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Random zenyatta headcannons:

-if you were to hug him he wouldn’t be like a solid block of metal, I imagine that between his metal plating and hydraulics or whatever there shock absorbers and rubber, so there’s a slight give to him, not lie hugging a person but technically I think he would be cuddlier than ppl think he is
-also most of his hands are made of rubber/some material that makes it easy to grip/hold stuff, and function a lot like human hands i.e. Prob good for hand holding
-instead of kissing his partner sometimes he’ll press his fingers to their mouth because they’re more sensitive then his faceplate and more kissable
-he’s warm
-wears those stupid baggy drop crotch pants with flip flops
-listens to twenty one pilots like a garbage emo but gets upset when the lyrics don’t rhyme

Thanks to @sourbluefreezy and @joasakura, I’m working on more catdads.  Have an excerpt.

They showed him the documentation before he took the job, and it’s pretty clear he’s after a real pair of desperadoes.  These two have left a trail of bodies, theft, and occasional devastation in their wake from one hemisphere to the other, and he reckons it’s about time someone put a stop to it.

When they catch him in an ambush, he realizes that someone isn’t going to be him.

One of the bastards catches him from behind—he’s so damn strong, it’s like being wrestled by a bear—and the other one lands from what must be a three story drop, uncoils like he’s made of shock absorbers, then heads straight for him at an unhurried walk.  “Jesse McCree,” he says in a low growl of a voice.  That’s just grand, they know him. “Look what the cat dragged in.”

The man behind him laughs.  It sounds beyond rough, almost inhuman…and familiar.  “You smell godawful, kid.  Like cigars soaked in stale tequila and piss.”

“Also, you look like a werewolf.”  Jesse opens his mouth to protest; trying to kill him his one thing, but the insults are just uncalled for.  But then the man in front of him pushes back his hood to reveal his grinning, scarred, cat-eared face.

“Well, damn,” Jesse says faintly, as he’s spun around and enveloped in the arms of his two favorite dead men.

“Surprise,” Gabriel says against his ear, and then nuzzles Jesse hard enough to give him beard burn.


What spring is complete
without a damper
that which returns
with ferocity
the forces inflicted upon it
is as dangerous
as the slings directed
against it
that which cannot absorb
the shocks
the bumps
the love
which compress it
without returning them
without learning from them
is in itself cold steel
incapable of growth
unable to grow
never to know

A New Shock Absorber Design

This new compression design could be the thing that keeps you out of the auto body shop next time you accidentally back into an unseen post. The prototype above is a 3-D printed, 3.5-inch nylon structure that can repeatedly absorb the energy of a 100 mph fastball in 0.03 seconds.

Mechanical engineers at the University of Texas at Austin weren’t content with the shock absorbers commonly used in automobiles, football helmets, aerospace applications and military gear. Even the newer honeycomb-patterned materials, which can compress only once during the force of a collision, weren’t good enough. 

So they rethought what happens when an object gets crushed and came up with a structure they call a negative-stiffness honeycomb, which can absorb energy from an impact and then return to its original shape. Read more and see an infographic below.

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AMG G63 “Nuthin but a G thang”.

Power and control – in an SUV of the caliber of the Mercedes-AMG G63, these are the key technical parameters. In both categories, the Mercedes-AMG G63 has more than enough to offer: from its highly efficient AMG 5.5-Liter V8 Biturbo Engine, it draws 420kW (571hp) and generates a maximum torque of 760 Newton meters, which gives it outstanding pulling power. Its AMG chassis is equipped with special coil springs and shock absorbers to convert the power of the engine into agile handling without compromising its off-road capability. The AMG high-performance braking system with internally ventilated and perforated disc brakes provides excellent braking performance. The AMG SPEEDSHIFT PLUS 7G-TRONIC automatic transmission features AMG shift paddles on the steering wheel and three driving modes with different accelerating and shifting characteristics.
Mercedes-AMG M157 V8 biturbo engine 5.5L 571HP and 760Nm of Torque. Handcrafted by Michael Kübler @f1mike28 in Germany Affalterbach.
Driving Performance is our Passion! Mercedes-AMG the Performance and Sports Car Brand from Mercedes-Benz.
Mercedes-AMG the Home of Driving Performance in Germany Affalterbach.
Mercedes-AMG Handcrafted by Racers.

anonymous asked:

I'm curious what you think about Damen having to be told that the Regent abused Laurent. I'm having some trouble with his blindness lasting through Kings Rising, ever after the weirdness of "Yes, uncle." I LOVE the Damen you write, but I can't see him missing something so basic about Laurent.

I was thinking about this and I realised I’d seen an excellent discussion of it on my dash already, so: this exchange here covers a lot of my own thoughts.

what it boils down to is this:

  • damen absorbs shock after shock when it comes to the regent: he is blindsided initially by the reality of nicaise, and his surprise and disgust never go away.
  • remember, he initially assumed the regent was the more sensible, sober, honorable man, just doing his best with a spoilt and wayward nephew. that fit with his view of the world, and of laurent. 
  • and when this is shattered and when laurent tells him his uncle has been trying to kill him: shocked again, even though damen has just been on the pointy end of a family member trying to kill him.
  • damen resists, resists, resists any idea that family can’t be trusted. it is fundamental to his personality at the beginning of the books. he never stops vibrating in hurt and disbelief from kastor’s betrayal. 
  • and as he comes to know laurent and to love laurent, he is blinkered; he knows something went terribly wrong when laurent was left alone in the world apart from this ruthless, awful man. he knows laurent is weird around sex. he’s a smart man. he has all the information he needs.
  • but even when the clues are staring him in the face–like laurent’s panic and nausea the morning after he got drunk–damen resists. the sheer evil of the idea is just so alien to his straightforward and honourable nature.
  • he’s not blind. he’s in denial. he’s trying to defeat three enemies and one of them is throwing POSSIBLE CHILDREN into the mix, and they’ve got to fight two armies and retake two capitals, and he’s falling in love: he does not have time to sit down and process something that would make him so helplessly, brokenly angry. 
  • so his brain is compartmentalising like nobody’s business, and shoving all the evidence down to bubble away in his subconscious. but we don’t see that in the narration, because the narration is biased: it only shows us what breaks the surface.

It’s my birthday on 26/02, so what better time to give other people presents, right? (and a great excuse for rainbow writing)

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Ever wondered what these little holes in your sprues are for? They act as shock absorbers to reduce the chance of leaving stress marks on the part if you clip the gates in the wrong order. You’ll notice sometimes they’ll break while clipping a part, this usually means the smart guys at Bandai just saved your piece from one of those annoying white marks.


Affordances No. 18 by Jonathan Zawada for Matter-Made. “Zawada’s Affordances No.1A & No.1B are the first commercially available pieces from the artist and designer. Their interlocking marble shapes are based on essential forms and simplified construction: designed to be flat-packed, the table can be assembled without the use of tools or hardware. The underside of the tabletop is lined with a layer of shock-absorbent rubber, which also grips the base. The three-piece table is available in four marbles: VT White Danby, Nero Marquina, Rosso Imparo, and Dark Emperador, offering a dynamic range of solids and color-combinations.”

Garnet is the only one able to withstand Steven Bombs, everyone else a 3,959 radius of said Steven Bomb withers into crying, screaming, yelling, and sobbing. Garnet is the only one strong enough to withstand a Steven Bomb, due to her amazing afro of hair being shock absorbant.

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Open Starter | Run

Music thrumming in her ears as she jogged through the forest, she was testing to make sure the new shock absorbers in her legs were going smoothly, so far so good. She increased the speed she went form a jog to a run then to a sprint, dodging the many trees.
Heart thrumming, heavy breaths and sweat dripping from her, she loved running, she felt alive when she climbed or ran. Mouth stretched in a grin she gave a loud whoop before vaulted over a fallen tree and when she touched the ground she was about to continue running, but someone was on her path staring wide eyed. Since she couldn’t fully stop she rolled to the side skidding to the ground dirt, twigs and leaves in her hair, “fuuuuuck, that hurt.”

150710 // trb in sydney

SO i just got home from trb and im aching and tired but i wanted to get this gay bts feelings dump out of the way before i forget everything bc even now im feeling a little fuzzy and disorientated so you dont even have to read this bc its mostly for myself so i can remember this so yeah!! this actually ended up super super long so ill be honestly shocked if anyone reads this whole thing haha

for some bg info this was not only my 1st kpop concert ever but my first CONCERT ever in general so it was a Pretty Wild Time

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