shock your system

consider: cameos for both Cassian & Jyn in the Han Solo movie, wherein they narrowly miss meeting each other

the thing that’s so great about 17776 is that the excerpts with the humans feel so mundane – it’s pure, distilled suburban america, and it’s a brilliant window into what happens when people are just… left to their own devices. people are just people, no matter what.

and the parts with Nine and Ten and JUICE are fantastic too because at first it’s this instant shock to your nervous system where you really feel the confusion and terror of the world shifting from “just data” to “sentinent thought.” and then there’s the agonizing, slow process of figuring out what becoming a person means (they’re already feeling love and loneliness and despair but at one point they say “I don’t have a magnetometer. I don’t know how to have something” because they don’t know what an identity is yet!). and then JUICE jumps in like the annoying little shit he is and he cares so damn much about those fucking lunchables… people are just people! even if they’re space probes! god i love this so much

Balcony Scene (ALiL Deleted Scene)

Summary: (College!AU): In which an impromptu performance of Shakespeare occurs at the foot of your stairs.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 1,558

A/N: @snugglebuck requested: Omg so I just say this prompt list and one of them was “i was on my balcony and you started loudly quoting romeo and juliet at me” and all I could think about was ALIL and Bucky doing this or like even when the reader is at the top of a staircase and like even better when he’s drunk or something. This takes place between “The Honeymoon Phase” and “Jealousy”

“A Lesson in Love” Masterlist + Soundtrack

@avengerstories - I can’t thank you enough for always editing my stuff for me. 

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After what felt like an endless day of classes, you decide to treat yourself to a night off. In order to fully enjoy yourself, you change into the coziest pajamas you can find and take all of your best snacks out of hiding. Once you’ve gotten everything you need in order, you close the door to your room and turn off the lights. The darkness adds to the overall movie theater atmosphere that you want to create for your night of Netflix and relaxation.

You’re halfway through your second movie when your door flies open. The bright light from the hallway is a shock to your system and you cover your eyes automatically, blindly searching for the space bar on your laptop to pause what you’re watching. “What?”

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Imagine you've been abducted

You woke up in a place that was definitely not your bedroom. You tried to move, only to discover that there were restraints on your arms and legs, binding you to the cool metal table you were laying on. Just as you were about to scream a figure appeared above you, it looked almost human, except for the blue hue of the skin. You tried to scream again but found that you couldn’t make a sound.

“Trying to scream for help?” The figure asked, “Don’t bother, no one can hear you up here on my spaceship.”

Your suspicions confirmed on what the figure was, you then tried to ask what was going to happen to you, only growing more frustrated by your inability to speak.

“If your wondering what your purpose here is, wonder no more.” The alien spoke, it’s back turned to you as it poured a powder into a glowing blue liquid and stirred quickly. “You’re here to act as a breeder and nothing more. My race is dying out and we need more young.” The alien turns to you and smirks. You want to scream that you can’t get pregnant! You’re a male!

“You human males are surprisingly close biologically to our females, and we can speed up your pregnancy so that you can be on your way home tonight!” The blue alien tells you cheerfully, before giving you an IV and placing the liquid from before into your drip.

As the liquid drips down your IV, you can feel a discomfort growing in your abdomen, you try to thrash, but the restraints hold you tight and you can do nothing but squirm and try to scream. You watch in horror and awe as your stomach begins to grow, a small bump rising like bread dough as the liquid continues to drip down your IV. Your stomach churns and suddenly your stomach bursts forward in a perfect dome. In a matter of minutes you looks ready to pop like a woman nine months pregnant, and that’s when something begins to move inside you. It feels like oranges are tumbling inside you, and as the minutes pass by agonizingly slow, you just become more full as more and more orange sized orbs fill your insides.

Any hope you had of escaping shatters as you watch your abdomen grow enormously large, you struggle to breathe as the orbs, which now feel more like dozens and dozens of grapefruits press down on your lungs and all of your organs, your stomach ripples and surges forward, making room for even more of the large egg type things rolling around inside of you.

You groan and feel the restraints taken off of you, but you make no attempt to move as you are gently turned over on your side. The last of the liquid drips into your IV and you become to stuffed for the orbs, now each sphere was a just a little bigger than a softball, and your enormous mound of a stomach was stuffed full of them.

You felt something inside you drop, and suddenly one of the orbs began to make its way down to your asshole, forcing your hole to burn as it sputtered and tried to let the orb out. You gasped and tried to moan, but still no sound came out. A few minutes passed and you felt the orb as it breached your hole, where it now sat half in half out. The feeling was too much and with a shock you felt yourself coming, you hadn’t even realized how hard you were.

The large orb rolled free, and suddenly you couldn’t stop. With only a little effort, the perfectly round orbs began to pour out of your aching and gaping hole, only fluttering as dozens and dozens of the eggs made their way out of your enormous mountain of a stomach.

You lay there for over an hour as the eggs roll out of you, and the alien watches you, excitedly rubbing each of the blue orbs as you birth them, cleaning them and bringing them over to an incubator.

Suddenly, two of the eggs roll to your aching and gaping hole at the same time, you know whats going to happen but it’s still a shock to your system as both eggs attempt to leave you at once. Your stomach is no where near as large as it once was, as it now only resembles the belly of a 7 month pregnant woman, but the blockage holds up more and more of the eggs. 3 more roll down, and the pressure against your prostrate becomes unbearable as you begin to orgasm uncontrollably. You come for a solid five minutes before one of the eggs edges its way out of you weeping hole and you nearly explode as 12 of the eggs shoot out of your hole one right after the other. This causes the alien to nearly vibrate in excitement.

Finally, after what feels like days, but in reality was only a couple of hours, only one egg remains. However, it is the largest, easily the size of a cantaloupe. As you struggle to push it out of your trembling ass, you are overcome by pleasure and orgasm upon orgasm as you finally push it past your rim, and you collapse in a puddle of your own come as the alien practically purrs at you and the dozens and dozens of eggs you just birthed.

The alien smirks at you. “I think I’ll keep you around, you look so beautiful when your stuffed full of young.” His face turns thoughtful, “Maybe I’ll make you birth a load of Bandibears, they’re mammals whose young are huge, and always, always, bear multiples. Mind the pun.” He strokes his chin. “Yes, I’ll be keeping you around.

skirt (m)

Title: Skirt 

Pairing: Jimin + Reader

Theme: Five litres of smut with a light, sprinkle of fluff. 

Warning: Coarse language, Explicit Sexual Content, and Mature Subject Matter. 

A/N: Re-post. The one on Ao3 is fixed if you would prefer to read it there. 

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Part I: 


There’s sweat dripping down his face and neck. He dabs it off with his hand towel and proceeds to dig through the contents of his duffel bag as you watch from around the corner. You know it’s wrong but you can’t stop yourself from staring. He’s one of the most simultaneously loved and hated students at school. Kind and considerate when you’re on his good side, and a complete nightmare when you’re on his bad side. Just last week, he made your friend cry after she accidentally spilled tea on him in the cafeteria. It was a total disaster. You went home furious that night, praying for the chance to get back at him … and now you have it.

For whatever reason, the academically challenged jerk-off is using the girls locker room. All you have to do is scream bloody murder and the school administration will handle the rest. It’s fool proof … but the second you open your mouth, he reaches back and tugs his shirt off. You rapidly lose focus. Whatever you were going to say is shoved all the way down your windpipe, and you watch in quiet disbelief, holding your breath as he undresses in front of your eyes.

The soft th-thump in your chest grows louder and heavier as you pan a look down his body.

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You’re the Reason I Come Home (Part 2/2)

Summary: You and Bucky have been through a lot together. But when things become too much and Bucky breaks up with you, you find that you could lose him completely.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 3,800

Warnings: Language, slight mention of injury (nothing graphic), mention of death, slight depression, & OH GOD THE ANGST. (but stick with it, I promise)

A/N: This fic got a lot more recognition than what I was expecting, so thank you for that!! It’s almost to 300 notes now, so that’s pretty crazy for my first fic after hiatus. But I hope you guys enjoy this just as much (or even more) than Part 1, as this part is definitely my favorite. It was awesome to write & to be narcissistic, I kinda teared up a bit while writing the ending scenes. But I hope everyone enjoys this just as much as I enjoyed writing it <3

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radioactive preview

A/N: I don’t know when this will be up, so please refrain from asking

Genre: soulmte!au, angst, themes of addiction

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You didn’t know how it happened. You didn’t see who’s shoulder it was that pushed you backward, but the next thing you knew you were toppling over your feet. You reached out to break your fall when a pair of strong hands caught you, his fingertips gently brushing your bare skin.

That was when you felt it.

The powerful surge of electricity that you had heard described over and over for years and years was now running through your body. It was exactly how they described but all of their stories did nothing to prepare you for this. White light flashed behind your eyelids, leaving you vulnerable as your senses going number. The overwhelming feeling of completeness settling in your bones as the bonds sealed themselves in your nerves.

His hands let go of you as soon as the buzzing stopped, letting you fall onto the ground as originally intended. The murmurs of the crowd getting louder as the music stopped, everyone curious to see who caused the lights to flicker. You take a deep breath, gathering all the courage left in your shocked system to look at him. 

His eyes widened in horror as the two of you stared at each other. The reality of no longer being strangers, but soulmates hitting you both. “I-I-I’m sorry.” he mutters as he starts to back into the crowd, slowly disappearing from view. 

“Who the hell was that?” your best friend asks you as she helps to lift you off the ground. 

You reluctantly peel your eyes from the crowd, realizing that he isn’t coming back. The words “My soulmate.” are all you are able to speak.

Caught (Jason Blossom x Reader)

REQUEST: Could you do a Jason Blossom imagine where they haven’t been dating for that long (maybe like a month or 2) and one day he sees her at cheer practice and can’t control himself lol and his sister ends up cockblocking him

WARNINGS: Sexual Content, Swear Word.


A/N: This is a shorter one but I hope you enjoy it! btw the way, thank you so much for 2333 followers <3

“GOOOO, BULLDOGS!” The crowd of girls cheer, waving their plastic gold pom poms in the air with wide, mostly fake, smiles plastered on their faces.
“Okay, much better but there’s not enough spice, not enough kick to it.” Cheryl yells to the group. Your aching muscles scream in protest as you walk to your starting position but you ignore the searing pain as you try and think about your moves. The music starts up again and you start your routine. Kicking your legs, waving your arms and lifting other girls seemed like a clever idea when you auditioned to join the Riverdale High Vixens but you never, not in a hundred years, imagined the amount of effort it takes to kick your leg that high or lift a girl and make it seem effortless. Truth be told, you only auditioned for a spot for your boyfriend, Jason Blossom. He said you should try and join after you told him you used to do gymnastics as a kid, he also mentioned he thought the uniforms were sexy. You have never written your name down on a piece of paper faster in your life before.

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my femlock fic all in one place

in your head and i won’t stop - epistolary texting, unilock

no good on my own anymore - angst, crushing sherlock post-asip 

stop desire - unilock first conversation 

where does the good go - post s3 where they get together, a little angst, very fluffy 

shock to your system - post-reichenbach angst 

the ocean - angsty john pre-reichenbach

love they say - fluffy, established relationship

guilty as charged - post tsot sherlock relapses 

good people all, this christmas time - christmasy fluff

come back to london, thunder - sherlock’s thoughts during the restaurant reunion scene

just twin fire signs - teenlock, sherlock meets john and develops a crush

one magnet to another magnet - sherlock goes wedding dress shopping :>

and just like that - established relationship, they watch a single man together

exalted because they are useless - sherlock and jane go through the process of getting together and solving a case as a couple 

trick shot, part i.v (m.)

;pairing — jimin/reader

;warnings — language | public-ish sex | oral sex | very light dom/sub tones

;anonymous asked — “Can I request a trick shot drabble where Boram, the girl helping jimin at the bar, comes back, mid-fuck, to get something she left? I’m such a slut for your writing ♡♡♡”

;word count — 3k

;a/n — for my queen @makaroniii1, i’m always more than happy to service your newfound bartender kink ;-)

part i | part i.v

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First you have start at the level you are at & then use those techniques that allow you to reach the next level of relaxation.


I would focus on releasing the energy through essentially exercise, but I find music & dancing more effective.  If you need pharma at this level then go for it;  just don’t use it for more than 4 days.  

If your stress is ongoing, seriously look towards pot vs. benzodiazepines. Kicking a xanax addiction is far worse than THC. Drugs are drugs.  It doesn’t matter where or how you get them.  You still suffer the consequences and going after a doctor for re-calibration of your drugs, still destroys your life. 

Music Mood Management - the intentional use of music to elevate or de-escalate your anger. 

ANGER - Foo Fighters, Godsmack - put those earphones on and scream, dance, as long as you need to get that stuck energy out. 

SADNESS -  Cry Little Sister, I AM MY OWN


I would focus on more introspective music or meditative, tribal, binary music.   This is the level that EMDR techniques work really well.   Adele, Alanis Morrisette, your favorite Country style music.

 ENIGMA -  has 4 albums with great music to help bring you to the next level of serenity.  

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Away Games; Part two. [Smut]

A/N; Hello lovelies! I’ve been gone for a wee while, I hit a major block but I think you guys might just like this!  Enjoy xoxo

Pairing: ScottMccallxReader

Author: thelittlestkitsune


Word count: 3,625.

Listen to me.

[Part one.]  

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Dirty Little Cheat

As far as you knew, Taehyung was straight. Well, you never explicitly discussed it, but you assumed from the women he was with before the two of you got together in college and graduated together, getting a house and such, that he was straight. Never had any rumors flown that he was attracted to the same gender, or had anything to do with them that wasn’t friendly.

But apparently, your suspicions were wrong when you saw an old friend of yours, Jeon Jungkook, ramming into him in your own bed.

You had arrived home from work early, feeling unwell where your boss allowed you to go home early. You wanted nothing more than to spend the night curled up in Tae’s arm, watching a few movies and wrapped up in blankets. After long work hours, it seemed to be the only thing that reminded you why you drained yourself like that at work. Because your recharger was Kim Taehyung, the boy you believed was your soulmate, who you wanted to share a last name with in fact.

Setting down your bag, you yanked out the ponytail and massaged your aching scalp. Ugh. Where’s Tae? He’d usually greet you home with a kiss. Then again, you were home early.

And then you heard it. It wasn’t very loud, it could’ve easily been masked had you rummaged through your bag or walked across the room. But you heard it all right.


You assumed it was nothing at first. Maybe Tae dropped something. Or he was working on something. No biggie. You shrugged it off, and you heard it again.




Furrowing your brows, you decided you should check up on him just in case. Who knows what your boyfriend could be doing, and no doubt it would end up being stupid yet adorable. You took another step, and the next sound was what made your blood run cold.

You heard a deep, low groan. A moan, to be exact.

Maybe he’s masturbating because I’m not here, you thought hastily. Or he’s just being weird like usual.



You tried to come up with more excuses, convincing yourself it couldn’t possibly be that. Why would he bring a girl to bed when he had you? Tae wouldn’t cheat on you. He never dared to so much as look at another girl.

And then you heard it. Another moan. But not from Taehyung this time, this groan was much deeper.


Panicking, you quickly scampered to the bedroom, your heart beating wildly in tune to the thumps. Your slender digits were quickly wrapped around the steel knob, the single door knob to your bedroom. To your answers.


You twisted it quickly, yanking it open quickly. You were shocked at the sight before you.

Jeon Jungkook was ramming his length into your boyfriend, hilt deep. Sweat glistened along the boys’ foreheads and chests, and both were stark naked. The sheets of your bed were scattered across the bed, and clothes littered the floor. The headrest of the bed banged against the wall again, creating the audible thump. A squeak accompanied it, and Jungkook- your family friend, Jungkook- was entering the love of your life once again. Taehyung moaned out, squeezing his eyes shut and gripping onto the sheets a bit tighter.

“What the actual fuck?!” you screeched at the top of your lungs, eyes wide and blood cold. The shock was entering your system, and you couldn’t keep your eyes off of the two boys.

Both of their heads jerked up. Jungkook’s expression was one of panic, and Taehyung’s expression was one of absolute guilt.

“Shit!” Jungkook exclaimed, grabbing the bed sheet and covering both himself and Taehyung.

But it was too late. The damage had been done, and the betrayal had been performed.

“What the FUCK?!” you yelled out. “What the shit are you doing, you fucking bastard! Get out of my fucking house before I kill you! GET OUT!

Jungkook hastily jumped out of bed, trying pathetically to cover up his indecency and half-boner. Avoiding your glaring eyes, he trained them on finding his clothes. He scooped up his clothes and ran out of the house, and you heard the door slam behind him.

Your eyes turned steelily towards Taehyung, who was staring down into his lap, only the thin blanket covering himself.

You’ve seen him naked before. You’ve seen every inch of his skin, and now he was covering himself from you.

Stomping towards him, you yanked the sheet off of him, leaving him with nothing to cover himself.

“Look at yourself, Taehyung,” you hissed at him, his name venomous on your lips. “You can’t hide from this, you can’t hide from me. Look at what you did. Are you proud of yourself? For betraying me? For… For sleeping with our friend in the bed I share with you?

Taehyung said nothing, simply looking at the ground.

“Look at me!” you yell at him, causing his head to jerk up and his eyes to lock with yours. They were streaked with tears already, and you felt like a mom yelling at her child for getting into a fight at school. But this was more than that. This was much more than that.

“Are you proud of yourself?” you ask him. “Answer me.”

“No,” he answers.

“Why did you do it?” you asked, your voice hollow. “Why with him. Why with a boy? You never even informed me you were… queer. I’ve been your girlfriend for five fucking years and I’ve been nothing but faithful to you! So why did you do it?”

Taehyung was silent for a few seconds, before looking down again. “I… I always regretted not experimenting more in college.”

“Then why didn’t you tell me?” you say, demanding an answer. You cross your arms, trying to block anything he was saying from creating a pang in your heart. “Huh? Why didn’t you go break up with me instead? Instead of betraying me? Instead of cheating on me?”

“I didn’t want to cheat on you, I love-”

“Don’t finish that fucking sentence Kim Taehyung or I swear to the love of God, you’ll regret it.”

Taehyung gulped, more fat tears slipping down his cheeks. “I didn’t want to break up with you. I just wanted to figure out my sexuality more… and I wasn’t sure you’d be accepting.”

“That’s fucking ridiculous, my sister’s gay and I give no fucks, you should’ve fucking known that,” you shake your head. “Hell, I even asked if you wanted to go to a pride rally with me.”

“We got into a relationship too early,” Taehyung sighs. “I didn’t have enough time to start experimenting, and by the time I fell for you, it was too late. But I always had regrets.”

“You could’ve told me,” you shake your head. “You could’ve at least talked to me. Or at least have the decency to break things off with me before you decided to do this bullshit. Why Jungkook? Why now? How long has this… this fling been going on?”

“It was only today,” Taehyung admits. “We were just talking, and he’s still in college, and he experimented, and he was telling me about it… and I admitted my regrets… and it was sort of a heat in the moment and it escalated.”

“And you didn’t think during that fucking moment that ‘Oh wait a minute, I have a girlfriend?!’” You scoff at him, shaking your head some more. “You didn’t possibly think of me, what would happen to me? How I’d get hurt? You know nothing will ever be the same now, right? Nothing!”

“It was spur of the moment,” Taehyung says dejectedly. “I’m… sorry.”

“Sorry won’t fix anything dumbass.” You glare at him. “You probably don’t even mean it. Well, I hope you’re happy that you’ve experimented. You certainly looked like you enjoyed it.”

Spinning on your heel, you turn to leave. Taehyung touches your wrist gently, stopping you in your tracks. You swipe your hand back to your chest, retracting from his touch. “Don’t fucking touch me. Not now, not ever,” you hiss.

“Baby, please,” Taehyung starts to plead.

“I’m not your baby anymore, Kim Taehyung,” you snap at him, causing him to wince. “You fucked up. This is it, we’re through. You’re nothing but a dirty cheater now. And once a cheater, always a cheater. In fact, get out of my house. Put on your clothes and get out of here. I can’t stand to even look at you.”

“Please, just-”

“What Taehyung?” you snap. “What could you possibly say that could change how I see you right now. That could change the past. That could change what you did? Because if there’s something you could say, I’m all ears.”

You wanted so desperately for him to scramble for an excuse. For something that could change things. That could bring things back where it was. Back when you were happy. Before this started. But Taehyung simply said nothing, further proving how irreversible the situation was.

“I’ll give you five minutes to get some clothes on, and then you’re out of here. I’ll send your belongings over to your new fuck buddy, so he’ll know how to send it to you,” you say, at last closing the door behind you as you left.

After five minutes, true to your word, you reenter the room. Taehyung already has his wallet and keys to his car, as well as being fully dressed.

Walking him to the door, he gives you one final look. “I love you,” he whispers, his eyes big and sorrowful. The look he’d always use on you to forgive him, the look that worked every damn time.

You slammed the door in his face.

That night, you couldn’t sleep. Tossing and turning in bed, you couldn’t get the picture of Jungkook and Taehyung out of your mind. Here. In your own bed. Right where you’re lying down did your friend bend down your boyfriend and fuck the shit out of him.

If this were some fantasy, you would’ve joined.

But that’s not real life. That’s the fucked up weird version people put in their brains because it’s so twisted. But this? This was the reality. This was the betrayal.

At once, it hit you like a ton of bricks.

Taehyung cheated on you because you weren’t enough.

You found your body wracked with sobs, and you wept bitterly to yourself for the rest of the night, crying yourself to sleep as you finally passed out in the guest room. The next morning, you made sure to buy a new bed online.

It took you five months to get over Kim Taehyung. To get over his weird, but lovable persona. To get over his rectangular smile and bright eyes. To get over how he’d trace the veins on your arms during the movies, or twist a strand of your hair along a slender digit at dinner. How his pet names for you would melt your heart. How he always lit up when you called him Tae.

But he wasn’t Tae anymore, your sweet, loving boyfriend who couldn’t do wrong.

He was Kim Taehyung now, and the name meant both nothing and everything to you.

Six months after your breakup, you see him again. You were driving down the road, and stopped at a red light. Looking to the fellow drivers by you, you waited anxiously for the light to turn green again.

And then you saw him. To your left. With that perfect side profile and sharp jawline, one arm draped over the steering wheel and his eyes trained on the road. You found yourself mesmerized for a moment, seeing him here after what felt like years. It was as though you were in a different lifetime, and he was but a handsome stranger who was stopped by the same light. Not the man who shattered your hearts to pieces by sleeping with your friend. You had to remind yourself this was but a coincidence, not fate.

And the light turned green, and he drove on, not noticing his ex-girlfriend was in the car next to him. You watched his car drive off, and as he left just as quickly as he left your life, and shortly after you took a turn. Once again, you would both be taking different paths.

And perhaps it’s for the greater good.

Red Pt. 1 [Jason Todd x Reader]

A/N: I have no idea where this one came from…

Pairing: Jason Todd x Reader

Warnings: Implications of torture?

Word Count: 1532

Italics are memories

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 



Drip. Drip. Drip.

The monotonous noise filled the silence.

There wasn’t much light in the darkness. It was hard to see. All you saw was red.

So much red.

The moonlight came through from that window on the ceiling, but it was painted the color of the window; the color of the blood spilled on it. The blood of victims, the blood of the innocent, but also the blood of sinners.

You tilted your head up to gaze at the window, but even that little movement was painful. Everything was painful nowadays; your body was heavy, numb, yet the numbness didn’t eliminate the pain.

It was so beautiful; the color red. It was the color of the roses he gave you that one time on your birthday. It was the color on his cheeks during the rare moments he was flustered. It was the color of the logo on his broad chest, the same logo you used to trace delicately with your fingers. It was the color of his helmet, one that struck fear into the hearts of the criminals of Gotham, but never to you.

Yet red was also the color you saw when you’re submerged in a pit of fury and madness. Red was the color of blood, the color of pain and death and everything in between. Red was the color of her tight dress countless nights ago. Red was the color of her lipstick stains on his shirt. Red was the color of the sheets you found them in. Red was the color of her lips as she claimed what was hers.

“Jason! Jason stop!” you laughed, trying to wriggle out of your best friend’s grip. The man was practically killing you.

“Nope. You changed the TV channel so you pay the price.” he said, smirking as he continued to run his fingers around your most sensitive areas, causing you to erupt in laughter. He knew you were ticklish and he used it against you every single time.

“Jason please–” you gasped, tears coming out of your eyes. It was honestly getting hard to breath and if Jason didn’t stop soon you were literally going to pass out.

Jason finally had some mercy on you and released you from your punishment. You rolled off the couch and fell to the floor, squealing in shock. Jason chuckled and didn’t bother to help you.

You sat up and blew a stray strand of hair covering your face in annoyance. “Well aren’t you a gentleman.” you huffed out, pouting your lips.

“Thanks, I try.” He winked, and though you were annoyed at him you couldn’t stop the annoying butterflies in your stomach.

When was the last time you had so much fun? It felt like eons ago. You could barely recall a time before her. She had to enter your life and destroy everything you built. Years of work and with one swipe of her nimble hand, it all came toppling down onto you.

And you held it up. You carried the weight of the beautiful world you created on your shoulders. You carried what used to fill you with joy and happiness like a burden, a punishment, like how Atlas was forced to carry the weight of the world on his shoulders.

The first time you saw her, she had her arms wrapped around one of Jason’s cozily. She was drop-dead gorgeous, a pageant queen, a supermodel. Every pair of eyes in the room followed her; men ogling at her beauty and women admiring her sheer perfection. She captured the attention of everyone, including yours.

Including Jason’s.

The following morning, you knocked on the door of Jason’s apartment and waited patiently. He had promised to spend the day with you alone, and you were beyond excited. The memories of the previous night were long forgotten in your mind.

That was, until the door opened.

And you saw her again.

You stood there, shocked written on your face. Jason came up behind the lovely woman and gave you a look of confusion.

“[F/N]? What are you doing here?” he asked. You swallowed as your eyes switched from the woman to Jason, then back and so on. 

“Jay… who is this?” you inquired in a slightly unsteady voice.

He had introduced you to her that day, his new girlfriend and apparently the love of his life. You had never seen him so happy, not even around you, his best friend, his best friend since forever.

He had forgotten all about the plans the two of you made. Jason’s love and devotion was towards his love, and only his love.

Not you, the person who had been by his side his whole life. 

How stupid of you, to stay by his side this whole time. You had known him since before he was taken in as some ‘pity case’ by Bruce Wayne. You watched him transcend into Robin, then die tragically by the hands of the Joker. You had grieved over his death, you almost got yourself killed hunting down the Joker, and you wept tears of joy when you found out that he was alive.

That your Jason was alive.

Yet your Jason wasn’t here anymore.

“Jason, you promised.” you whined, rubbing your temples in frustration. You lost count of how many times he had ditched you.

“I know, but I can’t. I’m–”

“Busy.” you sighed. “Fine, I get it.” You ended the call, knowing that Jason was spending time with her again. He always did that now. He canceled all his plans for her.

You didn’t understand what was so special about her, what made her so appealing to Jason. She was exactly the same as you, except more beautiful.

You crashed onto your couch and rested your head on the seat, trying to prevent the tears from dropping. Your heart broke at the fact that Jason was abandoning you for some woman. 

The man you fell in love with had abandoned you.

You felt their footsteps before you heard them. You felt the vibration in the concrete, the movement of the dust on the ground. 

You hardly hear anything nowadays, apart from that unbearable droplets of water. You couldn’t even hear your own breathing, or your own heartbeat, for they were far too weak. 

The door opened, and in came the other colors of the spectrum. It had been a while since you saw anything other than shades of black and red. It was almost refreshing, almost welcoming, even though you knew what was to follow.

One of the men who slammed the door open dragged you by the hair. You didn’t resist. You didn’t scream. You just accepted your fate.

You used to scream a lot, in the first few weeks they held you. You screamed and cried and thrashed around like no tomorrow, but now you’ve lost your voice, and your will.

What was the point?

It was a humid night in Gotham City, too humid for your liking. Jason had once again left you to your own devices as his girlfriend required assistance to go home. The three of you were celebrating at a bar; it was your first time in a long time spending a night with your friend. She had gotten so drunk she could barely walk, so Jason, like the gentleman he was, took her home.

Of course, you couldn’t object.

You wiped the sweat off your forehead as you hurried down the path. Usually, Jason would be by your side ensuring you got home safely. You weren’t some secret vigilante so you were pretty much vulnerable this late at night.

But then again, where was Jason nowadays?

Suddenly, you felt a hand cover your mouth and pull you into an alleyway. Your screams were muffled and your attempts of escape was futile, as you weren’t a trained warrior or some fighter. You always thought Jason had your back, so you never had to worry.

Oh how wrong you were.

The man carried your limp body onto a steel table they wheeled into the room, along with another table full of strange, deadly equipment and tools. The two doctors with face masks on came into view, their eyes wild and crazy with excitement.

They always seemed so excited before they performed the most unspeakable acts.

Your body was strapped down as they prepared for the procedure–for what, you didn’t know. All you knew was that it was better to die than to go through something like this.

When they began to send shock-waves through your system, you whimpered and flinched and struggled. You gasped and screamed weakly. Your mind was on fire.

Tears fell down your face and you wanted to scream at Jason to help you. You stared at the red-tinted window above you and wished that it would break, revealing the calming silver light of the moon, and you would see Jason and his brothers come in and save you.

However, no matter how many times you had wished for such a scenario, nothing happened. 

No one came.

Jason Todd had abandoned you.

And the last thing you saw every time you greeted darkness was red.

That beautiful red.

007 / 101 kisses

007; truth, dare or drink
♡ optional bias (second person)
♡ best friend!au
xwhen your kisses aren’t supposed to mean anything but eventually do

it started when your roommate came home from work with a bag filled with colorful sticky notes she had swiped from the office and your best friend coming over with his roommates with cases and cases of beer.

with a snapback filled with clever, immature and probably inappropriate questions and dares, you and your friends were set for a night filled with laughter and alcohol.

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Visions of a Wolf - The Seer (Luhan, pt. 1) [Chronicles of the Wolf series]

Welcome, handsome wolf~ ♥

[ Luhan | Visions of a Wolf ]
   \ the seer


The sharp rays of the setting sun made the glare red behind Luhan’s closed eyelids. “Shit…” he muttered, hand coming up to his temple for a quick massage.

Like it would somehow manage to stimulate a better response from his otherwise mute abilities. It was dragging on too long, and the dark made it that much harder to track. Meaning they would have to rely on Luhan a lot more. Too bad he was currently unsuccessful.


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