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My unimportant and lengthy observations/opinion on this dongho shiz

First of all I’m not defending either of them and to be completely honest I shouldn’t be voicing my opinion in this because I don’t know the truth. So I’m not actually sure why I’m writing this… But please, if I say anything that is false information, correct me but do so politely and I will most definitely take your opinion/correction to heart. I think it’s important to be open to either possibility.

I don’t know dongho well enough to have any opinions on him or his personality. However after reading the translated text screen shots, I find it annoying that people think he is automatically guilty for not answering. I think it was the smartest decision. IF he didn’t do it, I guarantee it was very surprising to him to have someone accuse him of it. I figure most people would be surprised and stop talking too. But he asked to call? So I don’t really have an opinion on that aside from that being a dumb move to subject himself to someone accusing him of such actions. But it did show that he would be open to talking it out.
HOWEVER, the thing I find the strangest is that she had to ask her mom to ask dongho mom for his number, implying they didn’t talk before that, which is strange because why would a random number text him and ask him to talk and he be totally fine with it. He seemed a little too friendly and eager to talk to the number he supposedly didn’t know. As an idol I’m sure he would be wary that a fan found his number to talk to him and he wouldn’t be all like “‘O.K’ I can talk now.” You know what I mean?
ANYWAYS, I think it should be easily proven if donghos mom can say whether or not she gave his number to anyone, let alone a family friend.

BUT, I would like to say that IF she is telling the truth, it should be understood that sometimes seeing a person who supposedly did that to her suddenly getting fame could be triggering. I do agree, however, that this type or timing seems suspicious and not at the same time… it’s very hard to say.

ALSO, I haven’t heard the voice recording and I even if I did, I don’t speak Korean, and I don’t know what his voice sounds like.
But it should be fairly easy to look at the phone call history on their phones, even if one person deletes their history, I believe it is still saved in other phone call records.

I also think that pledis has been seemingly handling this very well as long as them denying the accusations is true. As in, dongho himself has told them it’s false and they believe it. I don’t understand why people are mad at them for initially responding to it by saying they are looking into it??? Like of course they didn’t want people to think they were ignoring the situation, and they might not have been able to sit down and talk to dongho right away to confirm whether or not it was truth or a lie. And now y'all are mad at them for denying it?? Come on, if they didn’t then everyone would get angry that he hadn’t denied it yet. Please, now they are working on their official statement. To me, it sounds like they are proficiently updating everyone on the issue at hand. I’m sure that first and foremost they want to let everyone know that it is false (as long as that’s true, it should be taken care of properly and it seems that they are doing just that).

Just as a recap I’m not defending either because I don’t know the truth, but people getting mad at pledis for responding quickly, and people being mean to a possible victim is terrible and pisses me off.
Also, please don’t get butt hurt because of my words, I shouldn’t affect you in anyway at all, you can choose to keep scrolling and not give me any attention, isn’t that the best?

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This is a difficult question okay. Suppose the people in this entire Fandom are going to die, and you can save only one person, who would it be. (you can't save all of them, only one)

I’m not even going to answer this but I’m posting this only to say that if I get any questions like this in the future, I’m not publishing them, okay? We can do away with death shiz. 😊 Unnecessary.