rant things
  1. so i meet this guy and I made plans for 4 thursdays ago to see a showing of pulp fiction at the local movie theatre. ok cool. however before thursday he tries to make additional plans with me for that tuesday. and then i never answer his texts again. i wasn’t really into him in the first place but i was like he seems nice why not, and then before either of us can even begin to decide if we like being around each other he goes ahead and tries to make more plans with me. this kinda scared me off and is the reason i never answered. i know i shouldn’t be complaining about a guy wanting to see me, i feel like a dick. the same thing is happening again with someone else and i don’t want to be a dick but why are these guys so thirsty
  2. I’m taking a “topics in human bio” course. its a 400 level which usually means its going to be interesting and small and yadda yadda. out of all the things this professor could have chosen from under the umbrella of human bio, this lady chooses PRIMATES. not even focussing on something interesting or relevant about primates like “growth and development of primates and how it compares to human growth and development” NO we are learning about ALL of the primates, extinct and extant. so boring and so much memorization about all the monkeys and apes that ever existed. i sound like a whiney brat oh boo hoo i have to take a course i’m not interested in. meh. 

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name: Megan
nickname: You ready for this? Megumba, Megu, Degu, Megarin, Megumi (Bear), Shmeggie (Shmegs), Tweet.
birthday: Dec 25th (gdi Jesus)
star sign: Capricorn (if you are into this shit my moon is Pisces and rising is Cancer)
gender: Female
height: 5′0″ … I’m somewhat of a pixie.

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Nicknames: shmeg, megsie, moog, too many tbh my sister makes up all my nicknames

Current time and date: 12:08 PM

Average amount of sleep: i have no idea i either sleep too much or too little

Last thing I Googled: “kabelsalat” it’s a german word for tangled wires lmao

First word that comes to mind: lmao

Places that make me happy: my room, forests, my grandparent’s house, the beach, my aunt and uncle’s cottage

Favorite drink: idk tea 

Favorite book: To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee

Last film I saw in theaters: Age of Ultron

Dream wedding: i dont think i’d want a wedding

Dream job: probably something in film or tv (im keeping your answer there bc same!!!!) 

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