AoJE Holiday Scrapbook
A fan-made gift for the AoJE creators.

We didn’t want to leave the AoJE creators out of the AoJE holiday gift exchange, so we got together and made you guys a scrapbook! (make it full-screen for best viewing)

We hope your hearts are as warm as a nice cup of tea and as fuzzy as a pair of socks! 

If you’re an AoJE fan who didn’t get the chance to contribute because of all the secrecy (we did try to message people who posted in the AoJE tag but we also have lives so we may have missed some people!) then do not despair! You can still be part of the scrapbook, just post your submissions with the tag #aojescrapbook within the next week or submit them like before and we’ll add them. Of course, anyone at any time can put holiday wishes or general good cheer in the tag, you don’t need us to tell you that!