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Comparing and Wondering: Jay Park

“Y/N I don’t understand how you do it,” my friend, April, says to me from across the table as she stares at her phone.

“Do what?” I question as I move the food on my plate around with the fork.

“Be so trusting of Jay. He’s in a different country releasing these videos of him surrounded by women while you’re here studying 24/7,” April says looking up from her phone.

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You’ve had enough of it. All this man ever did was obsess over Elizabeth, a woman that did not love him in the least. You couldn’t stand having to hear him talk about her any longer. So you punched him.

You had originally intended on just slapping him but it turned into a full on punch in the face. To say thee least he was surprised.

“How dare…”.

“You deserved it” you hissed poking him roughly in the chest “I’ve had to deal with your stupid obsession for too long. Perhaps that will knock some sense into you”.

With that you walked away leaving James still shell shocked.


Recently I have been struggling to write anything and getting this finished was a massive effort.

One of the things I love most about Shelagh and Patrick’s relationship is how it unfolded with so much respect and integrity. This story explores that idea.

This is for @snoopctm for her unfailing and diligent support and encouragement.  Thank you.

I hope you like it.

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Dangerous: Patrick Stump fanfic

A/N: Not going to lie, I’ve gotten a ton of smut requests in my inbox lately… So be ready for a lot of that coming soon. Also a reminder that I’m starting school again so that means my schedule’s going to be really weird, sorry guys. Hope you enjoy this one…

Anonymous said:
Hi! Could you do a Patrick Stump X Reader where the guys are teasing him about the reader always faking her orgasms and when he gets home he gets really dom with her? Thank you

*Reader’s POV*

Sunlight slowly filtered in through the blinds of the bedroom and you heard your boyfriend hum softly beside you, placing a light kiss on your forehead. Flashes of last night swirled in your mind. It was his lips so sweet and his hands on your body and the way he was so gentle, so kind, so caring. It was his kiss and getting lost in his eyes and holding onto him so tight and shedding the layers of your clothes until it was only the two of you. It was late hours of the night when you were still exploring each other’s bodies, trying to savor each inch of skin, pausing to catch your breath before going at it again. There was nobody else you would rather be with. He stirred slightly, then sat up as if to leave, and you sleepily grabbed ahold of his arm. “Patrick,” you mumbled, yawning halfway through his name.

“Yeah?” he chuckled, amused.

“Where you going?” you wondered, rubbing the sleep from your eyes and sitting up as well. The two of you had a long night yesterday, barely getting any sleep, and both of your bodies were sore by the time you woke up. You didn’t complain though, Patrick was always so good to you, and even though you lost a couple hours of sleep and you felt sort of shitty the next day, it was always worth it.

“To the studio,” he laughed. “Remember? I have a job?”

“But I want you to stay with me,” you whined playfully. “Just a couple more hours.”

“I have to go, baby,” he argued. “But I’ll be back soon. I promise.”

“Okay,” you sighed, laying back in bed and closing your eyes.

*Patrick’s POV*

When Patrick arrived at the studio, he wasn’t prepared for what followed. “Hey Pat,” Pete smirked when all the boys had sat down around the table, taking a break from recording for a little while. “You uh, have an eventful night with y/n yesterday?”

“Shut your mouth,” Patrick narrowed his eyes. He was cranky from not getting enough sleep last night, plus, he was talking to Pete, who was known for being quite the antagonist when it came to picking an argument. “You’re just making shit up.”

“I might be, but the hickeys on your neck speak for themselves,” Pete snickered.

“What?” Patrick’s eyes went wide, self-consciously covering his neck with his hand.

“Yeah, it’s hard to lie when there’s obvious evidence,” Joe chuckled.

“How’s she been treating you anyways?” Andy raised an eyebrow.

“She’s been treating me just fine,” Patrick grumbled.  “Why such sudden interest in y/n?”

“I don’t know,” Andy shrugged. “I mean, it’s your first girlfriend in a long time.”

“Yeah ‘Trick. How are you holding up?” Joe gave a playful jab at his side. “You haven’t kissed a girl in ages. Is she too much to handle? I’m sure she’s been around plenty of times before.”

“You’re still an amateur,” Pete laughed. “What’s going to happen when she finally wants to do the do?”

“We’ve done the do plenty of times,” Patrick muttered. “And it’s honestly none of your business.”

“Woah! Hold up! You’ve fucked y/n?” Pete’s eyes lit up.

“I’m pretty sure it would be the other way around,” Joe teased. “I mean, she definitely tops.”

“Shut up,” Andy stifled a laugh. “I need to know his answer!”

“Yes, I have,” Patrick admitted shyly, although more agitated than embarrassed. “Now will you drop the subject please?”

“Woah, not so fast,” Joe insisted. “You said you’ve had sex before, but how many times?”

“I bet she’s the one to initiate it,” Pete snickered.

“Hell, she probably has to teach him what to do,” Andy rolled his eyes playfully.

“Do you think he can even get her to cum?” Joe asked.

“Nah, she probably just fakes her orgasms,” Pete chuckled.

“Will you shut the fuck up?” Patrick finally shouted, banging his fists on the table angrily. “That’s my girlfriend you’re talking about, and what we do in our spare time shouldn’t concern any of you.” He shoved himself away from the table, marching out the door, extremely frustrated.

“Hey ‘Trick, come on. We’re just playing,” Joe tried to get him to come back, but Patrick shook his head, still furious.

“You’re all a bunch of dicks,” he spat, grabbing the handle of the door. “Learn to take a hint and fuck off.” He slammed the door shut, leaving Andy, Joe, and Pete completely shocked. Patrick didn’t get angry often, and to see him this riled up over something was rare.

*Reader’s POV*

When the door swung open and your boyfriend walked in, you were extremely confused. You were on the couch, reading a book, relaxed, dressed in sweatpants and a comfy bra. “You’re home early,” you raised your eyebrows. However, as soon as you saw the anger in Patrick’s eyes, as well as the way he shut the door angrily and stomped over to where you were sitting, being home early was obviously not the problem. “What’s wrong?”

Patrick didn’t even give you another second to speak before he crashed his lips against yours, pushing you back into the couch, straddling your hips, kissing you passionately. Your eyes went wide, surprised by his sudden urge to do this, the way his hands gripped your arms and how he shoved you back into the cushions. “I’m going to fuck you so good,” he whispered in your ear, giving you chills as his lips trailed down your neck. He had never been that dominant and you had never seen him so angry. He was usually always hesitant and slow and calm. Not that you were complaining though. This was actually really hot. You had never seen this side of him before.

“Damn,” you moaned as he unclasped your bra and began kissing down towards of your breasts, massaging the other in his palm.

“Quiet sweetheart,” he instructed, hands trailing down to tug your sweatpants and underwear off at the same time, discarding them towards the floor. “I’m in control this time.”

“Fuck,” you mumbled, sitting up, trying to unbutton his dress shirt and miserably failing. Your hands were shaking and you weren’t thinking clearly. You fumbled with the buttons before giving up and tearing it open, shedding the fabric off his chest and tossing it towards the floor.

“Naughty girl,” he clicked his tongue, gaze wandering towards the mess of buttons and fabric on the floor before flickering his eyes back up to meet yours. “I guess you’ll have to make it up to me then, won’t you?”

“Shit Patrick,” you exhaled, trailing a hand down his body, catching your breath. “What brought this out of you all of a sudden?”

“I just really need to fuck you,” he murmured, impatient as his lips connected with yours again, kissing you as you unzipped his pants and then tugged down his boxers. “Please.”

“I’m all yours,” you reassured, watching as he climbed on top of you, lips moving down your body, finally pushing into you, earning a loud gasp. “Oh god.”

“You’re so good baby,” he mumbled against your skin, hands on your back pressing you closer towards him, pushing you into the couch cushions with each thrust, going deeper with each inch. You started moaning, scratching his shoulders with your nails, barely hanging on. He smirked. “Going too fast, babe?”

“No,” you barely shook your head. “Perfect.”

“Good,” he smiled. “Because I think I could start getting used to this.”

“Fuck,” you bit down on your lower lip and tried to suppress a moan as you got closer to your climax. “I’m close.”

“Cum for me then,” he whispered, thrusting even harder. “I want to feel you.”

“Goddammit,” you gasped, his voice in your ear triggering your orgasm, his movements slowing as he drew closer. It wasn’t long before he came undone too, both of you exhausted and gasping for air, him turning over and holding you in his arms, the two of you laying on the couch.

“You’re so good y/n,” he murmured, placing a soft kiss on your forehead.

“What the hell was that all about?” you chuckled, still confused why this happened so fast and so sudden.

“Pete and the boys were being assholes,” he shook his head. “Said I didn’t fuck you good enough and how you’ve had better and stuff. I needed to prove them wrong.”

“Patrick,” you frowned, holding his head in your hands, placing a kiss on his lips. “You don’t need to prove yourself to anyone. Not even me. You’re already amazing.”

“You’re too kind,” he rolled his eyes.

“I’m being truthful,” you insisted, giving a soft smile.

“Yeah, well I do believe you owe me a little something else,” Patrick gave a sly smile, eyes darting to the mess of fabric identified as the dress shirt that still was left on the ground.

“And you call me the naughty one,” you smirked.

“Come on,” he insisted, tracing circles on your back with his fingers. “We have plenty of time. I mean, I did get off work early.”

“You’re dangerous,” you chuckled. “And the best part?”

“Hmm?” he raised an eyebrow, curious to find out.

“I’m the only one who knows,” you grinned.

A Summary of the GPF 2016 Men's SP

Overall thoughts/reactions:

Javi is a #ninja and can defy the laws of physics

Patrick’s SP was cleaner than Mr. Clean’s Dry Eraser

Shoma my precious son :’(

I hope Shoma isn’t hurt or disappointed I just want my smol son to be happy

Nathan…just…let’s hope for a better FS????

Adam deserved better™


Yuzuru thoughts/reactions:



Forgetting how to breathe for his entire SP

I’ve ascended


Yuzu is #unimpressed by his score

That quad loop™

Yuzu and Pooh interactions :))))))))

Brian being Brian

Best part:
The B. Esp commentators

Final thoughts:
In Jin Boyang we trust


Books & Cupcakes • March Book Photo Challenge

Day 6: Spine
Fairy Tales by Hans Christian Andersen
The Magicians by Lev Grossman
The Crane Wife by Patrick Ness
The Shock of the Fall by Nathan Filer
The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern
Siege and Storm by Leigh Bardugo
Bleak House by Charles Dickens
The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien

These are some of my favourite spines from my bookshelves. Apparently I’m a sucker for blues and greens!

anonymous asked:

2011 Pete is taking a break from the world, and having a long distance with a girl. He's allowing her to have sex with other guys while he's gone as long as there is no love and she only sees the guy once. She breaks both of these rules when she fucks Patrick who was much better at making her orgasm, and she felt more open to discuss her desires with him. (Pete was only ever okay in bed and orgasm wasn't garunteed for her) Pete comes home to find Patrick eating her out in their living room.

oh my god this is such a good prompt- pete opens the door and he’s standing there shocked and when patrick turns around he turns bright red and he’s stammering “i-i’m sorry l-look i can e-explain” but pete just shakes his head and fucking goes off on him and instigates a fist fight and you’re on the couch watching in horror not knowing what to do and as soon as pete hits patrick you come running over and trying to separate them and pete tells you to shut the fuck up and goes “you know what, i have an even better idea” and he forces patrick to sit on a chair across from the sofa and tells him to stay put so patrick can’t do anything but watch it all take place and pete’s so angry and frustrated and overwhelmed he fucks you super rough and he’s pulling your hair and calling you a slut and spanking you and scratching your back and you’re sputtering out apologies but he growls “that’s not going to cut it this time, sweetheart” and he makes you cum how many times in a row and forces you to say that he fucks you better than patrick does, and then he pulls out and pushes you into the sofa, telling patrick to come here and get his punishment too, and he ends up having a threesome with the two of you and absolutely wrecking you both, turning you into whimpering messes, making sure you understood who’s really in charge