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Hey! I've been a fan of yours for a couple years now. I got to say I really enjoy El Goonish Shive. It's a pretty cool comic. If you don't mind though, I want to ask a question. I'm sure you've probably even answered this before but Pandora seems a lot different then the other times we've seen her. Her face looks a lot different and she doesn't really act like any of the other times we've seen her. Might just be me, but I'm a bit confused. Could you help clear that up?

Context and circumstances matter. We’re seeing a lot more of her than we have before, and we’re seeing her with a set goal in mind for someone she cares about.

There’s something else I could note that might be affecting people’s perception of her, but I can’t address that just yet.

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Hello folks of color, my name is Steve Shives from FeminismTVRadio, make sure to check out my other channel BlockbotsULove. Today we'll be talking about how The Amazing Racist is a scammer and a pedophile.


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I want Steven to randomly have an explosion of hair due to his lack of ever cutting it for 6 whole years! Just one day on the beach then and KABLAM-O! POOF! Hair gets everywhere, all over your picnic, in your shirt. *shives* ew. He might even choke on some. Steven freaks out and looks for a mirror and what does he see? His mother with a tan and brown hair! Oh wait, that's normal.

I can just imagine one day when he is asleep and his hair just POOFS. amethyst wakes up and theres hair everywhere