Good things/ exciting plans

Working some stuff out by planning an exciting future and building my relationship with GOD! Great stuff. 

If you’re interested, read on. If not, scroll down. I am mostly writing this just for myself so I can quiet my brain and go to bed, so no hard feelings to be had if no one cares.

- Really into Shaivism lately. I have been reading the Bhagavad Gita recently, listening to a lot of Trevor Hall, and doing a fair bit of research. When I go back to school, I plan on renting/ reading the teachings of Sri Ramakrishna. :o)

- Working on getting a spot volunteering in either the library front desk or library bookstore on campus

- Planning my trip to Morocco and Europe. I am considering shortening my Europe segment to 2 weeks, and lengthening the Morocco segment to 4 weeks! 

- Been feeling a lot better.

- STRONGLY considering a minor in TESL. Looked into the classes, and feel pretty good about it.

- Signed up for a Peace Corps informational meeting at school. If you’ve followed me a long time or know me well enough, I am no newbie to the Peace Corps, but am excited to maybe talk to a recruiter in person and maybe learn something new. I have been pondering about it a lot lately, and feel if I have a history of volunteering experience, a TESL minor/ cert., and a year of university-level Spanish or French, I’d be a good/ easily placed candidate. Super exciting! I’ve been working towards this for 6 years so far. 

-Thinking about maybe getting a blogspot to actually just vent out text posts about spiritual musings/progress, travel ideas/plans, actual travel blogging, school stuff, etc. I doubt anyone would follow it, but it might be a good outlet and fun to look back on.

-Trying to figure the possibility of going to volunteer in India for next winter break or in India (and maybe Nepal/Sri Lanka) for 2014 summer?