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  • Typo In Proposition 8 Defines Marriage As Between ‘One Man And One Wolfman’
  • Beautiful Cinnamon Roll Too Good For This World, Too Pure


  • Area Family Has No Idea Where Dad Gets Shirts


  • I Love My Country - Aw, Who Am I Kidding? My Country Can Go Fuck Itself


  • Friends, Family Waiting For Current Bout Of Man’s Depression To Subside Before Really Laying Into Him
  • Man Has Carefully Calculated Timeline For Revealing Negative Personality Traits To New Girlfriend


  • Area Man Glad His Brother Is Giving Mom Grandkids


  • Can Your Aunt Do This?

Shiv and Udine

  • Area CEO Likes To Think Of Family As Small, Close-Knit Business

The Duronas

  • Army Of Identical Scientists Demands Legislative Support For Cloning

Ok but is anyone else bothered with how everyone pronounces Sakamoto, because I am. They put way too much emphasis on the “ka” part, and pronounce it like “kai” instead of “ka”.


Rook awoke somewhere different than she expected. In a bed, with a black-haired gnome tending to the varied bruises and burns on her body. “Ah, Miss Rook, nice to see you alive and with us.” 

The gnome, known as Millie Mixilpixil, beamed at the director. Rook simply arched an eyebrow. 

“You’re safe, sir. All back in command.”

“And yer team didn’t completely screw up, Rook.”

By the door stood the Shiv in his best leathers and a signature smirk. 

Rook sighs, though the exhalation caused significant pain.

“….What happened? I-”

“I’ll give ya the report once Cole is done writin’ it. But sounds like they go’ in, found ya, took out a few, saved a few kiddos, and found the clue ta who. We’ll see what they dig up. Minah damage and tha one medic may ‘ave a bit o’ trauma, but othahwise, spiff and span. You, though….ya gotta stay off yer feet fer a day or so. Let Mixilpixil deal with yer wounds.”

Millie huffed. “She will be perfectly fine when I am done with her.”

“Thats wot all ya gnomes say. Gimme hourly updates. And let her have a few hours before her team can check in.”

The gnome offers an affirmative grunt before returning to her paperwork.

Rook just sighs. Not being in that hellhole was a good thing. And she had been through worse. What she anticipated more than anything was that reveal. She would have WORDS with that leader.

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Blam! Blam!: A Shiro Big Bang!

Welcome to Blam! Blam!: A Shiro Big Bang! A Voltron Big Bang dedicated to our favorite Black Paladin, Shiro!


April 30th – May 15th: Sign Ups for Writers
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girlfriend just delivered me a box of candy canes and here is my new personality test to replace MBTI or astrology or whatever

  • the Cruncher: you start at the hook end and chew your candy cane to pieces. you are forthright and impatient. behind your back people call you an asshole, but lovingly. how do you cope with that much hard candy stuck in your teeth.
  • the Snapper: you start at the hook end and snap off bite-sized pieces, eating each piece before you unwrap the next segment. you are life’s natural planner. so orderly you probably use colour-coded excel spreadsheets for your groceries. you never forget to do all that seasonal cleaning apartment therapy tells me to do and i never do. like dusting your baseboards. you probably do that.
  • the Unwrapper: you start at the long end and unwrap the whole thing so you can clutch it stickily in your bare hands. you beautiful rule-breaking moth. nobody should touch a candy cane with their bare fingers. what is wrong with you.
  • the Shiv: you start at the long end and suck it into the deadliest seasonal weapon. you definitely have siblings. probably you were raised in a household where weapons as toys were discouraged. probably you’re also kind of awkwardly masochistic.

side note. if you like the fruit flavoured candy cane better than the peppermint one, you’re wrong. straight-up just wrong.