sho daniels

My favorite thing about Prey is that you can’t really ignore how gay it is. Like, if you play as male Morgan you can ignore the wlw relationship with Mikhaila, but no matter what, you have to collect the transcribes of Danielle and Abby (which are hella gay) to progress through the main story, which I freaking love.
In Person
Danielle found out just how hard writing an apology letter is. Sometimes it's better to make up face to face.
By Organization for Transformative Works

so uh after four years I decided to write fanfiction again just to fix Prey’s not-so-great handling of its canon lesbian couple. This was supposed to be a tiny little thing but then it ended up being like 1500+ words because I just want these gays to be happy.

Anyway, I hope you like it. Please be nice I haven’t done this in a long time