First Time With Them : PENTAGON YEOONE

| Yuto || YanAn || Kino || E’Dawn || ShinWon  || Hui |

  • One of those rare types
  • You know?
  • The ones that actually plan their shit
  • But I mean like to every minuscule detail
  • Like… He’d watch porn only to gather knowledge and insight into positions and how to make you feel better during the intercourse
  • He’s also a bit insecure when it comes to the actual deed
  • And particularly since he knew it was your first time
  • So communication would be the main priority during sex with you
  • So that he would know what kinds of things you wanted to experiwnce
  • And whether you liked them or not that much
  • After he’d let you orgasm he’d be the kind to ask whether you wanted to take a shiwer or not
  • And if you did he would take you there himself
  • Cleaning you thoroughly everywhere
  • Maybe earning him a little special something
  • Particularly further in the relationship