sho daniels

Fuck It.

We all believe that we are meant to do something big with our lives. Some of us actually get to achieve our goals and show the world who we are. There is a chance that we all may never make it.. It is quite sad honestly. 

We all have different reasons for achieving our individual goals. Whether it’s to prove something to our parents, other family members, friends, or even  society as a whole. But why can’t we just do things that we would be happy with? We grow up afraid to do what is best for us according to others. But what feels right to us? What inside us is telling us to conform to what others say. I grew up being afraid of not becoming a speech pathologist. I was afraid of what the world would say if they Knew i was Gay. Would my family approve of the Good child to become a Gay writer/photographer? 

First of all, FUCK what Society says. Fuck what your Peers think, and FUCK what your Parents views are. Do what you want in life. Do not grow old and look back at your youth and think “What If..” Go out and enjoy life. Do what you love. If you don’t know what you love, then figure it out…. I Said all this to say… Fuck it… I don’t usually have words of wisdom… I WANT SOME FUCKING PIZZA..