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Arashi ni Shiyagare [2017.07.15]
└ “What’s wrong with you today?!”

@sheacoulee#tbt to the time myself, @kimchi_chic , & @trixiemattel all did a beach shoot by @adamouahmane for @neverlandparties in heels, in the sand, and it was only 43 degrees outside. It was the #antm challenge I had always DREAMED of. ✨💖💅🏾

@trixiemattelThis day was cold and windy as shit and y'all kept singing Tan With U.


└ Festival of feels:

Stimulus: Embarrass themselves.

Reaction: Cuteness as their response.

Cr: Arashi ni Shiyagare 11.02.2017

BTS Reaction to you being cuddly

Request: Hello!! I was wondering if you were still doing scenarios/BTS Reaction to… things? If so, could you do a BTS reaction to you being very cuddly☺️☺️ and loving to be the little spoon? If you’re not, or if you don’t have time it’s totally okay!! Have a great day:))

Yap requests are still open


He would love cuddling, he’d just lay there and sometimes would play with your hair while others he’d just plant kisses all over your head. Making sure he appreciates every single moment you two have together alone and in peace. Overall he’d enjoy being the big spoon as he would be a blessing to envelop your whole body in his arms.

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He would find it adorable overtime you got excited about a cuddling session. Being able to just wrap his arm around your body is everything he’d ever want really. He’d snuggle into your neck and wait for you to fall asleep before getting comfortable himself. 

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It would just confirm to him that you two are perfect for each other. The both of you would love having cuddling sessions and he would love being the big spoon as he would feel perfectly your heat radiating onto him. He would most likely fall asleep overtime but at others he’d play with your hands and give your ears an occasional peck.

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Whenever you two had a chill day together he knew at one point you would like to cuddle. He would lay in bed and pat on the spot next to him getting ready to hold you. Everything at the moment would seem perfect to him, as you were next to him and weren’t planning on going anywhere. The feel of the security would feel like a blessing to him.

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Considering hoe small he is he’d also at times like being the small spoon. Just having you around him would make him feel butterflies all over his stomach he wouldn’t be able to contain how cute he thought you were, as he would sometimes turn around and just admire your face as he’d push you closer to him.

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Knowing how much you love cuddling he would always look for the opportunity to throw a random session at you when you were least expecting it. You were just chilling on the bed checking your phone when suddenly you felt someones arms tighten around you and you were somehow now laying down with jungkook snuggling his head into your shoulder.

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He’d most likely enjoy staying still with you for a little while but will soon feel the urge to do something mischievous. He would randomly start blowing on your hair and ear and would giggle at you beginning to wiggle around in annoyance. Soon enough when enough time has passed he would suddenly start tickling you or bothering you a bit more consequently turning the cuddling session into play fighting.

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