shocked austin is shocked


A bunch of doodles from the most recent episode of Friends at the Table!!

I’m sorry a bunch of my recent art is FatT, I binge-listened to it and now I’m in so deep

God is a protector, I just realized how he saved me

So when I was in high school in my multimedia program me and a friend thought it would be cool if we could get together with this youtuber we liked to interveiw him for a project we were assigned. Let me tell you, we hounded this guy, especially my friend. We were emailing him, tweeting him, messaging him, tagging him, facebooking him. We wanted him to notice us. To be fair, he did have a rather large following, but we thought he’d still see our messages and agree to let is come to his hometown to do this interveiw.

This youtuber was Austin Jones. The man who was just arrested for child pornography.

Now, there have been no accounts of anything physical happening. But I’ve seen how he pushed and pushed for this underage girls to send him videos of them and how manipulative he was. Looking nack, I wondered why he never responded to me and my friend. He had a perfect opportunity to take advantage of us. We wanted to go to his house. Where he could’ve physically assaulted us and hurt us. Then i realized.

My God was protecting me and my friend from harm by keeping our messages ignored. At the time me and my friend we sad that this guy wouldn’t respond to us. But I look back and I cannot thank my God enough for letting is be sad. Who knows what could’ve happened if things went through and we went to this guys house.

Please stay safe everyone. Be smart. Don’t do what I did. Don’t give into pressure.

I can’t believe I met Matty today. He is such a lovely guy! After waiting in line and still missing their show, he was walking out and I stopped him in shock asking for a photo. He regretfully, while grabbing my hand, said, sorry baby I can’t right now I have another show to catch but come see us though. And I proceed to ask where and he just said I honestly don’t know but I have to go baby I love you.

I’m still in utter shock and one of the crew from the band gave me a guitar pic. I can die happy now.