shizzy six


Shofu & Shizzy Sixx | Pokemon Rap - Water Types: Dive Gang

omg these pokemon raps are too real…water types for days

Suicune to the Sixx you see you cant match with me
Blastin’ a Hydro Cannon and I’m packed with Adaptability
And actually, you favorite rapper I don’t rock with ‘em
I’ll make 'em Chansey in Kanto and leave 'em in a hospital
Bars for eons like Latias and every Eeveelution
You’re a Brave Bird, facing me when you see me shootin’
It flies faster than Latios and leaves ya chest burnin’
Till you pass out like the old man in Red version
My bars stomp, twin blades, Mega Garchomp
Slice and leave you swimmin’ with the fishes like Marshtomp
Burnin’ Mega Venasaur, bodied my last league
Catch these guy Sleep Talking, I’m givin’ 'em bad dreams
It’s gon be a bad scene, make a Wish, I homi Jrachi
Gettin’ stronger everybody you ain’t fuckin’ with my Moxie
The Arceus of raw, and to me y'all Mew
How you the maker of all when I made you?
Not to mess with, check it
Punchlines make you Chespin, no question
Mega Mewtwo X in this bitch
Ask why and I’m killin’ your section
Lesson learned, head of my class
I want cash and a Sash boy
If not twin cannons gon be armed, Mega Blastoise
Holdin on 1 4 5th that’ll Zapdos
Hit that Encore and let tha muhfucka clap slow
Red screams mercy and I leave 'em in a hearse bro
Line up every rapper I don’t like, bitch I murk rows
Me come up Missing? No I’m here to make this game glitch
Gen Sixx bitch, upgarde and get you game switched
You’re Softboiled and unknown, I’ll remain that dude for life
Boutta to go Mega someone gimme Suicunenite