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hey guys, when you ask the dudes a question, could you refrain from asking the same question at the same time on all of my ask blogs? If you must ask the same question, could you please space out the times you ask them or ask them something different? It gets kind of dull when answering them and I can’t get into character very well if they’re getting the exact same question

thanks y’all

Finally saw Wicked tonight thanks to a friend with an extra ticket.

It’s a fabulous show to see from the front row because of all the costume details and being far house left I also got a kick out of a lot of the things you could see from there, like errant stagehands wandering too far into the wings, as well as the ring for Glinda’s safety harness, and that she wears her Shiz shoes with the Bubble dress at the top of the show.

outofworkactress  asked:

Okay I'm off anon for this shiz, can we talk about how he'd be a little fucking shit if you were trying to work, his lips on ur neck, trying to get u to pay attention to him and of course you'd break cos it's Harry 😍❤️😫

NO OKAY so I imagine this all the time when trying to GET SHIT DONE. It actually is what gets me through….

He would most definitely come in the room and see you’re working and smile to himself, making a promise inwardly that he would distract you. So he would start slowly, just sitting beside you on the bed. And then move closer, and closer and maybe start rubbing your feet or fingers up your leg with a, “how’s your day been, baby?” the glare you give him only fuels him on. And then he is right beside you maybe kissing your shoulder. “Workin’ too hard, need a break…” And you would be strong at first, you really would. Telling him no and then when he “gives up” and lays beside you, on his phone. His lips are pooched and he’s pouting. You smile at the grumpy little thing beside you and sigh to yourself, moving your computer to the side and practically jumping on top of the man. Straddling him, and attacking him with kisses– he’s giggling at you. “You’re a little shit, you know that?” You say and he takes the moment to flip you, so he’s hovering over you. His lips peck your nose. “I sure do.”

Wicked songs explained
  • No One Mourns the Wicked:The catchy celebratory song relating to a death.
  • Dear Old Shiz:The song that eases us into a flashback
  • The Wizard and I:A song filled with an unbelievable amount of irony and foreshadowing.
  • What is this feeling?:The song with sexual tension.
  • Something Bad:The song that helps build the plot.
  • Dancing Through life:The YOLO song
  • Popular:The song that hints Galinda's crush on Elphie.
  • I'm Not That Girl:The beautiful but sad song.
  • One Short Day:The fun song.
  • Sentimental Man:The Wizard's innocent song
  • Defying Gravity:The empowering song that teaches you to be strong, independent, and make brooms fly with the right spell.
  • Thanks Goodness:The song that's actually very sad.
  • Wicked Witch of the East:The song they should have included on the album.
  • Wonderful:The Wizard's song in attempt to get you back on his side.
  • I'm Not That Girl (Reprise):The 'wow what a plot twist' song.
  • As Long As You're Mine:The passionate love song
  • No Good Deed:The song that will send chills down your spine.
  • March of the Witch Hunters:The song that's kinda gruesome.
  • For Good:The song that will have you bawling your eyes out
  • Finale:The song that will shatter your heart into many pieces and have you scheduling your next therapy appointment because you're not emotionally okay.