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I sincerely hope you're the one who runs the dansmeatyarms blog, otherwise thisnisngonna he awkward, but can i just remind you of the skit from dand and depression where dan was in the shiwer?? Bc he look fine af andni think thatbwould be a great addition to the dansmeaty arms blog😜😜😜😜😜

Ahhh thank you for that suggestion! Will do! :) also if anyone has any other requests they can send an ask directly to the blog!

EXO Click & Drag-Game ~ Christmas Edition :D

Pretending to be the santa:

Decorating the christams tree with:

He kissed you under the misteltoe:

Allows you to do anything you want to him as a chrismas present ;) :

Preparing the meal with:

Cuddle with him in a blanket by your chimney:

Having a snowball fight with (pick 3) :

Building a snowman with:

Going ice scating with (pick 3) :

Baking cookies with:

Christmasshopping with:

Having a christams-movie-marathon with:

Lending you his jacket, because he saw you shiwering:

~~~**°Marry Christmas yall!! :D I’m off to poland xD aahhah