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Izaya’s plans (light novel 12 spoilers)

Izaya was still in a good mood after Mikage and Kine told him the current situation.

“What the hell are you enjoying so much?”

Mikage, who thought of ignoring him at first, finally couldn’t resist and asked him.

“What am I enjoying? Well, there are many things…. But the biggest reason is that someone I know very well is surpassing my expectations greatly!”


“I told you about Ryuugamine Mikado, right? The leader of the Dollars.”

“….Ah, that’s a name I hear often.”

He somehow is Izaya’s favourite object to observe, so when Izaya talks about him, he’s generally happy.

“Everybody except you says he looks like a normal high schooler.”

Mikage tries to change the subject casually but that did not happen.

“Yeah, at first glance he is an ordinary high schooler. But he was more of a dangerous existence than I thought. Since I’ve noticed it, I have been thinking about how I can expose his dangerousness but it was just in vain!”

“In vain?”

“Ah, that’s right! Without me doing anything, Mikado-kun destroyed himself and turned into a much more interesting shape than what I imagined on his own! Don’t you think that will make me excited?  Don’t you?”

Mikage frowned when she heard the response that made her feel more nauseous than she had imagined.

“…..Really, well, how should I say this…. After all, I have started to think that it’s good for the world if I kill you right here.”

“I don’t deny that. But although I love humans, it doesn’t mean I love the world or the system named society itself. So I don’t want to die for the sake of the world.”

Izaya answers without feeling sorry and Kine tries to get the conversation back on track calmly.

“Then what are you planning to do with the highschooler?”

“To say planning is mean, Kine-san, that sounds like I’m trying to mess up someone’s life.”


Kine didn’t reply to Izaya’s words and kept looking at him with cold eyes without saying anything.

“….Alright, I’ll answer you seriously. ….I am planning to let Mikado-kun move freely. For the first time, I will be able to be a normal observer.”


“Yeah, my purpose was to create random disputes in this city.”

Izaya starts talking about such a disturbing thing.

“First disputes between juvenile delinquents and then fights between colour gangs. And after that, making the yakuza and police get involved…. I just wanted to see at what point the head would show an obvious reaction to what I do.”

“Are you talking about the weird severed head?”

“Yeah, it’s not like I didn’t have any concrete reasoning. …..You’re not interested in the possibility of connecting Norse mythology and Celtic fairytales or that I found proof of this, right?”

After she heard those words, Mikage looked up at the ceiling for a while and then looked at Izaya and asked him.

“….What is Celtic?”

“See, you’re at that level, Mikage-chan, so it would be just a waste of time to tell you.”

“Do you want to be killed?”

“I don’t particularly want to be killed? Are you having fun asking questions that lead to normal answers?”

Izaya ignores Mikage who shows a slight intention to kill him and keeps talking.

“I had thought about what condition would cause the head to react if it’s not a matter of scale. A death match in which people sacrifice their lives or pride? The souls of martyrs in a religious war? Or a fight with something that is not human? Or, in the worst case scenario, it might awake during a pure battle in which a baby is fighting over a pacifier.”

Izaya grabs a chess pawn and starts to play with it with his fingers.

“I meant for that to be one of the experiments: the internal troubles of the Dollars and their fights against the Yellow Scarves. I added many ingredients into the hotpot, such as many kinds of hatred and dislike or pure fights in which nobody holds a grudge which surpasses those feelings, by providing a restless life to teenage boys. Well, it’s literally boiling all together.”

After he played with the chess pawn in his hand a few times, he threw it towards the tower made of tarot cards that had good balance.

“But Ryuugamine Mikado-kun, who was no more than just one of the pawns, surpassed my imagination.”

The tower of cards fell down in one second and scattered around randomly on the table.

“He’s not strong. Compared to other boys his age, he’s fragile like paper.”

Izaya picks up the “Tower” card with his right hand and then throws the chess pawn that was on the table with his left hand.


The next moment——

Izaya slashes the air lightly but quickly with the card that he has in his right hand.

“But the present him is a little scared, you know?”

The chess pawn that was rolling on the table again was cut into two pieces and Izaya was moving around the Tower card.

Then Kine who had been quiet until then speaks.

“Don’t destroy things for no reason.”

“Eh, are you going to say such things?”

“…..Take good care of the pawn.”

Izaya lightly smiled bitterly at the words that have a hidden meaning.

“Stop it, I am taking good care of Kine-san and Mikage-san as well, right?”

“You’re a man who can destroy things that are important to you easily. That young boy named Ryuugamine too.”

“He’s no longer my pawn. There’s a chance I might become his pawn and, if that’s the case, I think I’d be fine with that. The present him is really dangerous to the extent that I can’t stop laughing. Besides that, the organization named the Dollars itself is becoming an ammunition depot of the city named Ikebukuro.”

“Whose fault do you think that is?”

Izaya extends both of his arms out and shakes his head at Mikage’s sarcastic comment.

“It’s no one’s fault. Various elements got entangled and as a result it became that way.”

“…..So are you saying there’s nobody pulling the strings?”

Izaya still repeats the same thing in response to Mikage’s question.

“Yeah, that’s right. It’s no one’s fault. If I were to describe it, the various people surrounding him were all a little bit bad. Include he himself.”

This was Izaya’s true feelings.

It can be said that what destroyed Ryuugamine Mikado was his distorted love for the “Dollars of the past” and everything around him.

Kida Masaomi, who became scared of facing his best friend.

Sonohara Anri, who tried to be a third party.

Heiwajima Shizuo, who gave the pure boy a “longing for power”.

The Headless Rider, who made the line between reality and illusion ambiguous.

Kuronuma Aoba, who tried to take advantage of him and approached him.

Rokujou Chikage, who didn’t punish him for creating the Dollars and didn’t give him the chance to make things up.

And Orihara Izaya himself, who pushed his back a little in the beginning.

Each one of them might not be at fault.

However, it’s the fact that all of them accumulated ate away at Mikado and brought him down this far.

Izaya thinks, feels, and considers such a situation for Mikado——

He happily laughs from the bottom of his heart.

“But I will forgive him. Let me forgive all of them! Some people say God’s love is infinite but humans’ love also has no limitations! I will forgive him even if other people don’t forgive him! I will forgive him and the other people too! If I can be the audience of such an entertaining scene, it’s a piece of cake to do!”

Mikage was keeping a mental distance from Izaya, whose energy was rising by himself, and gave a big sigh.

“What I said was sarcasm meaning I think you’re pulling the strings.”

“I see, Mikage-chan is bad at being sarcastic.”

“I consider myself good at destroying guys’ faces.”

Izaya brings the conversation back on track right away while stopping Mikage from standing up.

“Hey, stop stop. Can’t you show that fighting spirit to other people?”

“Other people?”

“It’s like we planned in the beginning. ….It’s time for people who aren’t human to leave. This show is a big scene for the “human” named Mikado-kun. It’s not something that can’t be dirtied by people that aren’t human.”

“Including Haruna-chan?”

“No way. She’s human. She’s a wonderful human who beat the curse of the demon sword.”

Mikage and Kine looked at Izaya who asserted that and realized.

That Izaya’s eyes are not longer laughing although he’s still smiling.

“Sonohara Anri and Kujiragi Kasane. The Headless Rider too. Let’s make them quiet this time.”

He got rid of the “Star”, “Moon”, and “Death” cards from the table and threw them in the ashtray that doesn’t have any cigarettes butts in it but is now part of his apartment’s interior.

“Well, the problem will be Shizu-chan. Although Earthworm-chan withdrew her complaint…. It was unexpected that he was released from the police without getting violent.”

Lastly, he takes out the “Strength” card and Izaya ignites the lighter he takes out from his pocket.

“Shizu-chan is like that. He is seriously coming to destroy me and he will destroy everything if needed. Including the scene that has been neatly set up and is surrounding Mikado-kun.”


Kine and Mikage know the person Izaya calls as such well.

Very few people wouldn’t know about him if they lived long enough in this city.

Up until seven years ago, the “chase” that was similar to a death match between Heiwajima Shizuo and Orihara Izaya was a scene that could have been said was a trademark of the city.

However, she and Kine know that saying it’s only similar to a death match is not accurate.

It was definitely a death match and it’s a miracle that they both didn’t die.

“Destroying me alone is one thing, but destroying the current situation of the city…. I can’t allow such a blasphemy against humans.”

After he dropped the “Strength” card that was burning into the ashtray, he looked at the other cards that were burning and Izaya laughed happily.

“Ah, I might need to be seriously prepared this time.”

The next moment, the smile on Orihara Izaya’s face completely disappears.

Then, with cold eyes that can freeze the minds of people who see it, he spits out the words.

“It’s time for Heiwajima Shizuo to disappear.”

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Shizu-chan and izaya-kun walking in on their so naked~

Orihara Izaya:

Of the Sunday mornings and countless times he’s spent with you, it wouldbe rather hard to find such a sight like this—

Especially if he was the only one still clothed fully, no traces of desire and lust hanging voraciously at the end of his mind.

Orihara stood at the doorway.

 His eyes were brimming with amusement, cocking his head to the side at the view infront of him, blinking.

“…Izaya,”  you gaped, feeling a tint of red rise to your cheeks—hastily covering yourself with yourown two hands.

Coughing slightly, he took a step back, rising his hands in surrender.

“Aaa, [name]-chan, you’ve caught me. A shame I couldn’t enjoy thislovely moment we had any longer.”

His grin was plastered on to his face like he’s finding this to be thefunniest thing in the world, it’s intensity not letting up even as you wringed your clothes to you and wore the shirt, dressing yourself up as quickly as you could. He found himself resenting the way you slowly, painfully tease him with your stumbling fingers that dig into the fabric, even if it was unintentional. Izaya’s gaze focused on the floor for a moment, taking another step backwards—a hand reaching for the door handle.

“Y—You didn’t tell me that you were coming back this early!”

The shrill noise startled even him for a split second, sending short chills up his spine as he straightened his posture.

But that would be no fun—you have such a fantastic body, [name].”

His voice hid a snicker as he stepped back into the room, hand dropping back to his side. Izaya crept beside you, chuckling as your fingers moved away from your clothes. 

(maybe he’s gone too far with his teasing this time around–there’s no way he can just leave like that)

“I didn’t want you to see me like this.”
“Oh? But I’ve seen you naked for more times than you can count, have I not?”
“A—As in.. In this situation!”

Izaya merely smiled, pretending that he couldn’t feel the warm heating of his groin, pretending that his face wasn’t threatening to break out into a blushing red—

Pretending that he didn’t find you to be horribly attractive.

Heiwajima Shizuo:

A confused grunt was what escaped him.


Covering his mouth with his hand, Shizuo seemed to be almost choking, almost coughing at your display, brows furrowed and eyes opened wide.


The shade of red was almost invisible on his face, but it was still there, still visible though barely.

“S—Sorry, I—I didn’t mean to—Uh, I’ll just leave—“ Shizuo stuttered, looking away. He quickly walked out, not dragging on this confrontation anymore than he should—

Or anymore that he wants, for that matter.

His hand latched down onto his tie, pulling at it as he made his escape, simply wishing that someone would just kill him and end this humiliating situation he found himself in. 

He shakily breathed out once you were out of his sight.

Shizuo’s face was still blooming a crimson red even when you walked out.

(“I think you’ve enjoyed that a bit too much..”

“I said I’m sorry—!”)


S: Didn’t I tell you never to come to Ikebukuro again, Izaaayaaa-kun?
I: Shizu-chan… Don’t you work over at the west entrance?
S: I got fired a long time ago. And didn’t I tell you to stop calling me that? I have a name, and it’s Heiwajima Shizuo!
↳ Izaya and Shizuo for the Izaya to my Shizuo

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