Imagine meeting your son. (Part D)

A/N: Part 5D 😊 “I want a baby now,” says the girl who always said she didn’t want kids. Look what you did, Chris. You can read the related mini-series and the previous parts here: (Mini-series: ‘Perfect’ - Masterlist; Mini-series Spin-off: ‘Fated’ - Masterlist; Chapter 7: ‘Baby Steps’: Part 1/Part 2/Part 3A/3B/Part 4A/4B/4C/4D/Part 5A/5B/5C)

After giving you some time with Jack, the nurses took him to the nursery. There were tests, vaccines, and paperwork to be given and completed, and you also needed your rest. They made sure to tie ID bands around yours and Chris’ wrists, as well as Jack’s ankle before they left with him so your son wouldn’t get lost amongst the other babies- which was an irrational fear of yours. You were sure you could pull your special little guy out from the rest of the ordinary crop, but it didn’t hurt to have a little extra precaution. Surprisingly, Chris stayed with you instead of going with Jack. He sent the grandparents instead, stating “I could use some alone time with my wife.” You appreciated the sweet notion, but you told him you were just going to take a nap and that he was more than welcome to go see Jack. But he shook his head, kissing the back of your hand. “I’m going to be here when you wake up,” he assured you as you drifted off to sleep.

And he was, Chris was still by your side when you woke after forty minutes of undisturbed sleep. It didn’t seem like a lot, but it did wonders for your sanity. “I’m surprised you’re still here,” you smiled at Chris when you saw him smile at you.

“Why’s that?” He asked, rubbing his right eye with the side of his index finger.

“I just thought you’d be with Jack.” You said and glanced at the clock; it was 6:46PM, concluding a long, long twenty-four hours for the both of you. Since yesterday at exactly 6:46PM, you’d been suffering from what you’d thought were Braxton Hicks. You didn’t sleep well, which meant Chris didn’t either. So it was understandable he was now as exhausted as you were, probably needing his own forty minutes of undisturbed sleep. “You waited almost thirty-nine years for him, I figured now that he’s here- you’d be glued to his side.”

“I’m kind of already glued to your side, the girl I waited almost thirty-six years for.” He said and you smiled when he took your hand in his. “I told you, you’re my priority. Nothing, not even Jack’s arrival is going to change that.” He squeezed your hand and you squeezed back. “It’s you and me against the world, kid.”

“Will you stop calling me ‘kid’ now that I have my own kid?”

“No chance, kid,” he winked and you chuckled softly, shaking your head.

“Knock knock,” a familiar voice interrupted the moment you and Chris were having, bringing both your gazes to the door. You both smiled when you saw Robert enter the room with a bouquet of hydrangeas and a teddy bear dressed like Captain America that you couldn’t see because it was hidden behind his back. “Sorry to disturb. I couldn’t help myself after getting Chris’ text, I gotta meet the newest addition to the Marvel family.”

“No, not at all. We’re very happy to see you,” you told him and he smiled, walking over. “The Winter Soldier and his missus might be a little sore knowing you met their godson before them,” you joked, knowing that was exactly what Robert was going to do, “so let’s not boast about it on the group chat.”

“Got it,” Robert winked, making you and Chris laugh as he passed Chris the bouquet; Chris placed the bouquet on your bedside table. “These are from Susan, she sends her regards. She would’ve loved to come along to meet your child, but she’s caught up with our own.”

“Don’t even worry about it, honestly I didn’t even expect you to drive all the way out here,” Chris told him then laughed at Robert’s expression of disbelief. Of course he was going to drive out to meet Chris Evans’ son, he would’ve taken a plane from the other side of the world to meet Jack. “We’ll come down with Jack one day and we can have dinner together.”

“That sounds good,” Robert nodded. “Anyway, this-” he moved the teddy bear out from behind his back, waving at the both of you with the hand of the bear. You and Chris laughed because that was the last gift you expected from Iron Man himself. “This is from me. I wanted to get an Iron Man one,” he explained as if he could read your minds, “but Susan said no.”

“That’s ‘cause Susan knows I would’ve burned that at the stake,” Chris joked.

“You’re just upset ‘cause you know Jack is going to be on Team Iron Man,” Robert smirked.

“Over my dead body, Stark,” Chris quipped, laughing when Robert did; you rolled your eyes. “Seriously. Thanks for coming, man.” Chris rose to his feet and took the bear Robert held out, then shared a hug with him. “We really appreciate it.” You nodded, smiling at Robert. “Jack’s in the nursery at the moment, you can meet him in a bit.”

Chris sat back down after pulling a chair over for Robert. “We’re all so happy for the both of you, “ Robert said as he sat down, “this is amazing. You’re a dad,” he slapped Chris’ shoulder with a wide grin; Chris mirrored the same grin, chuckling softly. “Finally, man. You must be ecstatic.”

“Ecstatic, yeah, but also nervous.” He admitted then winced when he looked up at you. “Sorry, baby. I know I’m meant to be the rock here, but I am nervous.” He told you and a soft snicker escaped your nostrils because you already knew that. “You’re a dad of many,” he turned back to Robert, “have got any advice for me?”

“Just be yourself,” Robert replied with a shrug. “Don’t try to be the perfect parent because they don’t exist. Just be yourself,” he repeated in a more assertive tone. “Don’t be afraid to make mistakes because that’s how you learn. Every kid is different, there is no handbook. The main idea is to love them and raise them to make good choices and be a decent human being. It’s just- it’s something you just gotta work at it. It’s a lot of try and try again, and taking each day as it comes. You have to believe that things will work out in the end, and it will, trust me.”

“That’s the best you got?” Chris laughed.

“What do you want me to say, Evans?” Robert quizzed, smiling. “Parenthood- it’s both the easiest and the toughest job on the planet. I can’t tell you how to be a dad to Jack, that’s something you’ve got to work out on your own.” Robert told him and Chris managed a small smile, reaching for your hand because you always provided him comfort. “Just relax, Dorito. You’re made for this. And come on, that kid is equal parts you and Y/N,” he smiled at you and you smiled back, “whatever the two of you do or don’t do, he’s going to turn out great anyway.”

“Thank you, that is so sweet,” you cooed, pouting as your eyes welled with tears.

“Just stating facts here,” Robert smiled, reaching for your joined hands to give it a light pat.

Chris drew his hand back and turned to the door when he heard his mom’s voice. He smiled when he realized the grandparents had returned with Jack; your mom was wheeling him in his little baby cot. “Look who’s here,” he glanced at you and tapped Robert’s arm. You smiled, feeling a spark of excitement that ignited a want to hold your little boy. “Is everything okay with him?” He asked your mom as he carefully lifted Jack from his cot, cradling him in his arms. “Hey pal,” he gently rocked Jack, walking over to Robert.

“Everything’s perfect, the two of you should be able to go home tomorrow morning.” Your mom told Chris, then looked over and smiled at you. “I’m proud of you, baby,” she mouthed and you wiped the tears from your eyes, smiling. “Hey Robert, it’s nice of you to join the party.”

“I had to meet the next Captain America,” Robert gently rubbed Jack’s belly with the pads of his fingers, smiling. “Little one, you have no idea how long your dad has waited for you.” He told Jack as Chris passed him over. “He’s beautiful, you guys.” He smiled at both you and Chris before turning back to Jack. “You are going to be so loved by your mom and dad, and all your aunties and uncles at Marvel. So loved,” he asserted, pressing a gentle kiss on Jack’s forehead.

Chris rejoined your side, sitting on the edge of your bed this time. He wrapped an arm around you as you leaned into him, watching Robert interact with Jack. Jack, your son. It still blew your mind that you were a parent now. Were you ready for this? Was Chris? Of course he was, he was a natural with kids. But were you? Were you-

You were thrown off your train of thought when Jack started to cry, your heart both ached and started to beat rapidly against your chest. Your son was crying and Robert was bringing him over to the two of you. Could you even soothe him? What if he didn’t stop crying at your touch? Would that make you a bad mom?

“I think he wants his mom,” Robert told you, transferring Jack into your arms. Chris helped as you took him, your eyes slightly narrowed with stress and anxiety. “Well, look at that. I was right,” Robert commented when Jack stopped crying at your touch, nestling himself in your comfort. “And you said you weren’t a natural,” Robert teased you.

Your facials softened and you let out a breathless chuckle, smiling at Chris before looking back down at your son. Chris smiled and kissed the side of your head, whispering into your ear before he drew back, “looks like Jack is going to be just like his dad, a big ol’ mama’s boy.”

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