Keeping a tiger isn’t practical I know. She eats as much as 10 people. She could yank the chain out of my hand hell, she could yank my arm right off. But she hasn’t. She won’t. I lost a lot, just like everybody else. When it all started to end, I found myself back at the zoo. Shiva was one of the last animals left. She was trapped, hungry, alone. Like me. She was the last thing left in this world that I loved. She protected me. She got me here, made me larger than life. And I made this place. RIP Shiva ♛

Finally! I managed to finish my master degree, so now I‘m able to share my work with you again :) this time it’s my interpretation of Amanos version of Lunafreya! (The one on the Royal Edition cover of FFXV) I actually started with a master study of Frank Weston Bensons painting called „Summer“ but it kinda escalated and so I painted Lunafreya in her Amano dress which has a lot of Shiva elements in it :)


I was a zookeeper. Shiva - she fell into one of the concrete moats in her exhibit. It was empty, the vets were on their way, but her leg was ripped open. She was gonna bleed out. The sound she made… She was in so much pain. I knew the risk. I had to try. And I got my shirt up around her leg… saved her life.