shock knuckles

Omg but seriously, this is how I write the boys and Shadow when it comes to Tikal
  • Shadow: She walked up to me and started talking to me. She's...not irritating, and I guess her topics of conversation aren't completely a bore, but -
  • Sonic: *drops chili dog*
  • Knuckles: *chokes on his burger*
  • Silver: *drops his fork on his plate*
  • Tails: *stares*
  • Shadow:
  • Shadow: ...what
  • Sonic: You...actually...TALKED. To a GIRL.
  • Shadow: ...Are you fucking serious -

Hey guys, I hope you enjoy something completely different! This was a little spontaneous thing I started a few days ago. I figure I should get it done before I get really busy! I’ve got a few other Sonic-y things cooking, but those will have to continue to wait. I think this would be neat on a shirt  
I hope you guys like it!