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for that last prompt: i confused ulaz with slav for a solid minute, so i thought that u just wrote blushing virgin slav porn and i.... didn't even bat an eye. "oh there goes boss again,,,,,, shiv-ing up the place"


I keep trying to tackle that Shiv porn but I just keep getting to, like, Slav’s lil hansd on Shiro’s bare chest and the version of him in my head just NOPES so damn hard 

It’s Shiv, Guys

Kinda season 2 spoilers. For @quiznaks

Keith was dreaming. It’s been the same dream for weeks. Ever since he saw his dad in that test hallucination, his subconscious replayed the scene over and over. Each time going a little further. Keith was getting closer to seeing his mother. 

In the last dream, Keith had woken just as the mysterious person knocked on the shack’s door and he knew that, this time, he’d get to see his mother’s face.

Keith waited as patiently as any Red Paladin (read: not at all) when he heard the knock. Quick as a whip, he ran to the door and yanked it open, the old hinges whining with the speed.

“Now, young man,” a voice spoke from below Keith’s line of sight, “you’d best be careful of cracks, I can’t handle the pain of a broken back!”

Dreading what he’d see, Keith looked down. It was Slav. Keith smacked himself in the face and groaned, “I must’ve ate too much space goo.”

“That is no way to greet your mother, Keith,” his dad said from behind him, but wait, this voice was lacking the thick, Texan accent. Keith pivoted on his heel only to see Shiro in place of his dad.

“I’m confused,” Keith said, walking to the couch and sitting down. He dropped his head into his hands. A second later he felt a heavy weight sit to his right and a hand resting comfortingly on his shoulder. Keith lifted his head enough to turn towards Shiro-Dad.

“Hi, Confused, I’m Dad.”

The dancing Shiva is known as Nataraj.

The term ‘Nataraj’ means ‘King of Dancers’. This cosmic dance of Shiva is called Anandatandava, meaning the Dance of Bliss, and symbolizes the cosmic cycles of creation and destruction, as well as the daily rhythm of birth and death. The dance is a pictorial allegory of the five principle manifestations of eternal energy:
•Shrishti - Creation.
•Sthiti - State, or preservation.
•Samhara - Destruction.
•Tirobhava - Illusion.
•Anugraha - Release, Emancipation.

In the form of Nataraja, Shiva depicts all of these elements.

Shiva has four arms:
•He holds a Damaru or a drum in his upper right hand. It symbolizes sound originating creation or the beat of the drum is the passage of time.
•He holds fire in his upper left hand, which characterizes destruction. Mostly accepted as destruction of all that is bad. Both these hands are on the same level or, on the same line. This shows that creation and destruction are both equal.
•The lower right hand shows Shiva’s protection from both evil and ignorance to those who follow the righteousness of dharma. This gesture is known as the Abhaya Mudra.
•The lower left hand is pointing towards His feet. It signifies upliftment and liberation. It also points to the left foot with the sign of the elephant which leads the way through the jungle of ignorance. Here, the attention is drawn towards the fact that life is graceful.

His right foot is pressed downward, expressing Tirobhava, or illusions in life; whereas, the left foot is drawn upwards, depicting Anugraha, or release from the illusions of the world towards enlightenment. The right leg is at the middle of the figure, which shows the preservation of a state, or Sthiti. It also holds down a demon, which can be perceived as the demon in all of us that shall be suppressed.

As in Hindu scriptures, “It is a continual dance of creation and destruction involving the whole cosmos; the basis of all existence and of all natural phenomena.”