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Fandom: DRRR!!
Pairing: Shizaya
Rating: Cavities
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As Shizuo sat on his futon, he wondered if he’d truly regret murdering Izaya. It was likely that he would, given his other, lighter feelings for him, but surely he’d be able to beat him a little bit, right? No one could blame him, not when the pest was being so annoying, and it’d practically be a public service.

Izaya kicked his legs childishly, and very nearly smacked Shizuo’s face with his foot. It was only Shizuo’s quick reflexes that saved him, but the close call did nothing for his rising anger.

How could a grown man lay on his stomach for half the day pouting?!  It was unnatural, and stupid, and not at all cute. No, not even the way that Izaya childishly kicked his legs back and forth could be considered cute. For God’s sake, the man was almost thirty!

“It’s not the same,” Izaya groaned, voice muffled by the mattress he seemed intent on suffocating himself with, “Shizu-chan has to say it, so it doesn’t mean anything.”

“Oi!” Shizuo made to snatch one of Izaya’s ankles, but somehow managed to miss it. “I don’t have to say anything!”

Izaya snickered into the mattress and let his legs drop. “Yes you do, and that’s why it isn’t the same.”

“You’re such a shitty bastard.” Shizuo’s voice was full of false anger, but he tried to ignore it. “Shouldn’t it mean more when I say it?”

“…Shizu-chan, you don’t count.”

“Don’t count?! What the fuck, Izaya?”

“We fuck, so of course you want to say it.”

“That’s not- Oi!” A slight flush filled Shizuo’s cheeks at hearing Izaya speaking so casually about their… activities… and he felt a wave of insecurity wash over him. With no other option (because he couldn’t let Izaya see him like this, and the idiot might turn around and check), he let himself fall forward and onto Izaya’s back heavily.

“Shizu-chan, you’re heavy!”

“Yeah, well you stink!”

“No I don’t!”

“Maybe that’s why humans don’t love you…” Shizuo shoved his face into the back of Izaya’s neck and inhaled dramatically, “Yeah, it’s definitely the stink.”

“I don’t sti- heavy! Get off!” Izaya wriggled as best he could, fighting the weight of his boyfriend valiantly. It was of no use, though, and after a short time, he eventually accepted that he might die there. “I hate you.”

“So?” Shizuo nuzzled the small patch of skin at the base of Izaya’s neck. “I love you.”

Izaya’s skin grew warmer, and he stayed silent (save for his laboured breathing). For a moment, Shizuo thought that the subject was finally over.


“GOOD!” Shizuo applied a bit more pressure to Izaya’s neck, and shoved his idiot boyfriend’s face further into the mattress. “DIE!”


What I find really interesting about shizaya is that even the girls they are implied by people to be romantically associated with, Vorona for Shizuo (rumors and Tom’s imagination) and Mikage for Izaya (past relationship? or not, Eijirou’s imagination) are similar to the other.

I’ve already spoken about how Vorona is very similar to Izaya she could be his reflection. But I was talking about Mikage with someone else recently to ‘confirm’ her personality type as ISTP and that person (who’s also ISTP) said Mikage is likely ISTP. 

So -

Izaya: INTJ

Vorona: ISTJ

Shizuo: INTP

Mikage: ISTP

Even their personality types (Izaya and Vorona, Mikage and Shizuo) only have a difference of one letter! 

I’ve already talked about how Vorona is very similar to Izaya so if Shizuo could get along with her and thinks she’s amazing for training to be strong he could see the same for Izaya as well if he gave him a chance. 

But Mikage is also similar to Shizuo if you think about it. Not only in hairstyle (and in the anime she kind of looks like a female Shizuo) with spiky hair, but their attitude. They’re both violent, they both like martial arts (Mikage is a teacher in her family’s dojo and Shizuo respects Traugott), they both seem to be scary but are pretty nice to kids (Mairu and Kururi, Akane) yet they also don’t look down on kids (Shizuo thinks it’s good for Akane to learn self-defence and he treats Mairu and Kururi normally and in SH it was mentioned that Mikage was like an older friend or conversation partner to the twins). They’re also both rather inexperienced, Shizuo because women are afraid of him and Mikage because…I don’t know, but she told Eijirou to die when he asked if she had any experience with men lol. And they’re both pretty blunt, distant with people they don’t know but can relax around people they do.

And both Mikage and Vorona believe in Izaya and Shizuo despite what everyone else says. Vorona wants to kill Izaya so Shizuo won’t become a monster and Mikage wants to see someone who can take Shizuo, that monster who took down Izaya, down.

While Shizuo doesn’t think of Vorona as Izaya (since when you think about it he doesn’t really know Izaya) I wouldn’t be surprised if high school Izaya saw Mikage as being similar to Shizuo.

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It can be said that what destroyed Ryuugamine Mikado was his distorted love for the “Dollars of the past” and everything around him.

Kida Masaomi, who became scared of facing his best friend.
Sonohara Anri, who tried to be a third party.
Heiwajima Shizuo, who gave the pure boy a “longing for power”.
The Headless Rider, who made the line between reality and illusion ambiguous.
Kuronuma Aoba, who tried to take advantage of him and approached him.
Rokujou Chikage, who didn’t punish him for creating the Dollars and didn’t give him the chance to make things up.
And Orihara Izaya himself, who pushed his back a little in the beginning.

Shizuo has a problem
  • Izaya, on the phone with Shizuo: you only got what's on the list this time , right?
  • Shizuo: ...
  • Izaya: honey, we talked about this..
  • Shizuo: they where cute, and fluffy
  • Izaya: we already have nine cats!
  • Shizuo: more to love...hello..?
  • *sounds of Izaya being attacked by tiny balls of fluff over the phone*