sees a love she thought she’d never see again, “Hi.” 

“Hi?” Regina echoes as she steps towards Emma. “Hi? I thought you were dead,” she says with a sob as she nearly collapses into Emma’s hold. Emma catches her with ease and for one blissful moment it’s as if they’re both eighteen again. 

So much time has passed since then and they’re both very different to who they were but god holding Regina again makes Emma feel like she’s come home. “I’m sorry…I’m so sorry for what she told you.” 

Regina sniffs as she lifts her head up meeting Emma’s gaze, “She told me a lot of things.” 

“I know…and I promised that you’d be happy. I let you down…do you think it’s too late?” 

Regina sighs. She hasn’t dared dream about happy endings for a very long time. Seeing Emma is a shock but it’s the best kind of shock. Things are so much more complicated now. There’s curses and Evil Queens. There’s their son who has a very specific idea as to how this is going to play out. 

Yet, there’s also the possibility for hope…for love…for a happy ending. 

In the end Regina smiles at her, “How would you like a glass of the best apple cider you’ve ever tasted?”