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She Do This Often

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 1,900 (I have a problem, haha)

Request: Bucky just doesn’t like the songs of the 21st century. (part 2 here)

Warnings: It’s based off The Weeknd - Often, so language, obviously! 

A/N: Hello babes! the first request is here, this one was requested by the lovely @suchabigmesss, hope you enjoy, hun! Also, definitely listen to The Weeknd - Often while reading this one, I promise it makes it better. Hope you enjoy! lots of love to you all!  

There were many things that baffled Bucky about the 21st century: the rude behavior people had adapted to, the selfishness, the way men spoke to women, how women were spoken about and especially the nonexistent filter regarding physical intimacy, especially when it came to the songs in this century. 

The concept of dirty talk wasn’t a new one for Bucky, really, it wasn’t. But what was said and done in the privacy of the bedroom was one thing, saying the words out loud, for the whole world to hear, was a whole other thing.

Bucky grimaced at the song playing on the television and turned it off. Lying back down on his bed he let out a deep sigh. All the Avengers were out on a mission which Bucky had decided to skip. He hadn’t been feeling completely healed after the injury he sustained on the last mission and no one had obliged to the fact that he didn’t want to go. He had quickly regretted not tagging along anyway as boredom overtook him.

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do you think lorelai hyphenated her last name after marrying luke? or just kept the gilmore? or completely changed it to danes?

We can rule out one thing for sure, Lorelai Gilmore would never give up the Gilmore. She had been a Gilmore for years, well decades. She can’t stop being a Gilmore now. And Luke would not push her to do so. He understands that “Once a Gilmore, always a Gilmore”.

That rules out a Lorelai Danes, even though that sounds so good.

About hyphenating: Lorelai would total bash hyphenating at first, saying things like it’s a hassle how long her name would turn out and how ugly it looked. And Luke would not push her again because Luke just wants Lorelai to be happy. Whatever she wants, he will be fine with it because, in the long run, this means Lorelai will be his wife. It’s a total win for him.

However, deep down Luke is a traditional one. We experience that it in Fall, when he does not want to see Lorelai before the wedding, so he probably would prefer it if Lorelai would take his name, but he would never once say this out loud. If Lorelai does not pick up on this, she will not make a change.

So, if Lorelai notices the little signs and she will reconsider her opinion about hyphenating. She will tell him she changed her mind about it and will add the Danes to the Gilmore, making herself Lorelai Gilmore-Danes, which makes Luke even happier. There will be the danger of him exploding because he can’t handle all the happiness within his body.

Lorelai will be content with her decision too because she is fully committed to Luke and she wants all of the world to know. The full package with the wedding, the rings, and the hyphenated last name. She was not ready for such commitment when she married Christopher, staying a Gilmore, but, in the end, he was just not the right man, who she would change her last name for.

Over time, Lorelai would grow very content with her choice, liking the sound of her hyphenated last name, even though she was initially against it. She will grow to like the look of it as well and can’t imagine her name any other way. It’s her proof of love for Luke, who appreciates every bit of it, all of the six extra characters.

All in all, we can see it heading in two directions: Either a Lorelai Gilmore-Danes, which Tina is convinced by. Check her username @mrsgilmoredanes. Whereas in my opinion, she will stay Lorelai Gilmore. A name doesn’t make you feel more or less married. Plus, even if Lorelai hyphenates her last name, I think, business-wise she will stick to Gilmore because it’s shorter and more efficient when signing papers.

Maybe, sometime in the future, Lorelai will wake up with the sudden urge to change her name because it slipped from one of Luke’s rants that he would prefer it if she took his name. And that scenario would end it in a very cute surprise for Luke when Lorelai would one day show him her new driver’s license, stating Lorelai Gilmore-Danes.

So, in the end, Lorelai Gilmore-Danes is the most likely outcome.



This video clip was captured by webcam at Mexico’s Colima Volcano on Friday, February 3. The volcano sent a column of ash about 4 kilometers into the air after a strong explosion; early in this clip you can see that the shock wave from the blast kicked up loose ash from much of the cone as it traveled down it.

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Because you’re as bad as us

words: 576

warnings: casual murder

notes: rainbow 6 au, I enjoy their weird singing as they play so this song is sorta in there.

“I’ve got eyes on the hostage.”

Ohm’s voice was so quiet it was barely even a whisper, yet it was easily picked up by his mic and transmitted directly to his two teammates.

“They’re directly below you right now Cartoonz.” He said, eyes flicking between where the hostage was tied up near the blocked off windows and the glowing marker his goggles showed Cartoonz as on the floor above.

“Any sign of the last guy?”  Was Cartoonz almost immediate reply, his voice also quiet over the radio.

“No, all clear over here.” Delirious replied from his section of the building. If Ohm slightly turned his head, he would be able see Delirious marker slowly moving as he cautiously made his way back towards them.

Careful not to disturb any of the debris on the ground he shifted his position from where he was laying on the ground to get a better view of the room from the thin gap at the bottom of the barricade that had been hastily erected in the doorway. He winced but made no sound as the movement pulled at the fresh wound against his side just below his vest where a bullet from one of the other enemy operatives had grazed him. Eyes scanning the room down the sights of his weapon he was about to also give a negative when he caught a small bit of movement out of the corner of his eye.

Training the barrel of his gun on the movement he tried to get a better angle, but they had managed to position themselves so that all he could see is one foot poking out of their cover. With a frustrated but quiet sigh, he pushed a button and sent a ping of where he was looking at to his teammates.

“I see a boot- with fur.” He said slightly disdainfully. The people they had been sent in against this time weren’t actual military, and they were rather badly equipped. Though that didn’t mean that they weren’t a threat, as the wound on his side could attest to.

“Boots with the fur?” Delirious echoed back after a long moment, sounding amused. “And the whole teams looking at her.”

Ohm rolled his eyes but didn’t reply, watching to make sure the operative didn’t move as Cartoonz marker moved directly above them. He started a count down in his head.

A small smile crossed his face when the section of roof above them blew up exactly when he reached zero.

While the person below him was still shocked from the blast Cartoonz dropped down and lit them up with a spray of bullets, taking them down swiftly.

“She hit the floor!” Cartoonz shouted, letting out a loud whoop as he tore down the barricade keeping Ohm out of the room. Pulling Ohm to his feet the pair walked back over to terrified hostage, not bothering to cut them free and risk them running Cartoonz just lifted them onto his shoulder.

“Next thing you know! Shorty got blown blown blown blown!” Delirious voice sang out as he finally appeared and started dancing in the doorway, looking incredibly ridiculous with his sledgehammer and gasmask. He couldn’t keep it up for long though before he broke down laughing hysterically, Cartoonz easily joining in on the laughter.

“Oh my god, why do I work with you guys?” Ohm said sounding exasperated, but barely managed more than a moment longer before cracking up himself.

wonderwafles  asked:

Mara Sov, 8!


25 prompts meme

8. Welcome home

Deep in the Reef, nestled among the the pipes and the corridors and the chambers, is a domed garden filled with five-pointed flowers.

His name is Uldren and hers is Mara, and they are nothing but children. Their mother is a Corsair, their father—uncommonly accomplished for his sex—an architect. Neither has much time for the minding of their offspring, and so Mara and Uldren play in the garden alone together.

Uldren is the older, twelve years to her ten, and he would burn worlds for her, crush stars for her. But that is not needful. He hides while she counts, and when she finds him, he laughs and bows his head, and she kisses his forehead.

He is fourteen and she is twelve and the Queen is dead. The Queen is dead, and the Techeun Witches come to their family’s door, say they have felt songs through the void and Mara is fit to face the trials. To become truly Awoken, and perhaps their queen.

Nine out of ten who face that trial die. Uldren screams at them in fury, and lies twitching on the ground after the shock-blast, and watches them lead Mara away.

I think the stars are singing, Brother, she said to him once, and he remembers that as he hopes, hopes, believes she will survive the trials.

Mara Sov is Queen of the Awoken. Any family she had in her life before is forgotten.

For one Corsair and one architect, that is enough.

For Uldren, it is not.

No male has ever joined the Royal Awoken Guard. Few have ever joined the Royal Army. Uldren grimly sets himself to the first of many impossible tasks. He sweats and gasps and bleeds his way through training, and when half his fellow recruits have been eliminated, he stands stall to enter the Royal Army.

Queen Mara stands above them, briefly, as she listens to their oaths of loyalty.

Next is the Royal Awoken Guard, he tells himself. Next is the chance to prove himself worthy to protect her.

But first: Mars.

First, they fight the Fallen, and when Uldren is shot down, he barely pulls himself out of the wreckage alive. He means to walk straight to the rendezvous, but there’s a song on the wind of Mars, a subaudible vibration that raises the hairs on the back of his neck, the same way as when Mara stared at the stars and hummed.

He follows it: that song of the stars, that prickle in his skin, that aching, sinking shadow.

That’s how he finds the Black Garden.

He follows the song, and he finds the Garden, and that is what brings him back to her.

“It has served us well,” says Queen Mara, staring down at him from her throne, after listening to his story. “Let it be Awoken.”

So the Techeun Witches take him to their secret places. They bring him to the edge of death, but he does not die. He sees the vision of the lady, and she smiles as she says to him, We are a beautiful creation, and we must keep ourselves very safe.

It’s a fool’s speech. Uldren has always meant to keep Mara safe. No other secret has ever mattered.

But the vision lifts her lashes, widens her eyes, reveals galaxies and chasms and starlight to him.

(Starlight becomes his mother, and his father is the hungry, loyal dark.)

When the Techeuns bring him back to the Queen, his soul doubled and yet still faithful, he bows to her.

Mara says, “He has served us well,” and he thrills at the pronoun reserved for the truly Awoken.

Then she leans down, and presses her lips to his forehead. “Welcome home,” she says, “brother.”

His name is Uldren and hers is Mara, and he would burn worlds for her, crush stars for her. But sometimes all that is needful is for him to walk in a certain garden with his queen, and lay a crown of five-pointed flowers on her head.

Bright Lights

Pairing: Fred x Reader

A/N: The request ends is basically a spoiler to how the Imagine will end, fair warning!

Request: Can you do an imagine where, after the reader finds out Fred dies, has her moment to deal with it she goes on this rampage with George and once everything is over they return to his body and he is alive? It’s all super fluffy.

Squicks: Fred dies… Or does he?! I got a little bit sad while writing this I will admit, I refuse to accept Fred’s death in my Imagines!

The deafening sounds of loud booms, screams and crashes are the only things you can hear in the castle. You were sprinting through the halls trying to find someone to team up with, since you didn’t want to be alone against Voldemort’s Death Eaters. What would be preferable would be being with Fred and George, your two closest friends, but they were nowhere to be found. You got separated when a giant pillar came crashing down, narrowly missing you and the twins. Since then you hadn’t seen them at all, and were beginning to get more and more fearful without them.

You ran around the huge castle that was slowly crumbling down around you, being sure to step in and help any student who was battling it out with a Death Eater.

“Sectumsempra!” you shouted as red sparks shot out of your wand, hitting the Augustus Rockwood, a Death Eater fighting a young Ravenclaw boy, and causing him to fall to the ground with a disturbing amount of blood appearing.

The boy thanked you repeatedly before you set off again in search of Fred and George — or anyone, really.

You ran around the corner, looking around frantically when a bright blue light grabbed your attention,

You look ahead to see Fred being thrown back across the room, when George begins to scream.

You can’t take your eyes away from Fred’s boy lying on the ground, motionless. It was as if all the deafening noises that were happening all around you were now all muffled and virtually silent. All of your attention, focus and worry was on Fred.

You felt helpless, standing there frozen; until another bright blue spark flashed.

Your head quickly snaps over to where George was now, also lying on the ground, however he was getting up, meaning he dodged the Expulso blast.

You were suddenly filled with anger and bloodlust, as you charged down the hallway, your wand held in front of you.

“Confringo!” you shout, as the orange flash beamed from your wand. There was a loud explosion, causing more rubble to fall from the ceiling, but more importantly, the Death Eater was no more.

“Y/n…” George said quietly, covered in cuts and dried blood.

You look at him, but without saying a word, the two of you immediately sprint towards where Fred was still lying.

“No…” you hear George’s voice crack, as he falls to his knees beside his brother, breaking down into a fit of tears.

Obviously, you were heartbroken. Fred was lying motionless and covered in blood, with no signs of life whatsoever. You couldn’t show how you were feeling, because this was George’s twin brother, you didn’t have the same connection as he did. Fred was your best friend… Maybe even more to you.

You placed a hand on George’s back as he sobbed loudly, while you remained silent letting the tears roll down your cheeks, the severity of the situation slowly becoming more real to you.

“Y/N, GEORGE, MOVE!” Mr. Weasley shouted as more sparks of brightly coloured light flashed all around you. Four or five Death Eaters had found you, and if it hadn’t been for Mr. Weasley, you’d be suffering the same fate as Fred.

You and George jump up immediately, brandishing your wands in front of you, shouting any curse that would come to mind, your vision blurred from the constant flow of tears streaming down your face.





The three of you successfully knocked out the Death Eaters in front of you, with no serious injuries to any of you.

“Y/N!” George shouted, and as you turned around, Bellatrix Lestrage was standing no more than ten meters away, a curse already flying towards you in a matter of brightly lit sparks.

“Protego!” Fred shouted, leaping in front of you just in time to block the curse.

Mrs. Weasley quickly cast the Avada Kedavra curse at Bellatrix before any more spells could come from her want, resulting in her falling straight to the ground, eyes wide and empty of life.

FRED!” you scream with a sense of overwhelming delight, as he falls onto you. George runs over too and engulfs his brother in an impossibly tight hug, before Mr. Weasley demands that everyone give him room, however Fred held onto your hand.

“Oh my god, you’re alright,” you say breathlessly as you sit on the ground with Fred, his face smiling slightly through the pain.

After about an hour of everyone crying with relief and assessing the damage done to Fred (nothing more serious than a broken leg and deep cuts), you and George were free to hug the hell out of him.

After Fred let the two of you fuss over him and continuously thank Merlin that he wasn’t dead, he finally spoke to you,

“Y/n…” Fred says with great difficulty, the shock of the blast still having winded him, “I don’t… want to lose.. you… again” he wheezes, taking hold of your hand again.

“We thought you were dead for the past half hour and the first thing you do is tell Y/n you fancy her, honestly I—“

“Shut up George!” you interrupt loudly swatting in his direction, “let him profess his undying love for me!”

Fred laughs, and then immediately regrets it when the pain shoots through his body, causing a series of groans and swear words.

“Look what you’ve done George…” you say quietly, giving George a teasing smile.

“Y/n I do… Love you…” Fred says quietly.

“You look down at him, your brow slightly furrowed, “you what?”

Fred tries to repeat himself, but he ends up coughing violently instead, followed by more swearing and coughing,

“Don’t make me repeat it,” he says almost inaudibly fast, “Just accept… it… and maybe.. kiss me… it’s up… to you…”

For the second time, you were practically frozen, not knowing how to react.

“This is exactly what you wanted, just kiss him for God’s sake we all know you want—“

“yES thank you George,” you say loudly with a smile of mock-annoyance,

“Fine, I’ll.. do it… Christ…” Fred says as he slowly lifts himself onto one shoulder, his other hand shakily rests on the back of your head as he pulls you down towards him, and kisses you.

“Oh, yep, I’m going to.. I’m going to go over here now,” George mumbles as he goes over to stand with his Mum and Dad.

You two finally pull away, a smile on both of your faces,

“I don’t want to lose you again either, Freddie,” you say, tears rolling down your face from what has been quite possibly the most intense amount of emotions anyone could ever have in the space of no more than two hours.

A/N: aw :) also, I’m really overwhelmed by the amount of notes some of my Imagines have gotten of late, my first ever Imagine from back in 2015 received OVER A THOUSAND NOTES?!?!?!? I am in utter shock honestly, thank you all so very much!

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Do writers have to stick to a certain genre or are they free to do all genres they want?

All writers take a blood oath binding themselves to a particular genre. If they deviate, the word police arrests them, stripping them of all writerly earnings and implanting a genre tracker in their rectum. If they deviate from genre in the future, an electric shock will be blasted into their anus, directing them back to their true course. The pain is temporary, but those shocks will permanently fuck up your farts. 

Bad Habit

Part 5

(Pietro Maximoff x Reader) (M)

You got yourself a (real) bad habit for him.

Words: 1434 Warnings: Swearing, mentions of blood

Can you save Bucky?

An: I know I’m shit at updating, sorry this took so long been having serious writer’s block and been super busy with work and the little boy. Also had to edit this on mobile so apologies if it’s messed up! Split the chapters up a bit aswell as I realised each one was 3000+ words! Hope it’s ok, if anyone’s still reading! 😜 x

Tags:  @goal-mine  (Let me know if you want to be tagged in this or anything else)

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6   Part 7   Part 8

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For a moment the world seems to be in slow motion, Bucky’s eyes meet yours just before he tumbles over the edge and your scream rips through your body all the pain you were feeling forgotten as you run to the edge of the window. Steve was beside you in an instant bracing himself to jump after his friend.

“What have I done?” Wanda sobs behind you, crumpled on the floor rocking back and forth. You put your arm out to stop Steve from jumping, a knowing glance passing between you both.

“Steve, I can save him.”

Steve closes his eyes, contemplating what to do. Your power was dangerous and unpredictable, much like Wanda’s, it was a huge risk. Letting out a breath he opens his eyes and nods.

“Do it.″

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Fem! Barry Headcannons Villains

Alright one more before work.

Barry and her villains have a complex relationship. During their incarceration in the pipeline Barry was one of the only people who visited them, Dr. Wells being the other but they don’t talk about his visits.

Barry tried her hardest to understand her villains and attempt to help them. Even going so far as literally getting a secondary degree, this one in psychology, to attempt to help them.

After Leonard Snart assisted in their breakout from the pipeline the rouges rallied behind him as a kind of leader and moral center of the group.

At one point Slade Wilson discovered Olivers attachment to the Flash and managed to trap her. He broadcast her torture across Central City and threatened to unmask her if the Arrow didn’t turn himself in. Before he could continue the torture the door was broken down. Expecting the Arrow Slade was shocked when a blast of lightning knocked him off his feet and a blast of ice destroyed the machine he was using to torture the speedster. The rouges proceeded to beat Slade badly and Len ended up face to face with a nearly unconscious Deathstroke showing no fear as he proclaimed that the Flash was theirs and that if he so much as touched her again he would personally kill him. Shauna teleported the Flash outside to where a stolen Star Labs van was waiting with Lisa driving it. The whole of Central City witnessed this. Oliver later arrived, too late to be of any help and informed a groggy healing Barry Allen that her relationship with her villains concerned him.

Once when Barry was sent on a trip at work the Arrow temporarily took over the guard of Central. His methods were quite a bit more brutal than hers and any time he managed to catch one of her villains they all complained about mistreatment and inhuman conditions. When Barry arrived back in town two weeks later Len and Lisa showed up at Star Labs saying that if she ever left the city in the Arrows hands again the rouges would riot. Lisa was very upset as her favorite of the rouges, Shauna was now laid up with arrow wounds in both legs. Barry had a firm talk with Oliver about being human towards even the villains. Oliver left Central stating that he preferred Starlings kind of crazy anyway and that Barry seriously needed to examine her relationship with her villains. The rouges celebrated the Flash’s return by returning everything they had stolen in the past two weeks laid out so it looked like a lightning bolt at the Flash museum. The press had a field day.

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13. Please just back the fuck off. - Bucky

You may have been the youngest and newest member of the Avengers, but you definitely weren’t the least capable. However some people clearly couldn’t see that. Since you’d joined Bucky always loitered around you during missions, often getting in your way and taking over your fights, leaving you with very little to do in terms of helping the team. He’d even rescheduled your missions a few times, meaning he would go on missions that needed your skill set, ultimately causing them to fail. If you were honest you would admit that you’d had a crutch on the super soldier since you’d joined the team, however he was making it very hard to like him at the moment, acting like you were incapable of completing a mission of your own. 

This is what had led to you running head first into a mission that even you knew was too risky, you wanted to prove to him that you could fight your own battles, literally. Now you were knee deep in HYDRA soldiers, they just kept coming and coming, but you were managing and if you did say so yourself, you were kicking ass. Sending a shock blast to the nearest soldier you volted over a rusted car, landing gracefully on your feet. “Agent Y/N, permission to call in back up?” a female voice crackled over your comms. “Permission denied, I am doing just fine on my own.” You said through gritted teeth as you fought your way through another wave of guards. “Agent Y/N it is being strongly suggested…” The voice crackled again before you interrupted them, “I said permission denied, I can and will do this alone.” You growled, stabbing a soldier with their own weaponry before taking a  break behind an overturned truck to catch your breath.

“Y/N, what the hell do you think your doing?” You heard a familiar voice angrily shout over your comms. “Barnes, I am completing a mission, that is my job.” You growled back. “No your being an idiot, I’m coming to get you.” He insisted. “Please just back the fuck off. Okay Bucky?” You spat into your mic before ripping the ear piece out and crushing it beneath your boot. “Asshole.” You muttered under your breath before running back into the fight.

2 hours later…

He was right, you weren’t capable and you really couldn’t do this. You’d been pinned down under enemy fire for the last 30 minutes, you had a shot to the shoulder and a knife wound in your upper thigh. This was it, you had no way of calling in an evac team, after the decimation of your communicator, and even if you could you didn’t know if you’d be able to face the humiliation that faced you at the hands of Bucky. Pushing yourself further back against the wall you could feel the bullets ricocheting off of the metal panelling on the other side and hear the bullets whizzing through the air, before making impact. And then suddenly silence, no bullets, no clicks of guns being reloaded, only silence. Closing your eyes you hoped that this what it, that you’d died and the pain would be over. As your eyes blurred and your arms fell to your sides you felt two strong arms wrap beneath you, one significantly colder than the other, almost as if it were made of metal. “Don’t worry doll, I’ll get you out of here, I promise.” You heard a gruff voice promise before everything went black.

10 hours later…

Waking up all you could feel was the ache that spread throughout your body. Carefully stretching out your limbs you felt your hand hit something hard. Opening your weary eyes you found Bucky draped over one side of your bed, his forehead crinkled as he slept, he looked so troubled. Gently running your fingers over the contours of his face you saw his eyes flutter open. “Y/N…?” He said, his voice gruff from sleep. “Hey Buck…” You croaked out, “Look I’m sorry…” Before you could get your full apology out his lips were on yours, demanding yet gentle. “Don’t you ever do that again okay? I can’t lose you.” He insisted, cupping your face in his hands. “Promise.” You smiled slightly, leaning into his touch.

Mistletoe Event- Junkrat

Growing up in the irradiated ruins of Australia kept Jamison pretty removed from common society. Therefore, he was unaware of courtesies such as chewing with your mouth closed or not swearing around children. He was also unaware of common traditions, or so it seemed as you pointed up at the Mistletoe hanging above the Overwatch HQ balcony.

“Uh yeah, pretty plant.” he shrugged.

“No, Jamie, it’s mistletoe.” you rolled your eyes.


“No, mistletoe,” you repeated, “It’s a plant used for decoration around Christmas. If two people meet underneath it, they have to kiss.”

Junkrat’s eyes widened and his face turned red. The thought of kissing you was an awkward thing for him, and he rather not kiss you just because of some leafy hanging.

“Oh y-yeah?” he pouted, “Says who?”

“Viscus album or Viscum cruciatum in Australia,” you recited smartly, “It’s a parasitic herb that feeds off the nutrients of other trees.”

“Can I eat it?” was his obvious response.

“No!” you snapped, “It’s poisonous! You could die!”

“Well, I’ve certainly eaten weirder.” he snorted.

“Anyways, it’s been a tradition since the Victorian period that people under the mistletoe have to kiss.” you finished your lecture.

Jamison began fidgeting uncomfortably at the thought again. You were cute in your winter coat and scarf, and he had always watched you out of the corner of his eye on missions, but kissing now? It was a little too abrupt.

“Just like that?” he argued, “The snooty Brits figured that if two blokes met under a poisonous plant, they had to pash each other?”


“Aussie slang. I-it means kiss.” he mumbled nervously.

“Oh. Well, yeah,” you nodded, “That’s the way it’s always been.”

“And we’re just gonna let them tell us what to do? Nah! C’mon, I ain’t gonna kiss yeh!” he laughed, nudging them in the arm playfully.

Just then, he noticed the disappointed look on your face. You had been hoping to get just a little smooch out of the junker. Just enough to finally break the ice and get him to recognize his feelings for you. It was obvious to everyone on base but him that he liked you.

“It’s said that someone who doesn’t get kissed under the mistletoe gets bad luck.” you mumbled weakly.

“Pft. I can handle plenty of–oh.” he started to say, but then realized.

He really admired you, and he didn’t want any luck befalling his crush. He’d never forgive himself! Taking a deep breath, he bit his lip anxiously and agreed to kiss you.

“But only cuz I don’t want you to get bad luck!” he added on.

“Ok. Thanks, Jamie!” you perked up.

Now came the awkward part for Junkrat; you moving so close to him, pressing up against his body, your lips so close to his. You could hear little, nervous grumbles coming from his mouth as he darted his eyes all around. Being in the Australian wasteland must have also alienated him from physical affection. Slowly, you closed the distance between you and him, gently placing your lips on his.

At first, he tensed up, his mouth pursing up into a thin line. But as you held the kiss there, he began to relax, gradually melting into it. Then something clicked, and Jamison realized he really like kissing you. Grabbing your hips, he forced his lips harder onto yours, tongue moving right in. Your eyes shot open, totally taken by surprise. After a few seconds of pashing, he pulled away, lips smacking as he did so. Seeing how frazzled and dizzy he had made you, he gave a high-pitched giggle.

“Heeheeheehee! There ya go! All the good luck you could ask for!” he laughed.

All you could do was stammer a few incoherent words and stagger a bit. He had left you totally shell shocked, like the blast after an explosion.

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Coming Home, Pt.2

Summary: Bucky and the others come home to find out that your mission had not gone as planned. One of your teammates was left severely injured and your fate unknown. How will Bucky react?

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 1586

Genre: Angsty

Warnings: Mentions of violence.

|| PART 1 || PART 2 || PART 3 || PART 4 || PART 5 ||

Originally posted by allthingsmarvell

Bucky, Steve, and the others finally landed after what was deemed a successful yet peculiar mission. They knew the other team was back home after seeing their quinjet in the hangar. Though, upon entering the compound, they were welcomed with chaos and shouting, all leading towards the medbay. When Bucky saw Sam pacing outside of the medbay doors, his heart automatically sank and his breath caught in his throat. He started running towards him, demanding to know where you were. Sam’s expression made Bucky’s blood run cold and he stopped in his tracks. The rest of the team ran forward trying to figure out what was happening from the medical assistants exiting the cradle room. When Natasha heard that Clint was immersed in the cradle to recover from his injuries, she ran in to be by his side. Steve kept trying to get Sam to tell them where you were and if you were okay but he stayed quiet a little longer. Bucky’s eyes never left Sam’s face, his expression was full of guilt and regret. Tears were falling silently as Bucky listened to Sam’s recollection of the mission. 

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presstvchannelHow on EARTH?
See the #shocking #moment of HUGE #blast following #pipe rupture in #Kiev


This webcam clip captures and explosion and eruption yesterday at Mexico’s Colima volcano - especially in the first few shots make sure you look for the shock wave as it travels through the clouds.

Flashvibe Week Day 7: Villains/Partners in Crime AU

“God, I love you. And those powers.”

“Being psychic only goes so far. I’d be behind bars if you weren’t with me.”

“Please, like I would let you stay in prison for more than a millisecond.”

The villainous duo, Flash and Vibe, are more than petty thieves. With Vibe’s psychic abilities and powerful shock blasts, and the Flash’s superspeed, the two are an unstoppable pair. They knew that if it were not for the fact that they were dating, they would have been competing against each other in the criminal world. They can get a little side tracked during their heists, mostly with each other. 

crimson-blossom  asked:

The red glint was the preparation of a new arrow, there's the sound of the bow string and the arrow caught fire, before it's released, it collided with the bone and triggered an explosion, the shock blast pushed the snow and leaves aside. Revealing the assassin, it was a woman with a small thin dragon tail that went to her feet, her eyes orange with her right eye with a bright orange circle in the Iris, she wore leather, a longbow, oddly shaped horns on either side of her head.

The other snickered as he looked at them. To him, they looked as if they were wearing a second rate hand-me-down kids costume. Not intimidating in the slightest. It seems they wanted to kill him. Alas, that would be the last thing that would happen to him.


As he says so, he generates two red bones in his hands, holding them tightly.

Seagull Grenade and Murder Dance

So, whilst in combat, (my party, for context, is two halflings, a dwarf, a human, and two elves - me being one of the elves) our Human cast “Thunderous Smite” - shouting it as he did so - and whacked the leader of the group of dock workers we’re fighting. It was apparently such a powerful attack that:

DM: “The shock of the blast kills a Seagull, which falls to the ground next to the Dwarf.”

Our Dwarf picks up the Seagull, and aims at the guy the Human hit.

“Hey, laddie!” he shouts (our Dwarf has the equivalent of a Scottish accent) and lobs the Seagull at his target. "I’m literally flipping the bird!“ (Not that the leader can hear, he’s still deaf from the Thunderous Smite)

He rolls…


Dwarf Player, OOC: “Please say I hit him in the face!”

DM: “You don’t hit him in the face.”

Entire party: “Aww…”

DM: “HOWEVER, you hit him square in the chest, and he looks down at his chest. He becomes extremely panicked, as he’s just been hit by a dead bird. He takes 4 points of Psychic damage.”

The entire party burst out laughing, and we had to pause the game so that everyone could recover.

Dwarf: “I mentally scarred a dude with a Seagull Grenade!”


Another point in the same combat, the other elf, not myself, managed to deal a killing blow on one of the lesser enemies. I say blow… She stabbed him with two short swords, very much in the style of Deadpool turning someone into a Kebab. In fact she said “I turned him into a Kebab!" 

Then there was a pause and she goes:

Elf: "I’m gonna murder dance.”

DM: “What?”

Elf: “I want to do a Murder Dance, as my bonus action.”

DM: “Dance in celebration of murdering him?”

Elf: “Yeah!”

DM: “You haven’t actually used you movement yet.”

Elf: “Then I’ll use my movement.”

DM: <shrugs> “You do a Murder Dance.”

Cue even more laughter from the party!


Lord Starkiller:

In the alternate ending of The Force Unleashed video game, Marek choses to finish off Vader, avenging the murder of his father and the two betrayals on himself. After another long battle, Galen stripped Vader of his lightsaber, as he did as a child, and ran him through with it. Marek then returned to the main platform where the Emperor was standing over an injured Kota. He instructed the apprentice to kill Kota, giving himself to the dark side and fulfilling his destiny. Marek ignited his lightsaber, ready to strike down his new mentor, but instead turned and swung at Palpatine. Palpatine immediately ignited his own lightsaber, easily deflecting his attack. He admitted to having foreseen the attack and shocked Marek with a blast of Force lightning before flinging him through a window out onto the landing platform as Juno flew the Rogue Shadow down for boarding. Staggering on the ground, Marek saw that Bail and the other Rebel leaders had already been killed. Palpatine Force gripped the Rogue Shadow and hurled it at Marek. Screaming in terror as the massive vessel fell on top of him, Marek was struck silent and saw utter blackness the next moment.

Marek later woke up on an operating table in the EmPal SuRecon Center, much like the one Darth Vader rested on during his own transformation while his suit was constructed. He was now wearing his own suit of armor, presumably the only thing keeping him alive. Palpatine stood before him, saying he expected more from the apprentice and thought he could have one day become the greatest Sith in the galaxy. Marek became Palpatine’s apprentice, obliged to do the Emperor’s bidding just as Vader before him, and screamed in agony as his suit was completed. He bore six lightsabers on his belt—his original lightsaber, Darth Vader’s lightsaber, Rahm Kota’s lightsaber, half of Darth Maul’s lightsaber, his new Sith lightsaber and the severed end of Kazdan Paratus’s long-handled lightsaber.

The storyline of the non-canon dark side alternate ending is continued in two downloadable content missions, which act as alternate versions of Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope and Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back, respectively. The missions are later included in the Ultimate Sith Edition release of the game.

The Tatooine mission features Galen Marek, now referred to as “Lord Starkiller”, hunting down C-3PO and R2-D2 after an alternate version of the destruction of Tantive IV. Making his way to Jabba’s Palace to request information from the Crime lord, Lord Starkiller is double-crossed by the Hutt and dumped into the Jabba’s rancor pit, though not before Jabba’s protocol droid inadvertently reveals that the droids are in Mos Eisley. Defeating the rancor, Lord Starkiller fights his way through the underlevels of the Palace towards the hangar, encountering a heavily damaged PROXY en route. Once there, he’s intercepted by Boba Fett. The two battle back and forth across the hangar before Lord Starkiller deflects the bounty hunter’s own rocket back at him, killing the Mandalorian.

Commandeering one of Jabba’s skiffs, Lord Starkiller travels to Mos Eisley, intercepting the droids as they board the Millennium Falcon. Before he can destroy the vessel, however, he is confronted by Obi-Wan Kenobi. Despite Kenobi’s valiant efforts, Starkiller proves the stronger, and Kenobi is impaled through the shoulder before being vaporized against the Falcon’s active engines. However, Lord Starkiller is then attacked by Kenobi’s Force ghost, though he dissipates it with a barrage of Force lightning. As the Falcon takes off, Starkiller manages to leap onto the hull, attaching a tracking device before falling off.

The Hoth mission depicts an alternate version of the Battle of Hoth, with Lord Starkiller infiltrating Echo Base through a series of unstable ice caverns. Fighting his way through the base, Starkiller eventually gets into a confrontation with Luke Skywalker. After a fierce duel, Luke flees, leaving Starkiller to contend with a trio of Wampas. Starkiller eventually makes his way to the hangar, where he disables a shield generator protecting the Millenium Falcon and gets into a renewed confrontation with Skywalker. As their battle wears on, Skywalker eventually gives in to his rage and falls to the dark side, becoming significantly more powerful. However, he still falls before Starkiller’s might, and loses his hand.

As the Millenium Falcon flees the scene, Lord Starkiller grasps the ship in a Force grip, holding it in place while declaring to Luke that the only way he can save his friends is to give in to the dark side. Luke does so, blasting Starkiller with a surge of red lightning. Starkiller lets the Falcon go, gleefully advancing on Skywalker, declaring the now yellow-eyed Luke to be his apprentice.