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Patrick Hockstetter: Sounds Fun

Request  “ Could I ask for a Patrick Hockstetter x Reader, where he just relentlessly flirting with her and is grabbing on her and then one day she just claps back and gives him a taste of his own medicine? (Delete if you don’t write for the Bowers’ boys. Just guessing bc of ur url 😥😰)
” - Anon

A/N  → Bowers’ Gang is chill. No worries no worries. Writing for these boys is fine. For bullies/antagonists/non-likeable characters they’re super well written and interesting to write.

Pairing → Patrick Hockstetter x Reader (She/Her Pronouns)

Warnings  → features Patrick Hockstetter, language and slurs, Pda & Makeouts, r13(?)

Patrick was in awe. As stunned just as he was furious. Your lips were soft, but your kiss was hard. He tried to step back sharply in repulsion, but even he, a god, found himself unable to figure out how. He had no idea what to do, and as you pulled away then kissed him again, tilting your head to kiss him better, he wasn’t even sure he wanted to do anything.

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We Didn’t Understand

(Patrick Hockstetter x Pregnant!Reader)

A/N: Another long one! Once again, sorry this took me so long! I was working on a few others at the same time. This request was very intriguing to me and I just had to give it a go. Hopefully you guys like it!


hi!! uhm first time making a request, could you please consider writing some Patrick x Reader where she’s pregnant and he found out precisely the last day of school, after he dies. Thanks :)

hi again!! I’m the anon who requested the weird Patrick x pregnant!Reader story a few days ago; what I mean was: he founds out she’s pregnant the last day of school BEFORE he goes down the sewer and dies. I was imaging the general idea like the reader being super happy because they’re gonna have a family and then super sad because Patrick’s gone. Hope this clarifies it and thank you for reading my request! 💖

Word Count: 4,098

Rating: SFW

Warnings: teenage pregnancy, Patrick’s solipsism, mention of Avery Hockstetter, implied character death, kind of gore (but nothing bad, I don’t think)

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You remembered that happening! That’s how you got the gorilla mask, it wasn’t a coincidence.


REQUEST: (clatters into your inbox) PLEASE COULD I REQUEST a fic with henry making out (and getting a lil handsy) with the new girl reader at the kissing bridge? maybe he tricks her into thinking it’s some initiation process… thank yoooou!!! ✌🏻💋❤️

AUTHORS NOTE: y’all one of the coolest people i know requested this (a bowers imagine) and sometimes it’s cool to branch out so here we are + i’ve been following him on ig and he’s kind of a cutie so I’m sorta feeling it too //-: 💗💗 + so you guys wouldn’t hate me for not posing about hockstetter, i’m posting 2 w him after my phone is done updating ! 🎈

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A Lesson

Request: If you are open to it could I request a piece where the reader is Patrick’s girlfriend and although he’s still a complete dickhead, he’s like overly protective of her. The Losers tip him off that the reader is getting bullied by some group of guys and he goes to find said reader but ends up finding them being ganged up on by the bullies the losers were talking about. TBH I just want batshit crazy Patrick😂

AN: WARNINGS: blood, violence, fire/ burning, Patrick’s crazy ass

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Three’s a crowd

Patrick X Reader X Henry

Can I request a female reader x Patrick x Henry? Reader got kicked out of her old school and was sent to theirs. She has the whole “I don’t give a fuck” attitude and she’s quite a tease,  wearing tank tops and skirts most of the time. She catches the boy’s attention right off the bat on the first day. She plays into it, brushing up against them in the hallways, accidentally bending down in front of one of them to pick up a pencil etc. Not only is she hot though, she gets along with them pretty well and after a while they both fall for her.

(Y/N) had never really thought about the possibilities of going to a different school. All she really cared about was getting out of Derry. She found a nice spot outside on a bench to smoke and no one stared, she enjoyed her silence, that is until the Bowers Gang rocked up.

Four boys, each equally different in looks walked up to her and stared as if she was supposed to greet them like kings. She took a drag of her cigarette and looked at them, “do you need something?” She deadpanned. The taller one with the long dark hair snickered, biting his lip to stop himself.

She took in his appearance, he was attractive. “No? Okay then why are you here?” She answered for them through the silence. The one standing in front of her stared her down with a shocked expression.

She wanted to laugh at his mullet but felt that would be a step too far. “Are you a mute?” She asked. The boy in the back practically lost it. He laughed slightly, earning glares from the mullet-boy.

“If you don’t want anything can you fuck off?” This was Henry’s last straw. “Do you not know who were are?” He whispered. “No? And do I even want to?” She looked them all up and down.

The boy with dark hair licked his lips, staring deep into her eyes. She felt a shiver come upon her. This boy was too attractive for his own good, she thought.

“I’m Henry Bowers. That’s Victor, that’s Belch and that’s Patrick.” The boy introduced himself a lot nicer than anyone expected. “Okay?” She took another drag of her cigarette. “And you are?” The boy named Victor piped up.

“Y/N.” A smile curled onto her lips as she noticed they all stared her up and down. “Look, I’m gonna go before you turn into a mute.” She sighed, getting off of the bench and walking away.

Patrick spun on his heel to admire the sway in her hips, he bit his lip. Henry eyed her curiously. Henry couldn’t help but smile when he saw her almost get trampled by the Losers but then she grabbed one by the collar and tripped him over, walking into the school.
(Y/N) opened her new locker and began to store away her items, closing the locker resulted in being face to face with Patrick. “Hey Patrick.” She said carelessly, walking away. “Henry wants to see you.” He said, eyeing her, following her. His eyes trailing up to her skirt.

His mind wandered and she caught him. She clicked in front of his face and he looked at her. “My eyes are up here.” She muttered. As they walked outside, Henry was leaned against Belch’s car, waiting. She neared them with Patrick close beside her and she placed her hands on her hips. “What’s up?” She asked. “We’re gonna take you home.” He said. He sat in the front seat and she smirked.

Patrick climbed into the car beside Vic and she squeezed in beside Patrick. The drive was not at all quiet, heavy metal bands blared out the speakers while they chain smoked and they talked. “I got kicked out of my last school.” She said. Patrick raised an eyebrow and Victor chimed in, “how come?”

“Caught smoking.” She laughed. “That’s tough.” Belch said and she nodded. Patrick’s hand made its way onto her thigh, giving it a squeeze. She smiled to herself. They dropped her off and she thanked them, before she could turn Henry finally said something to her, “what are you doing this Friday night?” And she smirked. “Not you.” And with that she walked into her house, her skirt flowing with her hips with each stride she took

Henry and Patrick staring out the window at her. They watched as she fumbled with her keys. She “dropped” them and as she bent over to pick them up, Henry and Patrick both felt themselves excite slightly. “She’s mine.” - “I found myself a keeper.” They said in unison. Victor and Belch looking towards them both in shock.

Henry and Patrick looked at each other with deep resentment. They both new that she had to pick, but that didn’t mean it wasn’t a competition. They had locked horns and Victor was sure it would get messy.


That Friday night, five teens took to Henry’s backyard while his dad was working the late shift, Henry wouldn’t let a girl over unless he was sure his dad wasn’t going to be home.“You’re such an asshat…” (Y/N) laughed at Victor. “Even when I was seven I knew about that stuff!” She said between chuckles. “Seven? Wow…” Belch scoffed. “I was very mature for my age!” She defended. Belch passed her the cigarette, she gleefully took a drag. “So Patrick…” She exhaled. He turned to look at her, “yes?” His lips curled into a smile. “When was your first sexual experience?” Her tone was seductive and he chuckled slyly. “She means with a real person.” Victor shot. Laughter erupted from from the entire group, Patrick glared at Vic. Patrick looked to (Y/N) to see her in hysterics. He snickered at their childishness.He smirked, “Last year I guess-“ “consensual!” She interrupted and he went silent. “Jesus you’re worse than I thought.” She shook her head. “I didn’t fuck her.” He muttered. “He’s a virgin…” Victor whispered. “Patrick just likes to grope.” Belch added. “Oh I know that!” She snickered and he shook his head, winking at her devilishly. Henry cleared his throat awkwardly, breaking their eye contact.“So… When was yours?” He leaned down and rested his elbows on his knees, looking at her, his brows raising. “You’re gonna laugh.” She tilted her head and the boys looked intrigued. “Fuck.” Victor’s eyes widened. “You haven’t-“ He trailer off. “Not officially.” She hadn’t told anyone that. “We just assumed-“ Belch’s voice also trailed off. “What cause I’m such a slut?” She raised her eyebrow. “No!” Henry stated quickly, all eyes turning to him. “You’re just a tease-“ Patrick winked. “So… What have you done?” Patrick said, cocking an eyebrow, a sly grin plastered across his vibrant lips. She bit her lip lightly. “Stuff.” She murmured. Henry stared at her curiously. “She’s totally given hand-jobs…” Belch muttered. Henry and Patrick shooting daggers T him from their eyes. “Only one.” She said. Their eyes snapping back to her. “Who?” Patrick asked, his face hardened. “Some guy from my old school. We dated for a while and that was that. Before I left, I ended it. It wasn’t devastating. I didn’t really like him that much.” She had opened up to them more than she was proud of. She wanted to keep the sexy mystery alive but it died when she couldn’t control her words.“It’s getting really late.” Victor said, glancing up at the stars. Everyone else looked up except for Patrick. His eyes remained on the (Y/H/C) haired girl, Henry took his eyes off the stars and noticed Patrick had his eyes fixed on her. Henry’s stomach twisted jealously. “We should take you home.” Henry sighed. Standing up and trailing to Belch’s car.
In the car, (Y/N) had her head against Patrick’s shoulder, Henry kept glancing at her through the rear-view mirror. Patrick’s hand higher on her thigh than ever before. She made eye contact with Henry in the mirror and he averted his eyes. Belch pulled up beside her darkened house and she got out, smiling at Patrick who wore his signature devilish grin and in this light, his eyes were the darkest feature on his otherwise pale complexion, other than the hair that surrounded it. She moved to Henry’s window and leaned down to see Belch, making quick eye contact with Henry before thanking Belch. Henry’s eyes shifted to the flesh of her breast being slightly revealed by her low cut singlet. “Thanks for the ride.” She muttered. Henry’s eyes attached to her cleavage. She smirked at him before turning and leaving, walking up to her house, turning on the porch light. Henry and Patrick staring out the window at her. They watched as she fumbled with her keys. She “dropped” them and as she bent over to pick them up, Henry and Patrick both felt themselves excite slightly. “She’s mine.” - “I found myself a keeper.” They said in unison. Victor and Belch looking towards them both in shock. Henry and Patrick looked at each other with deep resentment. They both new that she had to pick, but that didn’t mean it wasn’t a competition. They had locked horns and Victor was sure it would get messy.

In the weeks that followed the backseat of Belch’s car seemed to get smaller as she was constantly being squished against Patrick’s body. This she didn’t mind especially on the cold days. She knew what was going on between them so she played along.

She loved playing little games with them. Especially when she would brush her hands against their torsos flirtatiously or bend down in front of them on purpose. Especially Patrick. His lean figure, pressed against the locker beside hers, it was hard not to touch him. And it was hard not to tease Henry by dropping something and picking it up slowly.

Patrick couldn’t let Henry win and Henry couldn’t let Patrick win. They both seemed to know she liked them both as well so in their heads all she had to do was choose. Except it was hard; Henry was really good to her, he held her tightly and never said a rude thing in her presence. Patrick was protective and took care of her, gave her his clothes when she was cold and he threatened any boy that would look at her wrong.

Henry wasn’t as protective, sure he held her close to him when people he didn’t like cane along but in no way would he be as protective as Patrick. Her decision was impossible and she wasn’t sure if she wanted to make one.

She enjoyed having them wrapped around her finger. Which became an issue when she kissed Henry for the first time, soft and pleasant, tasting of cigarettes. But it lacked passion, so there she was, in front of Patrick’s bedroom door, she needed to know. She rapped on the door and heard an affirmative groan, pushing the door open lightly. He was pulling a shirt onto his lean body and he turned to look at her.

They both just stared awkwardly. She walked up to him, wrapped her hands around his neck and pulled him close, pressing her lips to his, reacting immediately, he smiled into the kiss, snaking his hands to her hips, pulling her closer. He tasted like sour lollies, both of their favourites.

She felt a fire erupt inside her as their tongues clashed.

Although she knew what she wanted, she was still unsure as the mullet-wearing boy still awaited her phone call. She knew he wasn’t patient but her body seemed to care less as Patrick’s thirst for her was quenched.

She didn’t mean for it to happen but she didn’t regret it. What she would regret is the aftermath, if Henry mentions the kiss or Patrick mentions the passionate, half naked makeout, she was fucked either way.

Unintentionally she had created a conflict between the boys and she didn’t want to know how it would end.

anonymous asked:

Hello! Can I request an imagine where Matt gets a call from the hospital and they say that steph has been a car wreak and he goes there all freaked out and it's not too bad and can it be extra fluffy?! Thank you!!

The panic Matthew could feel thrumming in his chest was something he’d never experienced. It felt like his rib cage was going to crack open, like his innards were going spill out all over the tidy hospital floor. It felt like someone had a clamp on his head and was slowly crushing him skull. If it wasn’t for the fact that Stephanie was involved, that his wife was somewhere in this building and he had no idea how bad her condition was, Matt was pretty sure he would have dropped dead as soon as he gotten that awful phone call from the hospital explaining why Steph was half an hour late getting home.

The nurse was briskly leading Matt down a hall; she’d given up any attempts at friendly chatter when she saw how pale and frightened he looked. Awful images were crowing his head, the idea of Stephanie unconscious and on life support until some doctor told him she was gone and he’d have to decide to pull the plug. Or her laying in bed, more bones broken than not and in agony for probably the rest of her life. Every thought was another sharp stab in his chest, another invisible fracture to his bones until they arrived at the hospital room and Matthew wasn’t sure how he was still standing as the nurse pushed the door open.

He stepped in and reeled with relief at the sight of Stephanie sitting up in her bed with only a black eye, a handful of stitches arching across her hairline, and a cast on her arm. “It looks worse than it is.” She finally said, cracking a tired smile that almost took Matthew out at the knees. He finally managed to cross the room before collapsing to his knees beside her bed, face buried in the blanket against her leg as he cried and gripped her uninjured hand tightly.

“Hey, hey it’s okay Matthew.” He felt her clumsily pat the top of his head with her casted hand, her fingers barely managing to card through his hair. “My car’s a wreck and so’s my phone, but my arm is just fractured and I should be good after it heals.” Matt shook his head. He was shaking violently, gripping Stephanie’s hand hard enough that a distant part of him was worried he might break that too. The tears wouldn’t stop coming, tears of terror and relief and love and a million other emotions he lacked the words to describe.

“I thought I lost you.” He whispered brokenly against her leg. Matt felt her injured hand gently stroke his cheek, lifting his chin. Thought teary eyes he could see the soft smile Stephanie was giving him and for a moment, despite the bruises and stitches, she looked like some kind of angel to him. “It’s okay, I’m here. We didn’t lose each other.” She soothed, her thumb twitching against his cheek like she wanted to wipe Matthew’s tears away. He could feel her wedding band pressed tightly into his other hand, could feel his own ring pressing against Steph’s skin. “I don’t think I could make it without you.” He said softly. Stephanie stiffly bent down (for a moment Matthew worried her ribs might be injured too) and kissed the top of his head. “You won’t ever have to.” She promised.

What does that make you? (Bowers gang x reader) pt.2

A/n: I got soooooo many request to do a part 2 of “What does that make You?” The link to the first one will be below this! Make sure to read that before this so you’re on track. Tell me if you want another part to this or if i should make this a series!!! Enjoy!!!


Summary: You aren’t exactly apart of the Losers Club but you are friends with them. One day you help them out and end up getting caught in Henry Bowers trap.

Warnings: Swearing, Angst and slight Smut

Its been almost a week since your last encounter with Henry or his gang. You weren’t planning on seeing them either. You walk home with the boys just to make sure you have some what of a protection. Who are you kidding? They can barely defend themselves and you’re expecting them to save your ass. You came back to reality when you saw Ben.

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Dangerous: Patrick Stump fanfic

A/N: Not going to lie, I’ve gotten a ton of smut requests in my inbox lately… So be ready for a lot of that coming soon. Also a reminder that I’m starting school again so that means my schedule’s going to be really weird, sorry guys. Hope you enjoy this one…

Anonymous said:
Hi! Could you do a Patrick Stump X Reader where the guys are teasing him about the reader always faking her orgasms and when he gets home he gets really dom with her? Thank you

*Reader’s POV*

Sunlight slowly filtered in through the blinds of the bedroom and you heard your boyfriend hum softly beside you, placing a light kiss on your forehead. Flashes of last night swirled in your mind. It was his lips so sweet and his hands on your body and the way he was so gentle, so kind, so caring. It was his kiss and getting lost in his eyes and holding onto him so tight and shedding the layers of your clothes until it was only the two of you. It was late hours of the night when you were still exploring each other’s bodies, trying to savor each inch of skin, pausing to catch your breath before going at it again. There was nobody else you would rather be with. He stirred slightly, then sat up as if to leave, and you sleepily grabbed ahold of his arm. “Patrick,” you mumbled, yawning halfway through his name.

“Yeah?” he chuckled, amused.

“Where you going?” you wondered, rubbing the sleep from your eyes and sitting up as well. The two of you had a long night yesterday, barely getting any sleep, and both of your bodies were sore by the time you woke up. You didn’t complain though, Patrick was always so good to you, and even though you lost a couple hours of sleep and you felt sort of shitty the next day, it was always worth it.

“To the studio,” he laughed. “Remember? I have a job?”

“But I want you to stay with me,” you whined playfully. “Just a couple more hours.”

“I have to go, baby,” he argued. “But I’ll be back soon. I promise.”

“Okay,” you sighed, laying back in bed and closing your eyes.

*Patrick’s POV*

When Patrick arrived at the studio, he wasn’t prepared for what followed. “Hey Pat,” Pete smirked when all the boys had sat down around the table, taking a break from recording for a little while. “You uh, have an eventful night with y/n yesterday?”

“Shut your mouth,” Patrick narrowed his eyes. He was cranky from not getting enough sleep last night, plus, he was talking to Pete, who was known for being quite the antagonist when it came to picking an argument. “You’re just making shit up.”

“I might be, but the hickeys on your neck speak for themselves,” Pete snickered.

“What?” Patrick’s eyes went wide, self-consciously covering his neck with his hand.

“Yeah, it’s hard to lie when there’s obvious evidence,” Joe chuckled.

“How’s she been treating you anyways?” Andy raised an eyebrow.

“She’s been treating me just fine,” Patrick grumbled.  “Why such sudden interest in y/n?”

“I don’t know,” Andy shrugged. “I mean, it’s your first girlfriend in a long time.”

“Yeah ‘Trick. How are you holding up?” Joe gave a playful jab at his side. “You haven’t kissed a girl in ages. Is she too much to handle? I’m sure she’s been around plenty of times before.”

“You’re still an amateur,” Pete laughed. “What’s going to happen when she finally wants to do the do?”

“We’ve done the do plenty of times,” Patrick muttered. “And it’s honestly none of your business.”

“Woah! Hold up! You’ve fucked y/n?” Pete’s eyes lit up.

“I’m pretty sure it would be the other way around,” Joe teased. “I mean, she definitely tops.”

“Shut up,” Andy stifled a laugh. “I need to know his answer!”

“Yes, I have,” Patrick admitted shyly, although more agitated than embarrassed. “Now will you drop the subject please?”

“Woah, not so fast,” Joe insisted. “You said you’ve had sex before, but how many times?”

“I bet she’s the one to initiate it,” Pete snickered.

“Hell, she probably has to teach him what to do,” Andy rolled his eyes playfully.

“Do you think he can even get her to cum?” Joe asked.

“Nah, she probably just fakes her orgasms,” Pete chuckled.

“Will you shut the fuck up?” Patrick finally shouted, banging his fists on the table angrily. “That’s my girlfriend you’re talking about, and what we do in our spare time shouldn’t concern any of you.” He shoved himself away from the table, marching out the door, extremely frustrated.

“Hey ‘Trick, come on. We’re just playing,” Joe tried to get him to come back, but Patrick shook his head, still furious.

“You’re all a bunch of dicks,” he spat, grabbing the handle of the door. “Learn to take a hint and fuck off.” He slammed the door shut, leaving Andy, Joe, and Pete completely shocked. Patrick didn’t get angry often, and to see him this riled up over something was rare.

*Reader’s POV*

When the door swung open and your boyfriend walked in, you were extremely confused. You were on the couch, reading a book, relaxed, dressed in sweatpants and a comfy bra. “You’re home early,” you raised your eyebrows. However, as soon as you saw the anger in Patrick’s eyes, as well as the way he shut the door angrily and stomped over to where you were sitting, being home early was obviously not the problem. “What’s wrong?”

Patrick didn’t even give you another second to speak before he crashed his lips against yours, pushing you back into the couch, straddling your hips, kissing you passionately. Your eyes went wide, surprised by his sudden urge to do this, the way his hands gripped your arms and how he shoved you back into the cushions. “I’m going to fuck you so good,” he whispered in your ear, giving you chills as his lips trailed down your neck. He had never been that dominant and you had never seen him so angry. He was usually always hesitant and slow and calm. Not that you were complaining though. This was actually really hot. You had never seen this side of him before.

“Damn,” you moaned as he unclasped your bra and began kissing down towards of your breasts, massaging the other in his palm.

“Quiet sweetheart,” he instructed, hands trailing down to tug your sweatpants and underwear off at the same time, discarding them towards the floor. “I’m in control this time.”

“Fuck,” you mumbled, sitting up, trying to unbutton his dress shirt and miserably failing. Your hands were shaking and you weren’t thinking clearly. You fumbled with the buttons before giving up and tearing it open, shedding the fabric off his chest and tossing it towards the floor.

“Naughty girl,” he clicked his tongue, gaze wandering towards the mess of buttons and fabric on the floor before flickering his eyes back up to meet yours. “I guess you’ll have to make it up to me then, won’t you?”

“Shit Patrick,” you exhaled, trailing a hand down his body, catching your breath. “What brought this out of you all of a sudden?”

“I just really need to fuck you,” he murmured, impatient as his lips connected with yours again, kissing you as you unzipped his pants and then tugged down his boxers. “Please.”

“I’m all yours,” you reassured, watching as he climbed on top of you, lips moving down your body, finally pushing into you, earning a loud gasp. “Oh god.”

“You’re so good baby,” he mumbled against your skin, hands on your back pressing you closer towards him, pushing you into the couch cushions with each thrust, going deeper with each inch. You started moaning, scratching his shoulders with your nails, barely hanging on. He smirked. “Going too fast, babe?”

“No,” you barely shook your head. “Perfect.”

“Good,” he smiled. “Because I think I could start getting used to this.”

“Fuck,” you bit down on your lower lip and tried to suppress a moan as you got closer to your climax. “I’m close.”

“Cum for me then,” he whispered, thrusting even harder. “I want to feel you.”

“Goddammit,” you gasped, his voice in your ear triggering your orgasm, his movements slowing as he drew closer. It wasn’t long before he came undone too, both of you exhausted and gasping for air, him turning over and holding you in his arms, the two of you laying on the couch.

“You’re so good y/n,” he murmured, placing a soft kiss on your forehead.

“What the hell was that all about?” you chuckled, still confused why this happened so fast and so sudden.

“Pete and the boys were being assholes,” he shook his head. “Said I didn’t fuck you good enough and how you’ve had better and stuff. I needed to prove them wrong.”

“Patrick,” you frowned, holding his head in your hands, placing a kiss on his lips. “You don’t need to prove yourself to anyone. Not even me. You’re already amazing.”

“You’re too kind,” he rolled his eyes.

“I’m being truthful,” you insisted, giving a soft smile.

“Yeah, well I do believe you owe me a little something else,” Patrick gave a sly smile, eyes darting to the mess of fabric identified as the dress shirt that still was left on the ground.

“And you call me the naughty one,” you smirked.

“Come on,” he insisted, tracing circles on your back with his fingers. “We have plenty of time. I mean, I did get off work early.”

“You’re dangerous,” you chuckled. “And the best part?”

“Hmm?” he raised an eyebrow, curious to find out.

“I’m the only one who knows,” you grinned.

Comparing and Wondering: Jay Park

“Y/N I don’t understand how you do it,” my friend, April, says to me from across the table as she stares at her phone.

“Do what?” I question as I move the food on my plate around with the fork.

“Be so trusting of Jay. He’s in a different country releasing these videos of him surrounded by women while you’re here studying 24/7,” April says looking up from her phone.

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You’ve had enough of it. All this man ever did was obsess over Elizabeth, a woman that did not love him in the least. You couldn’t stand having to hear him talk about her any longer. So you punched him.

You had originally intended on just slapping him but it turned into a full on punch in the face. To say thee least he was surprised.

“How dare…”.

“You deserved it” you hissed poking him roughly in the chest “I’ve had to deal with your stupid obsession for too long. Perhaps that will knock some sense into you”.

With that you walked away leaving James still shell shocked.

Nightmare Pt2

“This is the worst idea.” She stammered as Patrick caught her and pulled her close. “We have to end it.” Victor said with as much courage as he could muster. Henry climbed down the rope after her. “You sure It’s here?” Henry asked and she nodded.

“It has to be. If not, It’ll find us whether we like it or not.” She regretted agreeing to hunt the clown down. It was Henry’s idea after it attacked him at the Barrens. “You shouldn’t have come.” Patrick breathed in her ear. “I know.” She sighed, “I didn’t want to but I can’t let you guys do it on your own.” Her voice was shaky.

“So we know that it shows you your worst fears but Y/N’s not really afraid of anything. Are you?” Vic asked. She shrugged. “I don’t know anymore.” Her eyes glanced to the tall lanky boy beside her. “We should just let it go and leave.” She said.

“I’m not going to let it go. It hurt you.” Patrick’s harsh voice echoed through the drains. “Stick together.” Henry hissed as Belch went to walk into a different tunnel. Patrick’s hand grasped for hers as her breathing quickened. Her mind raced, it was him. It felt like him. That was her indicator, if it felt cold and harsh, it wasn’t him, it was her nightmare but if it felt warm and protective, it was him.

Her breathing eased in the slightest. Henry took the lead. “Vic?” Belch’s whispered echoed, they all turned and Vic was gone. “What the fuck?” Henry asked. “Keep going, don’t break rank.” Henry ordered. Patrick’s grasp on her hand tightened. “We need to find Vic.” She breathed. “We will.” Belch patted her shoulder. They heard Vic’s voice coming from in front of them. They wandered into a large empty room with a fork of tunnels at the other side. “Middle one.” Henry said.

Patrick’s grip on her hand had begun to cut off her circulation as Vic’s voice echoed around them. “Help,” he screamed with agony and fear lacing his voice. She squeezed his hand, he stepped in front of her slightly, shielding her from the next room coming up.

Vic’s screams got louder. They walked into the room, stepping into a much larger room, it appeared brighter than all the others. Victor was laying on the ground, a looming figure that resembled his own, covered in blood. It hovered towards him, it’s long arm outstretched, holding him down. It’s head turned, it was Vic although his eyes were white and cloudy, as if he was dead, his skin was grey and rotting and he had blood splattered across his chest from the wound it bared on his neck.

It smirked when it saw them, it threw Victor across the room and stalked towards the group. Patrick pushed (Y/N) behind him and tried to stand tall. “Let’s play a game… I’ll play with your fears a little and then I’ll decide who will be the most fun…” It giggled as if it were a silly child. Henry was in front of them both, it grabbed him and pinned him down. (Y/N), Belch and Patrick tried to stop it. They got shoved away, falling to the ground and scrambling as they watched it change form, into Butch Bowers.

Henry knew it wasn’t real but he couldn’t help his body from allowing him to freeze in a moment of such dire panic. Henry’s memories of the man flashed through his head. The beatings, the intimidation, the mental and emotional abuse. He cried out in fear, kicking and screaming, trying to get away. He began to punch the clown repeatedly wherever he could, all it did was laugh harder.

Patrick looked to (Y/N) who had grabbed a metal pipe and she swung it at the creature, who stumbled and spun away. Patrick yanked her back, a metal pole in his own hand as well. Belch grabbed his own and stepped forward, the three standing in a line, henry standing up slowly, a single tear stained on his cheek. “Eeny… Meeny… Miny… MOE.” His tone transformed from playful to dark and murderous. as his gaze landed on Belch. Belch swung his pipe around at the creature, he took a hit or two before it fell to it’s knees. Belch took another step, it outstretched its arms and grappled him, pulling him close. The creature didn’t change it’s form.

“You’re no fun…” It growled, it’s jaw unhinging as rows of teeth came into view, Patrick took the metal pipe to it’s head, he went batshit crazy on It. He showed no mercy, hit after hit, after hit after hit. His sudden strength surprised (Y/N) although she had expected it. She watched as the creature took the hits harshly, falling and staggering back. She went to assist him in finishing it off when he shouted at her a pained expression on his red face, “stay back!”

He turned back and heard giggling, he looked at the creature who was in hysterics. “stay back!” it imitated childishly. He furrowed his eyebrows, stepping back. “Your biggest fear is adorable…” The clown chuckled, pointedly at Patrick. he swallowed hard and hit him again, this time, the metal collided with it’s jaw, it’s head began to spin a full 360 degree turn, over and over and over again. Stopping in place, his head finally appeared normal again, facing Patrick. He stood his full height, no matter how tall Patrick had been compared to (Y/N), this clown towered even Patrick himself. Patrick gripped the pipe harder and swung again, it got caught by the clown, Patrick let go, not to be pulled into the clown’s trap.

He jumped back. “Get back!” he shouted to her, his hand behind him, his palm facing her. The clown morphed into (Y/N) with a slit throat just like Victor but this one, she still had blood pouring from her throat. She muttered words to Patrick pointedly, “you couldn’t save me.” He was strong compared to the others. He closed his eyes and it chuckled. “It’s not real.” He said to himself, grabbing for a weapon laying on the floor. Henry and Belch had retreated to a spot beside (Y/N).

Henry picked up a large stick and walked closer. “Patrick! Duck!” Henry shouted, Patrick obeyed and saw a large round item fly towards the clown disguised as a dying (Y/N), it bounced off of the creature and she chuckled some more. “Come get me.” It said. They all rushed forward to attack but it grabbed Patrick and threw him back a few metres, taking out Henry and Belch at the same time. (Y/N) moved out of the way and watched as Patrick’s body flung mercilessly to the floor. His body hit the floor with a loud crack and thud, he let out a pained scream as he breathed in. He groaned in pain, as he used his arm to push part of him off the ground, resting in that position. Blood seeped from his brow and mouth. He spat recklessly, blood pouring from his mouth. She turned to face the clown which was now centimetres from her.

It grabbed her by the throat and the boys watched on in pain. “This will be amusing…” The clown shifted into Patrick with another dark chuckle. They all expected it to start rotting or bleeding or something violent. But it was just Patrick. He held her by her throat. Patrick’s eyebrows furrowed as his eyes stung, blood dripped down his chin and cheek. His front was splattered with his blood. Henry failed to stand as his leg had been damaged by the landing. Belch laid there frozen watching on in shock.

Patrick panted as he watched himself pull a knife on (Y/N) and start to talk about her interrupting her, consequences and a punishment. The knife cut into her cheek and she winced, letting a whimper escape. Patrick tried to gather the strength to stand up, he failed, collapsing back down. “P-Patrick…” Tears streamed down her cheeks as she stared at the real boy on the ground. She was scared and they all expected her to have been the final choice for the clown.

She knew she was going to die. She thought about Patrick, Henry, Victor and Belch, she thought about her life and the things she would miss. “Y/N! it’s not real! I wouldn’t hurt you!” Patrick screamed in agony. His cheeks were dry but he felt as if he was crying. “Lies. I like it when you cry. I like it when you cry out in pain. Y/N, it turns me on… Cry some more, will you?” It licked from her jaw to her ear. She squirmed in it’s grip. “It’s not real!” She whispered shakily. “Oh aren’t I?” It whispered into her ear, using the knife it held to draw light cuts on the base of her neck.

“Stop it!” Henry shouted from behind Patrick. “let her go!” Patrick yelled, staggering to his feet as best he could. “Oh - but I don’t want to.” It’s voice ridiculed them. Patrick limped up. “I said… Let - her - go.” His voice was a low growl and his eyes darkened. it chuckled. It pressed the knife up against her throat lightly. “Stop!” She squirmed. It pulled the knife away. “I’ll never stop.” It whispered against her ear. Adrenaline was released into Patrick’s bloodstream when he saw her tears dripping off of her chin. All of a sudden she felt it release her from it’s grip and she was shoved backwards. Patrick tackled the creature and Belch followed him, using all of their strength to beat the clown with metal pipes. They showed no remorse. Beating it and beating it. it didn’t bleed or break, it just weakened.

(Y/N) shuffled over to Henry and pulled him closer to the wall, sitting him up. Glancing occasionally at the fight. Patrick and Belch were winning. it was backing down and backward, towards a larger well which only went deeper into the worlds core. “Fuck off.” Patrick huffed as he delivered the last blow to the clown, which released his grip on the edge of the well and slipped away into darkness. Patrick and Belch panted. Patrick turned to look at (Y/N) who’s eyes were wide. He staggered towards her with a limp. She met him halfway and threw her arms around his neck pulling him closer.

Her lips pressed to his, she ignored the taste of blood as their tongues lapped together. Patrick’s hands wrapped around her waist, dropping the pipe behind her and holding her tightly.
No one spoke after that encounter. Not to each-other anyway. There they sat, at the junkyard seated on broken couches in a painful silence. Looking along the group, she witnessed how much f a fight they’d put up, Victor had a broken collarbone, Henry’s leg was broken and Belch was heavily bruised. Patrick sustained minor blood wounds on his face, two of his ribs had been broken and in some way his leg had been injured enough to make him limp the slightest.

She felt ashamed as she had not put up as much of a fight but they didn’t care because they were the ones that made her stay out of it and stand back. “I don’t get it.” Belch murmured, breaking the silence. “I get Victor’s fear, he was afraid of dying, Henry of his dad an’ I was afraid of that fucker… So - why was it just Patrick?” He looked up at (Y/N) she tensed under his gaze. They all looked to her expectantly and she looked at Patrick who had a hidden pin in his eyes. Henry shoved Belch’s arm and gestured that they should leave Patrick and (Y/N) alone. Vic, Henry and Belch began to distance themselves to let the others talk.

“Patrick I-” She began but he shook his head. “Don’t… Look - I get it… I’m the monster. You’re afraid of me… Of me losing control…” He looked to her. “So why are you still here?” He asked, taking her by surprise. “I- Because I love you…” Her voice was low. He nodded. He believed he loved her too but there was no way he could be sure with little evidence except a few chemical reactions and bodily functions and she was okay with this. He turned his body towards hers, flinching as he felt an ache in his body.

“But I want you to know… That I would never hurt you. And I will never let myself lose control with you. And if I ever do… I’ll understand if you would never want to see me again…” He said looking down. He looked up at her, “but right now, I can’t fucking stand being at any distance from you.” He closed the space between them and pressed his lips against hers. She pulled away, her hand caressing his cheek softly. “I know that now…” She pressed her forehead to his and they closed their eyes, enjoying the silence and clarity in the air.

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