Sakurai Sho playing “Beauty and The Beast” during non-no magazine photoshoot
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“ニノさん 篠山紀信さんによる嵐メン、ジャンプの特徴 (.゚ー゚)カッコイイし可愛い (`・3・´) ちょっとはにかんで撮ってる「え、ジャンプするの?」みたいな (´・∀・`)天真爛漫 (*‘◇‘)手足が長いから跳ぶことに自信がある ノノ`∀´ルちょっとやっぱり俺男前よみたいな”

17.02.19 Ninosan - Comments from Shinoyama Kishin-san about photography of ARASHI [English translation]

Shinoyama-san: I’ve taken photographs for ARASHI recently.
Nino: During year-end. The photography session took fast.
Shinoyama-san: I took photos for the five members of ARASHI and it took around 15 minutes.
Watabe-san: There was a sense of vivid movement.
Shinoyama-san: Probably I kept telling them to jump. And they jumped in different ways.

Nino: (Looking at his photo) Is there any characteristic? (My photo) is the most handsome isn’t it.
Shinoyama-san: Handsome and kawaii, such characteristics are illustrated in the photo.
Nino: Oh I see.

Shinoyama-san: (Looking at Sho-san’s photo) Sakurai-kun was a bit shy during the photography session. The feeling was like “Eh, I need to jump? (Shy)”.
Nino: Really?

Shinoyama-san: (Looking at Leader’s photo) Ohno-kun is innocent.
Nino: He opened his mouth without thinking about anything.

Nino: (Looking at Masaki-san’s photo) Aiba-kun was like Arare-chan.
Shinoyama-san: He has long arms and legs, and seems having confidence about jumping.
Nino: Thing that suits him.

Shinoyama-san: Yes. (Looking at MatsuJun’s photo) MatsuJun was bit like “I am handsome!”
Nino: The way he jumps is cool.
Shinoyama-san: A feeling of coolness. Everyone shows his characteristics in jumping.

Nino: But we only did 3-4 jumpings during the session and Shinoyama-san said “Yes! OK~”.
Shinoyama-san: Yes. You all are good at jumping!
Nino: Really?!
Shinoyama-san: The first take was the best one.
Nino: Indeed the first take was good! Everyone! Do you hear this? Staff of magazines!
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17.01.25 TV Guide Weekly VS ARASHI Guide - Sakurai Sho & Aiba Masaki [English translation]

Aiba: Sho-chan’s dance, I’ve been watching over it backstage. In love with each other~ *Green Heart*
Sakurai: In this month we’re in the same age. It’s like Tanabata~ Amore among amore~

Q1: TV Guide covers are mounted on wall. Among them there is one ARASHI member and who is this? We unveil and please find him within three seconds!
Aiba: I know! I know!
Sakurai: I know! Let’s answer together~
Answer: Nino~!

Q2: In cold morning, what soup does Sakurai-san want to have as breakfast?
Aiba: Minestrone!
Sakurai: It’s simple!

Epilogue: On the contrary, what soup does Aiba-san want to have?
SA: (Point to wakame seaweed soup)
A: Correct~!

ARASHI knows ARASHI well. The two who answer all questions correctly are happy!
During the photo-searching contest in Q1, just by listening to the rule Aiba-san said “I know the answer” indeed he is full of member-ai. As for the question about Sakurai-san’s favourite soup, once Sakurai-san entered the filming site he said “It’s simple” with a composed smile. “It can’t be another answer” he showed his absolute trust towards Aiba-san.

Sakurai: The soup that I want to have, I think Aiba-kun knows the answer. I drink minestrone a lot.
Aiba: Right. I have confidence on this!
S: On the contrary Aiba-kun’s favourite soup is…
A: You’ve got the answer.
S: But there was clam chowder so I was hesitated. You like clam chowder don’t you?
A: Yes yes.
S: Right? I have an image that you have it a lot. But within these 4 choices the answer should be wakame seaweed soup.
A: I also like wakame seaweed soup a lot.
S: It’s like Chinese cuisine (giggle)?
A: No no, I am not that obsessed with Chinese cuisine! I like Chinese cuisine just like everyone does (giggle).
S: (Giggle). During the rehearsal of live we had soup, so we know the answer. Though I have favoured minestrone all along.

A: Right. So next the question about cover photo. I also knew that at once, the answer is Nino. I’m already familiar with [his face].
S: [His face] just popped into my eyes at once. It’s like something from the direction of Nino dashing in (giggle).
A: Ahaha, right so.

– So about the contest this time.
S: It’s already the fourth time for Urawa Red Diamonds team to be our guest team! Every year they appear in this period of time.
A: It’s splendid. They have a strong image.
S: Though I want to win this year, there is soccer game.
A: Soccer contest?
S: When it comes to soccer, there is no chance for us to win.
A: When the guest team is soccer players, it’s weird to have soccer game right (giggle). Well, though we have Sho-chan on our side.
S: Well for that, though I’ve said to all ARASHI members, I haven’t played soccer for around 20 years (since school activity club). It’s like Aiba-san’s basketball. Whatever activity club I was in, it doesn’t matter anymore (giggle).
A: Indeed. Right so.

– I see (giggle). By the way this interview is to be issued on 25 January…
A: Sho-chan’s birthday.
S: That’s it, from Aiba-kun’s birthday, until my birthday, we’re in the same age right? But it’s just slightly one month and then I’ll be one year older, I think it’s lonely (giggle).
A: Right~.
S: We are same-age combination in that one month.
A: We’re both born in 1982 but we’re only in the same age in one month.
S: It’s like Tanabata [Star Festival].
A: I look forward to next year, that one month (giggle).
S: So speaking Aiba-kun’s birthday…
A: I received (the birthday blessing), from group mail. And the day before, 23 December, we were together at “Music Station”…
S: Once it came to 24 December everyone congratulated [Aiba-kun’s birthday]. However, I haven’t given my present. On that day everyone was scattered. Aiba-kun’s birthday is always late. Year end is clattering, on new year day I go back to my hometown to meet my relatives, this year we also have live. Oh yes, the chocolate cake we had at Fukkuoka was delicious!

A: Yes! We had a “reunion” with the cake after long time. We had it before.
S: Around two, three years ago. The eventer-san at Fukkuoka prepared it for us.
A: It was delicious, from then onwards ARASHI starts eating sweets.
S: And the closing party was fun too. All staff, Jr. and the band joined. We also played game like bingo.
A: It was fun~.
S: Aiba-kun was taking photos all along. But I was also there. Take a photo of what happened in front of me and send it, but I basically have no motivation to watch it again (giggle).
A: It’s memory (giggle).

S: However, Aiba-kun during concert was excellent. I think there are barely people in their mid-30s who would think like “OK, let’s do head spin!” (giggle). You did great on that.
A: No no. Sho-chan also had a lot of splendid points. The dance during the interlude of your solo, I watched it every time at backstage. No, I watched over it.
S: For me, while I danced I thought that you must be watching me.
A: In love with each other~!
S: Amore among amore (giggle).


“Cool-looking men you want to support (or you would feel happy if they support you) ranking”

girls in 15-19 y.o :
1st. Masaki SUDA (23 y.o Japanese actor) 2nd.Ryosuke YAMADA ( from Johnny’s entertainment’s idol group,Hey Say Jump, 23 y.o) 3rd. Sho SAKURAI (from Johnny’s entertainment’s idol group, Arashi, he is 35 y.o now, my bae ♡☆) Kento YAMAZAKI (22 y.o japanese actor) *(I will skip other and only point out my faves)* 8th. Yuzuru HANYU (22 y.o japanese figure skating athlete) Jun Matsumoto (from Johnny’s entertainment’s idol group, Arashi, 33 y.o)

“Sports athlete you want to support (or you would feel happy if they support you)ranking”

women in 10-30 y.o :
1st. Yuzuru HANYU (Figure skater) *(I will skip other and only point out my faves)* 6th. Shohei Ohtani (Pro Baseball Player)

*p.s : some comments about Yuzuru , “he is stoic,cool, perfect!”, “he is doing his very best”,“he makes you want to give your best”, “it heals you whenever you see him”, “convincing”,“cute”