German NT school days :P

the ‘resigning’ class represenatative 

the cute couple

the (unaware) heartthrob ;)

the lady killer 

the stereotypical German aka “drunk guy”

the confused guy (who always searches for his pencil)

don’t go to him for advice!

the shy dude (that everyone secretely loves XD)

the cool gang

the nerd

the shy but somehow cute exchange student

…sorry guys I HAD TO DO THAT XD

the party monster

AND the dorky idiot 


dancing as teambuilding experience

on wednesday evening the german players were visited by a group of professional dancers. they invited the woman for a 2 hour dance lesson, the players especially wanted to train discofox and salsa. the whole squad took part in the event, the coaching staff was not invited. at the end of the lesson, the new team members julian weigl and bernd leno had to dance alone, getting cheers from the crowd. 

the dancer’s coach said afterwards: “leroy sane was superb at salsa, toni kroos has a great rhythm and thomas müller was very curious and willing to learn.” they also said bastian schweinsteiger wanted to add an extra lesson. 

which would explain this from the training yesterday:

basti and thomas :)


So, I was missing the WC and the team a few nights ago and stumbled upon this video. Let’s take a few moments to appreciate how adorable these boys are (fast forward to 00:40, if you’re short on time). 


Benni riling up the troops. 
A bouncing baby Lahm.
Toni walking in like the champ that he is, followed by the happy chipmunk Mario.
Per and Mustafi dance off.

Okaaaay, so. Imma just leave this here.