After Dancer in the Dark you should immediatley seek the warmth of friends and family and perhaps find your way to the bottom of a Ben & Jerry’s pint of ice cream.

If getting your heart ripped out is something you’re into, you can do it in a much more lighthearted sort of way with Hachi: A Dog’s Tale

But if you’re in the mood for more terrific filmmaking (there’s nothing wrong with the aforementioned film) I’d stick with Catherine Deneuve and watch Polanski's Repulsion.

Wow, Bicester was disappointing. 

I bought a few things, but there was nothing that immediately caught my eye. Last time I went there in December, there was so many things I wanted to buy but today the stock was quite boring. I went to Hollister in Norwich a few days back which I couldn’t believe there was a store there in a small city like Norwich. Hollister always reminds me of America - which I miss dearly. I wish there was a Pacsun here in England, but I think that it’s so cold here that it would be impossible to wear any of the clothes here. Pacsun will just remain as a memory.