shivering artwork

Been meaning to do a background/scenery study thing, and I thought I’d do something from Elder Scrolls to make it more fun. So have a Shivering Isles scenery pic.

Bonus versions from me messing around with airbrushing, color sliders, and lack thereof:

commission info is here, but if you want a character-less scenery shot with this level of detail I’m going to charge by the hour (same rates as graphic design.)

IDKFAntastic @sgt-shivers!

but the character is actually from some old doom wad magazine cover, but after shivers made a sprite of this guy and put his face as an avatar pic, as you can see it in his blog, i just realized myself that he really suits for shivers! and yet, i think he become his persona!

So i drew him, with many thankfulness for cared me for long. long time.