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Cr: VS Arashi 27.07.2017 めざましテレビ report, Arashi ni Shiyagare 22.07.2017, 29.07.2017

I’m still working on some of the larger scale requests from you guys so here’s a warm up sketch of sho that I wound up really liking

Thank you all so much for your support so far, everyone’s requests are a lot of fun!

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Is it okay if I request a scenario where Toshinori and the reader are in bed but her feet are cold so she puts her cold feet on him thinking it will be funny?

oh my god i love this~ poor toshi :’)

“I didn’t think it’d be possible for your hair to be even messier Toshi.”

His girlfriend combed her slender fingers through his sweaty hair, pushing it back while massaging his scalp. Toshinori practically melted at her soft touch. He smiled placing a small kiss on her neck, his hand touched her waist and drew her closer to him. She laughed and rubbed her nose against his.

“It’s cute…” Toshinori ran his fingers up and down her back and then cupped her cheek. 

“But, how cute?” 

She kissed his nose. “The cutest, your messy hair is cute.”

She kissed his cheek. “Everything about you is cute,” and then she kissed him. She entangled her fingers in his soft hair, somewhat tugging his hair a little. Toshinori grabbed the blankets at their waist and pulled them up and over her shoulders. They pulled away, a little out of breath but with a twinkle in her eye. He could almost count it as mischievous but pushed it out of his mind. She tucked her head under his chin, nuzzling his skin.

His hand threaded through her hair, and when he reached knots he’d start over from the roots and continued the process. Her hair was soft and he always loved running his fingers through it. Somehow, it put him at ease. 

She slipped an arm around Toshinori’s waist, trailing her fingers along his spine, smiling when he shivered. The arm around her waist simply squeezed her tighter against him. She kissed his shoulder and shut her eyes. Toshinori shifted a little in bed, glancing down at his girlfriend who seemed more than content. He looked up and stared into the darkness of their room.

“I didn’t… hurt you, did I?” His girlfriend chuckled, 

“I think I’d be more worried if I hurt you. Are you okay?” 

They pulled apart to look at each other, her eyes dropped to the prominent wound on his chest and then back at him. Toshinori carefully found her hands and laced his fingers with hers. He tried to smile. “The only times you hurt me are when you make my heart beat too fast, it hurts my chest because all I want to do is be with you, hold you and support you.” 

He gave her hands a squeeze. She squeezed back biting her lower lip her cheeks flushed. “You say such sweet things to me, I’m at a lost for words Toshi.” Toshinori chuckled. 

“I love you so much you make my heart bleed.” She giggled at his pun relating to her quirk. “You’re funny. I love you so much you put me at peace.” 

Toshinori couldn’t help but laugh as well. She felt his chest rumble as he laughed. He kissed and his precious girlfriend, drew back and cupped her face. She smiled and leaned in as if she were to kiss him but instead he felt something very cold press against his legs. Toshinori yelped and shot back away from his girlfriend and fell off the bed. He hit the floor with a soft thud. He pulled himself up, staring at his cackling girlfriend. 

“You should really see your face!” Somehow, he should’ve expected this.

“Your feet are incredibly cold…” 

“I know, I wanted to share with you how cold I am, there are no secrets between us.” She patted the spot next to her and beamed, but he didn’t budge from his spot on the floor. He wasn’t sure if it was safe. “Come on, Toshi. I won’t put my feet on your legs anymore.”

She extended her arms towards him with a wicked grin. Toshinori ruffled his hair a little bit. He knows she probably will, but to be honest, he was a glutton for punishment. Toshinori climbed onto the bed again, drew his funny girlfriend into his arms and they lied down to sleep. 

She ended up pressing her cold feet against his legs one more time. Toshinori really considered buying his girlfriend a bunch of cute socks to remedy her cold feet.

Psycho-Pass Family AU

Shion and Yayoi are the moms

Sho and Akane are their kids

Akane is Shion’s daughter from a previous relationship

Shion and Yayoi adopted Sho together when they decided they wanted more kids

Shion is the ‘strict’ one who makes everyone do their homework and Yayoi is the ‘fun’ one who takes the kids to concerts (jk Shion only pretends to be strict and then lets everyone stay up late to watch movies)

Sho adores his older sister and is always tagging along beside her

Mika is Sho’s friend from school who comes over to play video games with him and blush whenever Yayoi walks into the living room

Nobuchika is the awkward neighbor boy who meets Sho and Akane when he loses his grip on Dime’s leash and the dog jumps up on Akane (who doesn’t mind at all)

After that, Sho and Akane are always finding excuses to go next door and bother Nobuchika

Masaoka is just glad that his kiddo is finally making some more friends and always asks Sho and Akane if they want snacks

Shinya is Nobuchika’s friend who is always crawling through his window at odd hours after getting into fights

The first time Akane meets Shinya, he has a black eye from a fight and he blushes because he wasn’t expecting to see a girl at Nobuchika’s house

The only time Nobuchika ever gets in trouble is for bringing home stray dogs without asking his dad first

But Masaoka is a huge softy and can’t stay mad at his son and always hugs him when he’s upset

The first time Mika meets Nobuchika, she kicks him in the shin because she thinks he’s a snob

She finds out later that he’s just shy and awkward, and she apologizes and helps him fix his out-of-control hair into a ponytail

Akane is the coolest of the group, but her weakness is Sho.  If he needs her, she will drop everything to go to him.

Some bullies steal Sho’s backpack and throw it into a tree one day.  Akane is attempting to climb the tree to get it down when Nobuchika walks by.  He’s the tallest and so he gets it down easily.  Then Akane kisses him on the cheek to thank him and he blushes so hard that he runs all the way home and shuts himself in his room for the rest of the day.

Nobuchika likes hanging out at Akane and Sho’s house because their two moms spoil him and ruffle his hair.  Mika pouts until she gets her hair played with too.


└ My first-ever attempt _φ(・_・ with calli marker pens as an adult leftie who struggled with traditional calli pens.

A new “dream~” to work towards? (⌒-⌒; )

[TouMaki Month - bonus track!]

Yowamushi Pedal High Cadence Drama CD Volume 5:

“The Demanding Hot Springs Inn”

Featuring Makishima Yuusuke and Toudou Jinpachi

Dear TouMaki Addicted,

@toudou-jinpaching, a couple of weeks ago, linked us this audio track (credits above) looking for a kind soul who could translate the dialogues.

I took the request by heart, as pretty much anything toumaki that falls within my grasps,and the kind soul in question appeared in the person of @saisaigirl, who is not only one of the sweetest TouMaki souls I met in the fandom, but also a capable translator who accepted the challenge!

She sent me her notes, I looked over the English and the formatting, and now I’m proud to present you the full translation of the track under the cut!
Please, enjoy!

ps: this is the amateur work of TouMaki fans who have tried their best to give you a more or less accurate script, suggestions are welcome of course.
Every nice thing you read is courtesy of @saisaigirl, any mistake is mine.

pps: we do not exclude doing it again, if people help us finding the actually unavailable TouMaki tracks of the various drama cds.

pps: take it as a bonus TouMaki Month treat, since I might not be able to post tonight! 

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A part of YG’s press talk on BLACKPINK: 

He continued by explaining that “Because they’re stars, their looks are important too. Preferably, it’s good if they’re pretty. But between Big Mama, 2NE1, and so on we didn’t prioritise visuals. Also in the case of BIGBANG, who debuted 10 years ago, I remember having heard criticism and sarcasm [about their looks]. There were comments asking why their visuals were like that. In a case like Daesung’s, there are probably wounds [from that].”

He also added, “I prefer being cool, impressive to being pretty or good looking. Also/(Even) when I see Daesung, I think he’s manly and good looking. For BLACKPINK, since we’ve been going on for 20 years with the same pattern, I had been thinking for a few years now that “it’d be nice if their visuals were good too”.