Maybe love is not in fancy dinners, late night walks by the river, or going to the movies. Maybe love is not in holding hands, long car drives, or an outing to the beach.

Maybe love is in trying to find freshly squeezed orange juice to go with their vodka, because you know they don’t like artificially flavored juices. Maybe love is in the small gesture of knowing that they like their coffee with cream and two tablespoons of sugar, no more, no less. Maybe love is when you set the temperature to 75, even when you are too hot, because they feel too cold.

Maybe love is not a destination, but a journey, which is beautiful, because you have them by your side. Maybe love is not in being perfectly immaculate, but being immaculately imperfect.

—  Shivee Chauchan

Dominic Sherwood in “The Rat”, created by Chase Stockman, Chase Kuker and Chase McKendry, directed by Matt Macar.

Sometimes I feel “happiness” is overrated. Sure, we need happiness in our life, but it’s just a part of what we are. We also need sadness, and anger, and fear, and anxiety, and mistakes to be able to grow. We need multiple facets to be closer to completeness.

I am thankful for the good people I have met in my life, but I am also thankful for the toxic and destructive people I have known. The toxic ones have offered me the greatest growth, and offered me the greatest lessons in my life. I am grateful for all the little accomplishments I have achieved so far, but I am also glad that I have had bad days too. Sometimes I win, but sometimes I learn.

So if you are having a bad day, take a shower. Take five showers. And remember, “happiness” is not the ultimate destination. You are not supposed to be “happy” all the time. And when you feel the whole spectrum of emotions, and experience the positives and negatives alike, you are just getting closer to completeness, you are getting closer to being more “human” human.

—  Shivee Chauhan

the real o’neals is a really good show in the sense that:

  • it shows an openly gay teen making his way through life 
  • how his v religious mom reacts to that. 
  • it also shows young kids that you can be close to god and gay. 
  • his brother is totally supportive and that is so fucking rad. 
  • the period storyline was great because everyone treated it like it was normal, because it fucking is.

but i am honestly so pissed that they made so light of jimmy’s eating disorder - they have to bring that back and see him working through it because it’s a fucking eating disorder, not a punchline. 

He could have summoned two dragons! Or five! Not three. That would be ridiculous.

Four would be doable, but why on Earth would you summon four dragons when you could have five? Two offers symmetry without being so close to five that one feels compelled to wonder “why not five”, and that’s not a question you want people asking.

Six might seem like a better number than five, but then there would be no Center Dragon. With two dragons, you don’t need a center dragon, for they share an equal partnership. With any more dragons than that, however, there needs to be a clear hierarchy of dragon command. For that, you need a center dragon, and therefore must have an odd number of dragons. This is simple fact.

Seven dragons might seem better still, for it is both an odd number and greater than five, the previous best choice. One would be mistaken, however, for seven is the exact minimum amount of dragons required for dragon political parties to form, and there’s still just the one central dragon. The other six dragons will split into two groups, each group with their own economic and social policies and demands of the central dragon. Dragons aren’t particularly good at democracy, and a dragon civil war is inevitable with any number greater than, or equal, to seven.

—  Dan Shive