No Hate Awareness Week: Love your Content Creators.

I was late to do the last couple of days in time, so I have decided to put the 3 days together in one post. It’s thanks to content creators that fandoms stay alive and active, and I don’t want to miss the opportunity to show them my appreciation!

Some of these people have been here for a long time, blessing us with their works for months or even years. Others joined us recently, or I just met them, but I also appreciate their efforts and look forward to enjoying more of their content. And some others might have moved on to other fandoms, or stopped creating. But even today, I still appreciate everything they did.

So thanks to all of you for all the amazing contributions you gave us! (*^∀゚)

Love your Artist Day:

@966-ua, @alemanriq, @alempe, @aliahoy, @apetitan, @aphin123, @aplevi, @asaaahi, @atoarut, @attack-on-passion, @ayhiroshi@bev-nap, @blauerozen, @cang-ye-ji, @captain-redchar, @chaelabot, @citronella-yato, @constant-catastrophe, @cymphony, @daydream24-7, @dinklebert, @doodledominic, @doodlingclown, @dreamxxdream, @drinkyourfuckingmilk, @duckie520, @emememe22, @erenbaegerr, @erenspencil, @ereribuns, @ererichi, @eryen-art, @eveblum, @felixora, @fishnatu, @flanpu, @flapppper, @gloomikasa, @hana-tox, @hatoji, @hime1999, @hishikawa0217, @idrawr16yt, @ihasmagic, @illopii, @j-witless, @jager-princess, @k0zuha, @kaine-log, @kanakanadraws, @katttttttttttto, @kenken-chan, @kingkoganes, @kiokushitaka, @kokonoehhh, @kyo224, @lampurple, @lesly-oh, @lilredgummie, @lolakasa, @maji-meryo, @meandheichou, @medeakarn, @miawrly, @michijm, @mmmaoh, @mokyu1203, @morebeesthanyoucouldimagine, @mstrmagnolia, @nayawata, @nekobanca, @nikkiyan, @oekaki-chan, @omattttsu, @pandagulung, @peachymess, @redfairyart, @renoidan, @saltceller, @scottissue, @shira-aot, @shiroerika813, @shivv, @shymln, @snk-shit, @sookashira, @strawberry-bell, @sugarplum-senpai, @sulkingmoon, @synstruck, @tanekore, @uncklerman, @varrix, @waya-wayaya@well–i-dont–know, @whiteyoukai, @yure-ru

Love your Writer Day:

@agent-2-6, @appleapplepeach, @bfketh, @canon-rivamika, @captain-cleanliness, @crying-abt-fictional-people, @dallyingdivergent, @dirtylevi, @dominant-eren, @eren–gayger, @erenbaegerr, @erenfanclub, @erensjaegerbombs, @etoincognito, @falcon94ssy, @foreverautumnblog, @fuzzyporcupine, @ghostmartyr, @glassesgirl0401, @gray-x-natsus-matching-hip-scars, @guyinlovewitheremika, @haberkonium, @icecat45, @kahleniel, @kingkoganes, @kiokushitaka, @kuchenackerman, @leapingtitan, @leviheichouackerman, @milleandra-nebula, @missmichellebelle, @momtaku, @mongoose-bite, @monsoondownpour, @morebeesthanyoucouldimagine,, @perfectfearsomebeauty, @perksofbeingawaifu, @pinkheichou, @pocketsizedtitan, @porcelain-blue, @pureren, @raefill, @raindrop-rouge, @reinamycloud, @ryuusea, @sailorheichou, @sciencefictioness, @scrangie, @snkception, @sugarplum-senpai, @teapotscandal, @twisting-vine-x, @wasterella, @wishingsebastianstanwasmyman, @writer-person, @xandiepandie-blog, @zaevran, @zhedang.

Love your Edit Maker Day:

@ackermanss, @ackersoul, @anojima, @aplevi, @attackontitans, @bertltolt, @dirtylevi, @erensjaegerbombs, @fudayk, @fyshingekinokyojin, @guyinlovewitheremika, @hannahreiss, @kuchenackerman, @omeinfreund, @ravenliz, @shitpost-no-kyojin, @simsmono, @sookashira, @sukerokus, @tatakaeeren, @the-eren-plush-blog, @uttsukushi.

I am sorry if I forgot someone! I’m sure I have, but there’s so many people on this fandom, and my memory isn’t that good haha. But for the rest that aren’t listed here, and create any kind of content, please know that I appreciate you as well ♡.

And finally I want to thank @snkartists for running this amazing event week. It definitely was super successful: I saw so much positivity on the past few days, it was a great idea and just what we needed! So thank you ♡.