shlart said: YOU’RE LEARNING POLISH TOO? same here! this is so exciting!

Yeah! I took a class while I was in Germany, and I’ve been working on it on my own since! What about you??

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Hit shuffle on your music device and list the first 10 songs. Rules: no skipping and tag 10 people

1. bitch don’t kill my vibe // kendrick lamar

2. enemy // the weeknd

3. skyfall (ft young thug) // travis scott

4. machine gun // portishead

5. worn // corbin

6. next // the weeknd

7. fuckwitmeyouknowigot (ft rick ross) // jay z

8. pop thieves (make it feel good) // childish gambino

9. drugs you should try // travis scott 

10. outside // the weeknd

This isn’t an accurate representation of how much Weeknd is actually on my phone. There’s actually way more :[

anonymous asked:

What does ur URL mean?

it’s like

when you shit accidentally while farting it’s a shart

if you do all that while laughing it’s a shlart.

personal experience