shock me awake

They woke me up with a bucket of icy cold water to the face. If I tried to doze off, they’d shock me awake again. They berated me for hours before taking me into a tiny concrete room with a question projected onto the wall in front of me. It told me that they were letting me go back into the wastes and they gave me a choice of two things to take: A sexy goth GF with black lipstick and a skrillex haircut, or six months of rations and cache of weapons. They said they gave me two choices, but in reality there was really only one.

A Blue Prince To Own, Chapter 2

“Lance, you won’t be needed for this mission in particular. You should train today while the others fulfill their duties.”

That’s what the princess said three hours ago when I woke up to the others being gone. I promised I would, but I don’t have the energy, really. I don’t have the energy for a lot of things. I just want to go take naps in Blue’s cockpit all the time. I’ve just been stretching the entire time, pretending to get warmed up for something cool every time Allura or Coran passes by.

But, I can’t do anything cool. I’ve never been too physically gifted besides being bendy and stretchy as hell, other than that I have nothing. I’ve been getting my ass kicked in friendly sibling wrestling for years and getting my ass kicked by people at school even more often. I’m not going to lie and say I was completely a victim, I’ve got a mouth on me, everyone knows it. Hunk’s usually the only one who can stop me from saying stupid crap because he’s not as grossed out when I lick his hand.

Really, I wish I could trade my flexibility for some muscle because I’m kind of sick and tired of being a wimp. I’ve always been a skinny guy and I’ve accepted that it doesn’t really matter how much I train, it’s just the way my body is. Skinny applies even more now that I’m growing like a weary dog that’s too depressed to eat. Don’t get me wrong, food is great. I’m just losing the will to get it from the plate to my mouth everyday. I wish my armor would just slink off of me and clank loudly to the pristine white floor so that maybe someone would look over and realize I’m decaying.

Maybe I’m being dramatic, I think as I slide into full split and lean forward apathetically. When I sigh it feels like I’m breathing out my life. As soon as Allura and Coran stop walking past the training deck to make sure I’m not goofing off, I grab a pillow and my jacket and book it to Blue. I may not be able to fight off a hunkering monster or a bulky soldier, but damn I can run. I’ve been running all my life, really. That sounds dark. It is.

It takes a little longer to fall asleep because I’m so restlessly exhausted, but I’m determined. I get there, eventually. I haven’t had dreams in a while, I’m kind of thankful. I don’t have to dream of how my family’s getting on, thinking I’m dead, or if they think I just stopped responding to their emails and letters. It’s just like the Garrison to cover up their mistakes, namely in letting three cadets and a dropout steal their Shiro, by saying some shit like we ran away out of rebellion or not saying anything at all. Telling the teachers and students we all were expelled and leaving the parents a wreck.

So, yeah, I’m eager not to dream. But, I do dream. And it’s a painful one. I’m under the water, blinking up at the surface, unable to reach there. I’m trying to keep stale oxygen as it expires in my lungs, but the pressure is beginning to wretch my mouth open. A big bubble escapes and floats to the surface, so now I’m choking but when my gaze follows it, I spot everyone up there, floating ; Hunk, Allura, Pidge, Keith, Shiro, Matt, even Slav.

I’m being yanked to the depths, there’s chains on my wrists, ankles. They’re so heavy. I’m sinking, sinking, sinking. Everyone’s up there laughing, I just can’t reach them. Eventually, I can’t help it and I let out my air in one motion. I’m struggling so hard to scream with everything I have, but I can’t breathe. They’re… they’re so happy without me. They’re smiling. They’re happy. Maybe… this is how it’s meant to be. I… I give up. I let myself sink like the dead weight I am. I take a lungful of water. I prepare to die.

I jolt awake with a small electric current pulsing through my body and the sound of Blue’s panicked voice echoing, explaining that I started choking in my sleep and that she freaked and woke me up.

“I’m fine,” I gasp, clutching my chest over my thundering heart, “fine, just… I had a bad dream, but I’m okay.”

As if on cue, Lotor appears on the holo screen, looking significantly casual as apposed to his royal finery from before. His white hair is in a messy top bun, there’s glasses perched on his nose and he’s wearing a thick white turtleneck. He looks softer this way. I… can’t help but think he’s rather cute in this light.

“Greetings and Salutations, my Lance! It is I, Prince Lotor, heir to the Galra empire!” He announces in his overzealous way.

I wipe the sleep from my eyes and smile at him. “Are you always going to say that when we speak, Princey?”

“Indefinitely, my Lance!” His brows furrow and he gets a rather serious look about him. “Though, I come with important questions. My source of information has informed me that you were not with your team on the latest mission. Might you explain why? Have you fallen ill? Are you injured?”

My smile falters. Of course he would innocently ask about the missed mission ordeal, though it only seems to matter to me. “Yeah, I’m… a little sick in the head. But, they just left while I was asleep because they didn’t want me there. I… get in the way. Pretty useless, haha.”

I pull my knees up to my chest and when I look back up, the Galra’s expression is positively murderous, rivaling even Keith’s default expression. A hard feat to surpass, my man.

“Anyone who should think you are useless is unwise, my Lance. You are precious and your body should only be lavished with the finest of silks, only touched with the most delicate of hands and the softest of lips, you should be protected like a jewel. Kept happy and loved with me for the rest of eternity. Never exposed to the inadequacies of a universe that would take for advantage and abuse you. Happy forever, with me. Owned by me, my Lance. I should be the only one you need until we both reach our end.”

“That’s… that sounds so nice.“ In the back of my mind, I know that he is delusional with something he thinks is love. I know that I should remind him love is not obsession, that I can’t be owned, that I will do whatever I want with whoever I want, but my heart aches so bad. I know somewhere he’s reached me at my lowest possible point, when I am weak and powerless emotionally and mentally. He has the upper hand because I am not strong and I reach for him. “I want to be happy.” There’s a flood of tears behind my eyes. In an uncaring world, he’s spouting nonsense, but it’s a beautiful nonsense that I want so much more of. “I’m so sad all the time.” I’m crying now, shaking. “Please, I just - anything, anything to not be here, they hate me, I’m so worthless here, I - ”

There’s a rippling growl that comes from the screen. When he snarls, his teeth are all sharp and flat. Not like most Galra. I should be so afraid, but the apathy from everyone ignoring me is seeping in. He doesn’t scare me when he should. Maybe it’s the space between us that’s made me fearless. “Soon, you will be mine, gorgeous Blue Prince. We will rule together. We will be unstoppable. I’ll never let anyone make you feel so unhappy again. I’ll never let them get close enough. I will own you, Blue Prince.”

The dark possessiveness is so hypnotizing. I’m addicted to the relaxed happiness he gives me, the feeling of security, the feeling of reaching the surface of the ocean I’m drowning in. Fat tears are dripping off my chin. I’m tired of holding everything inside, of being second best, a seventh wheel, a mistake. I want to be someone’s Blue Prince, I like the sound of it. I’m tired of crying alone in the shower late at night when I can’t hold it all in anymore. I’m tired of dragging my nails down my face when my depression is violent, I’m tired of this sadness sucking me so dry.

The connection times out. I fall asleep again and Blue shocks me awake again, telling me that the others are back from their mission. So, I drag my feet to the central controls and find everyone at their stations, working, except for Hunk. He’s playing a video game on some platform Pidge must’ve fixed up. Maybe… he’ll want to hang later?

“How’d the mission go?” I ask, collapsing into my own station and drawing my hood down.

“It went surprisingly well, Lance.” Shiro responds airily. “Thanks for asking.”

I smile faintly. Hey, at least they were doing good without me. I’m glad that… I’m glad to see the team is fine if I ever happen to… go.

“Did you do anything useful today?” Keith asks from where he’s cleaning his knife.

He wants me to get mad. He’s provoking me. He thinks I’m stupid. Is he that far off? I’m too empty to even take the bait like I’m supposed to. “I trained for a few, then chilled with my girl, Blue. Almost got electrocuted, super dangerous stuff.”

“Yeah, well, I asked if you did something useful.” He mutters in response. What the hell is his damage?

I throw my head back, grin cockily. “I get that you’re jealous that I’m much better than you at piloting and combat, but you don’t have to be a dick about it, Keithy boy. One day, you might be as great as me.”

“Please, I’ll remind you that you were a cargo pilot and you look like you weigh ten pounds. I wound crush you in hand to hand combat. In fact, you would fall into my fist before I could ever throw a punch.”

“Dang, you Galra just never wanna play fair. Reminder, I punched Sendak and saved - ”

“Lance, stop starting a fight.”

Of course. That’s Shiro’s Reprimanding Voice™. Most commonly directed at me. I’m just a burden to them. Lotor might think I’m worthy of his obsession, but they don’t even think I’m worthy to stand beside them as equals. Everything is my fault all the time. I’m not even worthy enough to point out our leader’s bias towards his precious, gifted cowboy.

“Sorry, Shiro. I just…” Why can’t I fight beside you guys? Why do I mess up all the time? Why is some delusional Galra Prince the only one who seems to care about me? Why… why can’t I just go with him since I’m so unwanted here?

“Yeah, well that’s no reason to come in here and provoke. Just…” He sighs. I’m sorry. I feel like crying. God, I’m such a pussy. “Try and be a little less - ”

“Less Lanceish. Got it, my dude.” I send him double finger guns and a wink before getting up and making some excuse like I have to go clean Blue (which I do, but that’s not what I’m doing) so I can flee to my room. I fall face first into my bed.

Shiro, believe me, if I could be less Lance, I would.

Chapter 3:

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what kind of stuff would msquip shock michael for

M: Excessive eating, sometimes for smoking, shocks me awake sometimes if I sleep too long for its liking.

UnderForce: A New Tale Chapter 1 - Frisk

‘Why are we even here?’ I thought to myself as I followed them up the mountain. On any other day, this would have been a nice stroll over the beautiful mountains. I always liked coming up here, whenever I could, being alone with the wilderness. I loved seeing the trees rustle in the gentle breeze that blew in off the lake, I loved the animals scurrying around in the trees and on the ground. The weather was lovely, a few puffy white clouds in the sky and the rest a radiant blue. Yes, today would have been a perfect day, if only I had been alone.
‘What could they possibly want with me? Out of all the people in the entire empire, why pick some orphan from a town barely anybody really knows? How could I possibly have drawn the interest of one of the Starkiller siblings?’

It had been 5 years since they started their conquest of all 7 continents, and 3 since they had dissolved every government and country into the largest empire the world had ever known. The Romans, the British, the Huns, all of them had tried and every single one of them failed. Yet somehow, the Starkillers succeeded. They say that the 2 of them have mysterious powers; that they can move things without touching them; books, cars, people, anything. They say that they can even choke you without laying a finger on you. And that one of them can shoot lightning from their fingers. They even say that one of them is a horned beast sent by the devil and that both are marked by the red eyes of hell. Did I believe it all? It hardly matters now, does it?

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A Lee Soo Hyuk Ab Selfie


I had a dream where I fell into water and almost drowned, and I woke myself up by breathing. You can’t breathe when you’re underwater, so the fact that I could somehow breathe shocked me awake for a moment. I fell back asleep and started dreaming I was a mermaid.

Learning curve

TITLE: Learning curve


AUTHOR : tomcuddlesfic


GENRE: fluff / romance / angst

FIC SUMMARY: OC and Tom broke things off abruptly but when trouble comes in OC’s way, will Tom still help? 


AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: Hello. I am back with another one shot. I hope you like this one and please tell me what you think!

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It’s not easy to explain to you how every ounce of my body feels like dread, and how exhaustion wipes across my mind, smearing my every action and thought. It’s especially hard when your bones rattle under your skin and your thoughts are thunderstorms, pouring consistently with no end in sight. You go, go, go and I just want to stop, stop, stop. And, maybe you don’t fully understand how it feels to replay the trauma of my life, around this time every year, how the nightmares shock me awake and I cry because I thought that this was the year that I finally wouldn’t be touched by all the things that have made me weak. It’s been so long but winter comes and I’m frozen, not from the cold, but from my own memories, just like the year before. Some call it seasonal, I call it idiocy. And, don’t you think if I had the chance, I’d wipe it all away, fix it like it never was broken, smother it out and leave no embers? For you, maybe it’s easy. Maybe because you’re yanked into constant distractions, your mind jerking your body from one point to another so quickly that settling sounds like a fairytale to you. And, I’ll take your curse and make it into a gift, because I’ll give you mine and watch to see how you handle some peace and quiet, see how you take to my curse. It’s just that I feel so weak and all I ask is for you to help me be strong, help me prove my own thoughts wrong, help me get through this and help me move on. But, baby, you can’t focus for one second to watch me break apart. And, one day, you’ll finally look up and I’ll be just fine, like always. But, are you okay knowing you didn’t help me at all, are you okay knowing that when I needed you most, you weren’t there? Well, dear, I am not.

  • A look into my head//jjw; the struggle of loving a man with severe ADHD while you fight Depression, Anxiety, and PTSD. Is our love enough? I’d like to say yes
I’ll Think About It

He couldn’t count the amount of times he had proposed to her

Chapter 14: The Rise & Fall of Roy Mustang’s Mustache 

“Um, Captain Hawkeye?”

“Yes Fuery?”

“The Fuhrer fell asleep at his desk again.”

“Thank you for letting me know, I’ll take care of it.”

Riza sighed as she rose from her desk and let herself into Mustang’s office. Sure, Roy was no stranger to napping during the day, but that was when he was colonel. Not that he wasn’t important back then, but his new rank certainly had given him more responsibility and Riza knew he only slept at the office when he was overwhelmed. Before it had been extra research, now it was that in addition to spreading himself too thin. He tried to hide from her the best he could, insisting he could balance the usual duties of the Fuhrer as well as several side projects. Try as he might, there simply weren’t enough hours in a day and she wasn’t about to let him make himself sick or risk the press seeing him like this.

“Sir?” she said sternly, clearing her throat. He jolted awake, attempting to make it look as though he hasn’t just been passed out.

“Hawkeye, yes, you’re here for the case files?” if his messy hair didn’t give him away, his voice did.

“I collected them two hours ago sir,” she said gently. “Sir, if you need to leave early to catch up on your sleep, we understand.”

“Nonsense, captain,” he insisted. “I can’t let my team pick up my slack.”

“If you keep falling asleep, that won’t be optional, sir. How can I trust you’ve read what you’ve signed when you keep dozing off?”

“I’m fine,” he said firmly. “Besides, it’s just this week.” That’s what he said last week. “It’s a little hectic, I’ve been visiting the orphanage more often and state alchemist exams are coming up, these are things I need to oversee personally. I assure you, my work will not suffer.”

“If you say so,” she was not convinced. “But don’t say I didn’t warn you: if you fall asleep in the office again, there will be consequences.”

He smiled at her. “I assure you it won’t happen again.”

It did.

The very next day, Riza walked in to find the fuhrer, leaning back in his chair snoring. What could she do? True, her job was protecting him but she couldn’t spend her entire day keeping him awake without falling behind herself. Needless to say, paperwork did little to keep him alert. As much as they joked about, he knew she wouldn’t ever actually shoot him for falling asleep, so how could she follow through with her threat?

Suddenly inspired, Hawkeye acted quickly. True, the whole thing was rather childish of her, she hadn’t acted this way since the two of them were young but its how she knew it would work. She was almost giddy, though unworried about being caught should he awaken. She finished quickly and excited his office as if nothing was out of the ordinary and sat at her desk to wait.

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More than loving you—I am tired of living for you. Every breath that I take voluntarily reminds me of your name. Every wet, cold shower that I take half-awake shocks me with the reality that you were just a dream that once was true. Thinking maybe if I kill myself, I’ll wake up from this nightmare. This beautiful, beautiful, beautiful nightmare.
—  Juansen Dizon // Inception

I wasn’t this close though, I was pretty far in the back. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I dreamt there was a bee flying around my room and one of my friends smacked it and it got angry and flew at me and that shocked me awake :x but it’s that weird kind where im awake but I’m confused and can’t think properly