Imagine Loki has been courting Asgards’ fiercest warrior, she is known for being merciless and has killed and tormented more people than any other. They have been together for around a year. During a royal banquet, Loki asks for her hand in marriage but all she does is sit there and look shocked then in a whisper says “why would you want to marry a monster like me?”

I was Not expecting this shit!

So… At my birthday party my female best friend decided to tell me that she has gone bi and had sex with a girl and now she loves women. Today my girlfriend called me from work and said..

“I been scared to ask this to your face but your friend had me thinking and how you feel about a threesome?“

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i aint know how to respond i felt like it was a trap. In my head i was thinking “AINT NO WAY IN HELL SHE SERIOUS!”  but i calmly responded with

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 she got quite but i could feel on her end she was over there grinnin hard af in shock

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then she finally was like “well babe find me a girl and we gonna make this happen”

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This girl gave ME permission i repeat she gave MEEEE permission to FIND HER A GIRL!  

When i tell yall i said ok and hung up fast AS FUCK just so she wouldn’t have a chance to rethink nothing. My finger CLACKED that hoe as if it was a flip phone. 

I was turnt for the rest of the day acting a fool 

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smiling NONSTOP if someone saw me i promise i was looking crazy 

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So….. ima just leave this here and let you all know how this plays out at a future date.

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You never know who is watching!
My mom told me today that a girl about my age that she works with has been inspired by my before and during pictures I’ve posted to Facebook and Instagram and is going to join weight watchers up in DFW area and that I inspired my grandmother to join up in Wisconsin too…what?!? Me? An inspiration?? I never thought that anyone would say that about me and I feel so shocked! I guess it’s true that we need to work on seeing ourselves how other people see us.

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Something i came across on fb…
The left is a 250lb person and the right 150lb. Look at the difference!! How much fat, not so much visible from the outside, but on the inside, crushing and restricting the internal organs. So much pressure on the joints and the heart to keep up with every day life.
I’m not far off the left and am gutted at how badly I am treating my body…

I’m fighting this and not going to give up. This picture has been such an eye opener to me.

My mum and me about Jensen and Jared‘s height

Mum: Jensen is really beautiful but he is short
I: Mum…he is not short…Jared is veery tall
Mum: No….Jensen is definitely short
I: MUM. Jensen is 1.85 and Jared is 1.94
She was like: