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Neil Gaiman/Terry Pratchett’s “Good Omens” and the evidence that Destiel has always been real

I don’t know how many of you are fans of Neil Gaiman, but I’m sure you know how much the general idea for “Supernatural” and its plotlines was inspired by Neil Gaiman’s works. Like, his Lucifer is literally based on David Bowie (so yeah, Lucifer is a glam rockstar deep down); Tessa the Reaper looks a lot like Death from Sandman; Cain is a prominent character there; Abaddon’s look is suspiciously similar to WAR from “Good Omens”, SPN’s Death looks a bit like Famine in the same book - practically the whole Apocalypse in season 4-5 is based on the plot of that book. Sandman starts with a bunch of people summoning Death. And so on, and so on.

So, beware, because I will spoiler the shit out of “Good Omens”, but I would like to show you how I believe they always were very deliberate with Destiel from very early in the show. 

The two main characters in “Good Omens” are demon named Crowley (yes, our Crowley inherited his name) and an angel Aziraphale. They met in the Garden of Eden, where Aziraphale was practically Gadreel, guarding the gate, and Crowley was the snake. Unexpectedly, they became frenemies, and now, six millenia later, they are best friends officially, but most of the time they seem more like a very unusual married couple.

Crowley likes well-taylored leather jackets, wearing shades inside, and to drive his super cool, old black car. Most days he pretends that he is more of a badass than he actually is - demons don’t really respect you if you don’t show them your tough, smooth-talking facade - but mostly he would just like to travel, walk through a park, feed ducks, eat good food, drink wine, and talk for hours, with the angel Aziraphale - instead of doing evil hell business, ever. 

The cool image is everything in hell, but once his angel is in trouble, our demon has no problem running into flaming buildings, screaming his name like a crazy person, and falling apart when his angel seems to demise.

Crowley also listens only to “Best of Queen” while driving, because somehow all his tapes turn into the classic rock album when left in his car for longer than a fortnight (you think Dean has a similar problem, and all of his Taylor Swift tapes turn into AC/DC?) He has a soft spot for pot-plants, a nice apartment downtown, and he generally just wants a quiet life with his angel, far from the heaven or hell business.


Aziraphale is a badass angel when he needs to be, handling flaming swords and such, but on everyday basis he is an old-book lover who owns a little second-hand book shop in London. This beautiful description of him says it all really:

“Many people, meeting Aziraphale for the first time, formed three impressions: that he was English, that he was intelligent, and that he was gayer than a tree full of monkeys on nitrous oxide. Two of these were wrong; Heaven is not in England, whatever certain poets may have thought, and angels are sexless unless they really want to make an effort. But he was intelligent. And it was an angelic intelligence which, while not being particularly higher than human intelligence, is much broader and has the advantage of having thousands of years of practice.”

Yeah, except for the English part, this could be Cas. 

Aziraphale is the one who seems more gay in this odd couple, but Crowley definitely seems to be more openly emotional about his angel. When Armaggedon started to unfold, and everything seemed to go to hell (not literally, but almost), it is Crowley who calls Aziraphale a lot, and gets hurt when the angel doesn’t answer, or seems too busy to talk; it is Crowley who eventually loses his angel and tries to find him for several chapters, showing great emotional distress. Again, SOMEONE WE KNOW???

AND THROUGHOUT THIS WHOLE BOOK EVERYTHING IN THEIR EMOTIONAL STORYLINE STAYS IN THE SUBTEXT. Neil Gaiman said that it’s up to his readers to decide if the relationship is romantic or not - he only said it probably wasn’t sexual since angels and demons (ex-angels) are sexless. But you know, “unless they really want to make an effort”, so who knows? Anyway, we got a green light from the authors to ship them as husbands, so we do.

This has been, for the longest time, my biggest Destiel anchor in the sea of gaslighting from the cast and crew. Because Eric Kripke is A FAN OF THIS BOOK TO THE POINT THAT HE STOLE SEVERAL STORYLINES FROM IT. And the rest of the writers are too - the Megatron/Metatron joke in season 7 is also from it! And the whole Nephilim storyline.

You are not telling me that when you base your TV show on a book with a subtextual romance between an asexual angel and a guy in a cool, old, black car who pretends to be cooler than he is, and somehow your TV show seems to have a subtextual romance between an asexual angel and a guy in a cool, old, black car who pretends to be cooler than he is, IT’S A FREAKIN’ ACCIDENT! Because you know, accidents don’t happen accidentally.

I am POSITIVE they decided that Destiel was real the moment they realised Misha is not going anywhere, but they put it in the subtext for safety, and because that’s what Kripke saw in his favourite book. And no one will ever tell me it hasn’t been there since as early as the end of season 4. So, yeah.

Tomorrow: “Good Omens” and the Nephillim. Because the new writing crew are also fans of the book.


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“Someone has to save our skins!”

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Thanks for the quick response! Are there any fansites that you'd recommend? I'm just sort of floating around Tumblr and YouTube... and I bought a subscription to the BTS+ Vlive channel... and that is pretty much the extent of my involvement as a fan (so far). So there's a lot I don't know, unfortunately.

(this is just my preference btw)

- jimin: jamjam (@parkjamjam_kr), 사랑하는그대여 (@myloverjimin), adelio (@adelio_bts), love on top (@BTS_LOVEONTOP), off the deep end (@BTS_JIMINI95), jimson weed (@JSWD_JM)

- taehyung: nu na v (@_nuna_V), visual shock (@VShock1230), awesome taetae (@ASOMETAETAE1230), voss (@bts_boy_v), king of the heart (@king_oftheheart), delightv (@1995_1230com), crescendo (@crescendo_1230), taetaeland (@TAETAELAND), velicitas (@Velicitas1230), luv struck (@951230_th)

- yoongi: clattering suga (@BTS_MINSUUB), su can fly (@suga930309com), 슈가의하루 (@MINSUGA_DAY), suga flow (@sugaflow93), it’s your day (@itsyourday0613), flame in my heart (@flame_suga)

- jungkook: snowpeach (@JUNGKOOKcokr), pure vow (@purevow_JK), unfair play (@unfairplay97), hi spring (@hi_springjk), everything is ok (@OK_JUNGKOOK_NET)

- seokjin: just do eat (@justdoeat_jin), dandelion (@dandelionforjin), 나아갈진 (@improving_jin), 12월의찰나 (@December_JIN_), apple tape (@appletapebts), sensation (@19921204net), love me (@lovesme1204), 10 seconds (@jin10seconds)

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- ot7: mingga (@mingga92)

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“OH SHIT!! GET IT!!!” Jay would totally hype you up, by dancing like a dork!! He would be slightly jealous, but happy that now you to could sing duets together!! He’d also beg you to join AOMG.


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“I can’t understand how I’m to afraid to ask you out?” He wonders to himself, “I think I’ve been blessed by your voice.” He praises you.


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“WAH!! We gotta work on some duets, lol!!” he hypes. You walk on the stage to surprise him and his fans with your vibrant voice. 


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After you finish singing, he looks at you like, “Why didn’t you tell me you could sing like that??”

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