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  • One of those rare types
  • You know?
  • The ones that actually plan their shit
  • But I mean like to every minuscule detail
  • Like… He’d watch porn only to gather knowledge and insight into positions and how to make you feel better during the intercourse
  • He’s also a bit insecure when it comes to the actual deed
  • And particularly since he knew it was your first time
  • So communication would be the main priority during sex with you
  • So that he would know what kinds of things you wanted to experiwnce
  • And whether you liked them or not that much
  • After he’d let you orgasm he’d be the kind to ask whether you wanted to take a shiwer or not
  • And if you did he would take you there himself
  • Cleaning you thoroughly everywhere
  • Maybe earning him a little special something
  • Particularly further in the relationship
Only in the dark.- Dan Howell 1/2

a/n: Hello everyone! This fanfic was requested by anon, which I have to thank, because I woudn’t even have thought of this before. It was such a good idea. I’m also sorry, because I said this could be done by the end of the week, and it was not. Last thing- I LOVE your requests and if you send more, I’d be nothing but happy!

Edit: Also I decided to split this into two parts, because I just felt like it. I hope y’all excited for part two!

Warnings: smut, sub!dan, body insecure!dan, a little bit of edging
Summary: Dan is chubby and insecure and reader helps him ot of it, leads to smut


Dan’s p.o.v.
It was already late, but I couldn’t fall asleep. I was waiting for y/n. I was home alone, Phil went to see his friends on a night out. He said he wouldn’t come home tonight, and I didn’t want to stay alone, so I invited y/n to spend the night with me. She, of course, agreed, which I was happy with, but now that she should be here in  ten minutes, I was feeling kinda anxious. 

I felt anxious because I knew what was going to happen. Y/n and I have not been, how should I say it, intimate. In a long time. And I knew she would want to do something tonight, since we we’re alone for once. And don’t get me wrong, I wanted it too, but… I kind of got insecure over the past few days. 

As one does, I went to visit my family for the holidays. And, as one does, I ate a lot. i don’t think you get how much I ate. I ate so much that I gained weight.
Now, I was never the muscular one, not even the fit one of my group of friends. I was always kinda soft, but never chubby. And I was chubby now.

It was probably not really a big deal, but for me, it was. I have always been self-concious about my body. I was always jumping between too skinny and soft, but now I crossed the line.

The bell rang and my heart skipped a beat. I looked at myself in the aestheticaly pleasing mirror, standing in the corner of my room. I don’t look that bad, do I? I look good. She doesn’t care. It’s cool.

I went to open the door. Grabbing the doorknob, I inhaled deeply, trying to calm myself down again. I opened the door, automatically opening my arms too, for her to hug me, which she did.

“Hi…” she mumbled into my chest, inhaling my scent.

“Hey, babe,” I said with a sigh.

The evening has been perfect: We watched movies, cuddled and kissed each other on various places softly. Everything went down when y/n’s hand wandered to my stomach, wanting to pull my sweater over my head, revealing my belly. I stopped kissing her temple and sighed nervously. I didn’t want to say anything, as I’d come out plain rude, but I didn’t want to keep it for myself and not say anything. Her eyes tried meeting mine, but my sight kept running away from her, as if I was somehow terrified by her upcoming reaction.

“Dan, is… Is everything ok?” her voice raised at the end of the sentence, making me more uncomfortable by that will of wanting to understand.

“Yeah, I’m ok, it’s just..” and that was the classic explaining scene you see in all the cliché american movies about everlasting love between two people. But this is what it was, and it didn’t feel like a cliché movie at all, when she pressed her forehead against mine and told me she loved my body the way it was. I never felt more loved, more beautiful and more emotional before. Our lips met again, in now a heated kiss. Y/n licked my lips, begging my mouth to open with a whimper. I gladly accepted her tongue- mine danced with hers and our moans filled each others mouth.

“Do you want to take this to the bedroom, babe?” she whispered in my ear, shiwers running down my spine. We got up and went to my room, undressing ourselves on the way.

My body was fully exposed now as I was laying on the bed with y/n’s body hovering over mine. Her thighs were spread and each one was on each side of my hips. She brushed herself against my dick, which made me whimper and thrust my body up to meet her folds again. I threw my hea back and squeezed her hips, holding her in place, grinding up to her.

Y/N’s p.o.v.
I started kissing Dan’s neck,having him exhale loudly when I found his sweet spot. I gave him a few hickeys on is collarbones- my favourite part of his body. Dan’s hands found my breasts. He masaged them and squeezed them a little. I moaned into his ear, grabbing his sex and stroking it. Dan suddenly stopped moving, almost as if he was paralyzed by the pleasure I was giving him. 

After a few minutes of teasing Dan, he was panting under me. “Y/N, I- I’m going to-” And my hand left his dick untouched.

Dan whined, tears in his eyes, begging me to allow him to cum. 

EXO Click & Drag-Game ~ Christmas Edition :D

Pretending to be the santa:

Decorating the christams tree with:

He kissed you under the misteltoe:

Allows you to do anything you want to him as a chrismas present ;) :

Preparing the meal with:

Cuddle with him in a blanket by your chimney:

Having a snowball fight with (pick 3) :

Building a snowman with:

Going ice scating with (pick 3) :

Baking cookies with:

Christmasshopping with:

Having a christams-movie-marathon with:

Lending you his jacket, because he saw you shiwering:

~~~**°Marry Christmas yall!! :D I’m off to poland xD aahhah