sho sakurai

17.04.27 VS ARASHI - Open talk [English translation]

S: Aiba-san is in the middle of filming Getsuku.
A: Right.
S: How is the filming?
A: I have to handle everything with care.
S: What do you mean?
M: Why?
A: Kizoku is carrying his own tent. The furniture in it are expensive things.
S: I see. Aiba-san, in other words you probably can’t tell if it’s crafted things.
A: Right.
S: The team is looking for sense of reality to such extent.
A: Yes they do look for reality.
S: Aiba-san is Kizoku while Matsushige-san is butler?
A: Yes he’s butler.
S: I’ve been thinking about… Special drama. Kizoku Tantei x Nazotoki wa Dinner no Ato de. (BGM: Meikyu Love Song)
A: What an idea!
S: I’ve been thinking about this. I am bit excited to do it.
M: Then I make chocolate for Kizoku~ (BGM: Bittersweet)
O: Then I… if there is locked room I open it~ (BGM: Face Down)
A: What an idea!
N: Then I buy house. (BGM: Hatenai Sora)
A: Because there is only tent.
M: Buy a house? So common.
A: It’s great isn’t it?
N: This time… Shall I talk about this? Let’s talk about Ninomiya information?
S: What?
N: This time, from the Director-san who films Aiba-san’s drama… The draft script for EP4. (Hand Aiba-san the script)
M: Good luck!
S: Good luck!
A: Though I’m happy about this… Wait wait wait, why… (N & O reading the script)
N: By the way… This time (EP4’s setting) is hot spring.
A: So you tell me such information?
N: Yes.
M: This will be broadcast the coming week?
N: Week after coming week. Next week is EP3. So, everyone please just enjoy Aiba-san is going to be in hot spring in EP4. Thanks for your support.
A: Why …. Thanks a lot.