I just saw an article talking about how Shmi’s last name shouldn’t have been Skywalker because she was just a slave woman and didn’t do anything to deserve such a ‘grandiose’ name and that it should’ve been a name Anakin or Luke took on for themselves once they left Tatooine and I’m just like

No, screw that

The Skywalker name started (as far back as we know) with a slave single mother on Tatooine. Not a warrior, not a Jedi, not a great war hero, but one of the most genuinely kind, decent, and selfless people in the entire saga. It doesn’t matter if she never wielded a lightsaber or used the force. She gave everything for her son, sacrificing the last bit of happiness in her miserable life so he could escape from slavery and fulfill his dreams. She did everything to deserve the name Skywalker.

Shmi was the first Skywalker, and don’t you forget that. 

wait: anakin only had one gene donor. the only genes he’s carrying, apparently, are his mother’s, and the force bullshitted the rest. so, if you were to try and clone him - wouldn’t you just get clones of shmi?

imagine palpatine trying to clone vader and ending up teenage shmi skywalker, here to fuck you up


She was a woman of forty, her long brown hair tied back from her worn face, her clothing rough and simple. She had been pretty once, and Anakin would say she was pretty still, but time and the demands of her life were catching up with her. Her smile was warm and youthful as she greeted her son.

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the au we all truly deserve is the au where revered badass jedi master shmi skywalker has to somehow explain to the council that she hasn’t broken the code, yes master windu I am aware of how human children happen, yes I know there’s a belly monster growing in me that’s making me crave chandrilan jabanero pepper balls and forcing me to pee every half hour it’d be pretty impressive if I DIDN’T know, however the fact still stands I did not break the code


Shmi had often wondered if Owen had been part of the reason she had so readily agreed to marry Cliegg. […] Yes, she loved him, and deeply, and she certainly couldn’t deny her joy finally being relieved of her slave bonds. But despite all of that, what part had the presence of Owen played in her decisions? It had been a question that had stayed with her all these years. Had there been a need in her heart that Owen had filled? A mother’s need to cover the hole left by Anakin’s departure?

Helping others isn’t always easy, is it? If people paid us to be good, the galaxy would be overflowing with kindness. But most of the time there isn’t much reward, and sometimes it even costs us dearly to do good things.

Never Get Involved with a Skywalker

The mother of the Skywalkers

Look at her now

This one raised/trained two Skywalkers, here he is today

Fucking dead

This one married a Skywalker, what happened?

She fucking died!

This next one befriended a Skywalker, married one, and fathered another


The next people took in a Skywalker and lived with him for at least 13 years

They’re all dead

This one was co-comander to a Skywalker on a space station

He fucking blew up!

The next pair raised a Skywalker from birth

They fucking blew up too!

And this woman was close friends and coworker with a Skywalker

She was incinerated.

These two both lived with a Skywalker as a step mother and one as a nephew

They were burned to death

Do not get involved with a Skywalker.

This has been a Public Service Anouncment