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Five Signs Point to Skill Shortages in the United States
A new report says deficits are most severe in health “and they'll only get worse.”

Wow almost like when you make higher education so expensive only the already rich can afford it you’re not going to have enough people to meet the skills necessary to support a nation. considering the rich are a shrinking population …

we’re running out of enough doctors, nurses, etc. and it’s only going to get worse as time goes on if we continue down the same path regarding education.

almost like the privatization of education was a terrible move? almost like capitalism is bad guys? wow… who would have thought?? i’m so… sHOCKED?????? 

the rich will suffer from this as well when they no longer can get the luxuries they enjoy due to a shortage of people able to provide said luxuries. 

I wonder if it will take until they’re suffering for us to fucking change things, or if they’ll realize they’re going to be fucked too and change shit before they have to deal with the consequences.

judging by how rich people function … i’m pretty sure they think they’re immune to consequences, and subsequently we will have to wait until they realize they’ve fucked themselves before we see any real beneficial change to our education system.


I think about it a lot but imagine how powerful a massive debt refusal would be to shock capitalism? Like, get a tens of millions of people to open up brand spankin’ new $10,000 limit credit cards and then just refuse to pay. While we’re at it, mass refusal of student debt, mortgages, etc. Everyone just simultaneously stop paying their debt down. What the fuck could they do? Lock a hundred million people up in prison?

Give me all [MAFIA! AU]

Summary: He wanted supreme control, but one pawn was missing from his board, so he went out to get it.

Warning: Language and mentions of sex


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“He is gone to meet the maker!” the dreaded declaration came.

It was set, they needed a new one.

Jungkook moved his grimaced face from the sea to the white as sheet body and then back at the sea. His eyebrows came down in a frown, he let out a sigh and wetted his lips hastily, the realization of a new trouble just sinking in.

“Do you have any info on what I asked you to look up?” his hands sunk down in his pants’ pockets and his tongue poked against his cheek in wait for the answer.

“I sure did, boss.” he wiped his somewhat bloody fingertips on his jeans. He retrieved a rectangular piece of paper and handed it to Jungkook. “An eye candy, isn’t she? I would love to get my hands all over her body.” his brows jerked up to emphasise his point. 

“I’m less interested in your boner than her background, Mino. Now shoot!”

“Hey, you can’t blame me!” smile washed off his face at Jungkook’s sneer. “Okay…her name is Mei, age 23, bra size 36C-” he choked when Yoongi’s hand collided forcefully with the nape of his neck.

“You idiot, cut the crap already!” Yoongi arranged his jacket on his shoulders.

“Ekhm, he rubbed the tip of his nose with his index finger, right, so she has a bunch of diplomas, gladly one of them being in law. Big European universities names. Her father took care of introducing her to big circles too. A promising young lady I can add. She seems to be settled in Seoul for the moment.” he kept on pointing at the photograph.

“Anyway, I have the file with her number, address, et cetera, back at the base.” for a moment the air was filled with the smell of sea salt and the sound of Mino’s sharp intake of air.

Jungkook looked displeased before he spoke, eyes still fixated on the waves “She looks like a prissy princess. She’s also my only promising option. Send someone to pick her up, I’ll be seeing her tomorrow at 4:15 pm.”

The other two men nodded and they all left in silence.


“Master!” Jimin’s voice requested as soon as he went past the door frame.

The pink haired head motioned for him to come in. The master was having his meal, it was like walking on thin ice when you report something to him during these times. Fortunately for Jimin, he was bringing good news.

“Well now, speak up!”

“Yes, master! The job is cleared, they don’t suspect a thing.” his chest heaved up and down from the hurried pace he had up to here.

Namjoon put the cutlery down carefully and clapped his palms once “Ah, finally! You can proceed to the next segment of the mission, but this time, make it fast!” and with a nod Jimin is out the door.

The man was nowhere in sight, but Namjoon’s smile remained, he was pleased as half of the job, and the most important one, was checked off the list. With a chuckle, he took the cutlery again and continued his meal with a grin stuck to his face like a leech.


His head was hurting for how hard he was frowning, he was very explicit about the hour and his tight schedule and yet they were late, not only five minutes but half a fucking hour. He knew this was a bad idea, he was good at telling shit beforehand, but what else could he do? Go to a Bar and request for a lawyer like a normal person, no thanks. Jungkook checked his watch again, his shoulders grew tense and he sighed deeply in hopes of releasing some of it. His eyes diverted to every man in the room, one by one his inquiring gaze bore onto them before turning with his chair and looking out the window.

Somewhere outside could be heard a roaring engine louder and louder when it came to an abrupt stop. They figured it was one of their men coming from an operation but then their attention moved to a dull engine and shuffled in their seats as they knew their guest has arrived. There was a commotion behind the closed doors before it flew open revealing a rather foreign silhouette.

The four men watched in slight shock as a woman took a seat in front of them, Jungkook on the other side was unfazed, his elbows rested against the rough surface of the desk, fingers intertwined and eyes squinted. How dare she cause such a clamor and barge in like she owned the place, this was his territory. He analyzed her face, still spoilt and fragile but now with some sort of displeased air he concluded.

“So, these are the men who my father worked for huh?“ her tongue went over her upper teeth.

Taehyung and Seunghoon nodded, a demeanor of cockiness attached to them.

“And you were also the ones who offered him protection, right?” her leg went to rest above the other while she leaned back in her seat not even acknowledging the murdering stare from across the desk.

“In flesh and bone, baby!” Mino came forward to stare at her better while fronting a playful smirk.

“There’s no wonder he is dead then!”

She reviewed the room in 360 degrees rotation while she gave them time to recover from her blunt words and startling demeanor. Mino ran his tongue across his lip with the smirk still on, his gaze now on the boss while leant back in his seat.

“For your looks, you aren’t as girly as we thought!” Taehyung blurted out clearly interested in the new twist of their situation.

“Daddy taught me better!” she winked at Jungkook without a second thought, and besides him, they all gasped shock written in capitals on their foreheads. 

Is she fucking stupid, thought Jungkook, coming into a mafia base like a tornado and insulting their boss. He deeply despised her from that moment  on, he figured she was a daddy’s spoilt little princess but now she was daddy’s loud idiotic bitch. She wasn’t the first woman who appeared to be all independent and feisty, there were whores like her all around, but at the first sign of clear superiority from him, they would back off. So would she, he judged.Not only he had a problem bigger than him now that his lawyer is dead, it appears that the only capable lawyer to take his place is this woman.

Jungkook doesn’t fancy women for one simple reason, he thinks of them as weak. It is a cruel world, full of death, hate, prostitution and all kinds of perversions and wicked people, in his opinion, it was a wonder how they still managed to survive up until this moment. It must be a trick, men must be preserving them in some way. The memory of his mother’s cries every night still unmistakably loud in his mind, how pitiful, what use served her to dispose of such an amount of water. His father, on the other hand, he was strong, he has never seen the man with tears in his eyes. In fact, Jungkook can’t remember his father having any other expression apart from the hard cold professional one. Even so, Jungkook could never bring himself to do one thing, he liked to believe that he loved his father as much as he loved his mother. Even with her weakness and her obvious inferiority to him, he loved her, but his father, he respected his father, he feared his father, but Jungkook never loved his father. 

Coming back from his reminiscence he frowned, hating her more for making him think of useless things, he slammed his hand on the wood with enough force to resonate trough the whole room. A morbid silence fell upon them. Yoongi was the first one to move retrieving a small box from his pocket. He lighted the match and let himself be absorbed by its flame, completely discounting the stiff air.

“If you’re done with your circus, we shall continue with more important matters! First of all, Why are you late when I specifically told the driver to bring you at 4:15. And I know for a fact he wouldn’t want to lose his head for someone like you.” with this he was sure to cut off her wings.

“It’s simple, Jeon! I don’t like being in the backseat!” he would give up a whole sector of his turf just to wipe off that all-knowing smirk from her lips. “And I only drive my car, Jeon. But your driver threw a fit, so there’s where your precious half an hour has gone.”

He almost growled at her, there was something in her that made him boil in anger.

“So that was you? The roaring engine from earlier?” her smirk grew letting Taehyung know that indeed was her.

“Don’t get over yourself, I know whores better than you. Just try and be half the lawyer your father was.” Jungkook strikes her again.

“I am half the lawyer my father was, but I also am the lawyer that I worked to be. Which means I am better than my father and he knew this, he knew you’d come for me too. That is why I am here. Not because your helpless ass sent for me, but because it was my father’s wish.”

“And you are going to listen to a dead’s man wish? That’s stupid!”

“It’s as stupid as you are smart, Jeon. The devil a bit.” His right hand grabbed a hold of his gun but then relaxed.

“Out! Everyone out! Only she stays!” Jungkook’s voice barked at them.

 “Things will get ugly. Oh well, nice to have met you, Mei!” Seunghoon tapped her shoulder before disappearing behind the door followed by the other three men.

Jungkook waited until the sound of steps faded into silence. He got up from the chair, took a pause to place his hands into his pants’ pockets and began strolling towards her. He waited for a bit behind her before placing his palms on her shoulders clamping them forceful enough to prove his superiority. He leaned in to whisper near her ear, a poisonous voice pouring in her veins.

“You think that I don’t know what kind of chick you are. You like to act  high and mighty, to give the impression you dominate you bark loud. But it only takes a bigger dog to bite you once to shut your mouth close forever.” He spins her chair abruptly and stops it just as precipitous, he fixated his glare on her eyes and closed the distance between their faces. He licked his lips with his eyes low, advancing once more before threatening her with his stare again for a second, but lowering it to her neck lazily, their cheeks brushing against each other.

“Is this enough? Or do you want me to bite you?” he drew back a bit so he could stare at her.She felt torn by his stare though she didn’t felt vulnerable in this position, nor did she wanted him to move away, to the contrary she wanted him to come closer, her mind focused on his plush lips.

Her body came closer to his and he only got a fraction of a second to avoid their lips touching. 

“I’ll take the bite…But one wouldn’t do the job, Jeon.” he became aware of her plan. But what was that just now, that tiny spark which went off inside in him and made him lose focus?

He shook the feeling away. If this was her way of cornering him, making him lose at his own game, she was failing miserably.

“Maybe, if the one biting you is an ordinary dog. Except I’m no ordinary dog, one bite from me and you’ll regret the day your parents met!” He frowned deeply at her standing his ground darkly.

“Why are you acting like Russia is stuck up your ass? Stop jumping down my throat! I am only here to help you, Jeon.” Mei tries to resonate with him.

“I am acting like this because a spoilt little brat will end the empire I’ve built!” Jungkook growls keeping his face close to hers to stress out the importance of his situation.

“Look, give me two month-” she tried to lay down an offer for him.

“I don’t have two months!” he simply denied her. But she still stood undaunted in front of him, her chest pressed against his.

“Give me two weeks and I’ll show what I am capable of!” she didn’t even blink.

“And if not?” his chest pressed back into hers.

“If not…ah…you can sell me as one of your whores!” she had him at this, his brows finally withdraw from their seemingly constant frown and raised up.

“So that’s how confident you are about your skills?” her fists tightened at her sides, barely holding herself back from punching his face, she would get a good shot from this position. She waited for an answer, but it never came. Only his eyebrows moved back into their frown.



“Fuck man! I wanna shoot this guy right now! Just let a bullet trough that thick head of his!” he kept on looking trough the binoculars his back all stiff.

“No! We are not here for that!” the other man was peacefully cleaning his gun, sat on the dusty floor with his back leant on the brick wall.

“But he’s so fucking close to her that I’m starting to think this meeting will turn in to a porn! Damn, why is he in a room all alone with such a babe?! Those thighs for fuck’s sake!” the man groaned and kicked the wall with his foot almost hitting the read head. The dull clack of the nun-chucks ringed trough the abandoned building.

The man rose to his feet pushing him away and ripping the binoculars from his hands. “Get out of the fucking way, Jiho!”

Jiimin adjusted his position and brought the binoculars to his eyes, he squinted a bit and saw the two bodies pressed against each other in what seems to be a heated negotiation. Namjoon wouldn’t like this, they got to her too late and she was already racing to Jungkook’s base when they finally got a sight of her. Namjoon will be pissed out of his fucking mind and that’s really bad as Namjoon has no ‘mind’. He is a somewhat twisted mastermind, but all in the bad way. Jimin still remembers the last time he brought bad news to him, how the fuck could he not, he still feels it on his left shoulder. His hand unconsciously went to squeeze the said shoulder, his face betraying pain.

“What should we do?” he asked trying to move his attention from his pain.

“Well, either we shoot her dead, but that would be a complete waste, or can we wait for…”

“Wait for what?” but Jiho didn’t answer him, he only pointed at him with a devilish smirk. Jimin suddenly realised what he was referring to and gave the man a small nod, biting his bottom lip.

So, this is it. The first chapter.

I can’t wait for your feedback, so send me lots.

I hope you enjoyed it!


So regarding this post… there’s two problems with this whole “humans are EITHER naturally good and cooperative and social animals who want to help each other but are corrupted by unnatural capitalism OR they’re naturally nasty dominance-based hierarchical brutes who beat each other down, nature is red in tooth and claw!!!” thing.

The first problem: 

Just because something is ‘natural’ does not mean it is good or right or the proper way to do things. To put it bluntly: arsenic is natural. Cyanide is natural. Dysentery, pneumonia, cancer, and necrosis are all natural. There are plenty of things in nature that are bad and toxic and poisonous; we plan around them, find technology of one form or another to keep these things in check, and move on. 

If your argument revolves around “this is the way things naturally are!”, it’s probably a bad argument. If your worldview requires nature to be superior to the unnatural, it’s a bad worldview. If your master plan requires humans to naturally be good, you’re not putting the infrastructure in place to deal with humans who- for whatever reason!- aren’t.  

More to the point, this is a false dichotomy. It’s taking a really simplistic either-or view of a really complicated, nuanced problem.   

Human beings are primates. Humans are pack hunter/gatherers optimized to live in tribes of maybe 15-150 people. Any human organization bigger, more complicated, or more diverse than this is ‘unnatural’, in the same way that air conditioning and the internet are unnatural. They’re forms of technology humans created in order to make life better. 

If you want to see ‘natural’ human behaviour, there’s one of two tacks you can take- you can study humans from traditional societies that don’t interact with the outside world, or you can study humans’ closest relatives (chimps, bonobos, and so on). 

There are lots of ethical issues with the first option and lots of procedural issues with the second. (An example of #1- Is it worth exposing people from these societies to the outside world if they don’t want to be exposed? Are you going to fundamentally change their culture by observing it, and is that worth the knowledge you’ll gain? An example of #2- bonobos settle most disputes by having sex with each other, but humans do not respond well to being nonconsensually groped while they’re angry. You can’t always translate non-human-primate social structures to humans.) 

But, we have enough data from both of these sources to be able to get an idea of what human behaviour in its ‘natural’ state looks like. And - well, as far as I know, the answer isn’t as simple as ‘humans are naturally cooperative!’ or ‘humans are naturally competitive!’ Humans are naturally tribal. 

What this means is that humans naturally form small or medium-sized communities, which share common interests and usually see themselves as being ‘like a family’ or ‘all friends here’. And naturally- without any social norms that incentivize doing otherwise-  humans are kind and cooperative among members of their own community, and are wary around members of other communities, but not necessarily hostile.  

The social norms that incentivize hostility (or a lack thereof) are tied to resources. If resources in an area are scarce, different tribes generally don’t fight, and in fact often cooperate. It’s hard enough to survive; fighting is a waste of resources you could use for other things. Similarly, if resources are plentiful and everyone has enough of what they need, tribes don’t often fight, because everyone has what they need; why would you fight? 

Generally, tribes become hostile towards each other when there’s a shortage of something, be it food, water, territory, or women (I did say things that are natural are worse).  Nature being nature, there’s nearly always a shortage of something. Tribal hostilities tend to be small-scale skirmishes- the point isn’t to KILL THE OTHER GUYS DEAD FOREVER (even if that’s what you tell each other when you go out to fight), the point is to get what you need and come back with it in one piece. 

I reiterate: human society as we know it is an outgrowth of all of this. It’s not completely disconnected from humanity’s ‘natural’ state- humans haven’t evolved much physically since the end of the Ice Age, and it’s safe to say that physically and mentally we have a lot in common with our ancestors. But it’s not that natural state. 

 So what changed that natural state? What took humans from “small-scale skirmishes for resources” to “large-scale bloody wars that raze cities or destroy civilizations”? The Answer May Shock You.

Spoilers: it’s not capitalism, it’s agriculture and city-building. There’s lots of different reasons why this happens, and going into them all would mean this post will stretch your dash even farther, but the short version goes something like this:

  • Agriculture means you’re stuck in one place and can’t leave. If resources get scarce in your part of the river valley, you can’t just set up a new camp a hundred miles away; you have to stick with your crops. And if things go wrong for you, but they went right for the guys twenty miles downstream, it starts to look damn tempting to raid them and steal all their stuff. 
  • Agriculture and city-building also go hand in hand with the emergence of strong, top-down leadership; if you get a group of more than a couple hundred people, you need someone (or a group of someones) to coordinate what y’all are doing, or everything falls apart.  

You get one leader- one chief or king or patriarch- who’s a little greedier than his neighbours, he realizes, “hey, instead of just taking what we need, what if we took…….. all their stuff…..”, and Hijinks Ensue. And by hijinks, I mean the start of an endless bloody cycle of conflict that we’re still trying to end today. 

Capitalism didn’t have anything to do with it; that came a lot later. You can definitely make a case for capitalism exacerbating the stuff that makes people fight each other- as an example, forced scarcity trips the ‘we’re all out of resources, time to Fight’ switch in our brains, whether or not we’ve actually got enough resources to work with. 

But TLDR: humanity is six billion monkeys on six billion typewriters, living in a society designed by countless typewriter-monkeys that came before us; this society is profoundly “unnatural” but that’s a good thing; you can’t say humanity is naturally ‘good’ or ‘bad’ because humans are complicated’; war sucks; capitalism has some major problems but you can’t foist all humanity’s flaws off on it.

[I can’t properly source all of this right now because it’s wayyyy past my bedtime, but off the top of my head, this post owes a lot to E.O. Wilson, a biologist whose work focused on integrating biology and sociology.] 

i had a dream that i traveled back to the 60s or something and i was just chillin on a highway exit and i watched some cars going the wrong way on the highway and cause a big accident and then one group of people pulled out a white cross from their car and stood it up and then jfk was there and he got married underneath it and then the bunch of people involved in the car accident all started walking up the exit with me and i told one of them i was a time traveler from 2017 and they asked me what happened and i basically explained that the cold war ended in 1991 because the soviet union fell and how boris yeltsin became leader and practically destroyed modern russia by employing his “shock therapy capitalism” plan and getting rid of the ussr constitution

“The idea that capitalism and only capitalism can save the world from a (climate) crisis created by capitalism is no longer an abstract theory; it’s a hypothesis that has been tested and retested in the real world. We are now able to set theory aside and take a hard look at the results: at the celebrities and media conglomerates that were supposed to model chic green lifestyles who have long since moved on to the next fad; at the green products that were shunted to the back of the supermarket shelves at the first signs of recession; at the venture capitalists who were supposed to bankroll a parade of innovation but have come up far short; at the fraud-infested, boom-and-bust carbon market that has failed miserably to lower emissions; at the natural gas sector that was supposed to be our bridge to renewables but ended up devouring much of the market instead. And most of all, at the parade of billionaires who were going to invent a new form of enlightened capitalism but that, on second thought, the old was just too profitable to surrender. … There is plenty of room to make a profit in a zero-carbon economy; but the profit motive is not going to be the midwife for that great transformation.”

- Naomi Klein, This Changes Everything: Capitalism v The Climate

“Millenials are killing industries!” aka “The people that usually praise capitalism are shocked at the capitalist system working exactly as intended, with industries that fail to actually cater to their consumers’ demand losing relevancy”


There’s this feeling of excitement that comes from seeing “cool shit”.  Like, it’s irrational, and you know it’s just there for shock value, and to capitalize on the “cool shit” phenomenon, but you don’t care.   It’s like in the digimon movie, when Agumon and Gabumon fused together to become omnimon, or when Godzilla started glowing blue and then shot lasers out of his mouth, or when the power rangers all got together to make a new megazord.  It’s just “cool shit” for “cool shit”’s sake.  

Terry Mcginnis in a kryptonite batsuit is an example of this.  

And it’s freaking awesome.  

anonymous asked:

it really makes no sense how were forcedto pay our own medical bills when forced into the er or instituionalized

right like, i don’t understand how it’s legal, i seriously don’t (well i mean no shock capitalism hates disabled people and poor people and poc, but i mean). this could ruin your life. 

i was thinking about this earlier and like, being forcibly institutionalized could completely destroy your life. i’m talking about beyond like, trauma and medical violence and relationships. you could lose your job in a second*. and your housing. like how are you supposed to pay your bills if you’re institutionalized. you could literally lose everything. you could get evicted for not paying your rent. and how are you supposed to pay your rent while you’re locked up. not to mention that once you get evicted people generally don’t want to rent to you again. 

like first they put you on a 72 hours hold, then you talk to a judge and they put you on a 2 week hold, then a 90 day hold, then another 90, then they can customize it for whatever length they want. 

also bear in mind that these holds are all independent lengths of time (so like, the length “2 weeks” starts the day after you talk to the judge, and the 72 hours you’ve already spent in the hospital don’t count towards the 2 weeks). and also, weekends don’t count during any of this (ha!), so most of the “72 hour” holds i’ve been it was actually 5 days before i talked to a judge. 

when i was released after my 2 week hold, i had actually spent about a month in the hospital. 

* i missed 3 months of work. it’s a miracle i didn’t lose my job. i think there’s some law that’s like, if you’re on medical leave they can’t fire you. but i think that’s only good up to a certain length of time, and it’s not as if anyone who just out of being forcibly institutionalized is going to have the capacity/resoueces/credibility to like, sue their employer, or something. 

also the number of disabled people who also have felony charges??? 

anyway, this got long. i’m sorry. the medical industrial complex destroys lives. 

The Walking Dead could be classified as a series in the horror genre

As such, there is nothing wrong with fans of horror celebrating the fictional deaths of fictional characters. Let alone the death(s) of fictional characters one believes has damaged the quality of the show. The death(s) of characters the show will be better off not having. 

A fan is not required to silently bow one’s head in mourning for the loss of a character they don’t like. 

A fan is not required to feel nauseated, sickened, depressed about a fictional death. For many, this show is an escape from reality. Reacting to the deaths as though they happened in real-life isn’t a requirement nor should it be. 

Stop shaming fans for how they choose to consume their horror media. People are welcome to have opinions, debate, and react how they will, but trying to make people feel guilty, gross, or wrong for feeling a certain way is shitty – especially when it’s a fictional television series set in a genre that capitalizes on shock, gore, and horror. 

okay can i just say something real quick:

why the hell are all the fic titles in the haikyuu fandom written in lowercase?

like, in any other fandom, if i was scrolling through the archive and i saw a fic with a title that wasn’t capitalized then i definitely wouldn’t click on it because my general philosophy is that ‘if you don’t know how or can’t be bothered to use correct grammar on the title of your own fic then frankly i can’t imagine the actual content of the fic is going to be any good either’

but, for some reason, in the haikyuu fandom, almost all the fics are un-capitalized?? Even the really popular brilliantly written ones, just, no-one is willing to capitalize the letters and i guess i don’t really have a problem with it because the fics are still good but just


IS IT THAT ONE OR TWO PEOPLE DID IT AND THEN IT CAUGHT ON AND BECAME TRENDY? because of all the fandoms i’ve been in, i’ve never seen this before


on the leftist group chat:

“The first reports of white supremacist violence following Trump’s election will be rolling in soon. And make no mistake that Trump and all of his supporters are creatures of white supremacy. As Van Jones put it, what we’re seeing is a whitelash against a changing country, against Black lives mattering, against a Black president, against a growing Latina population, against your Muslim neighbors. I say this to other whites: the instability of capitalism is again coming to a peak, and again it tries to save itself by mobilizing it’s oldest and most reliable shock troops, us. Capitalism must fail in this. We must push each other out of our collective centuries-old role as enforcers of the status quo. We must organize to end the violence of our families and neighbors. We must build a community controlled alternative to the welfare system. And when the time comes we must put our bodies between the violence of our race and its victims. 

There has never been any time to wait, and that’s more obvious now than ever. Blaming third-party voters, contemplating moving overseas, going on with life as usual secure in the knowledge that you made it through Bush and you’ll make it through this: these things are an evasion of the problem. White people voted Trump in, not the Greens. The whole world is seeing a rising tide of far right power. And maybe you made it through Bush, but they weren’t targeting you, were they? The work is the same as it always was. It’s up to us to do it.

It’s also important to realize that racism alone did not decide this election. Trump cleaned up beautifully among the white population, it’s true, but a great part of his appeal was that he was allowed to position himself as the working man’s candidate. Clinton had no shot are positioning herself like that: she was obviously in the pocket of the financial sector, and she clearly favored the trade deals that are going to further strip the country of decent work. People have overwhelming expressed their lack of confidence in the state. There’s a reason Bernie pulled some of the biggest crowds in history. There’s a reason Trump, who ran one of the most truly incompetent campaigns in American history, actually made it into office. They both appealed to the energy of the moment, but the Democratic party rejected that energy. They abandoned us in favor of another neoliberal technocrat, another political dynasty. 

Both of the parties are vying to be the caretakers of American capitalism. What they differ on is how to operate it. Wages have fallen and the cost of living has increased steadily for the past four decades. The Midwest went solidly for Trump, and that’s no surprise: they’ve seen their industry gutted by neoliberal free trade policies, their infrastructure crumble under neglect, drug addiction run rampant through their communities. These are not livable conditions. Something had to give. Who was it that offered the way out? Not the Democrats. They’ve sat back and watched it all happen, happy to count their money and dismiss any dissent as squawking, ignorant, racist rednecks too stupid to know what’s good for them. The Republican establishment is willing to pay lip service, but little more: 

 And then along comes Trump. He’s impolite, he’s crass, he’s uncultured, and most importantly he claims openly that he’s going to protect American industry. It’s true that he’s done a better of whipping up reactionary sentiment than any other Republican since Reagan, but that’s not enough. That racial animus has got to offer something, it has to fill a void. Anyone who dares to suggest addressing these problems by taking wealth from the 1% is sidelined, ridiculed, slandered. If they aren’t lucky enough to be in a position of power, many are jailed. The public image of an outsider unbeholden to big government that Trump has been clamoring for is only available to him because his leftwing competition for it has been brutally repressed by the state since the American revolution. This is how capitalism stabilizes itself. It maintains exploitation until the resistance of the exploited begins to shake it apart, and then it makes conditions so intolerable that the way things were seems better. Clinton is the carrot. Trump is the stick. We’re being led to the slaughter either way. The only way out is to reject this system entirely. It is antithetical to human life. 

A lot of people on my newsfeed have posted about losing their faith in the country. Good. Don’t go looking for it. There’s nothing to have faith in, except faith that exploitation and brutalization will continue here and abroad until we put an end to it. Let this be your last unheeded warning. It is time to build ourselves a place of strength through organizing and demand the change we want. It’s time to build a world where the dispossessed have options better than cannibalizing each other. It’s time for revolution.”


New earthquake rocks Italy, flattens historic basilica

Italy’s most powerful earthquake in 36 years stuck the country’s mountainous center Sunday, panicking shell-shocked residents for the third time in two months and flattening a world famous 600-year-old basilica.

Remarkably, there were no reports of anyone dying as a result of the 6.6 magnitude quake, the head of the national civil protection agency said in an update on the impact.

“As far as people are concerned, the situation is positive but many buildings are in a critical state in historic centers and there are problems with electricity and water supplies,” Fabrizio Curcio told reporters.

The quake struck at 7:40 am (0640 GMT) near the small mountain town of Norcia, unleashing a shock felt in the capital Rome and even in Venice, 300 kilometres (200 miles) away.

It was Italy’s biggest quake since a 6.9-magnitude one struck the south of the country in 1980, leaving 3,000 people dead. (AFP)

Photo credits: Vigili Del Fuoco/Italian Firefighters via AP, AP Photo/Gregorio Borgia (3)

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