shizuos also called


Can we talk about how instead of calling each other by their surnames they call each other by their first names? Doesn’t that mean you know the person very well or your on at least friendly terms with them. Also Shizuo tends to call Izaya just ‘Izaya’ which is used by people you know extremely well and you are very, very close with.



My favorite durarara headcanons ive thought up

- After the first time going to the cosplay group with Erika, Anri decides to join and attends cons with them regularly.

- After the incident on the roof in the final episode, Masaomi gets acrophobia, the fear of heights. If someone suggests going up to any roof, he swiftly suggests something else, but is perfectly fine doing anything else on the ground.

- After the incident on the roof in the final episode, Mikado gets hoplophobia, the fear of guns. He soon gets over it, but still gets a startled expression when guns are mentioned in conversation. 

- Shizuo calls Vorona on a regular basis, and they can talk for hours about anything at all. Shizuo also calls Izaya right after Vorona, not to hope he is in better health, but to indirectly find out his health so he knows when he should be ready to fight Izaya again. (of course that wouldn’t happen, since the wheelchair and all)

-(for this headcanon this isn’t what happened but you know what idc) While Izaya is in the hospital after his fight with Shizuo, he is actually happy when someone calls him, even Shizuo, since no one comes to visit him.