Remember the 2013 Kotatsu de Arashi where they held a special segment called “10-sec challenges Matsuri”? There’s a backstage story behind the show which is very popular among the Japanese fans.

For the 10-seconds Challenge Matsuri, they asked the viewers to send the games they wanted to see Arashi play, and the senders were invited to watch the filming. They received tons of game requests coming from fans all over the country. But since Arashi’s schedule was extremely packed, they were given a time limit of 30 minutes to complete all of the challenges. Of course, they didn’t make it in time.

After the cameras stopped rolling, Sho suddenly spoke up.

SHO: “How many of you sent the game requests but we didn’t get to play them?” 

*audiences raise their hands*

SHO: “We’ll complete all of the challenges, but this won’t be aired. Is that alright?”

*the staffs start panicking*

THE OTHER 4 MEMBERS: “It’s okay. We’ll play”.

They ended up playing all of the games even though the filming was supposed to be over, smiling and having fun as if the cameras were still rolling. Sometimes they got carried away and forgot about the audiences, but it’s Sho who always went, “Who sent this game? Please raise your hand. …Thank you so much”.

Before leaving, some audiences had a brief talk with a staff, commenting how kind Arashi was. The staff replied with, “They ARE kind, to the point that it's unbelievable. Maybe that’s why they have so many fans. They know what their fans want and understand their feelings. They are just a group of very kind people.

Translating this from Twitter for Sho’s upcoming birthday. He’s often misunderstood, many think of him as a short-tempered guy who tends to treat his fans badly. But if you have ever been to the filming of Arashi shows, you’ll know what kind of person he really is. 


Interesting behind the scenes facts of Kazoku Game:

  • The “Yoshimoto walk” was Director Sato Yuichi’s idea but Sho did it based on his imagination. It actually took a lot of strength because the bag was heavy.
  • The scene in ep.1 where Yoshimoto-sensei pulled off a chair and stood on it was actually Sho’s idea.
  • When Director Sato was watching ep.2 at home, his dog reacted to Yoshimoto’s bark. (Director Sato: “Sho-kun is so cute~!!”)
  • The infamous line in ep.2, “Why are you sounding like J-Pop lyrics?” was an experiment by the scriptwriter. It’s one of Director Sato’s favorite lines and amused Sho very much (because he’s a J-Pop idol himself).
  • Everyone knows that Sakurai Sho is acrophobic, so climbing the ladder in ep.3 was quite a big challenge for him. After the director said “Cut!”, he slowly climbed down while mumbling, “So scary…”
  • Sho himself is a big eater. Once, during the break, when the other cast and the staff were all full and sleepy, he’s the only one who could keep on eating. They called it “Sakurai Sho Murder Case”.
  • The “butt writing” scene in ep.5 caused quite a big ruckus at the set because everyone couldn’t stop laughing at the embarrassed Sho.
  • According to Kamiki Ryunosuke, despite how disturbing his character is, Sakurai Sho’s their actual mood-maker. “His smile always brightens the set.”

Arashi ni Shiyagare 2015.01.31
┗ Sho-kun kinda knows how to play~ ♥

After the live broadcast of News Zero last Monday, Sakurai Sho gained words of respect from Governor Yanagida Seiji. It’s a given that the newscasters are using the pointers to point on the big screen when they’re explaining. However, only when the Governor’s photo appeared on the screen, Sakurai-caster put away the pointer and pointed at his face using his hand instead because it’s rude to point at people’s faces using pointers.

The Governor praised him for being polite and thoughtful and some others added by saying that he is a respectable young man who pays attention even to the smallest details. (twitter)

Wow! J remembered that his nickname was originally given by Suzanne and not Kazu.  And how did this combi fare? (^ ^;)

Cr: VS Arashi 21.05.2015, Arashi no Shukudai-kun 24.11.2008