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My favorite thing about Prey is that you can’t really ignore how gay it is. Like, if you play as male Morgan you can ignore the wlw relationship with Mikhaila, but no matter what, you have to collect the transcribes of Danielle and Abby (which are hella gay) to progress through the main story, which I freaking love.

All Named Talos 1 Crew in Prey

Aaron Ingram
Abigail Foy
Aime Schmidt
Akande Benin
Alan Bianchi
Alejandra Mata
Alex Yu
Alfred Rose
Alice Aiken
Alika James
Allison Brady
Alton Weber
Anders Kline
Andrew Grey
Anna Goldcrest
Annalise Gallegos
Anong Lao
April McGuire
Argentino Pero
Ari Liudnarht
Ash Lasair
Augusto Vera
Austin Cool
Bernard Griffith
Beth Ino
Bill Nixon-Greene
Blaine Cooly
Brandi Pester
Brenda Cabrera
Brittany LaValley
Bruce Cobb
Caleb Hawthorne
Carin Buckley
Carlos Popinga
Carol Sikes
Carolyn Wheeler
Chloe Burgess
Chris Wade
Clarke Rafferty
Clive Lawrence
Conrad Birchman
Cory Richard
Collette May Schult
Crispin Boyer
Cynthia Dringus
Daisy White
Dan Billingsly
Daniel Landon
Danielle Sho
Darcy Maddox
David Branch
David Simmonds
Dayo Igwe
Demetri Bowser
Demian Linn
Diane Washington
Divya Naaz
Don Davis
Donald Hall
Drew Springer
Duncan Krassikoff
Eddie Vass
Edna Burton
Edward Douglas
Ekaterina Mulsaev
Elias Black
Elizabeth Bay
Emily Carter
Emma Beatty
Emanuella DeSilva
Enoch Kouneva
Eric Berger
Erica Teague
Evan Avery
Evelyn McCarthy
Frank Jones
Franklin Goode
Franz Klinger
Frederick Steele
Galel Seif
Garfield Langly
Gary Snow
Gennady Mironov
Gerald Wildman
Gregory Kepner
Grete Mikkelson
Gordon Bitz
Guy Croal
Guy Jameson
Hadley Dalton
Halden Graves
Hans Keltsrup
Harley Grainger
Harvey Clausen
Heather Bentz
Helen Baker Combs
Hendrik DeVrie
Hope Ellis
Hunter Hale
Ian Rolston
Ike Stewart
Ivy Song
Iris Stein
Izumi Minami
Jada Marks
Janos Jozsef
Jason Chang
Jean Faure
Jenni Garbentzoff
Jennifer Lee
Jenny King
Jia Kyung Ho
Jias Long Heng
Jillian Quigg
Joel Weeks
John Haskins
Johnny Brungen
Jorgen Thorstein
José Costa
Josh Dalton
Joshua Vanstry
Jovan Graviovic
Julien Howard
Junior Bookman
Kade Mason
Kane Rosito
Karisma Chouhan
Keira Whitman
Kelly Randolf
Kevin Hague
Kimberly Bomo
Kristine Lloyd
Lan Nguyen
Lane Carpenter
Laura McAvoy
Laurel Davis
Lawrence Baxter
Leon Woods
Lia Macy
Lily Morris
Lisa Larson
Lizzy Colton
Lloyd Thompson
Lorenzo Calvino
Lucia Jimenez
Luka Golubkin
Luther Glass
Lyn Cloyer
Marc Sellers
Mariana Arias
Marietta Kyrkos
Martin Giroud
Mary Page
Mary Malinaro
Mary Stevens
Marco Simmons
Mathias Kohl
Matt Cothran
Max Weigel-Goetz
Maxine Ford
Mickey Pitt
Mike Turner
Mike Devlin
Mia Bayer
Mischa Lazarev
Miguel Lopez
Mikhaila Ilyushin
Mitsuko Tokaji
Miyu Okabe
Morgan Yu
Nash Underwood
Natasha Nikova
Neil Warnes
Nickie Tannar
Nicole Hague
Nicholas Stillwater
Nils Kjaergaard
Octavia Figgs
Oliver Benoit
Omar Bolivar
Otto Louda
Pablo Meyers
Patricia Varma
Patricia Wang
Perry Fullbright
Peter Coleman
Phong Vu
Price Broadway
Quinten Purvis
Ramon Ridley
Randall Wood
Randolf Hutchinson
Rani Chaudhary
Raya Leiruat
Regina Sellers
Riley Butler
Rich Ivers
Richard Coveney
Rodney Poole
Rodrigo Diaz
Roger Meir
Rory Manion
Ruby Stone
Sadie Hall
Salman Kapoor
Sanjay Puri
Sarah Elezar
Scott Parker
Sam Hertz
Skye Braxton
Steve Folson
Steven Mueller
Spencer Ogden
Stone Blanchard
Sylvain Bellamy
Talia Brooks
Tamiko Hayashi
Thaddeus York
Thomas Lutz
Thomas Tucker
Tobias Frost
Todd Matsuyama
Tom Cooper
Tina Snow
Titus Cromwell
Trevor Young
Umi Isaka
Veer Singh
Vincent Schubel
Walter Dahl
William Mitchell
Yuri Kimura
Zachary West

Prey, Highschool Teacher AU. Prey Week

I’ve had this AU idea stuck in my head now for a couple of days, but I’ve been too lazy to write it out, so now I finally felt like doing it. Sorry for any and all grammatical and spelling errors. I’m not really good at writing.

•Alex Yu is the principal of a highschool that is highly praised for having some of the best testing scores in the world, Transtar Highschool.

•Alex is very concerned for his younger sibling because Morgan seems to be drifting away from him and losing interest in the goals of the school.

•Morgan Yu is vice principal, but often doesn’t act like it. A lot of the students think He/she is cool, unlike Alex. Morgan often forgets what he/she is supposed to be doing. He/she is low key dating a local mechanic that is hired to fix broken circuitry and stuff around the campus.

•January is Morgan’s self created, smart AI, phone because he/she is constantly forgetting things and usually needs directions, reminders, etc. Morgan doesn’t want anyone knowing about January.

•Morgan has trashed atleast three other AI’s due to them always giving false directions/reminders or just constantly crashing.

•Jason Chang is Morgan’s assistant. He has a huge crush on morgan, and enjoys working for him/her.

•Both William and Catherine Yu are on the school board of education. They both hold Alex and Morgan to high standards for running the school, and aren’t afraid to get them removed from their positions if they think they can’t handle it.

•Mikhaila Ilyushin is a local mechanic. She has a friend at the school who continuesly breaks stuff so she can constantly get hired and investigate the disappearance of her father who went missing after volunteering for a blood drive at the school.

•During her time there she develops a crush for Morgan Yu. Eventually she finds out that the feeling is mutual and they end up dating.

•Danielle Sho is the overseer of the school’s wifi network and works with a friend, Zachary West. She honestly hates working for this school. She’d rather be at her old job as the lead singer for a band rather than this, but it pays well so she’s fine with that.

•Danielle often talks shade about coworkers with her friend, Skye Braxton.

•One day Danielle notices Zachary talking to this cute janitor. She asks him who she is. Zachary tells Danielle that she is, Abigail Foy, a friend of his from his dnd group.

•Danielle eventually gets the courage to talk to Abby, and develops a relationship with her. Abby then invites Danielle to join her dnd group. That’s where she also meets Elias Black and Emma Beatty.

•Elias Black is one the school’s security officers. He’s also a huge nerd when it comes to dnd.

•Emma Beatty is one of the school’s P.E. teachers. She often also tries to get her fellow coworkers to exercise and stay healthy (mostly Alex).

•Sarah Elazar is the head of security at the school. She doesn’t feel like school security is taken as serious as it should be. She’s always concerned for everyone’s well-being and takes her job seriously.

•Dayo Igwe is one of the top science teachers in the school. He believes that Alex Yu is usually right when it comes to managing the school. He practically admires Alex.

•Walther Dahl is an inspector for the board of education. He is also ex military. He often intimidates the employees of Transtar Highschool, and finds this entertaining.

•Jada Marks is the most experienced bus driver at the school. She often refers to herself as Captain. This has caught on, and now everyone calls her Captain Marks. All of the other bus drivers think of her as their leader.

•Will Mitchell is the head “chef” at the highschool. The food is mostly just frozen so Will and the other cafeteria workers just reheat it. Will actually becomes a good friend of Morgan’s.

•Morgan actually made Will an AI buddie on his phone to cheer him up because he usually felt lonely or depressed while working. Will named it Skillet.

•Danielle wasn’t impressed or amused by Skillet.

•Lorenzo Calvino is the oldest of the teachers at the school, and his age is finally starting to mess with him. He’s starting to hallucinate a bit.

•Miyu Okabe is a student teacher who works under Lorenzo, and honestly cares for him.

•Mathias Kohl is one of the school’s councilers. Nobody actually likes him, or interacting with him.

That’s all I have for now. Feel free to add on if you want.


Week of Mind Games Day 3: Talos I Crew

NOW PLAYING: TRANSGRESSIONS (2031) dir. by Antonio Frolca

It’s the Fatal Fortress group having a movie night! You can find Danielle’s transcribe in the theater playing ‘Transgressions’, so that’s the movie they’re watching.

Constants and Variables, Pt. II

Finally, the second part is up! If you haven’t read the first, you can by clicking this link here. In this part, we continue exploring Talos I, run into a bunch of familiar faces, and talk more poetry about the stars. Part III is where stuff will really start to get real. Prepare yourself and all. Whatever.

note: I realize Aislinn is a little underdeveloped. part of that is because this started as a freewrite, so pardon me while I try to clean up the mess as I go.

note 2: more creepy stuff happening on the station. remember this takes place in 2032, so it’s long before the actual outbreak.

note 3: for those who may not know, “Aislinn” is pronounced “Ashlen”. it’s Gaelic and a popular Irish girls’ name.

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