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A Stone Wall (Business AU Minho)

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“We can’t do this" he said as he was brought in for another kiss “then stop” you tell him as he melted into the kiss more. It was hard to believe this was your father’s second hand man. You couldn’t help it, you watched Minho grow up to the strong man he was. He grew more handsome to you as well. Everything about him made your mind go blank and everything. He watched you when your dad had to leave for a trip and worried that something would happen to you. Your father was not a good man per say, he was a common overly wealthy business man and Minho was something you never understood. He didn’t make sense to you at all, you wondered if he was always sorta stick-in-the-muddish.

His eyes widen as your hand had grabbed him “woah” he said pulled away. “You’re so young” he said as you chuckled “I’m 20 Minho, An adult” you coo as he pulled your hand away. You chuckled pulled him towards your room. You unbuttoned his jacket “you’re always so overdressed” you told him sliding the jacket off of him before pulling to your bed. You pushed him onto it as his eyes widened but your actions. You smirked jumping onto the bed beside him grabbing the remote. He watched as you cuddled into him and turned the TV on.


“Your dad is right os in the living room” he whispered as you smiled “that’s why I have you in the linen closet” you tell him. You pressed your lips to his but he didn’t kiss back. He was a private man so that was why you were guessing he wouldn’t mention that he even liked you to anyone. At least you wished that was what it was. “I have to go. I’m sorry” he says pulling away as he grabs a random thing from the self “say you needed a towel for a shower and couldn’t reach” he says as you roll your eyes “if you don’t like me you can just say so, you’re so unhuman it’s crazy” you say walking passed him annoyed. He sighed walking out “daddy, I want to go shopping tomorrow” you tell your dad as he gives you a look.

“Sir I can take her-” “no I want to go out with a friend of mine” you stop Minho mid sentence. “Who?” your father asked “just a friend” you tell him as you gave a smile before kissing his cheek. You turned and sent Minho a glare before venturing towards your room. “Do you know who she going to see?” your father asked “I’m not sure sir” he responded. “You know I won’t have her go alone right?” his father asked “I know I’ll do the normal” he tells.


“So the guy who’s always watched you?” Yoonkyeong asked, another daughter of the an overly rich business man. She was know for being a bit of a troublemaker and someone your father asked you to try to avoid but you had to say you liked her. She picked something out for you and held it up to you “you should buy lingerie” she said as she took your hands pulling you off to another section. 


You walked out of the store laughing as Yoonkyeong told you a story “so is what I heard about Taemin true?” you ask gesturing downwards “yes” she said before you smirked. “It must have been nice” you say “what happened to Jonghyun?” she asked as you shrugged “he’s got a nice body as well but he’s not my type” you tell her. “Yeah awkwardly silent yet sexy men are your thing” she teases as you shrug. “I don’t think he’s capable of emotion anymore” you tell her as you two start walking out of the store “oh my god” you state as you look out into the parking lot “I’m taking you home” Minho states as he glances at Yoonkyeong “I should go my mother wants to meet up for brunch” she says as she heads over to her car. 

You sigh “your father said to stay away from her” he tells you “and I don’t care” you inform as he opens the door for you. “Why did you go there?” he asked as he caught sight of the Victoria’s Secret bag “none of your business” you continue as you buckle up. He gets in the front seat and starts the car “about yesterday” “don’t worry you made it clear” you tell him as you look at your phone. Minho stopped the car making it jerk to a halt “what the hel-” “stop acting like freaking little kid. For godsakes you grabbed my crotch, your mind doesn’t seem to understand that I work for your father. He can fire me. Do you understand?” he said loudly which was very out of character for him.

You moved back in your seat feeling weird “I’m not unhuman I’m logical and not acting like a horny teenager” he continued before he turned the radio on loudly not wanting to hear your response. The ride home you spent in your thoughts feeling bad. He did work for your dad, and you would hate if anything had happened because you couldn’t keep your tongue to yourself.


You began avoiding Minho since the last time. You weren’t mad or anything, you just felt bad. Minho and your father even began noticing that you were avoiding being around him. “Did something happen between you two?” your father asked as him and Minho were in his office. “What do you mean sir?” he asked “you two don’t even glance at each other and my daughter normally stares at you” he states as Minho looked shocked. “Cone on Minho I’m old but I’m not dead. I can see It” your dad laughs as Minho looks down. “I’d want her to be with someone like you, maybe even you. It wouldn’t be bad if it was you either” your father tells him.

A clear blush came over Minho’s face “you’re a good kid Minho” you dad told him slapping his shoulder “show some emotion you brick wall” he teased. Minho gave a slight smile before looking back down. “Your 12 o'clock should be here soon” Minho states as he heads towards the door. “She likes the expensive cafe down the street” your dad called.


You stood in front of the mirror looking over the baby blue lingerie you put on that Yoonkyeong picked out. You turned to the side looking at your butt before you looked at your chest. “Not bad” you comment before your door opened. You looked over casually seeing a wide eyed Minho there. His mind was now blank “not bad right?” you ask before picking up the cute black dress you had on earlier. “I um I” Minho stutters as he takes a deep breath to calm himself down. “Okay okay” he said to himself “you gonna stand there and talk to yourself or tell me why the hell you’re here?” you ask. He steps forward grabbing your arm and dragging you into him.

He pressed his lips to yours putting as much emotion into the kiss as he could muster. Surprise filled you but you quickly kissed him back. You even jumped when his hand grabbed your rear. This was a Minho you had never experienced and felt wrong if you even tried to stop him. By the time he pulled away his once neat hair was everywhere and you were fanning your face before a giggle left it. “Hello Minho. Finally glad Mr. Robot can express some things” you tell him.


Your father was a grand man and often hosted large events though it the year. Usually those who attended were trying to cut into your families money by them trying to seat you up with their sons and even once a daughter but now you had a valid reason not to accept. “Ah Miss. Y/L/N” an English voice called as you turned from your friends “hello Mr. Royce” you say as you looked at him, he was a friendly 40 something year old man who came to Korea only a few years ago for a meeting with your dad and finally moved here permanently. “This is my son Clive. The one I told you about the other week” he spoke as you nodded looking at the little blue eyed male. “Clive is new to Korea and I’m hoping you can speak to him in English” he said as you nodded.

“Hello Clive” you say as he smiles you offer him your hand as he takes it. “Can I show you my cars?” he asks “I think it would be wrong if you didn’t” you joke as he giggles pulling you off. You waved your friends off who were awing at the going boy.


“Mr. Y/L/N” Minho turned to the man before giving him a bow “ah I’m glad you could make it” your dad says taking Mr. Royce’s hand. “Clive seems to like your daughter. I left the two of the to bond” Minho peaked at the words. “I think he’s even dragged her off somewhere” Mr. Royce continues as Minho looked around the large reception hall for you. “I’ll be back sir” Minho spoke interrupting the pair before leaving. “He’s the one dating your daughter?” Mr. Royce asked “engaged” your father clarifies. “He knows my son is 5 years old right?” Mr. Royce asks “with that look he has no idea” your dad says.


“Don’t sit yet” Clive stops you as you two were about to sit on the floor to play. He pulls off his jacket and lays it down “dad says you shouldn’t get a lady’s dress dirty” he says as you giggle “well aren’t you a sweet boy” you say sitting down on the small jacket before he sits down with you. “You know my dad has the real deal things” you state as you were handed a car you knew your father owned “really?” Clive asked bright eyed “maybe we can talk him into allowing you to see them” you wink as he nods rapidly. Heavy footsteps filled your ears as you turned to see Minho who looked out of breath “hey” you say as he looks down at the two of you confused.

“Who’s that?” he asked “Clive” you say as Clive waved at him. “My god” he groaned before sighing. “Mr. Royce didn’t mention that Clive is a child” you say. “Who’s that?” Clive asked “he’s gonna be my husband” you tell him as he nods. “He’s jealous because I ditched the party to hang out with you” you continue as he giggled. “I’m not jealous” Minho says “yeah you are” you tease as he rolls his eyes. “Do you want to play Mister?” Clive asked. “I have to be-” “you don’t have to be my dad’s lap dog right now” you hum as Minho sighs sitting down on the ground.

Solar physicist finds new way to study the inner workings of the sun

In 2009, applied physicist Peter Sturrock was visiting the National Solar Observatory in Tucson, Arizona, when the deputy director of the observatory told him he should read a controversial article about radioactive decay. Although the subject was outside Sturrock’s field, it inspired a thought so intriguing that the next day he phoned the author of the study, Purdue University physicist Ephraim Fischbach, to suggest a collaboration.

Fischbach replied, “We were about to phone you.”

More than seven years later, that collaboration could result in an inexpensive tabletop device to detect elusive neutrinos more efficiently and inexpensively than is currently possible, and could simplify scientists’ ability to study the inner workings of the sun. The work was published in the Nov. 7 issue of Solar Physics.

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Jet Intake Overview

A jet engine’s intake is the device that collects air to be channeled to the engine. In low speed aircraft, such as commercial jets, which do not break the sound barrier, intake design is relatively simple, just feed air into the engine. As velocity increases, things are inevitably complicated. At high velocities, intakes themselves, must start to put in work to ensure that airflow to the engine is optimized. For a jet engine to work at maximum efficiency and power, the airflow to the compressor must be smooth and subsonic. Turbulent airflow into the engine will cause turbulent airflow through the engine which will impact performance at all points from compression to exhaust. Supersonic airflow through the engine may cause shock waves within the compressor which will cause serious damage to the delicate compression blades. 

Boundary Layer

One of the concepts which is important to understand when dealing with aerodynamics is the idea of the boundary layer. As fluid, in this case, air, flows about a body, a layer of fluid particles around the body is perturbed. This perturbed layer is known as the boundary layer. If all is going well, then the boundary layer will experience what is called laminar or layered flow. Laminar flow is ideal, as it can be fed directly into the engine, and it produces optimal results for lift and drag.

When conditions are not ideal, the flow if the boundary layer becomes more turbulent. Turbulent airflow must be smoothed out before it is fed into the engine. Two notable causes of turbulent airflow are supersonic airspeed and high-G maneuvering, two things that fighter jets generally deal with a lot. 

Intake Mechanisms

There are four major ways by which an inlet deals with turbulent supersonic airflow. They are Inlet cones, splitter plates, intake ramps and diverterless supersonic intakes. These various devices can be used in conjunction with one another to reduce the turbulence and speed of incoming air.

Inlet Cones

The most common way by which air is slowed down to subsonic speeds is by passing it through a shock wave of some kind. Inlet cones are cone shaped devices that create a cone shaped shock wave while simultaneously directing air into the intake behind it. 

These types of intakes are used on the Mig-21 “Fishbed” and the American SR-71, among others. On most inlet cone equipped aircraft, the cone can be extended and retracted slightly. This allows the geometry of the shock wave to be changed, optimizing efficiency. Inlet cones are commonly used on ramjet engines as their geometry aids in air compression. The main issue with this system is that it is not very stealthy. It is also sometimes prone to a mechanical failure known as unstart wherein the smooth airflow into the engine violently breaks down.

Splitter Plate

Instead of actually altering the airflow, the splitter plate design simply separates boundary layer air from the more laminar free airflow, feeding the free airflow into the engine. The best way to explain this is with pictures.

On this Eurofighter Typhoon, the splitter plate is the curved lip that juts out above the red intake mouths. The concave space above the lip but below fuselage is, in flight, occupied by boundary layer airflow. By simply separating the intake from the boundary layer, airflow turbulence is dramatically decreased. The issue with this system is that it does nothing to slow the airflow. As a result it must be combined with some either intake ramps or inlet cones.

Intake Ramps

Intake ramps operate on the same principle as inlet cones, by deflecting airflow to create shock waves which slow down incoming air. Like inlet cones most intake ramps are adjustable so as to alter the geometry of their shock waves for maximum efficiency at a variety of air speeds. pictured below are the intake ramps on an F-15. Note that they are each positioned at different angles.

If the intake ramps are not adjusted for maximum efficiency, air can spill off of them and cause excess drag. In some modern fighters such as the F-22, the engine power is enough to render the air spill drag from untuned intake ramps negligible. As a result, lighter and simpler fixed geometry ramps are employed. In cases like this, the air spill is directed in such a way that it produce lift allowing for net loss of efficiency to be extremely small.


Because each of the above three intake mechanisms has drawbacks in certain areas that others do not, they are commonly combined. In general, inlet cones or intake ramps are added to splitter plate style intakes to increase their efficiency and slow down incoming air. Pictured below is a splitter plate combined with a half cone.

On this F-14 Tomcat, pictured below, the intakes, equipped with intake ramp are clearly separated from the main fuselage.

Diverterless Supersonic Inlet

In a class of its own , the DSI is on the cutting edge of intake design. By far the simplest yet most advanced inlet design, the DSI acts like an air speed bump. In flight, boundary layer air passes over the bump at the mouth of the inlet and is simultaneously smoothed and compressed. 

Because the bump rises past the intake there is little risk of airflow spillage, and because the DSI slows and smooths the airflow there is no need for any accompanying inlet mechanisms. As DSIs lack both mechanical systems they are far lighter and less complex than other intake designs. Additionally, because they lack any acute angles, they are far more stealthy. DSIs are used on the USAF’s newest fighter, the F-35.

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