shlohmo bad vibes

Shlohmo - Bad Vibes

With an excess of ambient music floating about the indie side of the internet, it’s an almost arduous task to pin-point artists with a distinct talent in the genre who require no pretension to appreciate. While it doesn’t aim for the sky or desire anything more than its own capabilities, Shlohmo’s “Bad Vibes” is a low-fi ambient record intensely serious about being ‘chill’. It doesn’t demand your attention in any way whatsoever, but welcomes it if necessary with a slew of intricate and multi-layered sounds and ambiance. “Bad Vibes” is perhaps the only example of modesty in a genre filled with pretentious work. It’s the coolest paradox any producer has offered in recent memory. (7/10)


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‘Same Time’ from Shlohmo’s album 'Bad Vibes’. The first time I listened to this album I really didn’t like it but now I listen to it and think it’s one of the best albums for feels. Shlohmo is a genius when it comes to transitions and this song and 'The Way U Do’ are both great examples of that. 3:24 is an amazing transition and the melody is almost identical to a melody at the end of 'Do’ by Do Make Say Think and that’s why I enjoy it so much.