So city girl shiyeon’s birthday just passed last Saturday and our sweet and savage lady yejin’s birthday is coming up tomorrow! (ikr it’s april fool’s day). Just happened that Shiyeon replaced yejin in FO, hmmmm.

Happy birthday to this two wonderful ladies who neglect their actor images to bring so much laughs and joy to us! Personally, I haven’t had a chance to watch any of yejin’s drama yet but I’d seen shiyeon’s acting and it’s so good it makes me speechless. Now both women are happily attached, one dating and one married, I feel really happy for both! Shiyeon will be a good mum I’m sure, I do hope she did learn some cooking from her time with family outing, HAHAH and yejin no doubt will provide a warm family. I wish them success in their lives and career, AND I MISS YOU TWO SO MUCH, OFF TO WATCH YOUR DRAMAS.

Park Shiyeon

Breakfast counts: 2/39

Morning chores counts:1/14

Night chore counts:1/8

I still remember how I started out hating he so much for replacing sweet yejin before giving her a chance to form her own character in the family. Because I’m like hyori, I dislike girls who always shriek or are afraid to get dirty. But then, I realised how unfair I was being and started rewatching with an unbiased heart and I realised she’s actually a really straightforward and nice person too! She don’t put on airs and does her things silently, it’s a real pity she had to leave just after a few episode before anyone gets to really know her much. I think it’s really regrettable that she didn’t get as much screentime because she couldn’t perform well due to her injury but despite that, she still tries her best without worrying about her image like during the plastic wrap game! She also is a really wonderful actress, for those who haven’t, go watch Innocent Man/Nice Guy now! She is such a great actress that she’ll make you totally hate her to her guts. I feel sad for her when I read comments that people don’t count her (and/or haejin) as the family, I hope everyone can give them a chance! They can never fill the big gap chunjin had left but they hold themselves up well too!

p.s I know this is really short but this is my short impression on her, i’m sorry :/