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Toys and Things (Part III)

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Enjoy the final part to this humble series! Warning: it’s quite smutty. :)

Rick crossed the space between them in two strides. They crashed into the clothes drawer, devouring each other, their fingers hungrily seeking purchase.

One of his callused hands glided up to cradle the back of her head, holding her steady, thoroughly savoring her plump lips. His other hand slid down to grip a warm handful of her ass, pulling her firmly against his bulge. She squirmed against him with a sigh. His whole body sprung to life.

Lustful moans rumbled in the back of his throat. He couldn’t get enough. After months of fantasizing, – hell, probably even since the day he first met her at the gates of the prison – he finally had her in his arms. Excitement couldn’t even begin to describe the emotions buzzing through his body.

He swiped the tip of his tongue against her parted mouth, tasting her luscious sweetness. When she gasped in pleasure, he instinctively pinned her body against the clothes drawer, the heavy piece of furniture violently banging against the wall. He reached down to caress her thigh, aggressively wrapping it around his hip.

He was so lost in the sensations of the moment that all coherent thoughts disappeared along with his self-control. He wanted her in every way imaginable. Her warm and firm body quivered with the same anticipation that ran through his veins.

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anonymous asked:

Elrond: until all the empty land was filled with music beneath the stars (sorry i know you saw me ask gurguliare this already but i had to!)

kasdgjdjkfs WHAT wasn’t gogol’s response good enough for you? It was much better than what I came up with! fine fine….ok to differentiate mine from that one…I was going to say this would be a perfect for a fledgling-Rivendell-celebrating-in-between-successful-sabotages-of-Sauron’s-army fic but otoh I might actually write that one, um.

This would be about that thing about elves being able to conjure up holograms of dead people by singing about them. Elrond is still not mentally all there after Elros’s death and wanders off to the distant uninhabited mountains, and on a time of winter he comes to a wide empty plain between great cliffs on one perfectly clear, still, cold night, covered with snow under the stars. He takes out his harp and sings, glad and sorrowful, until the valley is shivering with echoes and filled with a thousand visions of memories of all the years of his brother’s life. Also insert something about name puns.


This list keeps track of my progress with retexturing the game.

I will update it as I continue working on it. The percentages are estimated as it’s sometimes hard to tell how much there is left or how much I overlooked.

Last updated: 28 January 2015


Items: ~95%

Badges: 100%

Menu: ~60%

Battle Screen: ~50%


Characters: ~80%

Toad Town: ~99%

Toad Town Sewers: ~70%

Peach’s Castle: ~90%

Goomba Village: ~100%

Shooting Star Summit: ~100%

Princess Peach’s Intermissions

Characters: ~70%

Castle: ~95%

Chapter 1

Characters: ~80%

Pleasant Path & Koopa Village: 100%

Koopa Bros Fortress: 100%

Chapter 2

Characters: ~100%

Mt. Rugged: 100%

Dry Dry Desert & Outpost: 100%

Dry Dry Ruins: 100%

Chapter 3

Characters: 100%

Forever Forest: 100%

Boo’s Mansion: 100%

Gusty Gulch: 100%

Tubba Blubba’s Castle: 100%

Chapter 4

Characters: 100%

Shy Guy’s Toybox: 100%

Chapter 5

Characters: 20%

Whale: 100%

Lavalava Island and Yoshi’s Village: 50%

Jade Jungle: 0%

Mt. Lavalava: 0%

Chapter 6

Characters: 0%

Flower Fields: 0%

Cloudy Climb: 0%

Chapter 7

Characters: 0%

Shiver City: 0%

Starborn Valley: 0%

Crystal Palace: 0%

Chapter 8

Characters: 0%

Star Haven: 0%

Bowser’s Castle: 0%


Characters: 0%

Parade: 0%