Could you imagine life without disappointments? See, this thing called disappointment is important to be around. Without it, our lives won’t go anywhere since there’s nothing to strive for, good or bad. In a drama-romance movie, written by Ryan Murphy and Jennifer Salt called, Eat Pray Love, a married woman realized how unhappy her marriage was, and that her life needed to go in a different direction. That unhappiness made her look for the brighter side. That unhappiness was her disappointment.

The relationship between the character, Liz, and her husband, David, was going on and during that, she realized that she was not happy. At 34, she decided to spend a year traveling in Italy, India, and Indonesia to explore an aspect of herself against the backdrop of each country, in a place that has traditionally done that one thing very well. It unleashed her fresh, oddball sensibility on an international stage. Basically, she realized that she doesn’t really know herself because throughout her whole life, she’s busy giving in to other people before herself. With this, disappointment lead to possibilities instead of depressions. She, Liz, wasn’t going to just sit and be unhappy wasting her life away, knowing that time doesn’t wait for anybody. With her loss, she actually became a better person by starting over, appreciating her life. She wouldn’t have known that her relationship was going downhill without the divorce. Liz would still probably be crying with her broken heart wondering what’s wrong if she didn’t let things go. This is exactly why she went away and spent time for and by herself trying to make things better than usual. Without disappointments, there won’t be anything to achieve for.

Being upset has its ups and downs. It’s your decision to let it make you or break you. At the end of the day,.you’ll be a changed person. Liz was so smart to value disappointments well with the chaotic events happpening around. Well, you know what they all say, nothing lost; nothing found. Good things happen for those who wait. Lastly, remember that this too shall pass.

My Dream Last Night

12/27/11. This girl was affected by this epidemic & it’s from bed bugs. Anybody can be affected by it, by any chance. If you get bitten, you’re gonnna be automatically obsessed to the first person you see when you wake up. Unfortunately, this tall girl saw me first. I don’t even remember who she is but she’s super crazy but sexy! Eventually, it got really scary. She was EVERYWHERE I go. I liked it at first but it got super crazy. She wanted to kiss me every minute, even in front of my Filipino ass family. Shit. Then, I woke up.