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shlurred wordzzz

I’ve always felt really small. When she was home Annie made me feel small and when I was alone too and then of course after what happened. But it wasn’t just that when I couldn’t afford a motel I’d sleep under the stars and that made me feel small too, but a good kind of small, an insignificant nothing I do can fuck anything up too badly kind of small. And I know that’s all about me, but I have a point and I’m getting to it I swear, I fucking swear alright. 

I always thought I was just small and that’s just how it was. But that’s the thing about Iann, no one’s small to him. He’s endlessly fascinated about everyone and everything. I don’t think its possible to feel small around him. Iann doesn’t talk about him much though. I don’t think people have treated him nicely for it, whatever it is he doesn’t talk about. And he does this whole gruff thing, a whole I don’t believe in worrying about attachments, fuck social conventions just because there social conventions, but Iann cares about people and all their individuality. Even if he gets a little ends justify the means sometimes. And he hates it when you try to thank him, all let’s not engage in this social contract just because it is one, but duuuuuuude sometimes we’re just grateful. It doesn’t have to be soem big thing