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Flowers from fans for DRRR!! Seiyuu Event「DRRRash!!」6.18 -  Kamiya Hiroshi and Ono Daisuke interjecting a fight between Izaya and Shizuo 

Among the many flowers for Izaya, Shizuo, and other casts, there’s this huge flower stand that depicts an illustration of Kamiya Hiroshi (Izaya’s voice actor) and Ono Daisuke (Shizuo’s voice actor) trying to stop the fight between their characters.

FYI just in case: Izaya and Shizuo’s seiyuu are known among their colleague, and even among fans as very close partners. In the industry, they are professionally regarded as each other’s strongest counterpart, or otherwise known in Japan as the the “Golden Duo” for anything these two touch is guaranteed success. I believe the popularity of both Izaya and Shizuo as characters (and themselves, together), is in no small contribution, thanks to their seiyuu.

Images posted here courtesy of @hakotaee.


Fan reports of the DRRRash!! seiyuu event: 

Right now im anxious for BD/DVD announcement, lol.


» part ofDGS EXPO Anniversary Specials// COUNTDOWN: 2 Days to DGS EXPO: DearGirl ~Stories~ 10th Anniversary]

During the DRRR seiyuu event in Hikarigaoka, the topic ‘Something you want to say to the DRRR casts or staff’ came up as one of the event’s talk corners. It basically featured lines the attending voice artists wanted to say.

“Who was the one that doodled on my script?!” was one of them, asked by none other than OnoD (it was written with exclamation mark, lol).  

Apparently, a certain someone was responsible for changing Ono’s script’s title from DURARARA!! into “CHOTATAWO!!”

“The criminal is here! Well, I have a hunch that the culprit is here. If not then, I am sorry.” (It’s been pointed out on several occasions that OnoD’s gut feelings are usually correct).

In the end, OnoD said that he will treasure his script that Kamiyan doodled on. 

**This is not the only time that the script-doodling incident happened. The other time was during Kotonoha no Hana, the BL Drama CD where Kamiya and Ono are the protagonists of. See the onkm 100 facts post

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tuskietyrantyokokurama submitted:  I know right?! I still have my doubts about the photo because if it were official,Tumblr would have blown up by now. But I haven’t seen a thing about it and when I was going through Twitter, this photo has been going around since like the middle of February, maybe even earlier but I didn’t check every account that retweeted it. But thanks for confirming this for me because it was eating my alive. xD

To answer  tuskietyrantyokokurama ’s question, basically they asked if this was an official art and i asked them to please send the photo in ‘submit’ so I can see it. I haven’t seen a single ‘official’ art of shizaya in wedding photos, and i figured it’s probably from the anniversary event. 

To put it simply, YES THIS IS A FANART, NOT AN OFFICIAL ART <- capped just in case someone decides to skim read lol. This is a photo taken from the fan-made Shizaya Wedding anniversary event. This is already their 10th anniversary wow! That’s impressive, I only own the 3rd anniversary book. They do this Shizaya wedding event few times a year I think (i know they do it once a year for sure. I’m guessing they do it about twice a year? ) So we always get tons of nice shizaya wedding arts <3

I checked pixiv and i confirmed that that anniversary event was held in February 12-14, 2016. Valentine’s day pretty much. Although I can’t find the exact art on pixiv, here’s plenty of doujin artists who attended, as well as the invitation art: 
Invitation page: 4213 
Anniversary promo art (i’m gonna guess it’s this artist?) : promo art link

And I found the tag for the event attending artists ♥ Enjooy! LINK