Jumbo Village

Welcome to Jumbo Village, and good luck chasing down the Chief.

Jumbo Village was the offline village in Monster Hunter 2, and is possibly my favorite location in MH.  It was a tiny, dilapidated coastal town just west of the Telos Jungle before the events of MH2, in which the player character helps to build up the village into a proper trade port and defends it from Kushala Daora.   Besides trading in monster parts, Jumbo Village is also known for it’s delicious food. (Many Japanese Monster Hunter comics have been made about Jumbo Village hunters becoming too fat to hunt. XD)

MH2 was the first, and only, MH game to include the concept of seasons, (as well as the first MH game to include a daylight cycle) with certain quests only being available at certain times of the year.  Jumbo had three seasons: the warm season, the cold season, and the breeding season.  In the warm season, carnivores were more active, and thus a good season for hunting most large monsters.  The cold season made monsters more aggressive due to shortage of food, and thus rewarded you with rarer materials for your trouble.  The breeding season was the season of herbivores, and thus the best season for gathering materials and supplies from the field.

Jumbo was also the first to feature an Instructor with his various tutorial and arena style quests, and the Peddling Granny (or Granny Go-To as she was called in MH3U and onward.)

Jumbo also has a famous hero, just like Kokoto, although Jumbo’s hero is long gone.  He was famed for slaying a Lunastra, which the Jumbo Chief also tasks you with slaying as your final test for the village at the very end of the offline game.  The hero’s sword resides in a cave in the village, waiting to be pulled from the stone by someone worthy and reforged by a blacksmith of proper skill.

The Villagers

Jumbo is pretty much a town of underdogs, which is one of the reasons why I love it so much.  Almost all the major NPC characters have overcome, or are still fighting to overcome, some great disadvantage or hurdle in their way.

The Jumbo Chief

I’ve already given Mr. Awesome-Shnozz an entire post to himself, as he is one of the only NPCs in the franchise with enough story to him to warrant an entire post all to himself.  So feel free to read all about him here.


Patti is Jumbo’s resident Guild Sweetheart. (Most of the Guild Sweethearts have actual official names, making them among the very few named NPCs in the series.  However, these names are never mentioned in the games themselves, only in supplemental material published by Capcom, such as the various art books and Encyclopedias.)  She makes an appearance in MH4U in the DLC episode “Sweetheart Square Off”, along with Becky, the Minegarde Sweetheart, and Konoha, the Yukumo Sweetheart.  She is possibly the youngest Guild Sweetheart in the series.  Her actual age isn’t given, but the other sweethearts say she is the youngest of the three, and she would appear to be in her early teens.

Patti’s main job is to give out quests to the hunter.  However, she also serves as the bartender in the village, and assists the Chief with secretarial work.  According to the Jumbo Chief, Patti’s great at everything she does… except cooking.  She loves to cook and experiment with recipes, but she is oblivious to how disgusting her food actually tastes, and nobody has the heart to tell her, as she is far too sweet and innocent.  In the 4U DLC, she mentions wanting to try a recipe for vanilla pudding… made with carapaceon brains…

The Jumbo Blacksmith

The Jumbo Blacksmith was both the first human and first female blacksmith to be shown in the games.  She is a very small, elderly woman, who has spent her entire life devoted to the art of blacksmithing.  As stated in my previous posts, Wyverian blacksmithing is generally considered to be too difficult for non-wyverians to learn.  She overcame this by a combination of sheer determination and genius, as well as learning from the best: she is a disciple of the Legendary Artisan himself, and is his only human pupil. She has the ability to determine the quality of metal simply by touching it, and thus she always wears her rathian-hide glove to protect her hand from the hot metal while working.  As one might expect from her background, she can be quite feisty.  The Chief warns never to make her angry, for she may be small, but she has a big hammer!

The Shipwright

The Shipwright is a bit of an oddball character.  Nobody really knows what he is, he has completely webbed hands and feet and a two-toned complexion. It’s said that he comes from a race of people very adept in the water (obviously) but nothing else is known about them, and he is our only example of this mysterious race.  In the early stages, it was planned that the villagers of Moga from MH3/3U would belong to the same race as the Shipwright, but this was scrapped in the final game, and so should not be considered canon.

As the title implies, the Shipwright’s main duty is to handle cargo from ships coming in and out of Jumbo Village, as well as to repair and build new ships with his crew of workers (which you can then use to visit Kokoto Village in MH2 after completing the Jumbo Village story line.)  Originally he was a hunter of sea monsters, and had his own ship with which to hunt them.  His weapon of choice was a hammer, created from a modified ship’s anchor.  But he was severely injured one day when hunting a gigantic plesioth, which resulted in the huge scar running down his left arm and the loss of his right leg.

However, unlike some other hunters in the series who were forced into retirement and spend their days lazing under trees talking about the good ol’ days, the Shipwright became… well, the Shipwright.  Now he spends his days building the ships instead of sailing them, and his former ship’s crew are now his dock workers.  Despite being an amputee, his prosthetic leg allows him to get around quite well, as he can even be seen dancing in the ending cinematic to MHP3.

He was also the beginning of the arm wrestling mini-game in the MH series.  If you could beat him, you could receive various items, including materials to make the Shipwright’s own hammer.  He arm wrestles with his right hand, presumably made stronger by the fact that he cannot use his left as well anymore.

The Wyverian Lady

The Wyverian Lady works for the Elder Dragon Observation Center in Dondruma.  She is an old friend of the Jumbo Chief’s, and came to the village to aid them with Kushala Daora.  Her claim to fame is her ability to drink just about anyone under the table, and she’s usually depicted holding a giant sakazuki filled with sake.  (She even out-drank the Shipwright… and he’s a fish.)  Because of this, she also had a mini-game, like the Shipwright’s arm wrestling game, where she and the player would have a drinking contest.

It’s hinted at, although not confirmed (especially considering she’s wearing a different dress), that the Wyverian Lady in the Elder Hall in MH4U is this same Wyverian Lady from MH2.  She offers you a drink, and then commends you for being responsible when you refuse.

And that’s all for Jumbo!  If there’s a particular topic you’d like to see in a future post, feel free to drop me a note.  Thanks for reading, and may you never be forced to eat Patti’s cooking!

Trying to wrap my head around drawing Toriel. Here’s some rough sketches I was fiddling with tonight. I think I like my first attempts at the top more than the bottom left. On the bottom left I was experimenting with a bigger shnozz and different eyes… Which looks a bit off. I dunno.

Bottom right is like, AU Toriel who accidentally gets the human soul. WHOOPS. GOOD GAME. STAY DETERMINED TORIEL.

Why do people draw Junkrat w a tiny nose???Have u seen his in canon shnozz that thing is massive okay that thing will poke ur fuckin eye out if he gets too close m boi doesn’t have a tiny lil button my dude I’m 95% sure the kids part bird or some shit. Peck peck motherfucker I stole the crown jewels

brotrot  asked:

THOSE LET IT NOSE LYRICS OMG can you please post those as text? as much of the song is you can make? XD

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my kingdom is someone else’s… it’s a princess, not a queen

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couldn’t keep me down heaven knows they tried

don’t let them in, don’t let them see

have the short nose, the way it’s s'posed to be

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