In case you forgot, here is everything that happened for the 1D fandom in 2014

Liam slaying Tyler, Media and Management

Hendall drama

Harry’s bum picture leaked

January-April 1D drought

Niall’s knee surgery

Midnight Memories video


Zayn’s selfies

Niall’s selfies

Biker Harry

Shizle grizzle drizzle

“I’m really sorry I was having a wee”

Harry’s racist icon drama

Niall in 5SOS livestream

The boys’ tweets being deleted

Disney prince Niall

That Moment

5/5 selfies

You and I video

Louis and the Rovers

Jay and Dan’s wedding

Getting 4/5 in suits at the wedding

They boys’ 4th anniversary


Mrs Horan

You and I perfume

Long hair don’t care

Zayn making his ig public

Liam’s identity problems

The boys’ ice bucket challenges

Fandom became “Liam the ___” accounts on twitter

Fireproof released for free

Fandom became “Niall from ___” accounts on twitter

Liam hurting his arm

Bored Liam tweets

Steal My Girl leaked

1D proposal

Harry’s braided hair

WWA movie

Harry saying we broke the record but we didn't 

Liam’s instagram

Liam’s selfies

WWA stadium tour

First WWA show through vines

Niall’s crotch grabs

Whale Harry

Hacked hotel security camera

4/5 shirtless in Brazil

Happy Monday One Direction

Croke Park

Niall’s charity match

Zouis smoking weed video

Naked Harry picture

After drama

After published

Niall’s bad knee hit on stage

Milan fan project

Wet One Direction



Who We Are book signings

Four promo interviews

Bad quality Four leaked

Four Hangout livestream

“I am in fact straight”

Night Changes video

1D Orlando

The boy without Zouis

The boys attending and performing

On heaps of award shows and talk shows

Zayn’s loose strand of hair

The boys slaying awards

So much voting

Harry and Nadine

Niall, Louis and Zayn’s birthdays

Paul leaving

The boys on SNL

1D NBC TV special