shocked beyond belief

Too Far Gone


Genre: Mafia!AU, Yandere, Smut

Short Summary: Turns out that having a pretty face can bring on way more problems than horny males. For example? Being put into the assassination list of one of the most infamous mafia bosses that is now after your head.

Words: 1.8k


A heavy bundle of files was dropped onto the top of a bleached blond male’s desk. He cracked one of his eyes open, a lazy, cat-like grin on his handsome face. “SeungRi?” his velvety voice spoke, “What is it this time?”

“The new assassination lists came in today.” The younger male answered timidly, only knew to the corrupt work that their organization did.

“Oh? Is that so?” the bleached man’s lips fell down for a second, settling into a pout to show his dissatisfaction. “Got anything interesting?”

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Conversation Hearts

Valentine’s Day fluff masquerading as 12.11 coda fic. Enjoy!

3.8k, ao3

They stop in Salina on their way home from Eureka Springs. It’s still too far from the bunker to bother picking up groceries. Ice cream would be a lost cause by the time they got it into a freezer, but for the sheer sake of variety some of the big box stores in Salina offers both novelty and a conveniently timed pit stop in the seven hour drive home. The traumatic loss of and subsequent regaining of his memories over the last couple of days has left Dean feeling a little too shaky to drive straight through.

Not to mention he really needs to get a new phone. It sucks to keep borrowing Sam’s just to check in with Cas, who insisted on regular updates once Dean had finally told him what had happened. Just in case he suffered a relapse, or any other side effects of being both cursed and cured by witchcraft in the span of twenty-four hours. If he can’t be home already, replacing his phone feels like a good start. He hopes has hasn’t lost all the pictures on his crushed phone, the ones he hasn’t had a chance to back up on his laptop back at the bunker. He should really do that more often, he thinks. Losing his memories has given him an entirely new perspective on things like that.

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First Valentine’s Day - Bart Allen x Reader

Originally posted by aqua-isabelle

Requested by Anon - a First Valentines Day with Bart cuz they don’t celebrate it in the future.

Everything started when you found out Bart had never celebrated officially Valentine’s Day. You overheard him talking with Jaime about it, asking what it was about for he only heard vague stories about it. After hearing Jaime’s attempt at an explanation, you decided to give Bart the best first Valentine’s day ever.

Of course, Bart and you weren’t dating, but the constantly flirting between the two of you hinted at something more. So, you didn’t feel too uncomfortable about it. After all, if Bart turned out to not have any feelings for you at all, you could still do it as a friend.

You planned everything out, even going so far as to recruit other members of the team to make sure Bart would arrive and receive everything he was supposed to at the right time. It was a lot of work, but you knew it would be worth it.

The morning of fourteenth of February arrived with a knock on the door of the Garricks’ house. Bart zoomed through the house, having been up for hours trying to make a Valentine’s Day card for you. After hearing Jaime’s explanation of Valentine’s day, he researched a bit on his own, and figured out what he should do.

That being said, Bart was shocked beyond belief when he opened the door to find four heart shaped boxes of chocolate with a card with his name lying on his doorstep. Bart picked up the boxes, tucking them under his arm before opening up the card. 

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April 20th, 1999 tape - roughly 30 minutes before the attack
Evidence item #333

Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold are once more in the family room of the Harris home. Eric is filming. Dylan is wearing a black baseball cap on backward, exposing a “B” embroidered in white on the back of the hat - the Boston Red Sox logo. He’s wearing a plaid shirt, either dark blue or black with white; the shirt’s untucked. He’s wearing black BDUs (military-style pants) tucked into military-style boots. There are several bags on the floor, including a large maroon one.

Eric: “Say it now.”

Dylan: “Hey mom. Gotta go. It’s about a half an hour before our little judgment day. I just wanted to apologize to you guys for any crap this might instigate as far as (inaudible) or something. Just know I’m going to a better place. I didn’t like life too much and I know I’ll be happy wherever the fuck I go. So I’m gone. Good-bye. Reb…”

Dylan takes the camera then and begins filming Eric. Eric’s also wearing a plaid shirt that’s either dark blue or black with white, with a white t-shirt on underneath. His lower half can’t be seen.

Eric: “Yea… Everyone I love, I’m really sorry about all this. I know my mom and dad will be just like.. just fucking shocked beyond belief. I’m sorry, all right. I can’t help it.”

Dylan: (interrupts) “We did what we had to do.”

Eric: “Morris, Nate, if you guys live, I want you guys to have whatever you want from my room and the computer room.”

Dylan adds that they can have his things as well.

Eric: “Susan, sorry. Under different circumstances it would’ve been a lot different. I want you to have that fly CD.”

Eric: (eventually) “That’s it. Sorry. Goodbye.”

Dylan: (sticks his face in the camera) “Goodbye.”

The tape ends with a brief glimpse of a sign on the wall of Eric’s bedroom, someone’s arm partially blocking it from sight. It’s the letters: CHS along with a drawing of a bomb with a lit fuse and, in bold black letters, the word “clue”. 

Imagine Kaneki and Hide meeting again. Kaneki is shocked beyond belief. He stands rooted to the ground before he pounces to Hide like a predator to his prey. Hide finds himself crushed in Kaneki’s embraced, not without being covered in salty tears. Kaneki didn’t hold back his sobs, or his strength as Hide couldn’t pull away from Kaneki no matter how hard he tried.

“Hey, buddy. You gonna be alright?” Hide asked softly, his soothing fingers rubbed Kaneki’s back. Kaneki answered with a stronger embrace. Hide smiled knowingly; his eyes burned, and he could feel hot tears run down his cheeks. Childhood friends stood with each other in their arms. Time stood still for them.

“You gonna hug forever?” Nishiki asked, amusement in his voice.

Kaneki nodded. Yes.

“Let’s give them time alone,” Hinami led as many people as she could out of the room. Before she closed the door, her eyes fell on her big brother’s friend. It was the first time she has seen her brother in such a state, and the one who caused it was someone she never met or knew about. Her brother kept that man’s identity secret, he kept him to himself. Hinami hoped to get to know her big brother’s important person.

A somber silence lingered in the air.

“I’m mad at you.” Kaneki openly said. His voice was hoarse and small, muffled due to his face being buried in Hide’s shirt.

“Eh? What’d I do?” Hide questioned, acting dumb and oblivious. He knew why.

Kaneki silent for minute. “I really missed you.” Kaneki said. “I missed you so much, Hide.” He was close to breaking down again.

“I’m sorry.” Hide found his words insufficient, incomparably to the pain he caused Kaneki in his absence. “I wish, I wish could make it up to you.”

“Please, don’t leave me anymore.” Kaneki gave Hide an answer to his guilt. Don’t leave this broken boy again.

A Funny Feeling - Superboy x Reader - Part Two

Part One

Happy Birthday, Anon!!

Requested by Anon -  So my favourite story of yours is “A Funny Feeling”, and as its my birthday soon i was wondering if i could maybe request a part 2?

Requested by Anon -  Hi i just read a funny feeling and for some reason it really hit me. Can you do a part 2 with connor experiencing more feeling?

Requested by Anon - Any chance for a second part where the reader has to go home and Connor gets a funny feeling that is like sadness/grief or something?? 

Requested by Anon - a part 2 to A Funny Feeling where the Reader has been on the team a couple of years and is in a relationship with connor, but then the league find a way to send them home and they have to decide whether to stay or not, or something? 

Requested by whatsmy-ageagain -  I love your imagines!! Especially A Funny Feeling!!! Any chance for a part 2?! 

“You know, I’ve never seen the stars this bright,” you said, leaning back against Conner’s chest. He pressed a kiss to your head, his arms wrapping around your waist to keep you on his lap as Sphere flew the two of you slowly over the ocean. The two of you were so far out, the city lights seemed almost as distant as the stars above.

“I figured you would enjoy it,” Conner mumbled into your ear. You hummed, resting your head on his shoulder to gaze at the stars. Two years had passed since the day you fell into his world. You and Conner had been together for most of those two years. Somehow, being with Conner made you miss your home less. 

The two of you sat in silence for a long time. It wasn’t until Conner cleared his throat did you speak again. You sat up, turning slightly to look at him. “What?”

Conner blushed, giving you a shy smile. “I was just thinking about something,” he explained, shrugging his shoulders. You narrowed your eyes at him suspiciously. 

“You seem to be thinking about it pretty hard,” you teased, touching your nose to his. He smirked at you as you settled back against him. 

“I was just thinking about the future,” he began softly. He nuzzled your hair. “Our future.”

“Really?” you asked curiously, prompting him to continue. 

He cleared his throat, shifting slightly in his seat. “Yeah, I was thinking about maybe where we’d live, what we’d do, if I’d still be part of the team, if we’ll have kids…” Conner rambled, blushing at the last part. You threw a glance at him, giving him a playful smile.

“You really have been thinking a lot,” you amazed, your smile falling into a melancholy one.

Conner frowned, worriedly. “Does that bother you?”

“No,” you replied quickly, adjusting yourself in his lap to face him. You cupped his face, forcing him to meet your eyes. “I’ve had the same thoughts about our future, especially since it doesn’t look like I’ll ever get home.” You frowned slightly, missing your home once again. It always hit you once or twice a day, eating at your heart. 

“I’m sorry, (Y/N),” Conner said softly, reaching to brush away a tear that slipped down your cheek. You ducked your head, trying to control yourself. “I’m sorry you were taken from your home, but I’m glad you are here.”

“Don’t get me wrong, I love being here with you, Conner,” you reassured, meeting his eye. “I can’t imagine my life without you, but I miss my family. It kills me to think they don’t know where I am or if I’m okay…”

“I know,” Conner soothed, wrapping his arms around you to pull you into a hug. You accepted it, taking a sniff of his shirt. He smelled so good, almost like home. 

The moment was interrupted when Sphere beeped about an incoming transmission from the cave. You and Conner traded looks before you turned around in his lap to face the console as Batman appeared in front of you on a floating screen.

“Superboy, (Y/N), return to the cave,” Batman’s voice ordered through the transmission. 

Conner growled, glaring at Batman. “We requested tonight off.” You bit your lip to hide a smile as Batman narrowed his eyes.

“Return to the cave now,” Batman repeated sternly, cutting off the transmission. You turned to look at Conner in confusion.

“What do you think he wants?” you asked as Sphere flew the two of you back to the cave. Conner frowned, shrugging his shoulders. He couldn’t bring himself to tell you about the horrible wrenching feeling in his chest as if everything he loved was about to be taken away. 

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How about Eric? How would he feel knowing his parents made no effort at all to try to remember him?

Crestfallen. He expected his parents would be absolutely devastated and their lives would be a living hell after NBK. Which is why in the basement tapes he urges his guilt so often. 

“Yea… Everyone I love, I’m really sorry about all this. I know my mom and dad will be just like.. just fucking shocked beyond belief. I’m sorry, all right. I can’t help it.“ 

*Eric talks about his mother being thoughtful, bringing him candy and Slim Jims* "I really am sorry about all this.”

“My parents are the best fucking parents I have ever known. My dad is great. I wish I was a fucking sociopath so I didn’t have any remorse, but I do. This is going to tear them apart. They will never forget it.” *He then addresses his parents directly, if briefly* “There is nothing you guys could have done to prevent any of this. There is nothing that anyone could have done to prevent this. No one is to blame except me and Vodka. Our actions are a two man war against everyone else.”

He expected his parents to at least view the basement tapes to hear what he had to say, so he could tell them how none of this is their fault and how much he loves them. But if Eric ever knew that his parents declined the request to view tapes, didn’t even want to deal with the actions of taking care of his body, and didn’t even hold a funeral for him. That would break his heart. In his head, he thought his parents would be grieving endlessly but in realty, they just swept him under the rug pretended like he never existed. 


Request: About the request w the calling tom peter in the midst of things,, I only meant “steamy” as in like a lil make-out session and then they say the wrong name and it gets cute where he teases them?? I don’t know if this makes sense, I’m not good at this whole thing haha! But I totally understand your hesitation/decline, I’m not big on like full on smut or anything either!! Anyway, thanks tho & I hope you’re having a good day/night 💖💖

Requested by: anonymous.

A/N: OH, oh, oh, my mistake. I assumed so I apologize. But here you go, your steamy make-out session delivered… is that weird to say? Also in this story reader plays a role in Spider-Man: Homecoming… Michelle or otherwise known as MJ. So yeah, it fit with the story.

Pairing: Tom x Reader

Warnings: steamy making out?

Tag’s List: @super-river-walker
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The moment, rather intimate, moment had gotten to you. You had lost yourself in the moment, lost yourself against Tom’s lips and found yourself uttering something that would haunt you to the end of your days. That would give Tom endless teasing pleasing to the end of your days. 

Your not sure when the steamy make-out session had originally started. One minute Tom was finally home form a long day of filming and you were having a nice, peaceful, none-steamy conversation about how each others days were. Then the next time your back was pressed against the kitchen counter, your hands on the the counter for support. Tom’s hands were twisted into your hair, holding you close as he pressed his lips against your own.

You hadn’t fought it, you leaned into the kiss and returned just as much steaminess back. But things had escalated, and eventually you found yourself so absorbed into the moment that you started moaning. Of course Tom hadn’t minded, and you were sure things were going to go a step forward and you didn’t mind. But then you’d gotten absorbed in the minute, as said before and moaned out; “Peter…” Peter. Peter. Which was probably the silliest and strangest thing you could’ve done in that moment. Tom was Tom, he was not Peter. 

And by the look on Tom’s face, you knew you’d shocked him beyond belief. He’d been ripped from the moment, though his hands still held onto the back of your head, he pulled back as he could stare down at your face. You were almost positive you were blushing massively, and you could practically feel your face flame up in embarrassment. 

At first you’d been afraid of Tom’s reaction. Though you’d been dating for well over a few months now, and you were on a more personal level, there was no saying how he’d react as this was never something you’d done during your more intimate actions. But then he surprised you by smiling wildly, cheekily, and all fear of disgust was replaced with annoyance. He was gaining amusement from this. “Peter?” He’d questioned, laughing. “I didn’t know you were into roleplaying, Y/N.”

“Shut up!” You spat, slapping his arm. Tom only continued to laugh, leaning down to press a kiss against your cheek. “It’s cute.” 

“Whatever.” You shrugged, trying to ignore the extreme embarrassment you felt. Though, you admit it was a bit funny, just not right now when you were more embarrassment. You were sure this would be brought up tomorrow or the day after and you’d have lots of laughs. Just not now. “Can we just continue?” You asked shyly, biting your lip.

The grin still on his face, Peter nodded, leaning closer. “Sure, Michelle.”

anonymous asked:

Companions reactions to sole accidentally calling them Nate/Nora in the throes of passion?

Cait - Immediately stops what she’s doing and punches Sole. Hard. She is inexplicably hurt by what they said and even if they manage to find her the next day - out killing a bunch of things with her shotgun - she still won’t be forgiving them any time soon.

Curie - She gasps at the prinpick the word caused in her and corrects them on her name immediately, but even though she tries to get back into the mood, she just can’t. She lets Sole have their way with her but immediately leaves the bed after they’re done. Curie is found later crying softly in a quite place.

Danse - He gets pissed when he is called Sole’s old spouse’s name, stopping and staring down at Sole like they’ve grown two heads. “What did you just say?” He demands, a silent fury in his eyes. When they apologise, he just shakes his head and gets dressed before leaving to go work on his power armour. It’s a while before he can calm down and forgive them.

Deacon - “No, its Deacon, Sole. D-E-A-C-O-N. But I suppose its close enough.” He tries to brush it off, continuing what he was doing more for Sole’s benefit than his own. Yeah they probably didn’t mean to say it and yeah it still hurt him, but pain wasn’t anything new to him was it? He just didn’t expect to get hurt by Sole, of all people.

Hancock - The first time they called out Nate/Nora, he honestly thought he was still tripping on the Jet. But the second time? No, now he knows he heard them right and there’s no way he’s cool with that. He pushes Sole off and gets up to get dressed, quietly brooding. When asked what’s wrong, he glares at Sole in an attempt to mask how much that one damn name hurt him. “I forgot I had somewhere more important to be. You know, somewhere I’m appreciated as Hancock.”

Gage - “What?” He gives them a chance, one fucking chance to say something that will amend what they’ve just called out to him while he was fucking them. But it’s a shit deal, because there’s not anything they could’ve said that would’ve kept him from getting up, punching the wall and storming out in a blind fury.

MacCready - “What the hell did you just call me? Actually, you know what? I’m done.” He gets up, shrugging off Sole who tries to simultaneously aplogise and keep him in their bed, but the damage is done. “I loved Lucy too, you know, but I’ve never called her name out when I’ve been with you!” He slams the door behind him.

Maxson - He pushes Sole away and glares at them. Depending on their response - whether they’ve even realised their mistake or not - he’d slap them once and get up. “Sole, get out of my quarters and don’t you dare show your face around here for a month.” He’s understandably pissed off, but deep down, he can’t think of anything that hurt more.

Nick Valentine - He couldn’t believe it. Didn’t Sole know how hurtful that was? There’s no way he could continue having sex with them, not after that. In fact, he’s not sure he can continue even being with them. Afterall, he’s interested in a proper, old school relationship and how can he achieve that with someone who doesn’t respect him? Who thinks of someone else while being intimate?

Piper Wright - “Get off me!” She yells, pushing at Sole until they’re both sitting up and staring at eachother. A beat passes and in the next moment, Piper slaps them across the face. “How could you?!” She hisses, tears in her eyes. But she doesn’t give them a chance to answer because in a matter of moments, Piper is dressed and storming out the door.

Preston Garvey - To him, it feels like he’s just been punched directly in the heart. He freezes his movements and stares down at Sole, shocked and hurt beyond belief. He accepts their quick apology, but can’t get back into the mood to finish things off because to him, that’s one of the worst things Sole could have done to him short of actually cheating on him. He mopes around for a few days and it takes a lot of making up on Sole’s part before they share a bed again, but eventually he’s ready to forgive them although he never fully forgets.

X6-88 - Immediately he stops cold and gazes at them with a frown. “Do you want to repeat that?” He asks, his voice verging on a growl. But regardless of what Sole manages to say, he leaves the bed and heads straight for the door, heedless of his nudity. “Finish it off yourself.” He barks and slams closed the door behind him before going out and finding something to shoot.

Alternative - Dick Grayson x Reader

Originally posted by lematworks

Requested by andy-quick -  one where the reader falls into YJ world, and then all the boys’ future selves appeared at the same time. They’re all from different alternatives, and they all help they ’re younger parts in order to make their reality possible with Ending with you? And could the reader end up going after Robin’s (Dick) route?

Happy Belated Birthday andy-quick!!

It happened so fast, you were safely at home one moment only to find yourself tripping and falling, landing hard onto a cool metal floor. Confused, you glanced around only to find yourself in a very familiar looking cave with several familiarly costumed people staring at you in shock.

Everything after that was a whirlwind, involving interrogation and confusion. Things progressed even worse when you recognized the heroes, and accidentally called Batman by his real name. 

Nevertheless, once everything had been settled and the League finally decided you were not a threat, you were forced to live with the Team at the cave until they could find you a way home. 

At first you simply stayed in your assigned room, too freaked out by everything to leave, but soon you found yourself joining the team on their group activities and training. You weren’t allowed on missions since you knew too much and you were not properly trained.

The team accepted you for the most part after they got over the fact you knew an uncomfortable amount about them.  

Of course as time passed, the boys on the team found themselves slowly falling in love with you. Maybe it was because you already knew so much about them that they never had to explain their actions and you were so easy to confide in. Or it was because you were so different than anyone else they had ever met before.

At first, the boys simply continued on as normal, assuming you would choose one of them eventually. However, when it became clear that you hadn’t noticed their attraction for you, and the competition between them, they held a private meeting to discuss the matter. That meeting would decide your future, even if you never knew of it. 

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Life Preserver

The rain fell softly onto his beige trench coat and if he was anything but an angel, the bitter cold would have bothered him. He could hear the sound of cars coming up the road, but he just stood there, unmoved. Time was endless for Castiel and he could care less, nothing mattered at the particular moment. That is until a familiar feeling came over the angel, a tugging he prayed away countless nights.

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Originally posted by sefuns

Summary: When a fellow baekhyun fan account reaches out to you and you unknowingly become best friends with THE baekhyun of EXO

Disclaimer: All the things that are mentioned in this are words of fiction aka it’s not real. I’ve literally just made this up and as always credits to @sefuns  for the gif

Members: Baekhyun from EXO x black female reader

Rating: Fluff

Words: 1205

Notes: Italics means text, bold is baekhyun, normal is you 

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regarding adele’s acceptance speech, i wish she had hit the point that she was not accepting the award more strongly and clearly but i think she was utterly shocked like beyond belief by what happened and was understandably having trouble collecting herself enough to be articulate. she did say “i can’t possibly accept this award” and then talked about her devotion to beyonce and her ultimate respect for her work. wish the message was stronger but i think she was like desperately trying her best to articulate her feelings in that moment. i hope she releases a more formal statement officially rejecting the award.

You stood in front of the doors to the church. It was cold and there was snow falling lightly. Why would he go through with it? Why would he let his parents arrange this marriage? He looked miserable in the weeks leading up to it, that was why you had kept your distance. You had tried to talk him out of it, but he was dead set on it. It broke your heart to watch. So you left him. It was selfish and almost cruel considering the texts you’d received that morning. But it was something you needed to do. You couldn’t watch him break his heart. Not while you were so in love with him.

You took a deep breath and sighed as you walked inside. The ceremony had already begun and you were almost interrupting it. You slipped into a seat next to Jin and folded your hands in your lap as you watched the ceremony unfold. “I’m surprised you made it. We didn’t think you’d have the heart to come today.”

“He needs me Jin…” You spoke softly as you watched the nerves eating away at Jimin as he stood up there. Dark brown hair perfectly styled, dressed in a tuxedo as he looked at his soon-to-be wife. You wished it was you up there. It would make more sense. You were best friends forever. You both knew each other inside and out.

“You’re right. He does need you. In more ways than one…” Jin hummed as he patted your folded hands. You look up at Jin and gave him a confused look.

“What do you mean?” You asked nervously. Someone shushed you from behind and Jin sighed. He looked down at you.

“He doesn’t want to do this. He wants to be with you. But he’s afraid you don’t feel the same. This is your last chance…” Jin whispered.

“If anyone objects to this marriage, speak now, or forever hold your peace.” The priest spoke to the church. Your heart was pounding in your chest. You needed to say something. To do something. Anything!

Before you knew it you were out of your seat and up at the alter. Your hand found Jimin’s and soon you two were running out of the church with everyone gasping and crying out. The two of you would never live it down. But that wasn’t important. Jimin was important.

“Y/N! What are you doing!?” Jimin asked as soon as you had run far enough away from the church. You were breathing heavily, trying to think of what to say. But everything was so chaotic inside of you that you just cried out.

“I can’t let you marry her! I can’t Jimin. You looked so miserable! It broke my heart. My heart broke thinking you would marry her. Someone that wasn’t me. I love you. I just… I couldn’t let you marry her.” You spoke through deep breaths and tears. You were a mess and Jimin looked shocked beyond belief. You were about to speak again when he wrapped his arms around you and held you close. You were still for a moment before your arms wrapped around him and you buried your face in his neck.

“Aish… You should have said something sooner. I love you too.” He chuckled. You smiled as he pulled away. He brushed the hair from your face and smiled at you. His thumb caressed your cheek before he leaned in and pressed his lips to yours.

A/N: Wahhh~ I like this. For the anon who requested you crashing Jimin’s arranged marriage on their wedding day to confess your love. This was real good. Hope you like it anon! Xxoo ❤❤❤❤

Full Moon - Bruce Wayne x Reader

Originally posted by spacefairytales

Requested by Anon - a bruce wayne/reader where bruce learned that reader is a werewolf and she told him to run because she cant control her wolf form? also a werewolf hunter is in town so bruce and robin has to protect her from afar so not to risk being mauled

“Bruce, do you trust me?” you asked sincerely, looking him straight in the eye as you rolled onto his chest. 

“Do you really think you would be here with me if I didn’t?” Bruce replied with a grin, resting his hands on your bare back. The two of you were laying in bed, having just woken up a half an hour before. 

“True,” you mumbled, pressing a kiss to his chest. You gave him a smile, causing him to lift his head to kiss your lips. 

Bruce laid his head back against the pillows, playing with your hair. “I have a charity ball to attend tomorrow, I assume you can be my date?”

You frowned, sitting up to straddle his chest. “Tomorrow night is a full moon,” you stated worriedly. Bruce raised an eyebrow at you, his hands sliding down to rest on your hips.

“Yes, it is, but why should that be a problem?” Bruce chuckled, sobering when you wouldn’t look him in the eyes. “(Y/N), what’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” you answered quickly, pasting a smile onto your face. “It’s just have have something tomorrow night that I can’t get out of.” 

“Oh?” Bruce’s eyebrows rose in curiosity. “What would that be?” You climbed off him and got up from the bed. Bruce’s eyes took in your form heatedly. 

“I have…a appointment with an old friend,” you explained carefully, giving him another fake smile. You headed towards the bathroom, stopping in the doorway and turning to face him. “Something I can’t get out of.” 

Bruce sat up, studying you. “Alright, but you might have to make it up to me.” A playful smirk grew on his face. 

“Oh, really?” you teased, striking a seductive pose before disappearing in the bathroom. “You’ll have to come and get me first.” The sound of the shower echoed from the room as Bruce scrambled up from the bed and into the bathroom. The door shut firmly behind him to suppress your laughter when Bruce came to claim what was owed to him.

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anonymous asked:

bizarre trope: superhero and someone with a popcorn cart

Everyone knew Captain Hand.

An ex navy seal who lost his hand at war, honourably discharged and sent back home to live out his days with honour. He could have chosen to spend his days living in luxury off his billion dollar inheritance, but Killian Jones wasn’t that kind of man. Instead he’d worked with a team of highly specialised scientists and engineers to fit him with a super bionic prosthetic and multiple crime fighting gadgets.

He’d become Boston’s very own real life Ironman. He was always there when rescue teams needed him, be it building fires, armed robberies or rescue missions- he was on the case, saving lives, catching bad guys and keeping his hometown safe.

He was Boston’s biggest celebrity and he wasn’t afraid to flaunt his face for the cameras…. Everyone loved and knew Captain Hand. 

But Emma Swan knew different. 

Emma Swan knew Killian Jones. The bashful gentleman who’d seat himself on the lone stool outside her confectionary stall in the wee hours of the morning, keeping her company and helping her pack up the left over food to hand out to the homeless every night.

He’d show up at midnight on the dot, a smirk and a flower in tow, and she’d hand him a mixed popcorn and a coffee. They’d talk, he’d flirt, she’d tease, they’d banter… he’d walk her home at 3am and wish her goodnight, always hoping she’d invite him in while she always hoped she’d work up the courage to ask.

They were kindred spirits. Both loners, both with tough exteriors… both with hearts too big to be left exposed to cruel harsh world- both making the best out of the cards they’d been dealt. 

He’s madly in love with her. but he knows with the life he leads, he’s terrified of letting her in, only to lose her. 

That becomes a reality for him one night when he finds her kiosk closed. The message comes through minutes after. The Golden crocodile is back. The man responsible for him losing his hand overseas has come back to finish the job… and he’s holding emma as bait to reel him in.

He goes to the warehouse he’s meant to. Gold is there with Emma tied up behind him. The sight breaks him and fuels him at the same time. His fear turns to anger, his blood soars from cold to hot. 

“Let her go.”

“Oh, she’ll be just fine, dearie. As long as you do what I want.”

“And what’s that?”

“I want you to die. Slowly. Painfully. And then I want all your riches that should rightfully have been mine.”

He wasn’t aware of his father’s partnership with Gold until it was too late. The man accused his father of taking billions that should of been his from a business partnership gone wrong. He’d taken out Brennan, and was now hoping to take out Killian too to get what he believed belonged to him.

“You have my word, Gold. Just let her go.”

“How very noble of you.” the man sneered.

Gold held up his cane and struck killian with a heavy blow, forcing him to drop his knees. Every fibre in his body was screaming at him to fight back, but he knew he couldn’t just yet. Emma was too close by and in far too much danger for him to strike just yet. 

He had to get her out of there.

Gold had been smart. He must have known Killian wouldn’t have come completely weaponless and was somehow using magnetic interference to stop his weapons from working.

“It’s going to take a lot more than that, dearie!” he laughed, kicking away Killian’s shock taser and landing a blow to his ribs. 

“I can’t tell you how long i’ve been waiting for this!”

Before he could revel in his win, a smack to the back of the villain’s head had him crashing to the ground out cold.

Emma stood behind him like a warrior goddess.

“Swan! You’re depriving me of a dashing rescue!”

“Sorry. The only one who saves me is me. Besides, this jerk had it coming to him. He’s made me lose a whole night’s worth of business.”

“Is that so?”

“Yup. Frank gets grouchy if he doesn’t get his hotdog… and there’s a rather dashing man who’s a sucker for my mixed popcorn.”

“You do make fantastic popcor-”

Emma cut him off with her lips. Looking death in the face had both of them realising life was too short for if’s but’s and maybe’s.

The first time he brings her home, she’s shocked beyond belief. She expects to be taken to some huge fancy mansion, but instead is lead to a decent sized, cozy family home, tucked away near the water side. 

He asks her to move in with him 3 months later. She gladly accepts.

It’s on their one year anniversary that she comes home to the smell of smoke.

“I burnt it. Sorry, love.”

Emma opens the steel dish in front of her to find it full of blackened popcorn… but nestled in the centre is a beautiful sparkling ring in an exquisite box.

She says yes before he’s even had the chance to get down on one knee. 

It’s after the Gideon Massacre that they both decide to retire. 

Captain Hand becomes but a memory and Emma’s popcorn stall is sold to a homeless shelter, funded by Mr and Mrs Jones as a free food stop for the homeless.

They explore the oceans on his ship and she welcomes their daughter into the world one April night when they’ve just finished painting her nursery.

He may be the nation’s hero but she almost slapped him when he suggested calling her poppy. 

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Heyyy i need to know your kamijirou wedding headcanons now. Since the other two were super cute

hey thanks for the ask :) oh man Kamijirou needs more love ! Inspired by an episode on Friends with Mon and Chandler

-Jirou never thought that she would ever want to settle; in fact, even after dating Kaminari for 6 years, she still thought that it’d be better if they just lived together as common laws. She saw all her friends get married…some even had babies, and she thought ‘that’s just not for me’. But slowly she realized that deep down she wanted something more concrete and ambitious with Kaminari did she start imagining if they could start a family together.

-Kaminari thought that it’d scare Jirou away if he proposed, although he really really wanted to. He got the wrong idea and from some of his friends’ advices, it sounded like he should make sure Jirou knows that he ain’t about the marriage and all that. And so he fcked himself over by taking Jirou out for pizza one night and saying how “ugh, good thing I’m not married, look at that crazy couple” and “babies are so gross and annoying, good thing we have none”. Jirou ran out of the dainty restaurant, crying, and trying to let out through tears that Kaminari was the most idiotic person ever. 

-Jirou goes over to Yaoyorozu’s and Todo’s house for the next few nights. Todo shook his head; Kaminari, why did you set a trap for yourself????

-In the end, Jirou found out that Kaminari was taking the wrong advice (thank tokoyami and aoyama for that) and she sneaks into her place when Kaminari was for sure outside (she asked Todo to call Kaminari out for a drink). Jirou fills the place with rose petals and candles of any scent (she was in a rush and she was super bad with these romantic get ups….Kaminari had always been the one that was good at being sappy) 

-When Kaminari comes home (he was 100% sober ‘cas turns out Todo wanted to drink Calpis more than anything), he saw all the candles and was shocked beyond belief. Either Kirishima came in to play a prank on him or …..

-Welp. There she is…kneeling on the floor, warm tears streaming down her cheeks…she could almost taste defeat …what if Kaminari says no???

-”I’m so sorry for what happened, you’ve totally gotten the wrong idea….you’re the only one I want to be with, and as silly as it sounds, I’d want to make it official, I want you to be my husband, and I’d hope you’d take me as your wife too. Sometimes I fantasize about how our kids would be like, what they would do when they grow up, what their quirks would be and who’d they resemble more, me or you. Let me make this dream of mine come true? Kaminari will you marry me?”

-She pulls out the ring and he nodded his head so hard, he forgot to say yes. They both laugh, hugging onto each other and not letting go.

- They sent handmade invitations (with little music notes and electric bolts) and Jirou swore Aizawa was happier their her parents.

-The couple got married in Okinawa that summer which doubled as a vacation; Jirou wore an A-line bridal gown which was very minimalist and Kaminari wore a black tux with a yellow tie. 

-Bakugou was his best man and Jirou would be lying if she said she didn’t worry a little; he toned down his usual swearing and anger though. 

-Jirou performed “Truly, Madly, Deeply” on her electric guitar in the wedding and Kaminari was super proud

-”Look how cool my wife is-” “Ugh, Kaminari, stop embarrassing me!!”

-Yaoyorozu actually got drunk for once ‘cas she was too elated

-When Jirou tossed her bouquet back, Ashido caught it and everyone screamed. 

-Kaminari and Jirou sneaked out of the party for a bit and made out while Bakugou was cursing under his breath (albeit 50% less than usual) about where the hell the groom went. In the end, Bakugou gave up and took 12 vodka shots with Tokoyami

Choir Shawn! Au

A/N: Ok so, back story, um I go to a catholic school so Jesus is real big over here and all, I mean, ya kno, go Jesus! (can u tell how religious I’m not?)

And my music teacher (big up Mr Hunter luv u man) like roped me into going to choir for foUR YEARS??! (thanks sir) and like at the beginning we were praising jesus but then we got a new choir leader and then we were like praISING JESUS!!!

(if ya kno what I mean, like side stepping and clapping like all gospel and shit) but @ruintoronto (my new friend) is performing!! (yes u heard me correct) at the eurovision choir contest thingy for Estonia (Shes in a real, professional choir) and she was all like u gotta write me a Shawn choir thingy and I was like

Oh myyyyyyy yes god.

(You can check out the eurovision choir contest here! go Estonia go!!)

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Masterlist: Come and check out some of my other mildly average writing!

You hear him before you see him.

The sound of a guitar hitting the door frame shudders throughout the room, the strings shaking and rattling and then it’s masked with “Shit, fuck” and then a “Shit, cant swear”

He’s red faced, blush consuming his creamy skin and delicate features. He’s beautiful, tall (freakishly tall, so tall he has to duck under the door frame) and dressed in a dress shirt, open at the top and flaying around his narrow hips.

He’s got an acoustic guitar in his hand (still shaking from the abuse) and he’s smiling, embarrassed under the choirs heated gaze. Your friend grabs your thigh, says “Holy shit” and you can’t drag your eyes away from him as he manoeuvres around the room, brown eyes searching for something.

You swear you’ve seen him before (Maybe he was in the year above you at school?) but he oozes stage presence, humility and charm.

You’re still looking at him, your friend saying “Please tell me he’s staying; please tell me we’re doing a new like band thing? Oh god, he plays the guitar! That’s so hot” and you can’t stop from fiddling with your music booklet, sweat beading around your hairline.

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(Your blog is amazing btw) Hey I was wondering if you would consider some Reaper crush hc's, where he finds his crush crying because she feels like no body likes/ loves her.

So much reaper :’)
Of course I can, I hope you enjoy!
This turned into a low-key fanfic

  • Reaper would be by your side immediately.
  • He would have liked to think he was discreet with his actions, but it was obvious what he was doing from the first second.
  • He would try to remain emotionless,
  • But it was a struggle when you were crying so much.
  • He would ask what was wrong straight away, wanting to resolve the problem as fast as he could.
  • He would be happy to make someone pay.
  • Once he found out, he promised he would do something about it and walked away. 
  • The next morning you would find flowers on your desk, and a card stating an address and a date.
  • That night he would wait at the address with a second bunch of flowers in his arms.
  • When you saw him, you were shocked beyond belief, 
  • You hadn’t expected it to be him.
  •  You would walk up to him shyly, and he would pass you the flowers and take your arm.
  • You would be taken to an expensive restaurant and this man would treat you to whatever you wanted.
  • Although he didn’t talk much, not show emotion; you could see how hard this man was trying for you.
  • Not to mention how attractive he was.
  • If you hadn’t already, you would be incredibly attracted to Reaper by the end of the date.
  • When you had both finished, he would walk you back to your doorstep.
  • But that wouldn’t be the end of it,
  • He would say a sort phrase ‘I kept my promise’ and kiss you softly on the lips, before walking off into the night.
  • You couldn’t help but agree with him.