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What would the 2p F.A.C.E do if their s/o got sick but denied it and did everything in their power to hide it from everyone.

2p! France/ Franqúis

  • Despite this mans seemingly unflappable self, he hates being sick. Even second degree sickness ends up with him honing in on that germ factory like a bloodhound.
  • Even if you did try to hide it, he’ll know.
  • You sneeze ten miles away, you’ll be getting a call and wondering if he has a sixth sense the moment he demands you come back home and get underneath those covers or so help him GOD –
  • He’s surprisingly a good nurse though, perhaps from his own cousins getting sick and fussing like babies when they were younger?
  • But you might want to convince this extreme germ fighting foe that no you wont try to escape from taking your medicine puT DOWN THAT STUN GUN FRANQÚIS!

2p! America/ Allen

  • He probably wont notice until you’re bowling over, shivering on the kitchen floor
  • This boy is oblivious even when instinct is screaming at him that you need SOMETHING
  • Even after learning you’re sick, he’ll be floundering around like a helpless child wondering if you are one second away from death because what the hell am I supposed to do?!
  • He’s never honestly had to take care of anyone when they were sick.
  • Even when he moved out it never stopped Oliver or Franqúis from knocking on his door and throwing him in his bed and forcing the medicine down his throat (“STOP BEING SO DIFFICULT” “YOU CAN PUT THAT MEDICINE IN ME WHEN I’M DEAD”)
  • Allen will try though
  • Oh, will he try and and be frightened every step of the way because
  • Is this right? Am I giving enough blankets is the room warm enough is this good medicine should I try liquid even if it tastes like piss because everyone says it works faster or that fat pill that looks like it could choke a small dog?
  • In the end he’ll call Oliver because he’s the nicer of the two

2p! England/ Oliver

  • Oliver is a lot like Franqúis in that he’ll know.
  • Don’t hide it.
  • He’ll see it in your eyes, the pale sweaty skin, and throaty voice and next thing you know he has his mask on, chicken noodle soup ready for consumption, and tucking you into bed –
  • How’d you even get here?? You were literally on the other side of the house and he was in the yard, when did this happen?!
  • Sssh, just sleep and take your medicine
  • You wont escape from this man.
  • He’s like a mother hen doused with all the instincts of every stubborn nurse in the world.

2p! Canada/ Mattie

  • In all honesty, this boy rarely got sick and when he did he was usually out cold through the whole thing thanks to some love and care from that little blue light –
  • So it takes him a while too, to notice anything, and mostly it’s thanks to his gruff polar bear that sniffs out the sickness and practically kicks him off his legs to do something about that bitter scent in the air and howling FIX THE SICK ONE
  • Mattie’s going to look calm and collected through out the whole thing too.
  • Don’t let this boy fool you though
  • He’s going to worry about you no matter what you say or do
  • And will look online to see what the best and easiest, quickest thing to do to help you through because holy hell what did Franqúis and Oliver usually do???
Number 6 (Thayne Jasperson X Reader)


Paring: Thayne Jasperson X Reader

TW: Anxiety, bowling allies (shiver), that’s all I think.

WC: 612 (it’s short I know, but I like it)



You and Thayne pulled up to the bowling alley, and the weight of what you were about to do was weighing on you. You were about to meet the rest of the Hamilton cast, and you we’re completely terrified.

“I don’t think I can do this, Thayne.” You said just as he was about to exit the driver’s seat.

Thayne closed the door again, and looked at you, “Y/n, you’ve been putting this off for months. The cast wants to meet you!”

“I’ve already met the cast!” You argued.

“You’ve met Lin and Jonathan. That is not the whole cast.” He countered.

Ufh. He was right.

You sighed, “I’m just nervous. What if they don’t like me?”

“They’ll love you,” Thayne reached over and took your hand, giving it a reassuring squeeze. “because I love you.”

“You’re so cheesy.” You sighed, “Okay. Okay, let’s go before I change my mind.”

“Yes!” Thayne opened his door again and you did the same to your own. You two met at the front of the car and locked hands to walk towards the bowling alley. Thayne ended up pulling you most of the way in excitement.

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Sweet and spicy

 Laura asked thus Laura shall recieve. Follow up to

Love as sweet as chocolate

 so hello another klaine friday :)

Boys getting dirty in the kitchen *wink wink*
~1900 words

The bell above the entrance chimes and Kurt smiles without even looking up, while applying pink frosting over the strawberry cupcakes. Moments later he finds a pair of strong arms wrapping themselves around his middle and a pair of lips pressing a small kiss at the base of his neck.

“Good morning.”

“Good morning yourself. Did you sleep well?”

“Yes but I woke up early and couldn’t sleep after that because I couldn’t wait to see you.”

Kurt rolls his eyes at his dorky boyfriend but his heart feels like it’s going to explode with happiness in his ribcage.

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Rejects - Chapter Four (A 5SOS fan fiction)

Storyline: Y/N and her band 5 seconds of summer are on their very first headlining tour. Everything still seems like a dream to them, and only keeps getting better. But with being in a famous top chart band comes; drama, love and heartbreak. The five of them have always agreed to take whats thrown at them in life head on, but some things are unexpected, and unwanted. They’re on a journey that’s going to take them to ultimate highs, and unbearable lows, but hey; thats all part of being famous right? 

(Chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)

Smut: Nope.

Requested: Yes.

Word count: 1500+

Rejects - Chapter Four

Your POV

I woke up to a soft shaking on my arm, and moaned in protest as I rolled over. 

“Ten more minutes.” I breathed. “I’ll meet you guys for breakfast.” I whined into my pillow as I let my eyes fall shut again.

 “Y/N, it’s not time to get up.” I heard Michael’s voice from above me. I rolled over onto my back and sat up slightly, propping myself on my arms as I blinked up at Michael, his figure now starting to show up through the dark.

 “Than why the hell are you waking me up Michael?” I hissed wanting to shove a pillow at him and go back asleep.

 “Calum is throwing up.” He informed me. My eyes had fully adjusted to the dark now and I could see he was staring at the ground tiredly, as much wanting to go back to sleep as I was. “Ashton and Luke are out cold, I tried waking them up. Plus you’re the only one who’s good at it, you know that.” Michael finished running a hand through his hair.

 “Alright, I’m coming.” I sighed pulling my covers off and swinging my legs over the edge of the bed before hopping off. It was true; whenever any of the boys were throwing up from drinking too much I was always tending to them. All of them had agreed I was the only one who offered comfort, and actually stayed with them through the whole thing before they were done. I had spent countless nights with all of them, rubbing their backs as their bodies rejected the alcohol. Calum especially. He was quite the lightweight, and tended to throw up quite often.

 “I’m going to go back to sleep if that’s okay.” Michael stated rubbing his eyes tiredly. He looked young and child like, standing in his hoodie and sweats, his fists rubbing away at his eyes gently.

 “Yeah that’s fine.” I nodded making my way towards the half open bathroom door where the horrible hotel lighting was shining through. “Oh and Michael, thanks for tonight. I didn’t really get a chance to thank you. If you hadn’t of shown up I don’t know what would’ve happened. I mean it.” I claimed, stopping at the doorway to look at him.

 “You’re welcome.” He smiled lazily as he sat down in his bed. “Oh and Y/N?”

 “Yes?” I hummed, leaning against the wall.

 “If you need anything just wake me up, okay?”

 “Okay Michael. Good night.”

 “Good night Y/N. See you in the morning.” Michael chimed before turning and pulling the covers over himself. I smiled and pushed open the door to find Calum crouched over the toilet bowl, shivering as he clutched to it.

“Hey kiddo.” I began, sliding against the wall down to the floor. I stretched my legs out and looked over to him. “How are you feeling?”

 “Why do I do this to myself?” He inquired sternly, more to himself than me. I watched as he squeezed his eyes shut tightly before dipping his head further into the toilet bowl and vomiting. I got up to my knees and crawled over to him, kneeling behind him so that I could rub his back as he continued to get sick.

 “It’s not your fault Cal.” I assured him, rubbing his back carefully. I felt him slouch and bow his head down onto his arm, most likely beginning to fall asleep. “You know we do this to ourselves on accident. I think we drink too much because we want to have fun, or forget something but in the end we all end up in the same place; either passed out somewhere or with our head in a toilet bowl. You know what I mean. But you don’t technically do this to yourself Cal, it isn’t your fault.” I explained letting my arm drop from Calum’s back.

 From what I could tell he was sleeping, but it was probably best to make sure. “Hey Calum?” I questioned beginning to push myself off the floor. He didn’t stir, nor make any noises so I continued up till I was standing fully. “I should probably go get Ash or Luke to help you into bed, hmm?” I questioned praying he wasn’t going to wake up. No stir once again, thank god.

 Now for the last final check, a light rub of the shoulders to make sure he was fully out. I leaned forward and bent slightly bringing my hands to Calum’s shoulders, hoping for no movement. I brought my eyes to his sleeping face, scanning for any sign of expression or movement - and let out a blood-curdling scream. My hands grasped my mouth as I stepped back from Calum, tripping to the floor. His mouth and the toilet bowl were tinted with red – blood.

 “What is it, are you okay?” Michael demanded as he ran into the bathroom, shocked and clearly pulled out of sleep. Not being able to find my words I just shook my head and lifted my hand, which was shaking violently, pointing a finger at Calum. Michael gave me a confused look before stepping beside me and looking down at Calum. “Oh my god.” He managed, his voice cracking as he paled.

 “Are you guys okay?” Ashton questioned as he stepped into the bathroom, a sleepy looking Luke in pace behind him.

 “Blood.” Michael whispered, now completely going white all over, his eyes wide as he stared at Calum.

 “Pardon? Are you okay Michael?” Ashton questioned as he stepped up to Michael, lightly touching his shoulder. I watched as Luke stepped out from behind Ashton and looked down at Calum, suddenly realizing what Michael meant.

 “Holy fuck we need to call an ambulance!” Luke shouted before turning off and dashing out of the bathroom. Ashton squinted his eyes before looking down at Calum finally and realizing what Michael was so freaked out over. Wide eyed he grabbed Michael’s arm and dragged him out of the bathroom, leaving me alone with Calum passed out.

 “Calum, wake up.” I tried, beginning to shake him in hopes he’d stir. “Calum fucking wake up.” I begged as I looked down at the unconscious boy. The boy I had grown up knowing, with giant bright brown eyes and a goofy smile was not who I was looking down at. This boy was pale, his eyes shut and his lips and chin streaked with a scarlet that made me nauseous. I swallowed hard as I pulled him into my arms cradling him as tears threatened to spill onto my cheeks.

 “I don’t know, we just noticed it. Yes there’s a lot of it.” I heard Luke’s panicked voice as he stepped into the bathroom - phone in hand and pressed to his ear - and paced over to Calum and I, his eyes focused on the toilet. “I’m not sure. Okay. Yes she’s holding him. Okay.” He chatted, his stand tall and strong. He looked so old and mature standing there as he talked into the phone, his eyes darting back and forth from the bloody mess to Calum and I.

 “Can you wake him up?” He questioned, now clearly speaking to me.

 “No.” I managed through my swollen throat. “I tried.”

 “Okay.” He paused, his eyes falling sadly. “She can’t wake him up. Okay. Oh okay. All right. I understand. Yes. Here she is.” He spoke into the phone before bending down and handing the phone to me.

 “Luke I don’t want to.” I cried, not bothering to hold back the tears now.

 “Y/N, you have to. Please. They need me to go downstairs to the lobby and wait for the paramedics.” He pleaded, his eyes focused on mine. I shook my head and looked down at Calum crumpled in my arms, the tears falling rapidly as I stared at his sickly-looking pale skin.

 “Okay.” I croaked, reaching for the phone.

 “I will see you soon okay? They won’t take long, I promise.” Luke trembled as he placed it in my hand before standing up and turning off, running out of the bathroom and for the door. I swallowed nervously and brought the phone to my ear, breathing to calm myself as I gripped one of Calum’s hands.

 “Hello?” The operator spoke. It hadn’t really occurred to me what was happening until I realized how serious the situation was. I guess what it took was the strangers voice on the other line. “Hello? Are you there?” They questioned.

 “Yes.” I breathed.

“Hi dear, can you please tell us your name?” They asked, their voice sounding through my shocked mind.

 “Y/N.” I stated, still shaking as I stared down at Calum.

 “Y/N, I need you to stay on the line with me until the paramedics show up. It’s very important that you do. Your friend went down to meet them, what was his name?”


 “That’s right. Help is on the way and it’ll be there right away I promise, we will help your friend. What’s the name of the unconscious boy?”


 “Thank you. Y/N I promise it’s going to be okay, but I need you to stay on the phone and keep talking to me until help has arrived. Can you do that?”

 “Yes.” I nodded even though I knew she couldn’t see me. My mind was blank and all I could do was clutch onto my best friends unmoving body and listen to the stranger speaking into my ear to keep me from falling apart.